Before I introduce to you my favorite depressed band I have a rose If you catch it you’re sexy We talked about doing something special for The Fonda It’s like a big thank you for L.A. Because this is where we grew up and this is where this whole thing came about Yes! Sexy! Yes! Inner Wave here we go! Inner Wave my favorite band The best band ever Here they come! Here they come! Let’s use our resources to give the best show we feel like we can give right now All the people supporting us since Day 1 It’s something that they remember It was on the Triathalon tour During one of the shows we had our U-Haul around the corner from the venue And it was time to pack up And I went to go get the van And it was just the van There was no U-Haul trailer attached anymore There were just two chains snipped with bolt cutters or something Our drum kit was gone, guitar amp was gone, and cases So that plays a role in the sound with the new E.P. We started using a bunch of like programmed drum sounds for the songs The vibe was just to go for something more pop centric Definitely experimenting Yeah Like even the drum set up is a bit more hybrid So the set up is growing I feel like the sound is growing with that For the most part when I write lyrics it’s usually whatever i’m kind of going through Whatever i’m kind of thinking But This time around I just felt like we were in such a different place It felt stale to go back to writing from the same exact place I usually do For the new E.P. i’m writing from a character’s point of view So it just kind of goes to something that’s like More of a narrative I guess This is the first time I’ve been able to notice a shift Where I’m getting recognized a little more Things of that nature that you associate with fame It was just such a strange thing So I just kind of blew it up and made this whole Imaginary thing where i’m writing from a standpoint of like this successful band Who like made it but now is like what next? Chris had mentioned like Oh let’s have strings At that point it really became just like This team effort spending weeks writing the orchestration Like helped transcribe that into sheet music I felt like having the string quartet play with us gave me this extra boost of confidence in a way So what made this Fonda show really special for me was that all our parents were there and families Which was like a really big deal to all of us because they’ve been there since the beginning They’ve been our biggest supporters You know so really like put ourselves up on the next level to be able to show our appreciation to them And get dressed up and show them All of your support is paying off you know And to show them a good time get them box seats on the balconies to see all of us Very special There wasn’t a dry eye in the house

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