Ishq Telugu Full Comedy Movie || Nithiin || Nithya Menen || Anup Rubens || TFC Comedy

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contact today Heavy blood loss! Get him fast! Commissioner, he needs
medical treatment. lt’s illegal to take him
without my permission. He’s just a patient to you
but he’s my son! How disciplined l had raised you!
But what have you grown to be! l hate to see you! How many crimes you’ve committed
using my name and power! Balu, stop it here!
Hereafter you’re on your own. l’m going away from you. l’ll see you again the day l come
to know you’ve reformed. Shiva, auspicious time has elapsed,
Divya would’ve got married! 3 years later… Delhi Exams are over
so hostel will be closed. Rahul is leaving Delhi by flight! lfwe don’t catch him now,
we can never catch him. He mustn’t board the flight,
let’s kill, send him in mortuary van! How are you?
– l’m fine. How did you write the exams?
– Very well. Where is Rahul?
– He’s in room, why? He’s going back to Hyderabad, right?
To give him send off. What’s Rahul’s room number? Come out…come out… Raja is here few goons
are to beat Rahul! Entered our hostel?
– Yes. How many?
– About 10! Hey Raja is here to beat Rahul! Tell me something new,
this news is oft repeated! We must watch Rahul getting beaten up!
We mustn’t miss the show! Rahul! Open the door! Open the door!
lf you’re a man, come out! Come out…open the door! Break open the door! We came here to kill and
he has committed suicide! l said in an emotion
l didn’t mean to kill him. What shall we do now? Call police. His feet are moving,
l think he’s still alive! Hold him boys!
Get a stool! Get up and loosen the knot. You call the ambulance.
Remove the noose! Put him on bed! Rahul…get up! l’m sure Raja would bash him up! And we must enjoy Rahul’s
cries of distress… Move fast boys! Did you call the ambulance? Make it fast! Fast! You said they came to bash Rahul! lt looks like a procession
not bashing up someone. We were resting happily in room,
why did you disturb us? Go quickly, l’m getting late to party. He’s playing a drama!
Put him down! He fooled us! Beat him boys!
– Stop…stop… Killing as well as saving
is your right! Don’t l’ve any right? l was dying, you came and saved me. First decide now, whether you
want to kill me or save me! Decide and then do it. We came to kill you!
– Fixed?- Fixed! lf you change your heart again,
l’ll kill you, bloody idiots! Okay, kill me!
– Kill him boys! Wait…wait… l’ve a small wish before l die!
– What’s it? Who broken open the door to save me?
– Why? Nothing, l want to hug him,
say thanks and die happily! lt’s me, Rahul! Hey Laddu! You’re my true friend!
You saved my life, thank you! What?- l saw your feet moving and
said you’re still alive. Was it you? Had you not said it,
l would be dead by now! Dear…l love you dear! Great! l got you off the noose and
brought you down. But finally one intelligent guy
asked to call ambulance, his voice still echoing in my ears! Who is that big hearted man?
Tell me…who is it? ls it you? lt’s me! Not you! Please tell me!
– lt was me! l asked them to call the ambulance! Not you…not you…
– l swear it was me! Please tell him!
– lt was him! Are you so humane? Do you’ve so much love to save
the life of an enemy? You’re great! Look at him! Learn from him!
This is friendship! What are you here for? You wanted to enjoy seeing me
getting beaten up! Stop…stop…
No use in beating them! Ours is real friendship! This is true friendship!
– Yes!- Come… Why are you so late?
Ours is the last part! Can’t you see the board? What a figure! ls it okay now? This song is not for you! Lachamma lost her hen… Lachamma lost her cock… Lachamma lost her egg… Once upon a time l had
a devastating girl friend… We had a break-up after a tiff… When l went to pub in bad mood,
they insisted on a girl… They put up a board of
no entry for stags… What am l to do?
Tell me dudes… Brother! Why do you’ve a ladies’ night? ls there any gents’ night, bro? What’s this, bro? Tell me! No boys no income to pubs… Girls are here for free drinks only… And they call it as ladies’ night… lf you want l’ll pay announce
a gents’ night also… lt’s right…go for it! What’s this din?
You sing, bro! lf girls come with girls,
they’re welcomed… lf boys come with boys,
they’re chased out… Are girls so great and
boys so waste? You better know it now
girls come here for boys only… Buddy!
– What? What a piece!
Sensational beauty! Look there! Go little forward! Auto is going, go…go… What the hell! Mother!
– What? l’m ready to marry!
Right now…here! What are you saying? l’m right before MDS jewellers
board, mom. Do you know how beautiful
the bangles are? l’ll marry the man who buys
me these bangles. Please don’t do it, you and
your madness of bangles. l’ll buy it for you. Okay? Will you buy it? Then, marriage is cancelled. What a girl!
Mad about bangles! How much would those
bangles cost, madam? Boy! Come here. 0What is this? Pack this! What else sir? What’s this? Pack five! What else you want sir? What’s this? Who will eat muffins?
