Is DJ Drama Holding His Girlfriend Hostage?

hey good afternoon this is the starter
report on a Tuesday and yes we are dedicated to the dumb shit
never mind politics never mind international trading never mind if
we’re going to war or not I got what you need
hmm and DJ drama let’s just get right to it
Tyrese Simmons born April the 22nd according to Wikipedia in 1978 a Feli
nigga owed a go hard in the paint huh is he a serial woman-beater let’s get right
to it we have a baby beaten half to death it looks like somebody stomped her
ears together he has not responded talk about arrogant nothing even up on his IG
page to say hey you know I’m innocent or nothing DJ Drama up on Instagram 1.1
million followers his last post was you know that that real arrogant thing he
always does see right there you know fuck y’all niggas that’s how we look you
know just fuck y’all niggas give me a no statement and how do we say this baby’s
name is debauchee Lord Jesus huh right on the Instagram page it says sex drugs
and rock and roll she tells you what she’s about she’s she’s trying to get
the bags she’s trying to come up how in God’s name did somebody bite her you saw
the video if you do not we will put it in the link up under the goddamn uh you
know at the end of the show bite marks do we have a serial woman woman beater
is he on that that Chris Brown shit who else Floyd money Mayweather when he may
go make Doody do another alleged woman beater and who else
oh man I’m forgetting Oh Terrence Howard did here let me slow down did anybody
see the pictures of Terrence Howard’s ex with the fucking I Jamie’s mmm is Tyrese
Simmons of the same ilk DJ drama isn’t he from Philly hold on a second he’s not
from Atlanta I know he popped off in Atlanta
and what’s in with his team yeah and all that fly nigga shit oh he’s from
Germantown Germantown not to be confused with Norwich town huh
shit probably buses gone on all sorts of shit
phone lines open right now boss chick Ronnie will be calling in let me just
let you know right now Ronnie is gonna be camping for DJ drama she already said
that this this baby debauchee is it is it nobody I think I think
Ronnie has got to be part Italian my mother goes hard in the paint on females
she always has you know even when I was a kid she said if a boy hits you hit him
back if a girl hits you hit her back 26 Ord
and Ronnie Ronnie sounds like that same type you know nobody believes she’s
black anyway but I’ll bring him in shortly also let me just point out
today’s show is a research show I’m trying to pull the notes as we go
summer Walker DJ drama’s ex-wife I reached out to her in Instagram
some are you’re gonna have to tell us something boo-boo and I say that
respectfully I know you about that bag I went through your IG page if something
about summer secures the bag look like she got some fire coochie too but you
know they have a child together her in DJ Drama so she’s probably not gonna go
too hard in the paint but I did print out a letter five-page letter from her
2015 addressed to a DJ drama’s ex-girlfriend or his girlfriend then
order Sania what was her name Jessica ACOG yeah well red is anyway summer walk
that’s DJ drama’s ex-wife she probably knows all the secrets you know anyway
good afternoon lob shot how you guys doing yeah I’m charged I’m hyped I was
in the gym this morning you know now sipping Pellegrino huh I’m feeling good
my throw babies how are you how are you they talkin reckless oh is that saying
about pimps got a pimp judge but this this young female a featured box right
now also in case you don’t know Vlad TV com
yes she’s at the clinic talking about getting tetanus shots and also talking
about getting tetanus shots because the bite marks were so deep and if you saw
the video DJ drama me it looks like him he’s playing with some type of or
packing some type of a game console and she’s filming him and she says and I
quote this ain’t the first time he’s a fuckin woman beater
also on the screen you should see our Instagram models wifey material
give me a second because you know a lot of guys out here you you fantasize about
certain types of women sometimes you acquire them sometimes it’s just you
know an online thing but when you do you know get yourself one of those types of
girls that you claim you know that you think is a fantasy is she wifey material
do you mistakenly think that you’re gonna turn her into something other than
what she truly is deep down inside and I don’t mean that to be disrespectful but
you know you’ve heard me say in the past all females our vanity
driven including the ones we come from I’ll even go as far as to say all
females are jealous of their own shadow but my question to some of you guys or
females or gender-free people if you classify yourself as our Instagram
models wifey material if you get one will you try to shut her
her hustle down because you’ve now become you know hypnotized by the
coochie you know who you talking to what pictures are you liking where you
going well that’ll actually shit not saying you have to be like me you know
someone who’s always you know pushing abroad to get money on a social media
but you know are they wifey material hang on a second all right phone lines
open let me get Bostick Ronnie in here early because she’s working today and
she’s already said that this girl’s are nobody boss check Ron
afternoon are you there hey hey Stars hey um I might to stop calling you again
Italian Ronny keep that same energy behind the scenes you say this isn’t
nobody that’s what you said yes she’s a nobody thought pocket star we don’t even
know we can’t even find this girl’s real name she’s just an IG thought okay now I
know you looked at her Instagram page but you would you would have to agree so
let me just get right into it I do not believe this girl I do not find her
credible I find her behavior in the video to be extremely telling you know
in the first series of videos which she posted to her IG live she pans the
camera to him and while he’s not paying attention she refers to him as all sorts
of woman beaters and says that he’s been abusing her now as someone viewing the
video the obvious question that pops into my mind is why are you still there
holding a phone recording this man if he’s all that he say did you say is and
he’s done all that you say he’s done he’s such a bad man but there you still
are in a hotel suite with him okay if I can trouble if I can commit and I said I
appreciate your perspective because I wanted to have a discussion if she could
know if she tries to tries to get up and leave that goddamn room there will be a
price to pay so she could have been you know trapped held against her will could
not even go ahead from the balcony I mean she she was recording from the
balcony there’s nobody else outside that you can scream hell – you can IG live
you can call 9-1-1 you know if he brutalized you the way that he claimed
why are you on IG Live responding to comments instead of on the phone with
911 one good point good point all right phone lines open and Ronnie do we have
this young lady’s name all we have is debauchee
up on instagram de block k ki KI I thank UI upon me in 96 pose
she’s only got one hundred forty eight thousand followers yeah she’s trying to
get her weight up and she says sex drugs and rock’n’roll
I tried to watch a couple of her know stories and she’s about the bag so now
where where did the miscommunication come in and where where and when did he
you know start giving her a Tyson blows and uppercuts allegedly well I don’t
know that he actually did that her wound to me looks superficial and they look
like defensive wounds I don’t mean that she’s defending herself I mean that he’s
defending himself if you get into a fight with a grown man I can’t imagine
that he’s gonna reach out grab her hand bring bring it to his mouth and bite it
okay that seems like the kind of thing you know you’re biting when you’re
losing the fight when you’re trying to get the upper hand she doesn’t have any
bruises and swelling this girl is Guatemalan I’m light-skinned if you
squeeze my arm too hard it’s going to leave leave a bruise so your only wounds
are you had a couple would look like superficial scratches on your chest
and bite marks on your hand that’s probably from him defending himself
I saw another video where she was sick Ronny before we go any further now
respectfully were you ever a DJ drama fan because
that may have something to do with your perspective respectfully what’s that yes
yes yes ah compromised okay come on hey listen I
I’m also a Tyrese fan but I believe that he did I do believe his ex-girlfriend or
XP on say whatever she was when she made her claims about him I believe that so
it’s not that I can’t that I’m so biased that I can’t believe he put his hands on
her I’m looking at her behavior more so than his you know she’s 23 years old
by comparison he’s 41 she you know she’s in another video and he’s telling her to
get off live and she’s saying she’s joking to
the audience and saying yeah he doesn’t want me alive because he’s very
possessive of me and she giggles this is six months ago yeah so if she is a sort
of controlling or possessive guy you obviously like that and you find that
funny Wow okay stay right there Ronnie Ronnie
already going ten toes down for DJ drama Tyree Simmons who has not to my
knowledge issued a statement has Atlantic Records
said anything this is in the featured box of Vlad I saw it on Bossip
yesterday HipHopDX this is not going away it is he going to step up to the
plate in’ and say anything area code three five two good afternoon
asking the question is DJ drama a serial woman-beater
three five two are you there moving slow no let’s get chairs go to area code
eight five eight good afternoon talking about DJ drama are you the speed right now okay yeah see hear me yes we
come from yeah thank you I’m caught up in San Diego okay you know DJ drum used to what it’s hat
call it was like money over bitches he saw was wear this hat no and I wondering
why is he putting herself be compromised by a female you know that’s just um it’s
an oxymoron it and okay oxymoron case in from my perspective are you DJ drama
hater let’s hope that real talk you hater I’m 50/50 yeah I hate I hate generation
now he got this this brand called generation now I’m not speak I hate
everything about it it includes little Gotti and a couple other dudes I don’t
like none of the music DJ drama I think I think he’s own I see what they call it
you know someone’s like a culture vulture he’s got that arrogant look as
