Indecent Sizzle Reel

The curtain rises. We find ourselves in Yankl’s cozy home. Over the basement where his brothel is located Here he lives with his virgin daughter and his wife. None of us are reading this garbage. Sholem! You will be torn limb from limb if the public sees this play. Listen to me: about your manuscript. Burn It! This will be the only role in my lifetime where I could tell someone I love that I love her onstage. There are men who buy their bread on the sweat of these women’s backs, rather than the honorable sweat of their own. And of these parasites I say: Send them back! But none of us can live in a constant vigilance. And so perhaps we go to the theatre for a little relief, to be in a community that laughs together. This is what it means to be Jewish in America.

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