– You don’t want, sir? Okay, pack four. Anything else inside something fresh? My lunch box, sir!
– Lunch box? No, thanks. Who is it?
– l’m known as your mother, son! Mother! ls it you? Sorry mom, l didn’t see the number.
l’m in airport. You didn’t forget this time too, right? This time l haven’t forgotten
anything, mom. Today morning only Shravani
delivered a baby in Delhi, l told you so many times
to visit them, did you visit them or not? Did you see? l saw!
– Girl or boy? Girl! She’s extraordinary! ls she so beautiful?
– Very beautiful! Really? ls her complexion like mom or dad? l don’t know if her complexion
is like mom’s or dad’s, but she’s fair! How’s her hair? Curly hair, mom!
Like waves! You say she’s beautiful! Not ordinary beauty but
very beautiful! First time in my life l’m seeing
such beautiful, mom. ls she healthy? What’s her weight? l can’t tell exact weight,
l can if l carry her. What are you saying? Where is she? God! Please…l’ve never asked
you anything! This is my last wish, God!
That girl must sit next to me! Please God! Thank you God!
God! You’re great! What dear?
– Can you please keep the bag inside? Going to Hyderabad? No, l’ll down midway! l know it! ln our college we used Rahul’s
name in different ways.- ls it? How? Have you Rahul? Are you man or Rahul? Your computer is affected with Rahul!
Anti-Rahul software! Enough! l got it! That’s okay! What’s your name? l’m that Rahulish! You’re doing great! Sleep! l want two lemons! l’ve take off allergy! l threw up on the next
passenger last time. l had eaten fully! Poor person got drenched
in my vomit like in rain. You don’t get tensed! Please massage my hand
with your hand! lf you do vomiting sensation will go. lf not…be my guest! You may be little embarrassed… Will you please take your hands off me? May not look good to others! l’m no even married!
Not even had it! Fortune this week!
How would mine be this week? You’d meet a girl in airport! She’d sit next to you. She’s your dream girl!
What a great fortune! How to love a girl in 30 minutes!
New author’s new book! Eve teasing is crime! Arrested youth sent
to 6 months jail. l’m ready to go gallows also
for her notjustjail! Says the youth! Wish the flight crashes! You’ve experienced little
air turbulence! We regret the inconvenience! Due to heavy rain runway
in Hyderabad is closed, so we’re landing in Goa
in emergency! We request the passengers
to bear with us! Hello dear! You want me to help? Take it. Already landed?
Coming, l’m leaving home! Come…come fast!
Come directly to Goa! Goa? Why? ls it raining there?
– Yes, it’s raining! Pouring down since morning! Runway has been closed
due to heavy rain, so flight has landed in Goa. Don’t come to airport, mom. l’ll call you before boarding
the flight. Anyway you’re there, so…
– l’ll call you later, mom. My wallet and phone are
in the flight. Can l get it from there? You’ll board the same flight
again, right? Collect it then. Take! l heard you talking
to the air hostess. Take it, call your home. lf you don’t call home
getting angry on me, your people would come to the airport
and get worried unnecessarily. ls it necessary? l did like thatjust to tease you.
Not to hurt you! lf l had hurt you… l’ll save your number now, after you reach Hyderabad,
l’ll call and chase you, may be you’re expecting this,
but l’m not like that. No problem, make a call. Answer the call. Unknown number. Who is it? Where are you? Do you know how many
times l had called you? Missed my phone in the flight,
it’s a long tale, brother. My flight has been diverted to Go
due to inclement weather. How long would it take?
– Don’t know brother. l think it’ll take some time. Come quickly! l’m excited and
happy about your arrival. l know it, brother. l’ll call you before my flight starts. Whose number is this? That is…
– Tell me! This phone belongs to
passenger sitting next to me. Who is he?
– Some idiot! ldiot?
– He looks like a fool! Young? What does he do? lf he opens mouth either he eats
food or someone’s brain. Okay brother! Do l eat other’s brains? After 3 years Priya is coming… lt’s pouring heavily, right? Your father! Hello father!
– lt’s me, Shiva! Land line is not working,
so l’m calling from dad’s mobile, how are you son? Has Priya come there?
– No mother. Her flight is delayed, she’ll come.
You don’t worry. How is Geetha? What am l to say, mother? l’m more worried about you going
away than l’m not having any kids. lt’s 3 years since
l’ve seen you, mother. ls dad still angry on me? You came to my marriage
like guests. Priya is coming,
if you also come, mother? We’ll be together for
sometime, mother. Just 3 days, mother! lf you come to me only then you’ll
know if l’ve changed or not. You don’t worry, l’ll talk to your
dad and bring him there. Bye son! What? Give me a coffee.
– Make it yourself. Why are you so angry?
– You’re angry not me. lt’s you who keeps anger
simmering for years. How many years have passed
since you’ve seen our son? Anyway you’re angry on your son, right? What’s the crime of
our daughter-in-law? Let’s go there at least for her sake. You came this far to bring
a change in him, right? We’ll know if he has changed
or not only ifwe go to him, right? Please, let’s go to him. Book two tickets to Hyderabad
on Saturday. Are you happy now? Give me coffee at least now.