if to say you know fuck y’all niggas right yeah well weird looks like star not really a likeable person but you
know he’s putting it down any questions for Ronnie Ronnie is defending DJ drama
saying this girl is a nobody off the rep you know what running foot I pick says they cloud chasing and you
guys just pull up that that information out as I was listening about her being
she was laughing and giggling all over because he was possessing and things
like that so I mean I think in taking court cases you gotta have depositions
and you have to prove the the situation that you’re talking about I don’t know
if you can really prove it okay yeah all right also if I can ask you another
question sir our Instagram models wifey material do you date Instagram models or
Instagram guys you know respectfully what’s your preference okay so with
Instagram models if you were to formulate a bucket list of all the
things you want to do before you die yes go go pursue those IP vixens but if you
want peace of mind and things like dog pursuing because this is I haven’t seen
one story of a good outcome of a video they always they’re very messy they’re
not highly educated I came across one girl she was happy to call herself a
dumb bitch okay you know and she was saying that that’s not that’s not a
disgraceful word to see many more so if it was female because there’s up to be a
dumb dog essentially and she lacks in vehicles over that shit I mean I thank
you for the calls I have a good one hold on a second Ronnie I just want to
check on something here going over some notes and folks we’re doing a research
show this afternoon there’s so much happening right now with regards to this
young woman that Rhonda he said is it nobody Ronnie used did you see the video
of her at the clinic she seems sad you know she seemed like
she was trying not to dump on him but at the same
she was at the clinic white marks well you know it’s interesting that she’s
reporting live from the clinic instead of the police station you know when a
man puts his hands on you and you are going to report it to the world
I would think the police would be included with that but as of yet we
don’t have any police reports filed so it’s like are you you just want us out
here in the internet world to know on social media you don’t want to hold him
accountable I mean she also said in the video he this isn’t the first time and
it won’t be the last time so for her to say it won’t be the last time are you
saying that about yourself as though you’re going to stay with him if that’s
the case then why are you telling us about it she sounds like a victim
hurting inside if you ask me guys I’m coming to cash at a super check
hold on running stay right there it’s different there let’s go to area code
two zero one good afternoon 201 is DJ drama a serial woman beater
201 we do Hey yes sir no cereal beater I don’t know cuz I don’t know about any
ticket before him but I mean I can say this from my own experience some
Guatemalan chick some of them is crazy but I’m not gonna broad stroke but um
yes we dealing with them are G models like women that are that are that vanity
driven because that’s another level you’re dealing with someone who is
narcissistic you’re dealing with someone who’s self-centered and you’re dealing
with somebody for lack of a better word opportunistic okay if that’s the word
with yes whenever you’re dealing with somebody that’s looking for the next
opportunity when they’re looking and it means that even that next opportunity
might mean stabbing you in your back or moving on from you or hole well now you
got to pay child support because this niggas gonna take care of me you’re
dealing with a problem you’re dealing with what I call someone who is a
firestarter and in the beginning of the relationship all you’re doing is putting
out fires you’re saving her from
at your saving her from her family hating at friends right and you’re
putting out fires but then you get tired of putting out fires and then it’s time
to you detach the firestarter and most of the time it’s the person that you’re
in the bed with but and then when you realize that it’s too late
yo sir if I can jump in for a second know what you’re saying sounds great
sounds great but I’m a man of a certain age 55 years of age to be exact and I
can tell you from my experience you know Hispanic women are the last ones to go
to the police you can give them wheel kicks you can molly-whopped them little
you know in all sorts of shit yo they’re the last ones to go call them yeah you
she might be hurting inside and here we are you know trying to justify somebody
that bitter on the hand her hand was swung you saw the video yes or no yeah I
came across it by mistake I’m surprised you doing the show on this nonsense but
yes it is not a nun kind of dedicated to the dumb shit so never mind politics
right right dumb shit and I’m right here with you on the phone no we not you not
alone no look I’m see this is a this is a problem that if it works on both sides
because the first you got these men that want these women that are by certain
measures out of their league this based upon how they look and they throw money
at these women and the women who are the vanity driven women they go for that and
it’s not a real situation and then you can’t say who’s the one who crapped the
other one with the child because sometimes the men beyond that bullshit –
yeah so what are you married sharing what type of girlfriend and/or boyfriend
do you have and say that respectfully what’s your uh what’s your work man
listen I’m I’m heterosexual I don’t care what nobody else does yeah I’m I’m
married I’m married to a woman who was born a woman I bet that feat look my
mother and I just how long have you been married can we just shorten this up how
long have you been married I’ve been I’ve been married for over a year okay
okay any friction in the house you know do you guys get into it you know two
pieces shit like that regular shit nonononono they ain’t no physical
behavior but of course we gonna get into a cats and dogs men and women we see
things differently but the object is is to see things on the same page which is
honest communication that’s what’s not going on with this situation with him
there’s no honest communication if you trying to go after woman because she’s
beautiful and that’s all it is it’s beautiful you wipe out because he’s
beautiful then you start living with her because he’s beautiful then at the end
of the day who come to find out who she is so I’m gonna have to cut you short I
thank you can you get back to us in my three years he said he just got married
okay Ronnie can I go back to you for a second now I don’t you know dig too deep
into your world money but any domestic violence experience I have never had a
man put their hands on me so as far as you know this topic that we’re talking
about I can relate to that I know you said that Hispanic women are the last to
go to the place the last but even still why are you telling us tell the police
and then we can hash it out because right now it’s just an allegation and I
have the same energy with my female friends I told them you know if you’re
having a problem in your relationship you have one time to write to me and
then I’m going to say well are you leaving I hope you leave you know you
might help you pack your stuff or pack his stuff but because if you’re staying
then I don’t want to hear about it anymore because that means that you’re
actually okay with whatever it is that you’re venting about have you yourself
ever chin-checked a man well that would be you know that would be illegal that
would be domestic violence so I’m certainly not going to concede to that
here but I yes what I will say is that it’s not uncommon for women to get out
of hand to get physical with a man with the mindset thinking that he’s a man he
can take it and there is a double standard you know we saw
Solange you know giving jay-z Bruce Leroy kicks and people laughing elevator
I remember that yeah yeah it was a kilt its Jill all right okay hold on a second
let me go to superjet and guys you can join the conversation via cash app super
chat if you can’t get on the phone lines the link is right up under the video
where you join the discussion door ito charmer good afternoon this is gonna be
you in a few months boss nigga with with that new pretty
young chick let her call you uh and and okay and knock you in the mouth
immature shit no comment right now you know no comment I mean I I like to
let females be who they truly are I don’t I don’t like to argue I’m not
perfect but you know I’m the type o I’ll leave if you run your mouth too much
I’ll just say you know I’ll see in a couple of days you’re doing too much
maybe you’ve got any confused with your father your brother your uncle your son
you know I cut the short shit you up and thank you know it’s not gonna be me
propane okay 1982 says you do catch okay I think that’s an old super chat pardon
me guys got a lot of screens going on here
hold on Ronny I’m going through some super chats and cache apps here okay
someone sent me a donation trying to get some type of fitness advice I’ll hold
you behind the scenes sir I’m going really slow in the gym you know and I
won’t say this you know here in Atlanta there’s a whole lot of just weird shit
going on you know you guys complimenting your body I don’t know whether they’re
they’re trying to help me or come on to me but as far as supplements and stuff
like that I’m doing the way Baalak ripped protein shakes this sussed 300
shots and the b12 that’s pretty much it right now okay but thank you for your
donation psych L says first the Arabs now djp a raise women beaters
okay we have to say allegedly because we don’t know if he really did put his
hands on and I hate to say this why do you think that this is a PR stunt you
think this was staged hey do you know that spirit I don’t think I don’t think
it was a PR thought on his part but maybe it was on hers I mean if you go
back to the very beginning of her IG account it’s all these pictures of her
with other celebs so that much you know what caliber of woman were dealing with
in fact you know her entire page is pictures of her and various stages of
undress shall we make it in some of the pictures
she’s got all these locations tagged of where she’s been around the world but
when it comes to leaving she says she can’t book a flight because she doesn’t
have any money on her so me just my jewelry he took everything and I’m at
the clinic not even a private doctor no clinic this is a young lady who relies
on the kindness of other people we’re not talking about a woman who is about
