Ira David Wood III | Theatre In The Park in Raleigh, N.C.

My name is Ira David Wood III. I am executive director and founder of Raleigh’s
Theatre In The Park. When I first came to Raleigh there were maybe
four or six theatres, and most of them were universities. Now we have over 70 companies in our area. So we are experiencing what I think is a real
renaissance in the arts and particularly in theatre. The wonderful thing is we live in a community
where people embrace the arts, they get excited about the arts and they support the arts. And when that happens, you really have an
incredible atmosphere for growth and more creativity. Theatre In The Park is a year-round theatre. We’re in a black box, which is a wonderful
place to create. Everything in here is movable. We can do theatre in the round, proscenium theatre,
we do children’s theatre, we do family theatre. If Broadway musicals is what you like, you
can see incredible Broadway musicals. Original plays, where writers have a chance
to be discovered and to have a voice. We’ve got something for everybody’s taste. We have people who come back to Raleigh every
year to see our production of “A Christmas Carol.” And once you come, there’s this feeling that
you just belong. And it gives you a place to come together
with total strangers in a dark room to laugh, to cry, to be touched, to be educated and
to be empowered. That’s what we do here.
And I’m very proud to be a part of it.

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