– l will. What?
– That’s my cap! See! See, my name will be there.
Check it! There’s a label on it. lsn’t it there? There… You…
– Yes, me…what? Come on tell me. l lost the cap on the way
to the airport. Do you pick up things
dropped on road? Show me your bag! Why? l lost my coke bottle too on the way,
may be you’d picked that too. So, you’re to going to meet your
brother on the pretext of exam. Do you love him so much? Very much! Your attention please! We’re unable to tell you
when your flight will take off, we’re arranging refreshments
to all the passengers. Three times!
– Visited thrice? l thought of coming but couldn’t come. Now, fourth time l’m in
Goa unexpectedly, but can’t go out to see! This time you’re seeing Goa!
Who you are with? What will you do? For the present l’ll make
a phone call. How are you buddy? How am l? Have you forgotten it?
l knew you’d forget it. l’m getting married in 2 hours. l called you on phone, gave SMS,
sent Email and invitation card too. But still you forgot it. l’m ashamed to tell that
you’re my friend. What’s today’s date? Which month? Want me to tell the year too! What happened? Stop…stop it! l should be shouting on you,
why are you shouting on me? No use in inviting people
to marriage, you must have the sense
of receiving the guests. Buddy! Are you in Goa? Do you think l’m Goa because
my Hyderabad flight got diverted? ln 10 minutes, l’ll send a car. Send immediately, hang the phone. ln exam tension l forgot
about his marriage. Had Jaya aunt been here,
she would’ve killed me! Priya come, let’s go to the marriage. To marriage? l must go to the marriage.
You’ll get bored alone here. Marriages are grand in Goa! l mean l don’t drink but
if you want…you’ll get it! Fourth time you wish to see Goa is
going to be fulfilled because of me. Come, let’s go. Priya, take it as marriage
in your home. Buddy! My friend! Have you come? Go away!
– What happened? l’m going! Buddy! Why are you leaving immediately? What happened? What else?
Did l forget your marriage? Look Priya, we came here after a
great struggle to attend his marriage, and he says l’ve forgotten
about his marriage, Please forgive me. With one word that l forgot
your marriage, you have… Buddy! l’m sorry!
Please forgive me. Okay, since you’re getting married
today, l’m forgiving you. Come, let’s go in. No need, you can leave!
Go…go…go… Would l allow you in
if you fall at my feet? Go…go…why are you coming in? Are you asking me to go away, aunty? l didn’t come here for him
but for you, aunty! You’re good in apple polishing!
Hasn’t changed a bit! Who is that girl? My wife Priya!
– Wife?! When did you marry her?
– Are you married? What? When did you marry? What’s this so suddenly? Very beautiful! You’re very sweet! l think l’ll cast evil eye on you! l can’t believe it! Not only you, she too can’t believe it. She’s still in that shock! You could’ve at least
informed me, right? l haven’t yet told my mother too, aunty! Aunty, you must break
this news to them. Aunty will support us fully! Okay?
Okay aunty? l got it now!
That’s why you’ve come here. l’ll take you to task later. You’re standing in sun, come in. Come in…come in… Yamuna, come here. Rahul’s wife! Aunty, l need to talk to Rahul.
– Okay…okay. Nothing nephew, just on diet off late. l must go back to airport immediately.
– Why? What happened? Why did you tell aunty
that we’re married? Oh that thing! l’ve a reason
to tell like that. l don’t want to hear your reasons,
what did you tell me in airport? Didn’t you promise to behave properly? l told you one more thing in airport. l promised you wonderful
time in Goa, right? How is it connected with this? Just wait for 10 minutes,
you’ll understand it. lf you don’t understand by then,
go to aunty, and tell her it’s a lie! Okay? Arrangements are excellent! What do you think of us then? What nephew?
– What? Somebody is calling you there. Come. What sari is this?
Kanchi silk or Benares? ls it good?
– Very beautiful, aunty. Did you design it yourself?
– Come to the point. l bought many saris and jewels
to Priya for this marriage. But my luggage is stuck in airport. You want your wife to appear
beautiful in this marriage, right? ls that what you want, right?
– As beautiful as you! Enough! Priya come, get ready!
– No problem, aunty. Don’t say no, don’t feel shy with me. Watch out! How l’ll dress you up!
Come! Come! One minute aunty!
– Don’t talk, sit here. l bought many dresses
for my daughter-in-law. Aunty, l want to tell you something. You don’t need to tell me anything. Just one minute, aunty…
l want to tell you something. Look! Aunty, that idiot Rahul…
– l’ll listen to your tales later. l’ll tell you something before that! You’re very lucky, you know that? Rahul is very good boy! lf l had a daughter, l would’ve
made him my son-in-law. He’s very mischievous but there’s love
behind those mischievous acts. People who understand him know it. My son and Rahul are same to me. When l went to buyjewels
for my daughter-in-law, l boughtjewels for Rahul’s
future wife too! You wear it. Aunty, not that…
– Take it! See! You’ll like it. How is it? You like it? ls this sari good? You wanted to say something.
