INTEL ISEF 2018 | VLOG [part 1] | Pin Exchange, Exhibit Hall, Opening Ceremony

So I’m sitting here doing some last minute homework waiting for the other two people
who qualified to ISEF from the same region as me. And all three of us are flying together. I t’s time to get some breakfast, right guys? Yeah. So first we are flying down to Phoenix for a layover and then straight to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. So everyone’s been telling me to not put in as much airplane videos. So I promise right now there won’t be a
lot of timelapses. Okay if they make me pay separate for each movie I’m just going to watch the map then. This is such a desert. There’s like absolutely no water here. We’re in Phoenix right now. Doing a layover. Oh it’s pretty hot here. Let’s go get some lunch right? Yeah. We’re going to eat some lunch right now. Let’s go. Okay, get ready for the big reveal. Okay, ready? If I can get it open. Okay, ready? This is a bad seat. I don’t like this seat. It’s too cramped. Look at those clouds. That’s sick. Alright, thank you. Thank you. We’re in Pennsylvania! And it’s 7:30 PM Eastern Time Can you like say where we are? We are in Pittsburgh! And we are currently just landed. And about to crash into a couple of people. We are on late for the pin exchange. We are already late for the pin exchange. (Can we walk faster?) Nothing else to say? Okay lol ISEF. Look at that, they have ISEF things here. Did you see that? Yeah. Do it do it do it do it. Alright, it’s not gonna show ISEF anymore. Aw man. Where are we going? We are on our way to the shuttle that will
take us to the convention center. Here we go, here we go. She’ll do all the talking instead of me. So right now we actually can’t find the shuttle to the science fair. We’re already very late. We’re like two hours late and, I don’t
know We’re going to have to find it right now cause We’re going to be missing the pin exchange then. Finally, the shuttle’s here so we’re going to go ahead and get going. Let’s go. Alright, Instagram, my YouTube channel, 23,
24 subscribers. Check it out. That’s even less than me. That’s my boy Vasily right there, that’s my homie. Check out my Roblox profile. This is like the new way to do roll call,
right? Check out my Reddit. I don’t have one but I’ll make one. I’m watching people watch my videos. Wow. You should join 368. Maybe. So we’re sitting here waiting to get to the convention center on the same bus. We met new friends. There are some nice Orange County people from
SoCal. And we already traded pins. Guys can you believe that we’re actually at the convention center? Are you filming? Get me in the vlog! Always filming. So we still have to register and that’s at least 15 minutes, right? We just got these new forms over here. Climb under here. Getting our ID’s. Yes. Finally got our badges. Alright, go get rid of your pins. Going to the pin exchange. We have our badges! Hey, so professional. Wait, where is it again? So it’s not ideal that we arrived late, so we only have like half an hour left to exchange pins. But it’s still a pretty cool event like
there’s all these people from 80 countries in this giant room. And the whole point of exchanging pins is
to get people to talk to each other, just know each other better. Gonna get all these pins from all these different
countries. Let’s go. So we got like, not that much time but whatever. It was a nice 20 minutes I think. Sup? Noooooo! Ugh. We’re just kind of walking straight down to the hotel. It’s so grand, like, even the lamp is extra. How many years of college do you think I can
pay for with this lamp? Alright, it’s currently 7 AM. We’re going down to the elevator. First floor, and then get some breakfast. Here’s the elevator. Going down. It’s pretty fast. Where are we going? Making our way downtown-ish. So it’s 8 AM right now, like 8:15 probably. We’re heading down to the convention center
to set up our boards. How’re you feeling, Melanie? Good. Hoping I can set up. I’m feeling pretty good. We got only like, 5 hours of sleep. But whatever. It’s too exciting. The view here’s just awesome. So finally we’re heading towards the exhibit hall right now. And we’re going to actually go ahead and
set up our boards and set up our displays in there. So after we’ve actually set up all that,
we have to go through the special safety inspection process and that can actually also take quite
a bit of time. We’re going into the exhibit hall. There’s just rows and rows of these projects. And there’s an entire other hallway on the
lower floor with even more projects. This is IN. SANE. I’m gonna go find some boards. So we’re gonna assemble the poster right
now. We’re gonna do that pretty fast. So let’s find them. So right now we’re gonna go ahead and start
assembling THE BOARD. So this is gonna be… we have a board here,
and then the posters right here. There’s several parts and they’re all
cut up right now. And there’s a few more parts inside of the
suitcase. So they actually just didn’t let me use
a part of my display, which is against the rules So I’m gonna figure something out right
now. We’re gonna eat dinner right now, before
the opening ceremony. How many rows are there, like 10 I think? 10 rows of food, huh? That looks like way too much cake. Going into this huge line right here. It’s gonna be so huge. All these people are getting a little bit
nervous, it seems like. Cause we’ve been standing here for about
half an hour already, and that’s kind of a long time to just stand there in a line
and not move at all. Sup. I’m giving college advice. It’s so hot around. It’s not even hot, it’s like just so humid. It’s so humid, oh my god. It’s 100% humidity. Yeah it’s 100% humidity, so we’re just
sitting here all wet. Feels so nice. We’re moving. Think we’re going in soon. Let’s go in the front. It’s so big.


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