something you know we’re talking about an IG thought who is most likely used to
getting by in life based on her look all right hang on a second Ronnie
guys I’m coming back to the superjet in cash shortly what is this somebody sent
me something about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to announce formal impeachment no
well with the dumb shit this afternoon politics another day okay a homeless
second and let me just mention this before I come back to this topic oh shit
say it ain’t so a new jack city reboot Oh are they really gonna redo New Jack
city 2019 streets wanted I’m sorry streets want it running up to
speed on a new jack city reboot and did you ever see the original with Wesley
Snipes christopher Williams and a host of others yes how can you not see that
new jack city I mean that’s a classic I I don’t know how I feel about it being
rebooted because some things I feel like you should just leave it alone or you’ll
mess it up I also heard those are coming to America
reboot coming as well so they’re actually filming that now oh they’re too
classic yeah but New Jack city reboot holy shit all right let’s go back
to some phone lines here and also running did you see a summer Walker this
is DJ drama’s ex-wife she wrote a a lengthily letter back in 2015 and she
doesn’t seem to be dumping on him but she’s laying out you know the foundation
of their relationship and and she seems pretty classy I think she’s got some
secrets to tell what do you think did you see the letter I sent you yes I did
see it and I think it was a very mature approach for her to take because if you
remember going back originally she was beefing with DJ drama’s current
girlfriend at the time which is not the same girlfriend now you know they got
into a nasty Twitter war so it was good to see that she you know was able to
compose herself and to although I don’t think she should have been addressing
the new girlfriend it you know it was a nice closure to the situation now does
she have some secrets about him I’m sure if you’re with a man or a woman for an
exterior extended period of time there are certain things you’re going to find
out about them that they of course don’t want other people to know okay and also
Ronnie please don’t let me forget before you go we have to talk about who’s a
boogie with the hoodies road manager quad giving somebody tights and blows
females a couple of females in a hotel when I come back to that your laughing
what’s wrong wait laughing you know it’s funny that a book is caught up with some
woman at a hotel I don’t know if you want to go into that now if you want to
wait but should we come back I did find it to be ironic
okay I thought you were laughing at the girl who’s getting molly-whopped – hang
on a second area code 707 good afternoon doing a
little research DJ drama see a cereal beater what do you think that’s too
strong 707 DJ man let’s go man hey
judge and handcuffs with 16 charges right about now and it’s got to be over
not be over with the nigga and and it’s got to be the simple fact that here on
parallel with Marv Albert it’s a fighting incident Wow so that’s even
serious so if there is in Washington as far as who needs to be a judge
handcuffed in an orange jumpsuit there’s this nigga okay because even if the
charges are not even true you got caught up with an Instagram oh there’s grimy
triumphs Franklin Hoffa oh whoo I just went to her Instagram page and took a
look to see what she was all about and is exactly what Ronnie mentioned is
exactly what she mentioned she ain’t nothing but a grimy Hoffa who was out
there for the set up and what they’re doing is is that it’s so stupid
you’re so stupid it’s the fact that you go ahead and be attracted to some female
who makes her living or post an explicit pic of herself with her ass out and her
titties okay and if you fail for it you deserve to be in front of a job with 16
charges so I don’t hang on John bling slow down you’ve said a lot slow down
now if this didn’t happen between her and DJ drama and you just happen to go
by her IG page you’re trying to say you wouldn’t say wow that’s she’s hot I’d
smash you wouldn’t say that I would go ahead and smash but I’m not gonna go
ahead and fall for the okey-doke confirm to give them my finances and even my
clout to a female who was on Instagram I’ll go ahead and play the mole to a lot
of the individual confessions Drake even though he’s got caught slippin that’s
what he normally did was hitting the DM and hit it on the under so I’m not gonna
go ahead and put myself in position say I won’t fuck a necklace absolutely I’ll
fuck but I play to the rules of the game right and stay in my lane and put that
stick to the G code on it smash and keep it moving
hey keep it move because it ain’t you got to keep it real if you if you gon if
you’re gonna hook up with a female on Instagram who was actually half-naked
who is acting every other pic with somebody who was an artist DJ this fool
needs to be in jail anyway DJ drama when the hit
for the okey-doke just because of what he saw on Instagram he deserved to be in
front of the judges sample John blaze Thank You Man thank you shit John blaze
going ten toes down holy smokes spring an area code for one for folks
the video of multiple videos now have surfaced DJ the latest one I saw deejay
dramas lady friend girlfriend fiance I’m not sure she’s up in the clinic I’m
talking about she had to get a shot because he beat her half to death oh you
got any code for 1/4 yeah what’s up start is brandy hey baby was bobbled you
brandy hey Ronnie was good yeah like fucks with DJ drama I like all the way
back from the old Gucci paid Yo Gotti mixtape but man it’s kind of fucked up
because I know Ronnie says like she’s a nobody and like why was she on the phone
but I think in that generation like she’s 23 that’s the only way they know
how to deal with things like she probably even know how to go about I’m
saying filing a report and especially if they like a broader traumatized by a man
in his forties vomit eyes yeah man and and I didn’t
even know about the Simon Walker thing and I already loved her letter and it’s
crazy because they looked like he’d go for the same type of like vulnerable
chicks like I know she was 23 as well so oh no hang on stay with me Brandi
because you know maybe there’s a pattern here and again I reached out to be
reached out to summer Walker uh folks if anybody has the time please tell someone
Walker that star from the star report we’re trying to get a statement because
if this is a pattern with this man and and he really hurts this girl or
another one that you know maybe it could have been prevented
so you were saying Brandi yeah just say like I think it’s a pattern I think he
probably is Nilay some counseling like that did he does he have other kids like
with an older woman or have you always just went for these younger girls but
it’s crazy because it’s like back in the day you you would look at somebody’s a
drummer I never think he’d be like this crazy abusive vibrator well I never
liked him I’ll be honest with you me I don’t know him personally but you should
just look at yeah just looking with the hat on backwards you know is that whole
wheel right fuck y’all niggas you know yeah yeah with the with the girl their
accuser like I kind of feel bad for because like some sometimes you just
don’t know what to do so it’s like you you do go to like your social media and
I mean I have to stop but I don’t know hang on a second brand you have you ever
gotten chin-checked by a ex-boyfriend or might give you a two-piece over blood like doctor just by little of taps like
not no serious like as I got older I didn’t you know say my wheel you’re on
your high school like yeah you get like aggressive with each other where you the
aggressor Brandi keep it real will you did restroom I saw your picture he’s
building good-looking girl but you look like you turn up fast you did reser I’m
gonna keep it like Ron you say no not especially GU so listener can realize
myself so what on the same page than Brandi I’m with the snitchin okay
alright so listen Brandi good to talk to you um and keep
me posted if your summer Walker she’s saying anything on her IG page please
send me a screenshot right okay yeah Brandi on the check-in she sent me some
pictures good-looking yeah if you’re coming down to the ATL holla you know
guys let me go to cash up hold on a second Brandi I have drew P 21 send to
the cash yet so our DJ drama kidnapped her only way down was off the balcony
Oh facts Ronnie I have to agree with droopy 21 the only way she can get out
of there was off the balcony he was he wasn’t even facing her in this video
he was just like in a zone if you ask me he was playing around with some type of
a game console okay right no he was completely oblivious to the fact that he
was being recorded she was secretly reporting him know he was being recorded
he didn’t give up that’s a germantown nigga but go ahead yeah that’s that’s
the behavior of someone who hasn’t done anything wrong why would he be concerned
if he hasn’t done anything wrong except maybe defend himself against the woman
who’s attacking him now let me ask you a question let’s consider the possibility
that she’s making this all up because if you remember about a month ago
swingley had a situation with his on-again off-again girlfriend she called
the police she claimed he sexually assaulted her and strangled her well
fortunately there were cameras as well as several eyewitnesses who were able to
identify her as a person who went berserk and actually assaulted him and
began destroying his apartment so you know let’s not let’s not pretend as if
you know every every woman who makes a claim against a man is telling you know
the gospel truth we also have recently had chris brown’s falsely accused of
rape so I’m not taking this woman at her 23 year old Instagram spot word I’m not
okay hold on a second we have someone who wants to join the conversation they
sent in a cache or oh yeah I did not see 911 seven just yet let me
go to area code three one three good afternoon DJ drama did he did he beat
and kidnap his girlfriend three was that HB 2n yeah take off that Jamaican
headset managed by coaching I appreciate you support me sounds like shit come on
man yes sir HB – and how are you sir I’m good how
are you good good hey so try me hey but I just
wanted to say only kind of I got it I got it disagree with you though Ronnie
is you’re not looking at the full picture like if this girl had anything
if she was super smart or she had anything else to offer besides you know