What’s it? That is…nothing aunty! Rahul always tells about you. We’ll do this and that in
Jaya aunt’s house in Goa… l’ve very important work in Delhi. But came down here
especially to meet you. This will be very good on you,
would you like to wear it? Look at her!- Who?
– That girl! Look there! Who is she?
– That girl in maroon sari. Her face ravishing!
– Forget her face, look at her waist! lt’s much more beautiful! How do l look? Don’t stare at me… Don’t smile piercingly… Don’t stand before me
and devour my heart… Don’t take my life with
your swinging waist… Won’t my heart burn on seeing
your scorching beauty? Like a thunder a dream
has struck me… lt turned me into a queen
on earth… The palace turned bright
with happiness… As the most beautiful dances… Everything changed in moments
because of you… And my cheeks blossomed
like flowers… Go on a pilgrimage to Kasi. Priest… Brother-in-law, stop…
Please marry my sister… This magical thought
didn’t start now… May be this had started in
our previous birth itself… What’s this sudden expectation
in my heart? l didn’t have this feeling earlier,
why now? Your wish must live on forever… My entire life must be with you
like this day… Looks like you’ve got close
to all of them. Yes, your people are taking
good care of me. Had l introduced you as my friend, they would’ve offered you a plastic
chair and served you a cool drink, l wanted you to be a special guest,
so l lied to them. Do you think this goes
to your credit? l got little importance for your lie, l got a queen’s treatment
for my lies! What did you tell them? You told them that we’re married, l told them l’m 3 months pregnant! You’re no ordinary girl! Jaya aunty gave this specially to me.
– ls it? Do you know this? lt seems Jaya aunt bought these
bangles for your future wife. ls it? Then, give it to me.
Give my bangles to me. Your bangles? Aunty gave it to you thinking
you’re my wife. l must give it myself to my wife.
Give me. Get lost!
– Will you give me or not? Give it to me! Give it to me! Aunty liked me so much
and she gave it to me. lf you want ask aunty to buy
new bangles for your wife. Okay! Can you hear it? Let’s go to beach, come.
– Beach? At this hour? l’m going! Are you coming or not? Please listen to me… lt’s very near. Nephew! What’s the program?
– Nothing, we’re going to the beach. Your husband is always with you, right? There’s a small party,
please leave him to us. Nephew! You too come…
Priya, come. Don’t go to the beach!
– You come with me. Do you’ve sense? Racing on beach?
Missed by a whisker! Somebody would’ve got hurt seriously. Come on boys! Hold her! Nephew, come here. He won’t drink before me.
– Then, turn that side. Come, sit here. Have a peg!
– No uncle. Don’t hesitate, have it. l’m little afraid, uncle.
– Why? l won’t stop with one peg. Have as many pegs as you like. Sure?
– Sure. Drink! Nephew! Where, how and
when did you get married? You’re stopping my drink,
is itjust, uncle? Drink! He’ll tell! Ask me now! Where, how and
when did you get married? Uncle, don’t tell anybody!
– Okay. Sure?
– Sure. My marriage took place then…
there and like that! Aren’t you asleep? No. What are you looking at? May l ask you a thing? What? Did l ever tell you
how beautiful you are? No! 0Do you know why l told you this? Why? Because you’re not that beautiful! Bloody idiot!
Get up Rahul! Get up! Do you know what’s the time now? Did l ever tell you
how beautiful you are? l know your answer.
Get up quickly. All are ready and waiting for us. Let me sleep for some more time. Our flight is scheduled
to leave at 1 pm. Then, we must leave. Let’s leave now.
– Why so early?- Yes. Airport is near by, let’s stay here
for some more time and then go. We’ve to leave and we’re going.
That’s it. Just some more time with
uncle and aunty, please. Don’t tell me anything.
We’re going, that’s all. Jaya aunty, remember your love
all my life – Priya Next time you must stay
here for a month. Whether that fool comes or not. l’ll show you entire Goa! Looks like you’re leaving
without telling me something. We both are not married.
– l know it. – You know it? How can you marry without me?
l knew you were lying. But liked your lie and that girl too! That girl is very good! Neither l nor your mom can find
a better girl than her for you. Give it. Present these bangles and
express your love to her. Why are you dull? l’m asking you! For leaving early? Don’t open your eyes or talk
till l ask you! Be silent!
– Why? Where are you taking me? What did you tell me? You said you missed visiting
Goa three times, and missing it for
the fourth time also, we’ve four hours
before our flight leaves, you’ll not miss this time. There’s something deep
inside the heart… Gestures don’t make any sense… There’s something hidden
in the words.. Do something in action… From yesterday to today…
it has changed totally… lmaginations of the past have
become wishes to reach you… l’m seeing you everywhere…
l’m hearing you always… l’m seeing a life every moment… At last l’m the smile on your face… Why should there be
a change like this? What’s the reason behind all this? Though we know the answer,
we ask the question… Come out from the depths
of the heart… The thought reaching the eyes… The desire in the eyes fall
on the smile of lips… lt hides in the laughter… The thought stopped there… lt crosses, what would happen to me?
