Is Jamie Foxx Going on a Standup Comedy Tour with Eddie Murphy?

This makes me happy
if this is true. I heard that you are going
to do stand-up, and– Oh, yeah. –you’re going to do
it with Eddie Murphy. [CHEERING] The last part’s not
true, but I would– No? You wouldn’t go
on tour with him? I would go on tour with Eddie. I want Eddie to– I want– [LAUGHS] [LAUGHTER] I would love to go
on tour with Eddie, because I think it’s our time. You haven’t heard
from him in a minute, and you haven’t heard from me. And I got it. Yeah. I got some super
duper jokes in my– and I’ve been working
on my impersonations of Jay-Z. It’s crazy. [LAUGHTER] I’ve been working on my
impersonation of The Rock. Every time I go to Hawaii– I’m sorry, O’ahu– I go see my grandmother, and– [LAUGHS] I’m ready. Come see me. That is Dwayne. I’m ready. Come see me. Do you have a tour set up? I have a tour set up. Where are you starting? I’m going to start
at all of the places that I started out at, meaning
I’m going to the clubs, like Faneuil Hall in Boston– all the clubs where
I started, because I want it to be intimate. Because there’s
some storytelling. I’ve got stories of the
first time I met Kanye. I’ve got stories being on Django
stories and things like that. So I want to take you on a
little bit of an adventure. That’s very cool. Uh-huh. Do you have a gift for me? You know what? It’s crazy– [LAUGHTER] It’s crazy that you said that,
because I wasn’t even thinking about it. But I actually do. I have my own sunglass line. I know you like sunglasses. It’s called Privé
Revaux [INAUDIBLE].. Thank you. [INAUDIBLE] I like a sunglass. [CHEERING] Wow. They’re so good. I cannot see a thing. They’re great. Yeah, but we started
a sunglass every– I started this company– Look at that. –because I had on some shades. And on my Instagram,
people thought it was, like,
Ferragamo [INAUDIBLE],, but it was some shades that
I got at a gas station. And– Wow. So I called my guy. I said, I would love to
do a sunglass that all of the glasses– [CHEERING] Ooh. Ooh. We good. Yeah. All of our sunglasses are
under the price of $30. They’re all $29.95. And so everybody can– Good price point. –get them. Yeah. All right. [INAUDIBLE] I love you. You know how much I love you. I love– see, don’t do Ray now. You’re doing Ray. [LAUGHTER] Go ahead. Sing it. Sing it. (SINGING) She take my money. Anyway. [CHEERING] All right. Just Mercy is in theaters
everywhere Friday. We’ll be right back. Jamie Foxx.


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