her ass and titties she will probably do that
these are drummers taking advantage of not only young girls but like the lowest
of the low and I do believe I do believe he’s beating on them you know like when
I was growing up all the other guys that I knew like older guys they would date
like college you know graduates and like doctors and women I had something so
they could put stuff in a name and stuff nothing not these little girls you know
nothing low girls that you could just take advantage of and I think too with
these women they’re so they their their options and you know how they how they
process things is at such a low level the reason why she’s putting this
information out if it’s a cry for help you know she lacks trying to reach out
and you know daddy I want to come home you beat me but I’m not calling the
police just please daddy right right right well if it’s a call if
it’s a call for help why is it being made on Instagram what
are people on Instagram throw stress to know her geotag where she is
specifically hate speech one that Ronnie’s speaking and I’ll go back to
you nobody was saying guard I mean how credible is a cry for help
that’s made on social media what are we supposed to do as viewers are we
supposed to ascertain her exact location find out which international police
department to call and call on her behalf how is that a cry for help on
social media III believe it’s a it’s a cry for help not from the average
person just watching it’s more so she’s trying to get like lawyers to hit her up
she’s not gonna reach out to a lawyer she’s gonna wait for somebody to see it
and think that you know I can I could probably make some money on this case
too man i per case but but what I’m saying is this is how these these
low-level low you know low life type of women things they don’t know how to they
don’t have a lawyer you know they’re not talking to lawyers before they mess with
these you know rich guys they’re not they’re not you know setting things
aside just for in case the relationship goes wrong oh they know how to do is
garner attention through it’s the Gramm I’m gonna say guys if I can jump in
Ronnie and hb2 in you know I took a couple of shots at their Takashi’s baby
mother the other day I mean I didn’t say anything too harsh but I was commenting
on her being on Instagram chewing with her mouth open
last night I’m on the phone late late night take a local couple of hips off of
some skywalk og now talking to a young female and she’s 24 and she said yo I
didn’t like the way you came at Sarah and I said what are you talking about
say she chews with her mouth open on Instagram live and she said so do i and
I said you know she’s right she likes I mean like Sarah pardon me I’m man enough
to say as an older man I don’t wanna be just taking shots at the younger
generation so you know if that’s how they move that’s how they move so do you
think Ronnie that there’s any truth to what HB 2n is saying that she maybe
she’s not experienced in getting beat up if she was beat up by DJ drama I
shouldn’t know what to do she’s filming myself she loves him she’s trying to
come up and it’s a fucking debacle we think Ronnie I think for her they had
some sort of confrontation disagreement whatever you want to call it and now
she’s looking for a come-up which is basically what HB 2n alluded to when he
said she’s looking for a lawyer to reach out to her so she can get money so if
you’re trying to turn the situation into a play for cash how can we find you
credible as a victim I mean why does she need a lawyer to call the police you
don’t need a lawyer to call 9-1-1 if you’re the victim in a situation you
really don’t need a lawyer at all at her level I mean if she were some
high-powered individual then yes I would say she should consult with an attorney
also but you know we can’t even figure out what her real name is hang on a
second Ronny because the HB twins called did drop out let me go to super chair
Johnny – cool hey man good afternoon he sends in a super chat he says poor girl
is suffering inside life coach Starr my girl regulates any hoes on IG what
should I do Johnny – cool I’ve met him good guy he
supports the Machine you know there has to be a balance Johnny – cool if you ask
me does your girl have the fire coochie you can’t be greedy you know you have to
sometimes say hey you know I’ve got some fire coochie here and you know just
these other hoes you know or just that and they’re only there for entertainment
purposes but what are you doing on IG oh you are you DMing are you liking
pictures are you causing a ruckus at home he has said that his girl does chin
check him so you know good man but unless you unless you’re gonna call and
I can’t give you a detailed advice but Thank You Johnny – cool – the whole
second star this is from black racist he said did you hear the audio with murder
Mel calling shadi a roach and a thief and saying he stole from his own cousin
on some type of drug deal shaking my head sir can you send me a link I’ve
been hearing a lot of audio behind the scenes of course Jim Jones and other
people and now we have a Takashi’s former driver he’s a confirmed informant
he was arrested by ice and he was recording shit
you know throwing niggas out up under the bus send me a link please out
appreciate that hang on a second someone to mention to
you Ronnie before you go I can’t find it
oh okay this side notes I know you and I was speaking earlier Ronnie Gabriella
Wilson that’s the female who I like her her the acronym is that her H dot e dot
ARS hates her name yes do you say her name her or is it here I don’t know you
just say hurt you did they her okay so she’s been performing and playing
instruments for a while I was watching you know again last night late night
some of her videos and she’s got a track called Avenue love it love just want to
point that out for anybody who gives a shit
sort of every code two-one-zero good afternoon DJ drama stomped his
girlfriend’s ears together allegedly are yet to speed
two-one-zero I am up here me hey who’s this hi my name is destiny
hi how are you what’s up Ronnie I’m good I’m good I’m great so I I think Ronnie’s kind of bugging
just a little bit and I think I didn’t want to call and provide a little bit of
perspective about how those women kind of move I’m not one of those women not
go to my Instagram is doing that’s me I don’t move like that I used to be a DJ I
do know strippers and they do move a little differently especially like the
young ones I’m 31 so the way it moves with this is me it’s
a different to me but I see how they do move and I understand it so to me is
very own brand for her to get on Instagram and just our crying that’s
what everybody does so you got a Facebook or Twitter people put
everything on that it is quiet it on Twitter all the time on it it just dumps
it it just like why are you doing this but that’s very common that to me is not
it’s not very wild but as far as like you know people calling with sudden
passing and didn’t you know upset about the lifestyle that’s like
any counter career they go from stripper to video girls to hopefully for rappers
life you know Amber Rose with a lot of people those those niggas don’t mind
right you know they don’t care that that’s a I think people think like oh
you know a stripper or Instagram model is just to tick up there to close off
that’s I don’t want to reach with it’s almost like a skill like the average
person can’t get on the pole and just do that I thought it’s not easy like
playing around the club and everyone is empty
you can’t just get up there and climb up and it’s you do not brush your ass in
jail it’s hard yeah if I can jump in for a second destiny and stay with me you
know right yeah I’m not you know trying to put the screws in him just yet yeah a
DJ drama I want to hear him address this but at the same time I’m not the type of
guy I’m not trying to stop a hole from getting money and I say hole
respectfully piña he’s right I know what he was working with on her IG page it
says sex drugs and rock the role and she’s poking us out dropping down
getting our Eagle on that’s all she is but that’s what he like right right
absolutely took her down to Turks and Caicos so let’s not act like you know
how she was out of pocket you know she’s a good I met her in the fucking Church
he knew what he was working with good no you’re absolutely right but you know I
do I do believe that he was in there kind of getting a little break for a
little while that’s some of them are like that especially when you you know
officially date women like that you know that young and that’s kind of what you
do because culture is probably far italy yeah fun fun I’m sure it is 23 he got to
be it better than if he has turned sniffing coke off the titties allegedly
you know I love you no no I hate you come here no get away from me leave get
out I’m gonna kill you hey I’m saying I’m come on record I I think I think
he’s moving in the best way that she knows how I do think she’s broke
you know the woman’s like make a lot of money but they spend it fast they make
it because it comes so fast they kind of don’t appreciate it I’ve seen
my homegirl getting arrested by the purse and I almost threw up I’m like yo
you were wildly you don’t have a car right now hey go running do you want to
jump in destiny just said you you know kind of wallet Ronnie where are you yeah
and I just want to take me back back off of the last thing she said that she
thinks she is broke she is broke you can get a flight right now from Turks and
Caicos for under $300 so you’re doing all of this on the gram and I don’t have
$300 in your name yeah you have $300 yep that is on brand yeah exactly yes ma’am
did they go to the club with no money that that don’t yes I’m all enclosed and
also check but I get free drinks a lot I can see how it could be easy to move if
you’re out here titties out your ass out again I’m not the baddest foot I get a
lot of free shit just moving around the world yeah why you know so I can yeah I
believe you don’t have a dime owner yeah hang on a second destiny and Ronnie if I
can also just say this from experience you know sometimes the cootchie so fire
you take her pocketbook you take the wallet and you throw it in the fucking
water you take the money you take all her shit bitch I’m gonna kill you no I
love you come in where you going kiona shit damn so you same day no no I I
think you’re right but men who have money don’t care it’s not like I think
you know when you in a certain tax bracket it’s hard to imagine just
throwing money away on an Instagram shot but when your pockets a lock is nothing
