Inside Baylor Dining Halls — Penland & Memorial

Hmm…I feel like I’m about to start crying. (laughs) That’s okay, I’m a baby about spice. If I start sweating, that’s ok…It’s just me. Hello Baylor! Coming to you live in Penland Dining Hall. My name is Kate. I was a freshman here in Penland, but I’m currently a sophomore and I’m a nursing major. I’m about to tell all you students about the
exciting things about this dining hall…right now. We’re gonna go check out other
people and see what they’ve been eating and why they chose the food they ate. Hmmmmmm… Who’s gonna be our friends today… Hi…(laughs) Gotta fellow friend right here! – Hey, what’s up! What’s your favorite food to get here today? Wings! — 100 percent! Hello, Party People! How has your day been today? It’s been goooood!!! So how was your food today? It was great! Do you guys usually come here during lunch? Why do you choose Penland? It’s the best dining hall. Amen to that! So I see y’all are eating cereal… Ok that’s interesting not a lot of people are eating cereal right now. We will be looking at the lovely salad bar that everyone talks so highly about. Look at the food…look at the options. Even when you don’t feel healthy…Hello, wave to the camera…beautiful. During freshman year, just coming in here
and seeing all of your friends there are people who I only see in the
dining hall yeah and just getting reconnected to
people you don’t have class with and like getting to hang out with people
that you wouldn’t normally see it’s just it’s just one of my favorite things about coming in here. Now, you’re about to see me try every single one of these So, be ready…I hope y’all are hungry like I am. (music) (music) The best thing about Penland especially on Wednesdays… is the Wiiings! – Oh Gosh! So…as we continue… this isn’t gonna be cute. I don’t really care. (bear growl while eating) So, we’re in Memorial right now. and I’m not gonna lie – I’m still starving for some good stuff. Let me come to you live… at what Memorial sells best let me tell you it’s the Flying Saucer! So, may I get a Flying Saucer right now? I’m gonna get the rice, beans for sure. Black Beans? Yes gotta get a little bit of those – gotta get a little variety. Can I get chicken? Ok so you can see she’s folding it up so beautifully. This is where they cook these beautiful Flying Saucers. That’s the secret way to do it ladies and gentlemen. Yes that’s mine thank you
so much! Alright, so we got this here… as the most awesome thing to eat. I didn’t know they do vegan cheeseburgers. That’s awesome. I love pretending to be vegan. Memo is literally known for amazing desserts. and especially on Wednesday you can come by… and they will give you… the best thing ever… a waffle cone! – with your favorite flavors…thank you! Only Memo has these amazing cookies – called “Miss Mei’s Cookies.” Here they are right now. They cook them all the time. You can get unlimited – I’m pretty sure they say like two or three. But seriously…I took home six the other day. A little secret –
get some ice cream put your cookies on the ice cream It’s like cookies-n-cream I’m about to take like 12 of these probably. First of all these cookies
are phenomenal. And I think everyone needs to experience that…okay So, we’re gonna walk around and see what the people think Would you like a cookie ma’am? No thank you. Hello, would you like a Memo cookie? Yes, please! See? Thank you! That’s common sense. You get the last cookie. Would you like the cookie? I actually just had four. Four? You can make it five…no judging. I might? Ma’am? (surprised) I’m so sorry for scaring you (laughing). Would you like a cookie? I already had one…thank you. But I feel like a cookie is a
better option than an apple any day…right? I already had two. Oh…you already had two… We’ll get them next time.

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