Isharon Ishaaron Mein – Ep 131 – Full Episode – 13th January, 2020

Ms. Kusum, please. We will have to take decision. We can’t do anything without
the papers being signed. We will have to operate
on Ms. Nisha right now. Or else, she can lose
her life. And the baby as well. What happened, Vivek?
Did you call Kabir? Dad, it is still out of network. Maybe, he is still
in the flight. Mr. Prakash, please.
We don’t have time. Hurry up. Wat are you doing?
– Yogi. Yogi. Yogi.. Good decision. What?
– He is saying the he will take all the responsibility.
You just operate on her. What are you doing? How can you take all the
responsibility like that? What will we answer Kabir? When he comes back and asks,
how will.. Yes, Ms. Kusum.
Yogi is right. Kabir is a family member. He will understand
the gravity of the situation. Nurse, please come with me. Dr. Ganguly we will take care of it.
Don’t worry. Thank you. You have taken a right decision. At least we will be able
to save one life. Thank you. Rani. You please go home
and take mom and Gunjan as well. Yes, go home.
We are here. Yes, because of the party,
you all worked the whole day. You all must be tired.
Take Kusum with you. I don’t want to go,
Father-in-law. Grandpa, what if Nisha needs me? You did a good job
by signing the papers today. You have really become mature. Gunjan has really changed you. ‘You have done a lot of things
for my family.’ ‘That’s why thank you.’ Your family? Doctor, the baby? How is Nisha? Nisha? Nisha will be back
to her senses by morning. But I am so sorry,
we couldn’t save the baby I am so sorry. Kusum.. Kusum.. Father-in-law. Yes.
– Please have some tea. Yes. Where is mother-in-law? She is with Nisha. She has been shifted
to the ward. Let me go and check on her. What happened, Mom?
Is Nisha all right? She is all right. She is sleeping. Mom.. Dad, please take mom home. No, I won’t go. Do one thing.
Take Rani home. Your dad and I will be here. This is too much. Every member of our family
wants to have his ways. Somehow, I have convinced Yogi
to take Gunjan home. Now, you.. Shh!
Vivek. Go home. Rani needs to go to her school.
You have work tomorrow. We are here. N-No, Father-in-law.
I won’t go. We will be here. If we are here, perhaps Kabir..
– Brother! Brother..
Where is Nisha? Where is she?
– Nisha.. She is in this room.
She is sleeping. What exactly happened? You didn’t tell me clearly
over the phone. Even Bablu, Surjit didn’t
tell me anything. Where is Nisha?
What exactly happened to her? Kabir, peep through the window
and see her. Nisha is absolutely fine. She is under anesthesia.
She is unconscious. Control yourself.
– Why is she under anesthesia? Kabir, you have just arrived.
Sit down. As mother-in-law said,
Nisha is all right. I don’t want to sit.
I want to see Nisha. Kabir, listen.. Listen.. Easy. Nisha.. She is in pain now. Kabir. Kabir. Don’t get angry at her Nisha. Nisha. Nisha. Nisha. Kabir.. Nisha, are you all right? What happened, Nisha?
No one is telling me anything. Tell me.
You talk to me at least. Is your head injury serious?
Did you undergo MRI scan? Nisha, don’t worry.
I have come, right? I will get you the best doctor. What happened? Why are you looking
at me like this? Nisha, I am back. Tell our baby
that its dad is here. Nisha.. Okay, fine.
I am really sorry. You are upset because I didn’t
talk to our baby, right? I am talking
to our baby right away. I am no longer
carrying the baby, Kabir. Kabir.. Sorry, Brother. Nisha. Calm down. What!
It has happened after we left? Even you were with her? Are you all right? Are you sure, Gunjan? No, dear. I mean..
I am concerned for Nisha. But I got scared when you said
that you were with her. Better inform your dad. We should go to the hospital. Shiv. Seema. You went outside? Yes, actually.. Nisha fell down
from the stairs and.. I know. I am just coming
from the hospital. You were sleeping.
Prakash called me. So, I went alone. All okay, right? Nisha has lost her baby. Prakash is shattered. He had fallen sick
in the hospital itself. My God! We celebrating there
last evening and.. Life is so unpredictable. Grandma. Grandma, stop crying.
Please. Nisha is all right. Nisha is all right.
But.. Geeta. God has taken away
one happiness from us. But He has saved Nisha. Grandma, please don’t cry. Kabir, Yogi and I will go
to the hospital now. We’ll send mom and dad back. Is that okay, Kabir? Rani, where is Yogi? He is getting the tiffin
packed. Okay, let’s go. Come, Kabir. Let’s go. You guys came home. Who is with Nisha? Actually, Mr. Prakash
was not well. So, I brought them home. I asked, who is with Nisha? Bablu and Surjit
are in the hospital. They had come
in the morning itself. Bablu and Surjit? Did you leave my Nisha
with Bablu and Surjit? Mr. Prakash was crying a lot. So, his palpitation
had increased a lot. So, I..
– So what? Uncle could have come home.
Aunt could have stayed there. Nisha is alone there. What are you doing here? You could have stayed back. Bablu and Surjit
are in the hospital. Who are Bablu and Surjit? Are they a part
of our house? Are they our family members? Who are Bablu and Surjit?
Who are they? What will you do there? And why? What are you saying? I’m doing the right thing,
Grandpa. What will the one who took
away my son from me, do there? Kabir! Aunt, who is he
to sign the papers? What nonsense
are you talking, Kabir? Yogi did what was necessary
at that moment. Get lost! Kabir!
– Kabir! Kabir, what are you doing?
Are you out of your mind? With what thoughts
did you sign the papers? Who gave you that right? Who are you
to take this decision? It was my child and not yours. And this was not a game. Would you do the same thing if this would have happened
to your Gunjan? Kabir, mind your language! What nonsense
are you talking? I lost my child
and I was clueless. Kabir, try to understand
the situation. I have understood
everything, Uncle. Everyone knows who is
the most loved person in this house. Nobody here
could take care of my Nisha. I had left her in your care. And this is what I see
when I return. That was an accident, Kabir. Grandma, what if
it was an accident? Why didn’t you guys take
my Nisha to a specialist? I would have given money. Who is she to treat Nisha? Is she a specialist? Mr. Kabir, all of us tried
our level best. We really tried our best. I’m.. I’m really sorry
for your loss. It’s better
if you go from here. I don’t even want
to see your face. Brother Kabir,
what are you saying? What is Pari’s fault in this? Sister-in-law Nisha fell from
the stairs due to her mistake. Really? Whom was she going
upstairs for? Whom was this party
organised for? For Yogi and Gunjan, right? She is responsible
for the death of my child. She has taken revenge
from our family. Kabir! Kabir.
– Your mom was right. She was right. You can never be loyal
to anybody. At least not to this family. Get out! I said, get out!


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