like it there’s nothing you’ll purchase nothing from some men almost get
offended if you try to like oh how dare you like I’m not money why don’t you
there for you a little water that put that away
nothing so I think I can see how you know she could be with $0 zero things
just don’t stay right there destiny don’t go I Ryan do you want to respond
to a destiny saying she’s given a different perspective no no and I do
know females like that but the thing is even if you have somebody who’s
basically catering to you and their pay for everything and you never have to
pull your money out still make sure you have your own money still make sure you
have here you know what you call it the fu money oh you’re acting crazy okay let
me book this $300 flight back to America and get away from you
hey there’s I mean if that’s the kind of lifestyle you want to live have your
insurance policy have a measly three hundred dollars so you can get back home
she looks you you know that I know that but they don’t know that that’s that
we’ve money that’s bottom one like yes it’s logical it makes sense but they
don’t they don’t think like that yeah you’re on board yes you’re correct
you’re absolutely correct but no they don’t that’s not how they move no they
don’t they don’t have the wherewithal to things like that and also he’s 23 indeed
a drama he famously going on it what are you talking about like a geek it was
cool like when a on the plane when you getting beat up with a little different
like you know imagine being 23 weird turks and caicos Molly percocet Molly
Burke is I’m wallet hey destiny thank you for calling in and what’s your IG
page what’s your ID page do you have your talent Thank You Don thank you so
much uh-huh okay do it destiny on the cheek yeah man
Ron Ronnie Street hatin Ronnie you have to be part Italian I’m sorry no I’m just
I just see things logically and I don’t understand how like the woman said we
know that she should have been on the phone with the police but that child
this generation acts and I don’t even think it’s necessarily only about this
generation I think there are women in their 30s and their 40s who put on like
that it just doesn’t make much sense to me you know if you’re a victim
okay go solidify that go get us some paperwork that we can talk about let the
police evaluate the situation now because you’re a fan you admit it being
a fan of DJ dramas you don’t think that he could could have gotten like you know
sprung on some fire coochie and just you know
losing himself I think he’s he is absolutely spunk if you go back to her
last picture he’s in the comments calling her his queen now this is a
woman who several months ago little woozy was saying that DJ Drama suspected
he was having an affair with her but that’s your queen though a few
months ago you thought he was she was banging your artist but today now that’s
your queen yo fuck you doing lot liking little Lucy
burnt pictures bitch you with me I managed I managed that hoe ass nigga
right you were paying a high rise bitch you sniff you sniffing that pure fuck
wrong with you hold is two-piece pop out you mean folks I’m wiling let me slow
down it can be that fucking easy area code 909 good afternoon DJ drama is
he a beater a beater oh good this Lucania sonic ain’t no
losers yeah we almost the video or not but there’s definitely smoke okay quote
unquote models and stuff like that I think that some of them have YC in them
or what I was saying most of them online main core guys you
know they look they look good on idea and everything but a lot of those women
you might say damaged damaged mentally and let’s just cut right to the chase a
loot anyways last time you had some fire coochie keep it real fire fire the threatener 5 did you threaten choker
what’s up did you threaten her choker would you do what you do
I did not but I I did kind of go crazy at some point but I never I never took
to anything like that you know did you threaten her and her family because you
see when it’s fire you’re threatened you’re threatened to come shoot her
father her sisters no bitch imma come kill you doghouse
down bitch you play with me you got the right one I’m that nigga for real for
real bitch I did not do that my name one more time
bitch I Drive 40 miles just to choke you to fuck out and wait for the police
that’s why I can go teeny clarify can you clarify go crazy I just want to hear
the details when I want us to go crazy I just mean well for me personally in my
personal life come on trying to judgment your answer
tell us what you meant by you went crazy I pretty much told her like this you
know so you gave her a verbal warning and that’s what you mean by go crazy
sorry he’s lying Thank You Lucas get him out of here we talked about fire
cootchie bitch Oh Oh June everybody at that fucking wedding that you’re at
right now what’s your friend I liked that bitch anyway hang on a second
looking for Dom brought away where are you 9 170 just sent in a cache at penile
Ronnie and Ronnie we have to talk about a boogie his road manager let’s get that
story ready please okay I don’t see Don Broadway I just I see a 911 seven did
your call drop out what happened man where are you okay John blaze he called
them we had him on the line give me a second give me a second what
is this somebody sending me something by Jim Jones or what is this can you give
me some type of description please please don’t just send me links like I
got time to just click on any old fucking thing please okay wait a minute
okay Ronny you just sent me something about DJ dramas girlfriend is that what
you already spoke about claiming that uh Busey was doing something with her yeah
uh-huh okay what is that that was about how
little woozy was basically saying that his relationship with DJ drama went sour
once he started hanging out with the girl because DJ Drama started suspecting
that something was going on between them you know hallucinatin blaming niggas
bitch you like his call better than mine area code 706 good afternoon 706 DJ
drama is here a cereal beater and did he kidnap his girlfriend what say you um
yeah I think he did the crazy thing is I was on his page yeah I was on his page
like last week and I thought he posted the girl I’m like and he got another
girl again I went to her page he had him nowhere and I’m like how the last thing
I got this young ass girl posted up and she and got him posted at all yeah I
think drama yeah I think he’s a simp and them Democrat get tired of him and then
he gets Kia’s crazy I think that’s what it is
no because you know anybody know whoever likes the personal s in the relationship
they have the power so girls I’m young girls put it on him and then he starts
losing his mind okay no give him types and blows and so on all right thank you
call me thank you all right it’s gonna matter here fast uh
cash mahmu good afternoon sir he says star IG models are good women if not
materialistic well sir they are materialistic that’s
what makes them i G models you know they’re they’re letting you know what it
is hey daddy you know come on in here look
at this fat ass you know I got what you need
never mind never mind your wife who works 40 hours a week you know bitch
probably got halitosis hammer feet nah I got that shit you really want to get
with but thank you for your super chat and hang on a second Ronnie
you get some more calls it who’s sending me something about the wiretap leak yeah
we know all that shit we’ll get back to the whole snitching thing with Takashi
another day who’s on area code 706 bring some calls in some different opinions over her Tommy and Ronnie keep
responding was Ronnie Bostick running okay I think Ronnie’s called okay why
you Ronnie yeah hook hook call dropped out okay so
listen man again I don’t know for certain if he did you know give her an
uppercut you know but um you know she’s back in the line but it’s not looking
good for him he has not released a statement or nothing and and I think
Atlantic Records needs to tell us something because they are in business
with him if you look at what’s the guy’s name on a de menthe eetu from no jumper
you know they they scrapped his whole fucking label deal just off of Twitter
allegations right yeah yeah what I said to you super sad another so ray knows
that you and brown post a down you know I mean let’s go big nigga let’s go
Ronnie are you back on the line Ronnie hang on so running you back you I’m back
on the line okay the caller had something to ask you
so can you ask funny what you said or tell them what you said do you like dogs
do you want to be the next one this man I’ll let you leave no okay so no I would
not actually be in a relationship with someone that would be characterized as a
thug that’s not my preference in terms of
somebody who I would be with so I like his music absolutely do I like his
entire history with the gangsta grilled mixtapes and all the other mixtape
dynasties that he was affiliated with absolutely sure but there’s a difference
between the liking someone’s music content and wanting to be in a
relationship with them so I don’t know if you heard it I want you to look up
miss Savannah and what happened with her she another red shit poster band I want
you to look her up this you kind of a man you’re hurt and I don’t want that
okay what happened if you get beat up all right thank you very cold sir yes
sir nine more 200 check in I’m looking for essential bone 7:06 you sent in a
cache at where are you 7:06 Ronnie you said you have to go soon
before you go can we talk about hangar I guess so many windows open here who is
this what was I mentioned earlier somebody got beat in the fucking in the
hallway allegedly beaten half to death that was a boogie yes I got you this
tour manager right and now my thing is why are you getting caught up in a hotel
room with groupies when you are just on Instagram professing your love to your
baby’s mother you said she’s your whole world you know you don’t have anybody
else but her she’s your best friend your queen just like DJ drama
and then you’re getting caught up in messiness with groupies at Hotel Ronnie
Ronnie it’s a boogie with the hoodies road manager not him
the guy in the video was his road manager who was you know chin checking a
couple of girls in you screaming bathrobes you know did you see the video
if not I’ll take that one no yeah you might want to take that what
I thought it was he was there and he was fighting on his behalf no I didn’t see
him in the video at all I saw I saw the road manager you know if you ask me that
was probably a drug deal gone bad you know arguing over the drugs girl yeah
