International Ice Cream Taste Test

♪ Where would you go ♪ For an ice cream burrito? – Let’s talk about that. (groovy electronic music) Good Mythical Morning. – A long, long time ago when
the earth was still flat, all of the world’s land
masses were connected together in one continent and on that continent, there was nothing but
dairy cows, rock salt, and mountains of waffle cones. Then one day, a massive storm
flooded the giant land mass, causing it to separate into
seven different continents. When the storm subsided
and the sun came out, we were left with one thing: ice cream, the universal language. – Ice cream brings people together. Young, old, tall short, honest, Geminis. But what kind of ice
creams are people eating all around the world? It’s time for– ♪ Where in the world do these ♪ ♪ International ice creams come from? ♪ – Okay so we’re gonna try a specific and unique ice cream creation enjoyed by people in a different country. We’re not talking about crazy flavors. We’re talking about crazy
ways the ice cream is prepared or presented.
– All right. – And then we’re gonna guess what country the ice cream is from by throwing a dart at our ice cream world map. – There it is.
– And then Chase, the ice cream man will
measure how far our dart is from the right answer. – Yeah, the person with the lowest score at the end is the winner and since Rhett won last time we played, I get an advantage.
– Yes. – The banana split.
– Oh. – In the end, the winner
gets a Wiffle cone. – Okay. (vocal chanting music) – So it’s a ice cream hot dog.
– A hot, yeah. Well it’s kind of eclair-ish. – [Rhett] Yeah it’s not a hot dog bun, it’s definitely more donut-y. – [Link] Mm. – Wow, that is so good. – It’s a greasy freakin’ donut. – That donut is so tasty. – What? That’s good, mm! – But where’s it from? ‘Cause I wanna go. – All right you throw
the first dart, Rhett. – I’ll tell ya, this
is not going to be easy because it’s all ice cream. You know what I’m gettin’ at? Sometimes it’s like oh the
flavor of this is distinctly from an Asian country or you know, a European country but
that is not happening. This is just a donut with ice cream in it. Where are they doing this? I feel like I can’t go for it. I feel like I gotta be pretty safe. I will say Germany is a
country that enjoys wieners in all forms. I just from like Germany is a safe bet. It’s in the middle of the board and they like sausages. – [Link] Oh, a little high. – [Rhett] That was a weak throw. – Now, yeah I agree. I think this is a European situation. – I wanna eat more of it right
now but I gotta pace myself. – So I’m gonna go for Germany. – Oh, yeah, good, good, good. – But I’m gonna hit it. Oh. Closer than you, I hope we’re right. – [Stevie] All right guys,
you just ate an ice dog, which is several scoops
of ice cream placed between bread that had
been quickly fried in oil. This incredibly popular
treat was originally marketed by Gonzo Ice Dog in Osaka, Japan. – Oh.
– What? – Okay, well I got lucky. (chuckles) – Did you say the guy’s
name was Gonzo Ice Dog? Is that a person? – Yeah.
– Originally marketed by Gonzo Ice Dog. – He’s my pen pal. – I love this man.
– What’s up, Gonzo? – And you said this is just
fried bread, not a donut. But is that not what the donut is? (crew member laughs) – It’s a mystery. Okay what do we have here? – All right, Rhett, you had 37, and Link, you had 47. – Sorry Link. You wore your tracksuit and everything. (crew laughs) (vocal chanting music) – You happy, huh? Look how much happier he is now. He’s wearing his tracksuit. – It’s a little tight. It’s a tad tight, I feel like it’s, I mean I feel more
athletic right now but– – He started talking
about how I was infringing on his tracksuit territory. – I’m the tracksuit guy.
– I know man. I felt guilty wearing it
’cause I just feel like I’m in your zone.
– But I feel like, could I exchange this for my size? (Link chuckles) I feel like at this point
I can’t even toss a dart. – This is looks tasty. (chuckles) – This is looks tasty.
(Link laughs) – [Link] This is like spaghetti, spaghetti extruded ice cream with cherry sauce. – I think this is strawberry sauce? It’s really good. – I love hand-dipped ice cream that then melts enough to
be soft-serve consistency and this achieves it immediately
because of the extrusion. – Boy that’s good. That is so good, I need to stop. – An extrusion. I love, it’s the consistency that does it. This is coming from a brilliant country. You have to go first
’cause I’m still losing. – That’s a dangerous line of reasoning. Okay, did they put Italy on the board? I gotta take this tracksuit–
– Italy’s off. – I gotta take it off–
– Italy’s– – I mean it doesn’t go with under shirt. – Be careful–
– It’s too small. – What you wish for, dude. It’s–
– I just want tracksuits in my size!
