International Theatre Program presents,”The Grown Up” promo

(whimsical music) – How about we play hide-and-seek? You can hide first. – That’s how you always get rid of me, when you want to get rid of me. – I promise, Annabelle. – The play follows a young boy, who is told a story by his grandfather about a magical doorknob
and a pirate ship. And it follows him as
he finds that doorknob, and it propels him through
different points in his life. So, he sort of time travels
through his own life in a really magical and surreal way. And you experience all the
people he meets along the way and there are bits of magic
and storytelling throughout. – His worst fear is losing your childhood. Which is technically what is
happening throughout the play because he goes through a door and he’s like 20 years into life. – She’s propped up the mannequin torso where her sister got her
from the SkyMall catalog for the purpose of
masquerading as two people in the carpool lane. Cut her commute nearly in half. Thanks, sis. – I think the show is mainly about the power that fairytales
and stories can have and how those powers are timeless, and how fairytales and
stories really do operate throughout the ages to
tell us a lot of lessons. – An old fisherman
squints into the darkness. – Hello? – [Seated Girl] There’s someone out there just beyond his vision. He could see who if it
weren’t for his one bad eye, the color of an iceberg. – It’s a very interesting show, it’s very fantastical but
in a grown-up fantasy, which I think is kind of cool. And it’s even for me being in it, it’s kind of like a
throwback to being a kid and playing pretend and
thinking about fantasy but it’s kind of for adults. So I think that’s a
really interesting thing people will like about the play. – Nine, ten… I try to fill in the gaps and make links. So for example, in the first scene where he’s ten, we’ve
established some things; like he is relatively socially awkward or hasn’t been the most normal kid ever. So I try to take that into when he’s 28. Some things don’t leave you. It’s just basically like giving him certain characteristics that stick to him and wouldn’t help you see
that this is the same person. – How long were you waiting? – No, it was my fault. I got here early, so. – Yeah, you shouldn’t
do that in this town. – There are magical moments in the piece, but the vignettes that
we see of Kai’s life are very, very realistic. We see him in a relationship, we see him getting married. We see him experiencing
career failures and successes, everyday things that we go through. But layered on top of that is this element of a magical totem that follows him along. I think the lesson to be
learned is that we should be grateful for the moments
that we have with each other and we don’t get the luxury of having a magical doorknob
propel us into the future to those next places in our life that maybe we dream about being in. – Sometimes you never know where you’re gonna find yourself, where you’re gonna end up. So it’s just like trying
to make sense of everything around you and just keep going, only you know you figure
it out in the end.

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