Inglourious Basterds – Cinema Scene [CC]

So, who are your three handsome escorts? I’m afraid neither three speak a word of German. They’re friends of mine from Italy. This is a wonderful italian stuntman, Enzo Gorlomi. A very talented cameraman, Antonio Margheriti. And Antonio’s camera assistant Dominick Decocco. Gentlemen, this is an old friend, Colonel Hans Landa of the SS. Hello. Gentlemen, it’s a pleasure… … the friends of our cherished star, admired by all of us, his outright jewel of our culture… … are naturally going to be under my personal protection for the duration of their stay. Thank you. “Gorlomi”… Am I saying it correctly? Yes – ‘er, correct. Say it for me once please…? I’m sorry, again…? Once more…? What’s your name again…? Again…? One more time, but let me really hear the music in it! And you…? Well, my two cameraman friends need to find their seats. Let me see your tickets. I suppose you getting premiere tickets for your friends wouldn’t be the most difficult thing… … for a star of your status. 0023 and 0024 That shouldn’t be too difficult to find, goodbye.

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