Introduction to Shakespeare Breakout Game/Escape Room preview (NEW VERSION!)

The Case of the Missing Script is an Introduction
to Shakespeare breakout game that introduces students to Shakespeare’s life and work,
as well as aspects of Elizabethan London. Students play as Alex, an aspiring young actor
who wants to endear themselves to Shakespeare by finding a missing script. They travel around The Globe and London, solving
puzzles to save the day. This game can be played as a paper Escape
Room or a digital breakout adventure. This video is a preview of the updated digital
version. Students read through each level to find the
password to progress. They can also hover over key terms to view
additional information. Where can you go to find Shakespeare? “GLOBE”. The game also accepts globe theatre, the globe,
etc. Now, click through to Level 2. Students can view hints and must often look
back at the text for the answer. In some levels, students can click to explore. Here, they learn more about the parts of the
Globe Theatre. As students explore, they’ll figure out
where to go next. These first three levels give you a pretty
good idea of how the game will progress. Throughout the game, students will complete
different kinds of puzzles and read different types of texts as they work to find the Missing
Script. This resource also comes with questions for
further research, a quiz, and a full Teacher’s Guide. Happy teaching!

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