What would l become? Just one word only,
what are you waiting for? l’m allergic to take off. Had you not come to the marriage,
l would’ve got bored! Have you forgotten anything? Your clothes! You’ve forgotten it. Where would l get my luggage? There! 1 Mother! How is Jaya aunty?
How did the marriage go off? Fine, mom. How was the bride?
– Fine. How did you write your exams?
– Fine, mom. Sister!
When did you come? Last night.
– How are you? Are you fine? l’m fine. l’m here from America for you and
what are you looking there? Nothing sister. Sister! Brother! Rahul, food is getting cold,
get your sister too. Sister! Sister!
– What? Come quickly, sister.
Let’s have lunch. Wait a minute.
– Okay. You’re practicing time is getting
reduced with every passing day, Shiva. Prakash is practicing
14 hours everyday. lf you don’t increase the practicing
time, he’ll surely win. Practice? Let’s see in the final. To win he must participate, right?
Find Prakash’s house. l got it. Who is he? She’s talking to him. You’re after her from the day
she joined this college. You’ve told her l love you
hundred times, and she has said no
two hundred times. You forget her, let’s first take
Prakash to task. We can take care of Prakash later,
first her! What are you talking to her? She had a doubt and
l was explaining her. Doubt? Tell me now… Go away! How many times l’ve told you?
Can’t you understand? Whether you like it or not,
you’re mine! Whether you cry or laugh,
it’s for me only. Whether you like it or not,
you’ll marry me only! On the auspicious Thursday
of Telugu month Chaitra, Goutham and Divya’s marriage
will be solemnized. This is notjust a ring!
Our family’s fortune! l’m handing it over to you,
take care of it well. Where did you buy this ring?
lt’s very beautiful! She didn’t even tell us about it. He gets enraged for talking to her, can’t imagine what he would
do if she marries? That’s why, kept it secret. What’s it Shiva? This is what you’ve understood
in all these years! You said l’ll create trouble in
your engagement, you’re wrong. lf l knew this before
l wouldn’t create trouble, l would’ve killed! Till now l said l don’t like you! Just now you said you don’t love me. No man who loves a girl
would hurt her in any way. He wouldn’t torture her.
He wouldn’t threaten to kill her. Yours is love but a craze! l’ll not leave you,
l’m telling you again. You’re mine. Give that ring to me. Leave me! No Shiva! l searched everywhere but
didn’t find it, madam. You’ve been searching from
morning, night has fallen. Go home now. No, l can’t go home
without that ring. My mother-in-law told me to take
good care of it before giving me. l’ve understood it, madam. l’ll search the entire night
and find the ring. Shiva and his friends booze here,
they may come her any time now. lt’s not good for you to stay here.
Go home. Sister…sister…
what happened sister? Why are you crying?
Tell me sister. What happened? Where is Shiva?
– There! Where is the ring? Threw it here, right?
Find it! Find, it bastard! Find it! Will you kill my sister? Bloody! lf you don’t find the ring,
l’ll kill you. Find it! Find it!
How dare you beat my sister! Find the ring!
Find it…find it… Find the ring!
Find the ring, bastard! ls it? Priya too loves you? Yes sister. Shiva will not agree. l don’t know who Priya was
when l fell in love with her. l can’t change my heartjust
because she’s his sister. Get up! A brother like you! She’s also a girl like me. As much as l love you,
Priya too love her brother. May be more also. l would be sad if anyone
separates me from you, likewise Priya too would be sad
if anyone separates her brother. l’ll be with Prabhu,
you do the shopping. As usual clean the stores. Why are you so late? l hate party as much
as l hate shopping. What would you like to have? What else?
– You tell me. What’s your dad saying?
– He’s still angry on me. Look who is here? Cool! You would’ve forgotten it
and he too! No need to get involved
in each other’s lives. He’s coming towards us! May be on some otherjob.
– No, he’s coming towards us. l heard you got married. What else? How’s your business? Have you come to shop?
– No, l came to meet you. You’ve a sister Priya, right?
l love her. Don’t get angry!
She loves someone else. But l’ll not chase and
torture her like you. l love her sincerely. l hope some day Priya will
understand my love. l came here to tell you this. Tell Priya l had inquired about her. Finished shopping so quickly! Didn’t you bring anything for me? Do you love anyone, Priya? Yes, that is… Do you love anyone? What has happened to you? Not today, l’ve been watching
since the day you came here. You’re no more yourself. l’m your elder brother. l’ve never denied anything
you had asked. Now also! Please tell me. Yes brother! Who is he? l told you about meeting
a man in Goa, right? That idiot! Yes. Did you meet him? No need to see him, dear.
The way he spoke to me on phone, l could judge his manners,
his good family background. More over you like him.
