Indians React to VR – VIRTUAL REALITY | Insidious Chapter 3 | 2point5

I don’t usually get scared but watching this i got
really scared My heart is still beating fast One minute!
Is it something related to ghosts and spirits ? Will a scary witch come out suddenly I don’t want to watch this I am already scared Is there some spot in this video
where i can see nothing OMG! Bro this is some kind of 3D stuff Really awesome Everything is shaking It is coming towards me Bro it is getting really close Guys you are really awesome They are walking and coming towards me Ohh Damm.. I didn’t get that scared Awesome experience NO To me it is some kind of 3D glasses It was a good 3D experience It is not that scary when we watch in 2D but
this was really scary It seemed like it was right on my face It is a good gadget It gives you an experience of virtual reality You can really feel everything It would be a lot of fun if i watch movies like this.
Especially horror movies. Overall it was awesome It felt really good I can not only see but feel what was
going in the video It was taking some time to focus when the scene
was changing Due to this there was little bit of headache The VR gears made by Oculus have really sophisticated
technology used If you turn your head right the camera renders
and focus really fast So that you don’t feel like vomiting or nausea Alto also works and Audi also But there is difference in quality Same difference between this and one made by Oculus The net is working right
Just tell me the website


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