Interview with Armen Bayanduryan, Artistic Director of Tbilisi State Armenian Drama Theater

Now we are in the building [of the theater] constructed in 1937. The building itself does not have a very rich history, but the theater does. The theater functioned in the Artistic Theater, that is today the Theater after Shota Rustaveli. Papazyan, Siranush, Chmshkyan, Isahak Alikhanyan, Kalantar worked in the Armenian theater of Tbilisi. This the Armenian-language theater of Georgia that has the same rights as other leading theaters of Georgia such as the Rustaveli Academic Theater, Marjanishvili Academic Theater… When a new Prime Minister is appointed, we go and present the situation of our theater. Thank God, now “Cartu Group”, an international charity construction organization, led by [former Prime Minister of Georgia] Bidzina Ivanishvili, undertook the responsibility to renovate it. You can also see how the theater will look with new a new ceiling, balconies, and stage.

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