girl got up in his face you know point and poked him in the head defended
himself but all right so listen I know you have to run any final thoughts any
words with regards to this debacle other than this chick is uh I think it’s gonna
be very interesting to see you know what comes with this he hasn’t updated his
neither one of them have updated their Instagram posts this incident I know her
last I G stories have expired so it’ll be interesting to see because the story
is trending there’s a lot of news publications talking about it and
everybody wants a word from him is he going to deny it is she going to retract
her claim I think this is going to go away quietly because I don’t think he is
the aggressor in the situation okay okay I’m fixing my um my screen title I’m I’m
going back to is DJ drama a serial woman-beater
Ronnie thank you so much have a great day we’ll talk soon okay can’t take you
all right Italian Ronnie we got to find a name for Ronnie some of you call her
white girl Ronnie some of you call her mixed breed or half-breed Ronnie Ronnie
tolas are who she came in defending a DJ drama didn’t she guys I’m coming to the
phone lines but just I want to put some attention on the cash apps and super
Jets and make sure that I am bringing the the right people in gem star hey gem
star says star how can you be mad at thoughts eating with their
mouths open on Instagram when you used to eat Egg McMuffins live on hot 97
Monday through Friday back in the days yeah but you couldn’t see me you know
yeah we used to eat breakfast on the air the storm buckwild show for about five
years on hot 97 and power 105 buck wild used to go out and get the food we’d sit
right there you know keep the pork on the fork but you couldn’t see us you
know and again I said pardon me to uh Takashi’s baby mama Sarah she’s a very
pretty young girl you know well young lady I was talking to last night you
know two o’clock good morning as I’m sitting there FaceTime and all that Oh
stupid shit she said that ain’t right yo okay okay my bad
Clark cunt sends in a super chat good afternoon sir just sending in some scrub
to respectfully say fuck you sir I say that respectfully Thank You Man I
appreciate that and it slope to a who sent me a fuck you
super chat no fuck you Kashyap yesterday I was I didn’t even do a show yesterday
he just said hey man I just want to say fuck you we put some respect on this
guy’s name is it Marquis yeah and I responded Marquis Thank You Man okay
four o’clock in the afternoon maybe he was maybe he was smoking something you
know yesterday man fuck that nigga snitchin ass nigga speaking of snitching
give me a second before we get back to this topic let me just um let me say
that snitch you know that’s my company my organization 501c3
approved by the IRS goes back to 2012 actually to be exact
we’re doing a rollout for 2020 and we’re gonna be focusing in a few different
areas abductions unsolved murders and I don’t have the links in front of me here
but I’m looking for some people that want to
be involved in making change dead ass snitch we’re gonna redo the
website I’m not concerned with who’s drug-dealing and all that little silly
shit you know but um this is a company a nonprofit organization I have been doing
work with behind the scenes and our motto is we get fuck niggas off the
streets I’m keep it real with you and
everybody’s not looking to be broadcasted in terms of what it is that
they want to do but we have trying to clean up their communities things of
that nature but I am looking for some some more people to be involved we will
be in seek of grants and other things so I’ll give you more details Thursday okay
cuz I had a conference call yesterday and some people don’t necessarily think
that it’s a real organization it is snitch and I’ll just say
this with regards to you know some of you that had may have suffered tragedies
and your families whether it be your your aunt’s your uncle’s your nieces
your nephews you sons your daughters your parents we know that the whole stop
snitching moniker is very heavy and I’ll just say urban America but there are
people that do want to make a difference and who do want to help
okay I’m one of those people you’ve heard me say this before in the
organization goes back to 2012 so holla behind the scenes and we’ll
talk more okay hb2 ends in a super chat he said Ronnie seems to have such
resentment towards thoughts hmm because she has never indulged in allowing
herself to be objectified Wow and she can she can’t twerk okay okay his phone
hung up earlier hb2 and thank you sir for that donation Bates boss on the
check and he says eight dollars and 13 cents for for sporting this year’s World
Series winners hat yeah Oh Tampa Bay and DJ dramas name says it
all he needs to stop abusing little Aussie
vert and drop eternal a take okay okay is that little Aussie verts album hang
in a second we’re doing research okay yeah the upcoming second studio album by
Lucifer so DJ drama holding that up is he holding that up because his
girlfriend he suspects her of liking Lulu’s Ebert to be looking alive Chad is
that what’s going on guys it’s a Tampa Bay in the Billy yeah eight one three
you know I ride with the winners you know that I have no idea who plays third
base they say star the black John Walsh Fox
yeah it’s niche Network we get niggas to fuck
up out of here ok ok alright let me go back to on super chat and cash app um
what can I read gemsto Thank You gem star again yeah we did a lot of crazy
shit back in the days Santa Ana Vic sends in a super chat all caps
fuck you star bring us back to the 80s and 90s when you tried to force some
fire coochie just to stay by your side don’t hold back
oh half-breed I don’t like to go back into that that time period because I get
to rambling you know and then and then I remember shit and those those were those
were dark times I mean it may sound entertaining to you but though those
were dark times truth be told you know crazy shit that went on it and and a lot
of people from the 80s that era that have survived
our victims or victims you know talk about a little bit later maybe area code
706 where are you I don’t see you on the line I tried to pick up I miss your your
call you sent in a super chat where’s 9 1 2 okay I picked him up hang
on a sec guys I got more notes here some things I do want to mention okay who is
this sending this old story about Jim Jones and Chrissy losing the Mantinea
that that’s like two days ago no what can you do huh it’s go to area
code three zero two good afternoon 302 is DJ Drama a serial
woman-beater 302 oh you do know how I say what’s going on yes sir we come from
right now I’m calling from Pennsylvania the Philly area
now I want to say it is go until just what happen man
over the past few years the public you know the whole the whole thing is is
that so many people get caught up in public opinion without having effect
it’s just like with DJ Drama and also with our Antonio Brown case we don’t
have the information we don’t have sex we only have public opinion so what I’m
saying is in the meantime you know where I’m at let people have their due process
and you know instead of us you know on the public judging people we don’t even
have the fucking facts okay can I jump in all right what you’re saying sounds
great sounds great but now we you us we have the power of the Internet we have
the power to control and steer and explore and investigate certain things
no longer do you have to sit back and wait for CBS NBC and ABC to tell you
what’s going on now I’m not saying DJ dramas a piece of shit I’m not saying
his woman-beater I’m not saying he’s a serial beater I’m asking the question we
have the right to ask the question a female has produced or is she she showed
videos somebody better now he’s a man of influence he’s
a businessman oh let’s not get it fucked up according to his Instagram page where
he’s got over a 1.1 million followers say something say something you see this
is the problem with Colin Kaepernick all that sitting back I’m not gonna say
something yeah say something that’s my position
go ahead oh yeah what she saying but but like I said though sometimes though when
I when then the Internet can be a blessing and the curse because also my
information gets the lease right you know you know we gotta also taking into
consideration who was release in it yeah you know let’s take various todo Antonio
Brown situation this gymnast that he are supposedly had these interactions where
it happened three times right keep in mind they said she didn’t go to the
police instead she went to go get a lawyer to claim that he acted
inappropriately when most women get violated when they’re first thought be
go to the police and report that you know the culprit I can’t tell you I
can’t tell you what women should do and I can’t tell you how victims should
react you know what I’m saying but with regards to Antonio Brown I think you
just said he’s a fucking nut man even shannon sharpe and some other people
have spoken about you know spoken against him just doing too much but yeah
but right now it’s shine time on DJ drama why not well why not shine a
spotlight in that nigga’s ass why not well I can’t say why you saying I’m just
saying you know it just seemed like you know again I just feel like we should be
careful about what we believe when before we know all the facts I
appreciate what you’re saying so that’s why I’m asking the question I’m hoping
that his ex-wife summer Walker speaks up because know she was married to him she
she helped him really build his empire and for whatever reason I don’t know why
they broke up or got divorced but you know maybe she can add some clarity to
this but again I appreciate what you’re saying but you know what we have the
power now so never mind all that sitting back and blaming why do why don’t they
be too talking about this and talking about
that we’re talking now I think that’s a good thing but I give you the last word
well I start I just wanted to say I mean you’re real entertaining you’re doing a
good job on the segment and and that’s it
thank you sir I’m also a snitch thank you so much thank you proud snitch all
right hold on a second I’m doing a lot right now who took that b12 shot this
morning Lord Jesus okay I’ll come back to super chat in a minute those taxing
me folks I’m working do not text me okay that’s number nine hang on a second gene
rich man where are you man where are you gene Richmond where are you
hold on a second where are you what number are you calling in from