How does he look? l’m very happy. l’ll tell our parents immediately
about this on phone. Brother! l like him but l don’t
know if he likes me or not. Would he not like you? lf he doesn’t like you,
l’ll make him like you. Okay? You don’t worry. lf necessary, l’ll fall at his feet. l’ve his phone number,
we’re good phone friends. l’ll call him now. Why are you rushing? Not rushing dear, just being careful. lf that rogue manages to trap you,
l may not be able to bear it. Who is that rogue? That’s my personal problem.
You be happy, dear. Okay?
l’ll take care of everything. Why hasn’t he yet called me? No sister, l should’ve got
the call by now. Sister, see who is calling? What great confidence you have! Hey Shiva! You bloody!
Where the hell were you man? Bloody idiot! lt seems you got married! Why didn’t you invite me
to your marriage? You’ve become every proud for
making money in business. That’s alright,
how is your sister Shanthi? Why don’t you talk to me, Shiva?
Silly boy! l’m Priya’s brother Shiva! Priya’s brother Shiva means
Goa…that girl…. You’re not that Shiva, right? l’m that Shiva only! Shiva, l’m really very sorry. Shiva was my classmate, useless guy! l’m not that Shiva! Tell me Shiva, how is Priya?
– Priya is fine. She told me everything about you. That’s why l called you. Can l talk to you for 5 minutes?
– No way! Not possible on phone,
let’s meet personally. Let’s meet personally and discuss. l too felt the same. Can you meet me tomorrow
morning at 1 1 .30 am in office? Sure! What’s this?
Why are you meeting Shiva? Why are you so tensed, sir? Priya’s fiancé is coming.
Little tensed about receiving him. Why are you all here? Today is the last date,
you’ve to issue cheque. Come fast. A group has come at a time
to get sign on cheques. l told you to take it, right?
– Last day, what can they do sir? l think brother-in-law is here. Am l good?
– Very handsome sir. You’re waiting for me. You are…? Are you?
– Don’t you believe me? Okay, l’ll go then. Please come sir…sit here.
– Sit here. Original?
– You mean? Meeting fakes since morning, so… Who would be in my office if not me? Am l not here in your office as Rahul? He’s my PA Seenu. Greetings sir. Your office is very good. He looks little aged.
– l’ll get the info. Sir, you look quite young,
what’s your age? Just reached 30!
Why are you shocked? Not duplicate. You talk very funny. Brother-in-law is pulling your legs.
– Why? You’re his brother-in-law, right?
Playing fun. Oh Brother-in-law!
What would you like to have? Many things! l mean would you like to
have coffee or tea, brother-in-law? Get me quarter Brandy. Sir, playing fun again! Playing fun! lf l’m here for long,
there would be trouble.- Why? Because l’ve lot of business,
l may lose heavily. What businesses? Many…many businesses.
– Just name a few. l’ve many companies.
– Name a few companies. Can’t l avoid?
– No. Reliance? Ambani owns it, right?
He says he owns it. l supply them materials.
– What do you supply? Let me blabber something,
Rahul will manage later. Material means l grow vegetables,
they sell it, l pump out petrol, they sell it, l produce Big TV and they play it. Don’t you believe me?
You look shocked! Shall l tell you frankly?
– Tell me. First impression on seeing you
is you’re a useless guy! l didn’t expect you’re such
a big shot! Your Priya is very lucky. Who is this Priya between us? Don’t you know the girl you love? Priya, my young sister. ls Priya your sister? l always call her as Pandu.. Very nice name sir. Not yours, brother-in-law,
your phone is ringing. Don’t keep it there, it’s affect
kidney, keep it here. Brother-in-law is very careful. What? Has Shankar cheated us? Go with few men and break his limbs. Do you’ve to tell me this also? Who was it? Sorry brother-in-law. l can tolerate anything
but not cheating. Hope he doesn’t find me. Brother-in-law isn’t
suspecting us, right? He knows you’d break limbs
if anyone cheats you. Brother-in-law!
– Have you come? l’m calling you here and
why are you looking back? He’s playing fun because
you’re his brother-in-law. Playing fun, right? What was your feeling when you
met Priya for the first time? lt’s difficult to say. How can he if you say Priya?
Say Pandu! Priya means your Pandu.
– My Pandu.- My sister. What was your feeling
when you first met her? What did Priya tell you?
– Nothing. l’ll also not tell you anything. Priya must tell first anything
that’s between us. l mean brother-in-law’s idea is… l’m getting nervous when you
whisper into his ears. Say it openly what ever you want to.
l’ll not be confused. He’s playing fun again. Brother-in-law, l don’t know how time is
flying away while talking to you. When you come to know,
you’ll come after my life. l’ll take leave. Why are you insisting on
leaving, brother-in-law? Please sit here,
let’s talk for some time. May be he’s having some program
with Priya, l mean Pandu. Finally one word, brother-in-law.
– Tell me. My father will discuss about marriage. l’ll discuss about the financial aspect. Tell me what do you want as dowry.
