Inside the Den at the New York Hall of Science With Marina and the Diamonds | Artists Den

She is a Polish girl in America  Tall, tanned, hot blonde called Anya I love biology. I love psychology.  And that’s definitely something that’s inspired my songwriting. I’ve applied a lot of plant-ery themes and also digital themes to the way that I presented the album.  New York Hall of Science was originally built in 1964 for the World’s Fair.  It was all about space exploration, and the idea of the Great Hall You’d step into it would feel like you were standing in outer space.  The Hall of Science was always intended to remain after the fair and become the city’s permanent hands-on science museum.  There were some tough goings in the 70s, but as we survived that period and we came out of it in the 80s and into the 90s the institution really started to gain momentum. It’s been quite a saga  And it’s turned into quite a success story.  One of the the greatest highlights has been that just this venue has always been in a state of change and growth. The space where the concert is tonight is where we house an exhibition called Connected Worlds. It’s a completely immersive environment. You are surrounded by animated creatures and wildlife. And your actions and movements determine what happens. The exhibit unfolds in real time. It’s a collective experience.  The venue itself is stunning. It’s epic. Definitely the best venue I’ve ever performed in.  It just feels very surreal and hyper-modern which is perfect for Froot. It will go really well with the electrical feel of the tiling. It’ll be good. American dream is the American queen Is the American dream, sing with me! Hollywood infected your brain, you wanted kissing in the rain Living in a movie scene Puking American dreams Hollywood infected your brain, you wanted kissing in the rain


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