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– Coach Jimmy here. You’re a story coach, and
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godfather of storytelling. (downtempo music) Okay, just checked off
bucket list item for me. If you haven’t met before, my name is Jimmy Hays Nelson, and before becoming a storytelling coach, my background was in acting as a performer, musical theater performer. And I am standing outside of
Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre here in London. And this, this is the
mecca for all storytelling. When I tell people the most effective way that they wanna have an
impact on somebody is telling a story, not just facts and figures and why their business helps them or whatever their cause is. But if you can really tell a story, if you can encapture something in a narrative form for somebody, that you can have a bigger impact. Well, if you think about Shakespeare, you wanna talk about having an
impact far beyond your years, hundreds of years that, think of how many sayings and movies and other things have
come from the stories that this gentleman told. – Oh, full of scorpions is my mind. – What’s done is done. – [Narrator] From Tony Award
winning director Julie Taymor. Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins. – I shall grind your bones to dust. – And it was really interesting
walking through there and thinking that now in 2019 and hearing all the history of like when these stories were written that he probably had no idea the impact that he was gonna have, and I think that happens
for all of us so much. We don’t think our story’s good enough. We don’t know… We don’t think that it’s
really gonna have a big impact. But if you have the
courage, the wherewithal, to step out and tell a good story regardless of whether you think about it, it’s not so much about what
you think about it, right? It’s about how that audience receives it. What do they do with it? Maybe it sparks a different
version of that story. And that’s what Shakespeare’s stories did again and again and again,
it gives us phrases. It created new parts of a language. And so, for me, this was just
a super humbling experience to be in the midst of
the ultimate storyteller, to remember not to keep
my stories to myself, not to prejudge them and
think they’re not good enough. I’m gonna encourage you
to do the same thing. I would love to hear from you. What’s your story? What’s that one that you haven’t told that you think is not good enough, that’s embarrassing, that maybe doesn’t put
you in the best light? ‘Cause I’m gonna tell you, the story that you’re hanging onto
right now is the one that’s gonna impact people. The one that you’re not
telling right now is the one that’s gonna create a cause. It’s gonna serve the most people. And if you need somebody to
help you with that story, I would love to help you. Thank you for taking the time. I’m gonna continue to take in this amazing experience here in London. I’m almost speechless for
somebody who likes to talk a lot. Just keep telling stories. Tell a story. Change the world. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre! Done? (claps) Make sure to check out
the rest of the blog for the rest London adventures!

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