– l want my life. What? Pandu is my life. Give your Pandu as dowry to me. My heart is filled with happiness on
hearing your words, brother-in-law. lf you know the truth,
your heart will stop. l’ll take leave now. l like you very much, brother-in-law. Will you ask me to marry you also? Playing fun again.
– Let me leave with this happiness. Playing fun! Who are you? Why did you come here? Nobody is in home. Did l ask you to take me to Goa? Did l ask you to introduce me
to Jaya aunty as your wife? Did l ask you to get me dressed
up beautifully in marriage? Did l ask you to save
my life that night? Did l ask you to take me
around Goa? You did everything
without me asking for it, why did you leave without telling
me what l was eagerly waiting? Priya! O my dear, my heart is
drowned in your love… Do you know you’re an island of
love in my lonely imaginary world? Even wind touching you
would say l love you… ln the smile of my sulking lover,
l see my love… did my life seek help from you? Did youth play hide
and seek with you? lf you think thrill
is other name of love… My lips will hide you… l’ll not leave you alone,
l’ll not let anything hurt you… l’m the life of your dream… What do you say? l’m vast like the sky…
Can’t you fall on me like shining stars? l’m flying in your mischief…
Can’t you overwhelm me with your love? l’ll love you much more
than you think… l’m there for you always, my love… What would become of me
caught in your magic? Hi brother!
– How did you write exam? Very well. Sorry, l can’t pick you up. l’m going to airport to
pick up mom and dad. l can judge how happy you’re
in your words. l’ve asked Rahul to pick you up,
has he come? He’s here. Can you please give
the phone to him. Brother wants to talk to you. No formalities between us, Shiva. You’re increasing petrol
prices every day, it’s very difficult, it’s burning our
pockets as well as our hearts. What? Don’t keep phone there.
– Why sir? lt’s affect you.
– How do you know sir? l didn’t want to disturb your exam
so didn’t tell you about our problem. What’s the problem? Your brother! What shall we do now? Let’s break up! lt’s difficult for us to unite,
your brother will not agree. That’s why l sent my friend
to your brother. He’s very good man,
he’ll take good care ofyou. Your brother too liked him very much.
You’ll also start liking him. You, your brother and he,
all three of you can be happy. Please forget me, Priya. Why are you crying? Where would l go leaving you? For this hug, l played this drama. Hold me…hold me!
lf not l’ll go. Brother! Come fast! You carry on… Why are you shouting? Rahul, this is the first chase
in my life. First chase? l never expected there would
be a chase in my life too. This is the first and last
chase in our lives. Got it? Then, this chase must be
most thrilling! Shall we do one thing?
Shall we fly the car in air? Shall we do another thing? There’s a pond,
let’s plunge car into it for variety. No Rahul, l don’t know to swim.
Flying in air is better. You… 0Come…come… lfwe get caught now,
we’re finished. He’s catching up! Priya stop! You’ll die man! Are you playing with me? What’s this? This is a chase Rahul! lsn’t it good? l’ll change it. This is good. What’s this Rahul?
Shall l stop playing the song? Notjust the song,
you too stop talking. Sit silently. Enjoying this dangerous chase! lf you get caught,
you’ll be in trouble. 3Bloody, you’re finished today! Stop…stop l’ll take you to task! Brother’s jeep has slowed down. lt has stopped! Stopped? May be run out of petrol. Our car too is slowing down. We’re also running out of petrol. Slowing down…stopping…
– Will it stop? What happened? l think we too have run out of petrol. Not think, it’s over! Brother has got down. Till now l thought he wouldn’t catch up
but l’m scared now. Whatever may happen between us,
don’t get down from the car. Rahul fast! l didn’t expect to get caught
so quickly. l thought l would get some time
if l send another man in my place. l’ve to make a new plan now. No need. By now my mom and dad
would’ve reached home.- So what? My brother fears only one in
this world, that’s my father. He shivers if my dad
looks at him angrily. Father is not talking
to brother for 3 years. He has come now forgiving him. lfwe meet my father and
tell him everything. No!
– Why? lfwe tell him,
your father may not forgive Shiva. lt’s not correct to split them
for our union. What shall we do now? You don’t do anything,
you trust me, right? Then, do what ever your father
and brother ask you to do. Leave the rest to me. Don’t get down from car. Brother! Brother please no! Brother please… Sit inside! Sir, your father and mother are here. This was when we went to Singapore. Did he take you to Singapore too? Look, he has changed.
– l don’t believe it. Because of Rahul’s sister,
dad stopped talking to me for 3 years. 3 years! lf he comes to know about this matter, dad will never see me again
in this life. lf you or Rahul disturb their
happiness in these days, l’ll kill him immediately. l’ll not tell daddy anything,
l’ll do as you say. You don’t need to kill Rahul. Rahul told me to do as you say. That’s why! What’s that?
– Shiva is coming. How are you dad?
