Into the Woods — Preview

ALBERT: Into the Woods is a story just about
life and about going through all the moments of life, the good, the bad. CADEN: Yet it reminds us of all of those rigors that people deal with on an everyday basis
and how we as people and these people as characters can overcome those challenges. BETH: [To go] Into the Woods is to go into dealing with desire, w ishes, fears, and then, you
know, how you can find your own self in the woods. MARIN: It just shows the journey from
being excited and that innocence to really understanding what it means to be
a grown-up in the world. ALBERT: You can’t just have the good in life. You’re gonna have bad things happen, you’re gonna have tragedies, you’re gonna have really rough patches that last a really long time. SEAN: But it puts a hopeful spin on that
as well in that you can keep going even through those bad things. MARIN: I do think the main message is that no one is alone. I think that that’s something you know in
your head but you subconsciously forget and you don’t actually feel it. CADEN: There is such a beautiful thing about togetherness and being together, and I
think a lot of these characters struggle with relying on each other, and I think
that that’s something that we all kind of have to deal with in life. This production of Into the Woods is not your classic everyday fairy tale. SEAN: I think this show has a really good sense of the big funny performative and also the
really genuine human moments that I think are blended perfectly together. ALBERT: They sort of get that the show isn’t just about fairy tales and that it goes
so much beyond that and it’s about like… MARIN: …just seeing that life is a lot bigger
than simple fairy tale endings.

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