Interview with Billy Postlethwaite | Macbeth at The Watermill Theatre

[instrumental – loud drums, vibrant bass guitar and vocal ahhs] We did a show here together back in 2014 and
here you are again, here we are again You’re playing Macbeth the title role in Macbeth
how’s it going? Well I’m clutching my script so I guess a
combination of pure fear and excitement Had you seen any of the Shakespeare company
shows before? Yep, I saw Romeo and Juliet and I really loved
the musical, youthful excitement of the production and just the interesting way of telling Shakespearean
story You’re probably one of the younger people
to have played Macbeth, certainly in recent years What light does that cast on the character do you think? Hopefully it brings a rawness and an excitement and a sort of naive energy to it so it’s sometimes not necessarily as calculated, do you know what I mean? Double, double toil and trouble, fire burning,
cauldron bubble by the pricking of my thumbs something wicked this way comes How now you secret black and midnight hags Speak Billy voiceover: It really is like nothing I’ve taken on before so you have to take that leap of faith I remember my dad saying out of all of the troubled souls he’s played Macbeth feels the
prickly heat of guilt more than any of them and I think I’m slightly understanding that

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