Inside first rehearsal for Everybody at Signature Theatre

Branden: I want to say thank you to everyone in
this room. You know, it’s like my second time at the rodeo. [LAUGHTER] I want to definitely thank
Lila and all these amazing actors. Lila: I want to talk, really briefly, about 1508.
That is the year that, allegedly, when the first English-language version of this
play, Everyman, was written. Okay, so this is a time when famine and plague still
abound, when medicine can’t address very simple injuries. Average life
expectancy is somewhere between 35 and 45. So, um, this is a time when death is very
much at the center of life. So in that kind of constellation of variables, and
certainly many, many more, my sense is that this is a time when the need to
find a roadmap towards salvation seems really urgent. All of my secular cynicism
aside, I feel deeply grateful that I am standing beside a person who, in his
iconoclastic wit and humor and intelligence and wisdom, has invited me
to hear, inside of this very old play, some questions that speak to me now with
enormous personal and cultural existential urgency. I’m really looking
forward to it. I feel like I’m in very good company. Thanks Branden, thanks guys.

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