Isharon Ishaaron Mein – Ep 136 – Full Episode – 20th January, 2020

Mrs. Ganguly,
mind your tongue. You first tricked my daughter
to fall in love with your son. After that,
you left her high and dry. To the extent that she
had to leave the place and go to Chennai. What is she saying? I wonder what nonsense
she is talking. How dare you!
You people are playing with my daughter’s life
and her happiness. Listen, Mrs. Ganguly Pari has come here
on her own will. Why?
Doesn’t she have a home? Doesn’t she have parents? Being away from that
Yogi since a few days she had started to
think about herself. But you guys again.. Your son is married now. My daughter is still single.
Why? Have you ever
thought about it? Why are you people not letting
my daughter to move on? Allow her to live her life.
Please! If you are so concerned
about your daughter why had you sent
her away from you? Where was all this
affection at that time? Don’t compel me to say all this,
Mrs. Ganguly. Stay away from your
daughter’s life. You want me to stay
away from my daughter so that you people can keep using
her to your advantage, is it? What! Have you guys ever
thought that my daughter too, should get married now?
Have you ever thought? Don’t interfere in
my daughter’s life. Spare her! Otherwise,
I’ll send you all to jail. Hello.. You sit down.
– Hello! – Sit down. Sit. Prakash, though the
way Pari’s mom spoke was wrong but whatever she
said is right. Perhaps, we are not letting
Pari to move on in her life. Yes, Prakash. Salim, send some boy to
pick up these empty glasses. What’s wrong, Yogi?
I am having my second glass. You guys still haven’t
finished your first one. You are eating slowly so that
you can relish it, is it? Hey, careful. I like that song of
Arijit Singh a lot. ‘Hamari Adhuri Kahani’. What about you, Gunjan? She loves old songs.
Isn’t it, Ms. Gunjan? Is it? Which is your favourite
among the new songs? ” Udi.. Neendhe ankhon se udi”,
right? I wish I could sing. I wish I had audience
for whom I would sing and everyone
clapped for me. I wish, I was not mute. Careful. Yes, Ms. Gunjan, you must
give a performance today. We are your audience. I will play some music. Come on. Sing for us. – Yes, Gunjan,
I’ll do playback for you. I will shoot the video. We’ll
show it to everyone at home. Just watch, she’s going to get
million views for this video. No, Gunjan. No doubt the voice was mine,
but the performance was yours. And you and Yogi have
featured in this video. We can definitely
share this video. And it’s amazing, Gunjan! You remember the complete
lyrics of the song very well. You didn’t miss
even a single word! ‘I need my voice back.’ ‘I need my voice back.’ You are here! I’ve been looking
for you since a long time. It’s quite late in the night. Don’t you want to sleep? Pari’s mom’s words
have been piercing me. All that she said was true. Had it happened to Khushi, would
we have felt good about it? Why will it happen to Khushi? Pari is away from her parents
because of their acts. In what way have
we wronged Pari? Except for one incident.. That particular incident
has changed Pari’s life. Hadn’t that incident
taken place, Pari wouldn’t have been staying
here as a guest but as a daughter-in-law. You are right. But to be honest,
Pari got nothing in life. Neither Yogi nor her parents. She’s absolutely lonely. That’s what is making me
feel guilty. I’ve been thinking
what we should do to make Pari’s life better. How about getting her married? What! What on earth are you saying! I am not speaking about
getting her married to Yogi. What I meant was,
let’s convince her to get married and settle down. Her mom was absolutely right. She would’ve got married by now. So, isn’t this
our responsibility? You speak to Pari. What is it? Why are you giving me that look? H-How can I speak to her? When she feels like getting
married, she’ll. Who are we to force
our decision on her? It’s not about forcing.
I am not asking you to do that. It’s about making
her understand. And if she doesn’t agree,
we won’t force her. But it’s necessary
to speak to her, right? If we don’t speak to her, how
will we know what’s on her mind? We couldn’t make Pari
our daughter-in-law. We can consider her
our daughter, right? She’s away from her parents. We can fill that void, right? Hurry up. She has very good
collection of songs. How do you know? You can’t even hear it, right? I see.
You can judge by the way Ms. Gunjan enjoys
listening to the songs. No, Yogi.
It’s very late. It’s late night. I’m going off to sleep. Go along with your wife. Good night. Bye. Hey! Leave him. Dare you touch my husband.
I’ll break your bones. Why didn’t we sleep yet? We didn’t
because we wanted to meet you. You have forgotten us,
overwhelmed by your love for her! Yogi,
you’re such a betrayer. What happened?
Your husband, I tell you.. When he was a kid, he never
went alone to the bathroom. He used to take me along. Ask him who offered him
beer for the first time. Ask him who took him to a
cinema hall for the first time. He borrowed money from me
when he went on a date with you. Today..
Your husband. Yes, your husband.
Because he’s no more my brother. Today, your husband
went for a music show. I agree that
Nisha is not well. I can’t go.
At least you could’ve taken brother
and sister-in-law along. He could have! What! What do you mean there
were only limited seats? And you,
come out from there. Gunjan, move.
You too will get thrashed. I’m warning you. What do you mean
there were less seats? We would’ve come instead
of Bablu and Surjit, right? You.. What! What do you say?
– What do you say? Rani, he called
you an old woman. What! Yogi. Hit him. Hey!
– Oh, my God! Catch him. Brother,
come on, nab him! Where will you run?
Where will you go? Gunjan, move.. Where will you go? Catch him.
– Where are you going? Hey! – Don’t jump.
You’ll die. Kabir, tell me. How many
times should I slap him? Brother, at least 10. Yes. One second.. We’ve decided it for him.
What about her? Even she forgot us. Her brother-in-law
and sister-in-law. She.. What?
She is a kid? You’re going to be parents.
She’s no more a kid. Not at all. Pari will also get punished. She knows us very well. How did she ignore us?
– You’re right. I’ll get Pari here. Okay.
– Sure. Here is the third betrayer. Don’t leave her. Mr. Vivek.. Pari, welcome.. Rani, tell me. What should
their punishment be? Two slaps.. Listen.. Why me?
I didn’t do anything.. Yogi took me. I had told Yogi to take
you both along as well but he clearly told me
that you both are boring. Am I right, Yogi? Really..
– Yeah. Hold him.. It’s not over yet, Brother. They ate ‘Falooda’ as well,
without us! What.. Yogi, I won’t spare you. Kabir.
– Yeah. Now, we will ambush him. What? Did Surjit get the tickets? Oh. All right, no more beating but you will be punished. Justice will be served. Yogi, a beer party
is fixed from your side and now you will do
the rest of my share. And Gunjan will do
my share of work. No, she is pregnant. That is why,
Pari will do all the work. Yes.. Brother,
please continue beating him. Okay, done.
– Yes, let’s beat him. Yes! What if we show you
the musical event here? Very good! Gunjan,
you are looking very beautiful. Wow, Gunjan! You performed really well. Your punishment is forgiven. Yogi,
your punishment isn’t forgiven. Keep standing straight. I mean it, Gunjan.
You sang really well. Amazing! But it’s Pari’s voice, right?


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