number nine I do not see the number that you’re texting me from in the queue are
yet happy hour space pick up goddamnit area code two one zero good afternoon is
DJ drama a serial woman-beater okay they dropped out score nine five
four good afternoon I am five for you there so can you turn that down the
bedroom please officer officer can you turn that down
the background the live show skirt 904 left no 904 DJ drama Germantown nigger
from Philly different type of nigga is your beater yes are you boy DJ drama is
definitely a woman here and it’s pretty much been great because if you can
remember he was the one who let the Quillen I forgot about that
say that again corner come closer to the phone for those but he would you say
good about that come on he was the same nigga who put the crit Miller shit up on
notice about Drake cause he found out Drake was fucking his bitch laying pipe
what do you do try to get back at it try to expose her as being a hoax and tried
to come out fighting nigga 101 or breaking up a bitches you a pimp
okay niggas like DJ drummer or just hot dogs with fucking cornmeal around them
fucking corn dogs corny ass niggas like him sitting not
pimping borrowing down on the ground nigga I’m 26 we ain’t got no millions of
followers I don’t close some fucking bitch on the
ground like Uzi fucking you bitch some bug drink fucking you big now you are
some big great feet jumping on you spitting all fats how will you again
tell you right his ex-wife summer Walker in this long-ass five-page letter she
speaks about Drake you know having issues I’m sorry
DJ drama having issues with Drake and leaking Drake’s ghostrider audio track
his ex-wife yeah man and one thing about DJ drama don’t let’s keep it 100 though
even though he was probably give a round out all around house picks and I didn’t
use summer Walker he beat that bitch to fire career by allegedly beat her we
don’t know you Goggin who’s externa problem you know he’s a weiner he’s
super life yeah I mean I’m a life-ending myself I know so much you don’t really
have a masculine factor so we act out and beat up women so yeah elec Thank You
Man salut thank you so much hey laughing yes sir
listen I had a Brazilian bitch a couple years ago pussy so fired
take it easy on the on the vulgar language please pull back on the booger
finish up okay so Firestar she had me in a bathroom naked in the dark wit my
setup ready to fight a boyfriend when you came in when I was look I thank you
for calling me Lou thank you yeah yeah man a real man can admit when he when he
gets wholesome fire coochie started acting different me I’m the type of guy
for those who give his shit I like women who know how to get to bag o if you can
get that bag I’ll push you so hard to the point where you say damn stop
talking about money give me a break no I don’t want to go
alive I try to get both females that I’m intertwined with
I tried to help them be all that they can be you know girl you got to use what
you got to get what you want and let me help you know give a little direction
who give me a second guys shit on my desk here in case you’re just now
joining me I’m doing a research show trying to get to the bottom of things DJ Drama and what else do I want to
mention here this afternoon oh this may sound silly but anybody who
addresses me as beloved and a DM I’m blocking you miss me with that dumb shit
the love I just that’s that corny a Harlem shit yeah peace beloved but love
you it reminds me of the Nation of Islam hey brother hey brother then the next
thing you know you get your hand on my pocket bang bang it may sound crazy I
just don’t like that your beloved fuck outta here all the way out of here why did I write this down yeah last
night I was up late puffing a little Skywalker
oh gee facetiming and somehow I started why have I never listened to YG’s music
yg from Compton BOM ting whatever the fuck he’s from why didn’t somebody tell
me he’s trash I don’t usually go after you know attack the younger rappers like
that I like to give them you know space to grow but his music is trash and his
Ranjha trash let me look the live chat am i off yg I’m 55 I’ve seen some of the
best west coast rappers come up production trash pure trash fuck it I
said it I I listened to like seven or eight of his videos and just like what
the fuck I just put it out there area code two
one zero good afternoon – uh no DJ drama are you
up to speed you better yeah I’m up for feedback let’s go let’s go what are your
thoughts hello yes sir you know you’re always been on
that fuck nigga shit sorry okay you always been like that man you know you
always got something going on here always in the mix every time you look up
here shit you know he he messing up Busey career or tried to mess up whose
career I think he look you know I think really as you please
his name has kind of centered around his life drama I think you know he brought
it into fruition that’s what I think I remember him in case lady JK slay going
going at it because you know Kay slay used to be the drama king I don’t know
if he still uses that moniker but I remember that back in the days but I
mean I just I haven’t kept up with DJ drum I have to be very honest with you
you know I know he’s he’s a factor in the game but I think it’s real Fugazi
that he’s not released a statement I think that Atlantic Records needs to be
held accountable there’s video footage of a female who looks like she’s going
through it even if she has not gone to the police
even if she is now saying nothing she could be living a life of torment right
now what say you um you know honestly she’s so young man and these young kids
that social media is real to do it really is all right like I know you know
we’re a little bit older man social medias real to them like please for what
she go to social media yes that’s our police that’s our god that’s our
everything like she’s three years old she ID site or ID model sorry excuse me
yes like that’s her life that’s the center of her life so I think she did
what she thinks was natural wood will go to IG that that really is like this so I
can’t speak are not going please or whatever but are you a father bunny
changed your father yep okay you know I don’t have any
quote-unquote biological kids I’ve got thousands of you know babies
that respectfully but you know you know she looked like she she was under the
influence of an older guy and she looks like she’s trying to I guess figure out
what he’s gonna do because you know the younger girls if you have a younger
girlfriend a lot of times you have to know that they’re gonna make mistakes
and you can’t be overly critical of them and that that’s just my assessment of
this and she said you know on that fucking video footage that this ain’t
this ain’t the first time and he didn’t respond I think that he should have at
least said something but he just seemed like he was just in a dark place given
last word 23 is extremely young man it really is especially for 40-something
year old man and you know they’re in the industry so you know how that goes
honestly I mean I don’t expect much from job I don’t expect the statement from
them I don’t expect a clinic to part ways
Happy’s a powerful person in the industry we know that so I don’t expect
shit of this little shit okay thank you man thank you okay Compton Japan comm star the gas station
shit in Pittsburgh the staff and owners are Sikhs Indians not a Rabb’s and those
chicks were lying $70 spilled gas question mark fuck outta here sir we
don’t give a fuck if they were Arabs or Sikhs in reality I mean just you know
yeah you know how about this one a sand nigger was whooping on some gender-free
people how about that one San nigga was given a you know that work to some
gender-free people one of his head got slammed into the gas pump bound yeah it
was something to do with $17 and spilled gas we said there so that’s an old story
now thank you for your super chat let him figure it out I stand on what
I said though if you had that type of you know discrepancy over some fucking
money or somebody they just call the goddamn Bank you know and finally
dispute that’s what most rational people do we don’t know turn up in the the
goddamn the store and start breaking shit
pushing shit over throwing shit that’s the actions of a monkey sir but thank
you very much for your super chat bubble wand
good afternoon sir he said star that six-year-old will probably never put her
arms on her hip ever again well this arrest boost or hinder her
sass in her future Wow hashtag cutie and a hashtag tragic it’s sad man
you know six-year-old handcuffed and put in a goddamn police cruiser but but
here’s the thing I mean I don’t want to dig into that story too much because
it’s a minor but you know most of the government agencies they do want to get
your information they want to get you on record you know so if they can get you
at an early age fingerprint you you know take a little DNA sample they’re gonna
do it you know I’m not saying it’s right because I’m strongly against you know a
lot of things that are going on especially by way of the Patriot Act you
know but um that could have been the motive for this not so much was she so
out of control but hey let’s let’s get her on file you know you never know
what’s gonna happen 15 years from now did they get a DNA sample that’s what I
would be concerned about if I were the grandmother you know did they give give
her a local piece of candy you know the lolli Poppins she’s looking the lollipop
and then they say hey let me take that for you and get you nothing and they
take that lollipop got your DNA on it there’s all sorts of tricks that they do
in the interrogation room you guys know this over here they give you a can of
soda so you can take a couple of sips and then take the soda or the cop or the
cigarette you know your fucking DNA is on the cigarette rj supreme good afternoon the coochie
got the hater backpedaling on thoughts pay attention okay you’re talking about
the young lady who i was facetiming what last night no it’s not that the coochies
got me backpedaling but you know i pride myself on paying attention to small
detail you have to listen to the baby so you can’t just you know think that the
way you did it once upon a time is the way that it should be now so i listen
you know what she said made sense and i want to keep harping on this matter i
want to be your taking shots at younger females if that’s what they do now if
that’s acceptable chewing food on instagram you know whatever all that old
crazy shit it’s what it is thank you for your super chat okay I
read Santa and a Vick fuck you store all caps all caps what else forget to
