IRRESISTIBLE – Official Trailer [HD] – In Theaters May 29

Democrats are getting
their asses kicked. We need some way to road test a
more rural-friendly message. If you can’t live
your principles in the bad times, I guess
they aren’t principles, they’re just hobbies. Nice. John Wayne and a
tractor have a baby, and all you can say is “nice”? Oh my god, it’s so nice. Colonel Jack Hastings is our
key back into the great— now swing—state of Wisconsin. He just doesn’t know it yet. Can I be completely
honest with you, no bull? It’d be nice. My daughter’s here. That was your daughter…
with her arm up the cow? Guys like me don’t know
how to talk to guys like you. Do you have a bottle opener? That’s a… no, that’s
just a twist-off. Oh, yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah, I know. Maybe he does
need a bottle opener. Maybe use your vest. But I would like to
offer my services… Could we quiet the cows, please! …to help you run for Mayor of Deerlaken. And if you could get some
of them to face front. Oh my god. I am telling you guys,
Jack could be the real deal. This little campaign of
ours has caught the attention of the National
Republican Party. Why are you here? Because crushing the last
piece of hope in your eyes really gets me off. It’s good to see you. Yeah.
You look fat. I’m gonna make a
big deal of this. It’s on here, boys, game on. Tons of press, lots of money… This seems a bit crazy. Don’t put all the
black ones in the center. He’s running as a Moderate. This is the A-Team. All you have is fear. 20 bucks says I do better with
fear than you do with shame. The Democrat Party can’t win. They’re getting desperate. This is really just
another perfect example of the DC elite trying to
dictate how we should— That’s we, you’re DC elite. Oh, no actually I’m from here. I’m from Deerlaken. That’s a lie, that’s a lie, no,
that’s, what are you even doing? I, I’m from here.
Thank you so much.


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