Io ODIO Shakespeare (I HATE Shakespeare) | Cortometraggio

Warning! Film cursed by William Shakespeare – But did you have a look at that flyer I gave you! Didnít you? – No, I’m coming now from the excavations. So, what’s so exciting about that? – You should see the theatre for yourself! And those musics, lights, costumes! And all these people, even sitting on the floor! So awesome! – Yes… Yes… ha-ha. – Last summer I didn’t miss even a single performance.– Yes. I HATE Shakespeare –I’ll pick you at 7:00 p.m., is that ok? – No, it isn’t. – Why not? – Anna, please! – Oh great, that’s we needed, a Shakespeare show! That Shakespeare! Everyone’s about Shakespeare! He’s 450 years old, isn’t time for him and his half ton of tragedies to retire? – Oh, don’t talk like that! And that’s a comedy tomorrow night,
I think you’ll lik… – Anna, don’t get me wrong, but I hate actors, I hate theatre and most of all… I HATE Shakespeare! – Thank goodness, you didn’t say that three times while turning around yourself… …don’t you know it brings bad luck? Sooner o later you’ll get a terrible Shakespearen course, and you will deserve it ALL! – I can’t wait! – By the way I have an extra ticket, if you ever change your mind… – Thank you, but I never change… my mind! Shakespeare at the Globe Theatre! I Hate Shakespeare! I …Hate …Shakespeare! I HATE Shakespeare! Thou poisonous slave, got by the devil himself
Upon thy wicked dam, COME FORTH! – Forth!
Forth!!! –– Thou shalt be pinch’d As thick as honeycomb, each pinch more stinging Than bees that made ’em! – Cheque thy contempt:
Obey our will, which travails in thy good: – Believe not thy disdain, – but presently
Do thine own fortunes that obedient right – Which both thy duty owes – and our power claims!
– Aims! Aims! – Or I will throw thee from my care for ever Into the staggers and the careless lapse
Of youth and ignorance… – …both my revenge and hate! – Loosing upon thee, in the name of justice,
Without all terms of pity. – Piiiiiiiiiii…
Pityttytitty! Ahahahah! – SPEAK! – THINE ANSWER! – HELP!
– I’m going mad! Someone Helps me! Help!
– Madame…
– …Ace! …Ace! HAhahahah… Ma’-am… At least… could help me please?! – She laughed at my losses, Mocked at my gains And what’s her reason? I’m a Cleaning Woman! Hath not a Cleaning Woman eyes? Hath not a Cleaning Woman hands,
organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions? If you prick us, do we not bleed? And if you WRONG us, Shall we not revenge?– The hours’s now come,
– The very minute bids… – thee ope tine hear – Obey and bee attentive! – I Obey. – All right, madame! Later you’ll tell me what it happened to you and how you turn in a Shakespearean fanatic in just one night. You sound like a foul! Anyway, I’m so glad you’ll came! You’ll see, going to the theatre will be good for you! Fine! I’ll see you at seven then, OK? – No! No, It would be better to meet at the theatre, madame. I pry you, stay not, but in haste to horse And not forget my ticket, of course! – Listen, do you know how to get the Globe Theatre? – I think to remember that. And there is… …rosemary that’s for the remembrance… Love…… and there is pansies. That’s for thoughts! – Uhm… yep. –We’ll walk afoot awhile, and ease our legs. –– Oh heaven! were man but constant, he were perfect. – And Shakespeare is an honourable man.
– Able Able! – If you say so. – I pay homage, my lady. – Bye…! – Globe Theatre! Looove Shakespeare!
– I love Shakespeare. – Love-love! Globe Theatre!
– I love Shakespeare. I looove Shakespeare! I love Shakespeare… I love Shakespeare, I LOVE Shakespeare!

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