mention you you know what I’ll do this tomorrow listen guys
another topic going to put on the table what I don’t want to compound this show
right now yeah beloved oh god I hate that piece beloved fucking hate that second
um Darryl Darryl sends in a cash app love them pornhub live bitches church garden boy King 24 then I get you on the
line area code 9 1 2 I think I did ok ok thank you sir for your cash app I’ll
check out that Nancy Pelosi shit another time I don’t feel you doing all that
right now I’m sick of her I really am Johnny Cash uh thank you for your cash
episode I got your salute no message but he just sent in a donation I appreciate
that ok he stays on the line where are you 904 wait wait wait where are you did
I pick up did I pick up am i reading this too slow
Johnny Cash out 904 ok I’ll look for you again I don’t see enough let me see if I
can pull this call in the meantime 706 glad to know you’re there 706 yeah yeah
I’m ok how are ya what’s up man I just want to weigh in on the drama situation
yeah I just think like if this is a repeat offense then at some point we got
a 1 we gotta ask this lady why she is doing the things that she doing the
video that I’ve seen it looked like she was out of time share looked like she
was out a resort kickin back and you know they might have had a little
scuffle we don’t know what happened who started and how it initiate or whatever
but if if this man has a history on beating you she must believe that the
benefits of being with this man outweighed the cost of getting her ass
beat ok that that’s kind of how I feel about the situation cuz like I said if
he’s just continuously doing this and it’s habitual and she’s just riding with
it you know she’s reaping some benefits so in her mind it’s just the cost of
doing business mmm thanks yeah yeah girl he broke my
eye socket but I’m I’d be riding in the plush seats
you know right exactly sushi riding in the Phantom you know I’m saying can’t
even see the the lights on the top right yeah yeah girl I got to speed knots but
you know I’m going to the Beatty award you know I’m sipping Cristal boy and in
that new thing get that foreign exactly your job your bums at home watching me so what do you broke my collarbone
you know I’m styling styling on you bitches exactly you wanted to show off
the little lake in the golf course in the background hey man thank you for the
call salute no I’m Nessen make fund a super J so it
goes down sometime yeah yeah yeah he broke a rib but you know that’s light
that’s light you I’m going down to uh I’m going to the Bahamas next month you
know Chanel bags and all that fly shit hey Ruth thank you so much I got your
cash up I do not see a message but Thank You Ruth
and I think I picked up garden boy King he says nine one two let me put put some
time into this hold on guys hold on let me see if I picked his call up did I get to your coal well what is with all this goddamned
spam – fuck that spam folders for this shit hold on a second
Hayley baby I wait a minute wait okay hey destiny I see what you’re working
with sugar I like the way you look okay thank you so much for the picture you
scroll down okay well how could see you with some stilettos respectfully who is
this I can’t wait to see what you put is this okay thank you dear some enemy I’m
coming to the phone lines do me a second number nine is an ass trying to justify
a child arrest yeah totally totally wrong if you ask me you know a
six-year-old but that could be the one of the reasons you know to get your DNA
on file you know in a lot of states fucking a speeding ticket you know if
you got a warrant drag you in always have to take you in over a fucking one
sometimes they give you a goddamn citation you know that you’re going
about your business lost 26 pounds in nine days water fasting okay thank you
man for your cash at salute to you Calvin
thank you sir let me go back to the phone lines here area code
we have a call oh is this overseas I don’t see a phone number
good afternoon are you there okay hello hey we caught them I’m calling from
Manhattan from New York okay can you come a little closer to the
phone you’re on a headset as a little echo can you come closer
please okay is that better all right how can we help you okay so
yeah I saw the whole on IG y8 with the girl and DJ drama keep
definitely beat her she was mid twerk to some hip-hop music you’re trolling come
on I’m enjoying this come on come on mates war know he busted Network and
first whaling on her and it’s not the first time you did it however I don’t
think Atlantic Records have any responsibility to what their artists do
in their spare time you know because I grew up actually listening to you on
high 97 and a lot of us got in trouble at school you know repeating some of the
things that you said on the radio but it’s like honey because it wasn’t you
know responsible we work okay if I can jump in I appreciate you know you taking
me back down memory lane here’s the thing here’s the thing with
me for those who don’t know I’m born and raised in the suburbs so when I came on
the radio I was very much talking like a suburban person from New Jersey and I
was against shout outs and I was against you know doing a different thing you
were very controversial yeah but I just I just want to finish up this one point
I’ve never been fined by the FCC now I may speak differently from what was
perceived to be a hip-hop personality or DJ but I was never fired by the FCC he
may not have liked what I said but I wasn’t just saying things that you know
would get the station fine but hang the second but now he okay thank you but
let’s come up to 2019 now there’s all sorts of all of moral turpitude clauses
in these contracts and the contracts if we’re talking about DJ Drama and Elaine
chicken I’m not trying to put put the nail on the guy’s coffin and the moral
turpitude the clauses you know are they can center around things like this so
I’m just asking the question would it land to respond to this because they are
his employer in a sense but that I see what you’re saying but what if the
contract is so old that it doesn’t even have a like ethical clause in it because
you know back in the day for you know artists he’s a legacy artist which is an
artist that’s not exactly you know knew their contracts are a little different
and you know frankly back in the day they may have not I just can’t imagine
them putting in a call like that but is a very good point but you know cardis
also on that label too so was gucci mane and they were all incarcerated hang on a
second now can I ask how old do you respectfully call you 22 you know well
I’m sure you know Aaron I really don’t I’m trying to be respectful okay so hang
on a second now well you know gucci mane do you remember gucci mane clocking my
Mac breeze yeah well he was performing on the traphouse yes and a lot of and you know a lot of
Industry people and label they’re still profiting off of the drama and the press
so why would they actually you know not what they’re artists to get into these
things I mean that’s what the whole takashi thing was about that’s just a PR
mess it just went like you know a wall well I think I said I don’t want to go
too far off off track here but not again I’m not trying to put them nail on the
guy’s coffin but we do have to ask the question because he is a very
Winchell figure by way of hip-hop and ILI’s he’s put it down no if ands or
buts but we’ve got someone even though she’s taking the fucking videos down she
showed us video footage of a swollen hand with fucking beat marks bite mark
pardon me so we would like to see him respond give it a last word you know I
think after the live footage there’s probably not much he can say and I think
it’s probably a question of is the young lady going to press charges and if she’s
not going to doesn’t have to say anything
yes so hopefully there are some other females out there that have something to
say I’m you know I’m here to help snitches tell you oh oh okay I like that
I like that because the kids are smarten up right keep your smartening up I like
that hey can I ask you a question respectfully with all due respect
well are you trans no I I’m looking for people to snitch on
Malik Yoba too if you could you know spread that around well I used to work
at scores okay so I’m you know I’m an old hussy and I really know these
streets but I’m not known that Tran and every yeah a lot of people know those
stories about Malik Malik I just have a girlfriend she used to cut pockets and
scores you know those are the good old days but you see the girls dude on IG
now yeah I see them we had brick-and-mortar places right right
that’s different yeah they got to run thank you so much thank you okay I missed that girl from she would cut
pockets I don’t I don’t want you know talk about that too much but that was
her thing you know trick rolling you know
gotta catch a motherfucker sloppy coked-up cut his pocket leave his dumb
ass and say this I’ll be right back don’t you move you get ready for this
for this coochie I’d be right back pound corn I’m talking too much
I’m cash app let’s get to it what up boss nigga my first donation hey man
thank you darks dark night money thank you so much
your first donation you’ll appreciate it yeah I’m on my jo be you know snitch
Network I’m full effect we get fuck niggas off the streets how came the
dream thank you for your cash yep star you the goat since you started radio in
the 90s I wasn’t on radio in the 90s can you can you guys please get that
straight the starring buckwild show debuted in
March of 2000 on a hot 97 I only did like a two month show in 1999 late-night
on hot 97 I wasn’t only doing the 90s but thank you you appreciate it
I was down at Crown Heights in the 90s you know ride-height says we used to
call it you know just doing dumb shit pure dumb shit all right I think that’s
it for cash app let me make sure to miss anybody okay okay good super chat okay
Ronnie thank you so much if you’re out there I’ll holla a little bit later on
oh and I’m going to pick up my other computer to get the the closing banners
for for the show because I had some issues well I had a one computer died on
me I got a brand new one so if you are a person who does sponsor the show I will
get back to your banners tomorrow no offends butts all right hey thank you
guys for bouncing with me today I hope that you have been entertained somewhat
enlightened and imparting I sometimes say if you want to launch big ships you
got to go where the water is take care you


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