Irish People Taste Test American Cinema Candy

-Ah! -Ah nice! So there’s popcorn… [music] -Candy?! -I think, that’s what I heard. -I thought it was tacos. -And the great thing about American cinemas is that you can put as much butter- -The butter tap! -Yes, the butter tap! [laughs]
-The butter taaap! -Dud is like, something that’s bad, right? -They look like what a hamster would poop out. -Don’t put them on the table!
-Sorry -I wanted one,
-Fine then! -(cont) not f***in’ eight of them!
-Fine then! -This’d be annoying to eat in the cinema. -Why do I have to like really work to get…is that like chocolate chewing gum? -It’s a lot better with the popcorn. -Chocolate and popcorn works. -Like, they’re- they’re good. But then they- they really shine when popcorn comes to town. -They’re a bit too… hard.
-Yeah, they’re real chewy. -They don’t look like fun, ’cause cinnamon is awful. -Cinnamon’s great. -How come American cinema candies come in boxes? -Hot Tamales. -What’s good about cinnamon? -Literally everything. -I- I think they’re meant to go up your bum? -Oh my god! -Ohhh… tastes like Christmas. -Oh gross!
-Oh no! -Ohhhhhhh! -It’s so good. It’s like mulled apple -I don’t like the texture, I don’t like the taste… …I don’t like the aftertaste or the… pre-taste -I don’t like cinnamon. -Suppository probably tastes better.
-[laughter] It’s nicer in the way what the popcorn masks the Hot Tamale taste -I think if they took out the cinnamon it wouldn’t be as bad
-[laughter] -Oh tastes like…. Ohhhh! [rattling] -Look they have normal flavours -I’ve heard of these! -Who is Mike and/or Ike? -These look like, good jellybeans
-[laughter] -Like things you get in video- like a restaurant video game [mocking] cherry, lemon, strawberry, lime, orange, hmmeh! -I’m just gonna presume, this didn’t fall-out of the Mike and Ikes. That is a screw to our American viewers -Gooood
-10 out of 10! Good job, America -These are just jellybeans -Give me some, I wanna have some! -Oh yeah -I am genuinely dreading the dentist later -Oooh!
-Aaaaaaah -Junior Mints are my jaaam -That looks like an old box, like it looks real retro
-Yeah, from like the 1950’s -This looks like a toothpaste -It does! Why is all the candy in boxes? -They all like, sort of melt, and end up, like there’s some sort of weird rat king kind of creature at the bottom of the box -Well I’m not a big fans of mints -They don’t have peanuts. I didn’t think that mints would have peanuts in them, to be honest -Wow, shit the bed these are great -Nope, still don’t like mints -Look on the inside. It’s a bit of a jizz-colour -They’re nice! They’re really good I just felt like I’d brushed my teeth, but with sugar -Even though I like the Junior Mints on their owns, when it’s combined with the popcorn, suddenly it becomes, oh here is your mint-flavoured popcorn now -The worst one was that cinnamon shite. Cinnamon shite. -What did you enjoy? -Popcorn’s still my favourite
-Popcorn [wheezing laughter] -It’s great, I would like to eat the cinnamon candy while I watch some… 3D cinema [singing] Let’s all go to the Facts. channel (x3) And don’t forget to like and subscribe -Ba!


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