– It’s hard to wear the tracksuit! It’s hard! It’s like walk a mile in my tracksuit. – Do you want it?
– You know? – You want it on?
– It’s– – I’ll wear it.
– It’ll make you toil. – [Rhett] Chase said he wants it. – Just throw the dart.
– Chase wants it. – Just throw the dart. – Did they put Italy on
the board to throw us off because they’re like oh, (chuckles) Rhett and Link will be
like Italy’s got pasta. They’ll go for that every time. Idiots. ‘Cause I know that’s how you
guys talk in the writers’ room. Let’s see what big dumbos will do now. – We have a feed, guys. – We’ve got a microphone in there. – We’ve tapped alla y’all. – Okay, you know what. I don’t think it was a trick. I think it is from Italy. Ha, gotcha! Oh I hit the word. I didn’t hit the country, do I get, does that count?
– No. – Hmm, okay.
– We don’t even know if that’s right. Sadly, I do think it’s right. This could also be Argentina. Come on, I don’t think
Italy, you gotta check a lot of pride to do this. I don’t think Italy’s gonna do this. – They do it for tourists. – This is something that
Americans have done. United States of America. – [Rhett] Oh. – [Link] Boom, right off
the coast of North Carolina, my home land. Okay.
– You just ate spaghettieis. An ice cream treat made
to look like spaghetti by putting it through a potato ricer and topping it with shaved white chocolate and strawberry shosh. (chuckles) – Yeah. – [Stevie] This has been
enjoyed since the late 1960s in Germany. – Germany?
– Ha ha, suckers. – It’s right next to Italy.
– Hold on. What do you mean suckers? You tricked him into throwing
his dart at the thing next to the right answer.
– Thank you for letting me be stupid. – Okay Rhett, you had three. Link, you had 27. – Oh, that’s a lot more. (vocal chanting music) Was that corn?
– It’s a cup full of corned ice cream. – And then go deeper though,
there’s cheese in there or something. – That’s orange sherbet.
– No it’s not. It’s cheese. – [Link] It’s like baked potato
toppings in an ice cream? – This is something that I
would have made for myself in like seventh grade. – I’ve never put corn on a baked potato. I actually really like this though. – This is good! – It’s like mining for
gold nuggets and with corn. – Okay well, I’m still in the lead so I’m gonna go first. I feel Like I gotta make a move here to completely separate myself. – So corn. – [Rhett] I think that
this is from Argentina. – Don’t cry for me. I’d be safe and go for the
southern tip of Argentina. – I’m gonna go just straight for it. (chuckles) But a little
high, a little high. – Coming up high. I think this is, this is an Asian. I think this is Taiwan. Could be the Philippines. – Could very well be the case. – But it’s not over there
where Rhett’s dart is. I’ll move back a little
bit so I don’t look a total schmuck. Throw this thing at Taiwan! Oh okay, didn’t mean to– – Or Australia.
– Sink it but– – It definitely could be an Asian thing. – Okay guys.
– Stevie. Help me out here, girl! – [Stevie] Mais con
hielo, which is a mixture of corn kernels, shaved
ice, sugar and milk, topped with a scoop of queso ice cream. – [Rhett] Oh that all sounds very Spanish. – [Stevie] It’s often
enjoyed during the summer in the Philippines.
– Whoa, no! You just used a bunch of Spanish
words and then you said– – How?
– Philippines. – What?
– How did that happen? – They speak Spanish in the Philippines? – Yeah, Rhett you have 57, and Link, you have 15. (Link strains)
(Rhett sighs) – Yeah! (vocal chanting music) – What’s different about this? – It’s shaved ice. It seems to have been made in a weird, oh, what? This is not ice cream.
– Oh my gosh. – This is soap, guys. This is the consistency of soap. – It’s wax. – Yeah if you put this in
water, it would just float. I mean this stuff is just– – I think that would happen
with regular ice cream too but. – No it wouldn’t.
– You ever had a root beer float? What floats? – Root beer.
– The ice cream. This is a strange taste.
– Bring me some real ice cream. We’ll handle it later. – This is a strange taste.
– This is horrible. This doesn’t count as ice cream. – Well now you’re in the
lead Link, so you go first. You made up quite some
ground on that last one. – I mean, if I’m gonna try to
make some sort of connection, I’d be like well, since
it’s not cold ice cream, is it like–
– From a hot place? – Ice cream you’d eat where it’s like, you don’t wanna be able to enjoy ice cream without having the refrigeration. So I mean if you’re looking in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, you might be able to keep this a lot longer. – [Rhett] I like the way you just, man, you just went for it.
