Into the Woods – Live Musical On Stage at Garden Theatre

Hey everyone, this is Rob Winn Anderson, Consulting
Artistic Director with the Garden Theatre here in Winter Garden, Florida. I am here to talk about, with a very good
buddy of mine, Steve MacKinnon, our final show of the season, Into the Woods. Steve and I have known each other for quite
a long time and I’m really thrilled that he’s out here at The Garden with us to take on
this project, which I know has been dear to him for quite a while. So, talk to me about why you’re excited about
the take and the approach that you have with this particular show. You know, I think to tell the story is always
such a privilege as a theatre artist and to, a story as classic as Into the Woods, growing
up I watched it on Bravo as a little kid all the time and I came to a deeper understanding
as I grew up into an adult what this story really means and what’s underneath the stories
of those fairy tales. So I’m really excited to approach this with
a new vision, a new setting, and kind of a new take to understand how to tell the story and
whose eyes we see it through. So we kind of have a new vision, a new concept,
and things that I’ve been inspired by from the past that you can bring to your vision
and make it a new, kind of cohesive way to tell the story. And what’s great about it is that you can
personalize it, and you can make it personal to our audiences too, and I think that what
we’re excited for you guys to come out and…it’s a Sondheim classic, it’s been around for a
very long time, there’s obviously a movie recently. So if you think you’ve seen Into the Woods
before, you haven’t seen Into the Woods the way that we’re going to do it. So, I’m really excited for everyone to come
out and see it. So, it’s a pretty big cast, right? Yeah, so we’ve got some major players on stage
and they’re bringing some really amazing insights and approaches to their characters, so I cannot
wait to get the whole thing on its feet and share it with everybody. And what’s great is it’s bringing new people
to our stage as well, but there are a lot of people in the cast who have never performed
at The Garden before. So, we are thrilled for you guys to come out
and see this production of Into the Woods. It opens April 28th and runs through May 28th. You can get your tickets at Into the Woods presenting sponsor is Florida
Hospital Winter Garden, and we are always thrilled to have them on board with us. So thank you for being here. Thanks for having me. Thank you for being our director. And, we’re going to go Into the Woods very
soon. Thanks guys. To the woods!


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