– Yeah. – It was like I’m just going for it. I don’t think that reasoning is bad. I specifically taste goat milk. So Mongolia is where
I’m, what I’m feeling. – In the highlands. See it’s so cold there. Maybe they don’t want cold ice cream because they’re up there in the mountains. Woo, that’s a good shot, man. Regained your accuracy. (Rhett sighs) Stevie? – [Stevie] You guys just ate akutaq, a ice cream made from reindeer fat, or in our case, beef tallow, seal oil, freshly fallen snow,
berries and ground fish. This dish was created and
enjoyed by the Inuit people of Alaska right here in the USA. – Oh! I thought you were gonna say Finland. (Rhett groans) – Okay Link, you had 41, and Rhett, you had 56. – Oh! Ooh!
– Ey! Yes.
– It hurts. (vocal chanting music) This is an ice cream burrito. – I’ve heard of these. I don’t know where they’re from. – I’m gonna eat it like (beep). – You broke the rule, man. – Oh yeah, I’m gonna eat it
like he who shall not be named. – Oh my gosh, they put lettuce. What?
– It’s cilantro. – What, oh, that’s cilantro and peanuts. Why you gotta put cilantro on here? – [Rhett] Oh you open
it up and it makes like a flag of a country. – Now Rhett, somehow I find myself winning by 23 centimeters. Chase, give us a visual on that. That’s how bad I’m beating you. – Okay well, and you also, you’re up by 23 and you have the banana split so– – Yes I do, we’ll pull that into play. – If you lose this, you’re never gonna live it down. It definitely means I’m
gonna have to be right. It’s the only way I have a chance. – Burritos. – Well so, first of all,
you might be tempted to be like oh, burritos, I’m
gonna go to Latin America. – [Link] I am tempted. – And cilantro feels like
a Latin American thing. There’s a lot pushing me to Argentina, but my heart is pushing me to Taiwan. – Why wan? – I tasted something in there
but I don’t wanna tell you what I tasted because I don’t want to, I don’t want to– – Okay you gave me enough of a hint because that green ice cream
I think tastes like green tea. So I think that’s what you’re
trying to keep from me! – [Rhett] Okay, the Philippines
which we’ve already guessed which is not correct. – All right you’re close
to your wrong answer. So I’ve got the three here. So I pull these puppies
out, and here’s the thing. (bell ringing) Is this even gonna help me? It’s gonna make it harder
for them to stick on the map. – Well I think the syrup
will make ’em stick. – If the darts don’t stick, can we count the spatter from the darts that’s already happened to be on there? – Yeah, yeah, that’s
usually how the cheats work. – All right so the closest the spatter is. I have no clue. I’ve gotta hold a defensive
stance and spread the board. – Spread it.
– Spread the board. Oh, still, okay, I’ve got some spread. – [Rhett] You’re all over Argentina. – [Link] But I am nowhere near your dart so you could win.
– I don’t know. Your one dart’s pretty close to Taiwan if that happens to be, I don’t
think it’s the right answer but it’s my answer. – [Stevie] Before I reveal this one, I just wanna make it
very clear to everyone that I am now wearing the track jacket. – Oh good. I was wondering where it went. – [Stevie] You just ate
an ice cream burrito with red bean, green tea and taro flavors, or– (Teresa speaking foreign language) Served with peanut candy
shavings, coriander, and ice cream, rolled
up in a traditional– (Teresa speaks foreign language) Popular in the street markets in– – Taiwan.
– Ah. Or Taiwan.
– Oh I was right but I don’t think I was
close enough, dang it! – What, did you throw your
voice into Teresa’s mouth? What? What was going on back there? – [Stevie] There’s a microphone
and we are both using it. – I thought you had pre-taped yourself say those parts and
you were pressing play. (crew laughs) Did I lose? – All right.
– I don’t think think so. – Rhett had seven and Link had 24. – Ah, it was a close one
but you pulled it out. – I have won, barely. And look, I got the
Wiffle cone to prove it. – [Rhett] Congratulations, Link. – You gotta drink it quick or it’ll leak. – And thank you for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – Drink it. – You know what time it is. – I’m Katie. – And I’m Kenlo. – And we’re eating ice cream
sandwiches on vacation. And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. – Doesn’t get any better than that. Click the top link to watch us
try the honey toast ice cream from Japan in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where
the wheel is gonna land. In honor of Rhett’s
birthday, eat some beans, grab some wood and take up to 30% off of his favorite merchandise


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