– l’m fine. Are you happy now? l don’t have any regrets now, mom. Do you know him, Shiva? Father, he’s…l don’t know him. He’s alive, let’s take him
to hospital immediately. We don’t who he is, stay out of it. A man is dying and
you say stay away from him. He may die ifwe don’t
take him to hospital. Call ambulance. 1 lt’ll take time for ambulance
to come here, father. There’s a hospital near by. What are you watching?
Carry him.- Okay father. Be careful, carry him. Come. Who are you? What’s your name?
Who beat you? A man beat and left me on road. l didn’t know where l was
and where to go, l entered the nearest house, l swear l didn’t know it
was your house! Uncle, he is…
– My son Shiva! He carried you to hospital. Did you carry me? Who is she, uncle?
– My daughter Priya. She nursed you like her own meeting
doctors and buying your medicines. For my sake! Who beat you? Tell me his name.
l’ll see his end. l’ll break his limbs
and lock him up. Shiva, you’re sweating,
increase the speed of fan. Tell me who he is,
what’s the trouble? Like your Priya,
my sister too is very beautiful, while she was in college,
a rogue was torturing her, tell me Shiva, what would you do
if anyone teases your sister? Please tell me. That is…
– My son would’ve bashed him. l too did the same, uncle.
l bashed him black and blue. Then? Flashback is quite long,
for some energy… Brother, juice please. What are you looking at?
Give him the juice. Poor boy can’t hold it,
help him to drink. Okay father. Please co-operate. Did you make the juice, Priya?
– Yes. Juice is also very sweet like you. You beat him and what next? Then, l fell in love with a girl, uncle. You know about the problems
lovers face now, uncle. l got it, her parents don’t like it
and sent men to attack you. Am l right? Not her parents, it’s her brother
who doesn’t like me. What’s his problem? l told you about beating
up a man, right?- Yes. That’s him!
He’s that man! He’s seeking revenge by
becoming a hurdle in our love. Bloody idiot! You beat him 3 years ago,
why can’t you bash him again? How can l beat him?
He’s our family member, right? Family member? How? Uncle, if l marry his sister, he’ll
become my brother-in-law, right? lt’s not good to beat brother-in-law. We’ve to live together, right?
Ain’t l right, Shiva? You’re right, l like you.
You’ve to learn a lot from him. What are you saying uncle?
l’ve so much to learn from them. They both are Gods who
saved my life, uncle. He’s bring back to life
the old Shiva in me. No! l’ve changed. Please let me be like this,
it’s good. Are you denying me my wish, brother? No, l’ll accept anyone in this world,
but not him! He told you to do
what ever l say, right? Go back to Delhi with mom and dad. Go back. l’ll go brother. Not because Rahul told me
but you told me to go. l love you as much as l love Rahul. We’ll confirm the tickets,
you stay here. Don’t go away, stay put here.
– Okay. Why? You’re sending Priya too along
with your parents to Delhi, for that! So what? Turn back and see! l’m also going to Delhi in
the same flight. Here’s the ticket! You’re an hurdle for everything
but in Delhi nobody can stop me. Once your father leaves to office,
l’ll romance with your sister. Hey you… Tickets are confirmed,
we’ll leave now. Cancel it dad. She said she has some work there. Geetha called me just now.
– Why? That is…that is… Geetha is pregnant, dad! Why are you hesitating
to share happy news? We’ve been waiting to hear this news. l’m very happy. Why are you rushing? Aren’t you eager to meet daughter-in-law? He too is eager to meet his wife.
lsn’t it? Where are you all going? We were going back to Delhi
but cancelled it. ls it? Why?
– My Shiva is going to become a father. That’s really happy news! l wish you’ve a son just like you. Enough…enough… Father, we’re getting late,
he’s getting late to flight. Shall we go?
– Flight? For me? No! l came here to send off a friend. What’s that?
– Ticket? l picked it up from ground
to write a number. Father, wait here, l get the vehicle. What happened, Shiva? Any problem?
– What happened? Your mother and sister
are waiting there. No problem, just starting trouble,
it’ll start l’ve a car, let’s go in it.
– No need! l think petrol pipe got
blocked again, dad. Okay see it. Please listen to me, leave it. l know everything, please be quiet. Do it fast, they’re waiting. Please listen to me. What happened? l told you, is it necessary? Uncle, please tell him. You wait, you do it fast. Why are you asking him
to do it, uncle? Please it’s not good! Sip it fast! l think petrol is contaminated. lt’s smelly!
– lt’ll be smelly, l know it. They’re mixing petrol with something. You don’t listen to me, Shiva. Come uncle, let’s go in my car. lt’s new car and AC too.
Come Shiva. How is your girl friend? Very good, uncle. Girl friend? l didn’t tell you, right?
He loves a girl.- ls it? He fell into our home after he
got beaten up by her brother. Really?
– Yes, he beat me black and blue. Oh no! Please bring her once to home.
l want to meet her. l’ll definitely bring her to you. How will she be?
– She’s like a golden doll! She has no resemblance
with her brother. He’s a worst fellow,
a rogue to the core. Abuse him, he must be…
– Mother, no need of it. What else then?
Will he beat him for loving his sister? How could he dare beat
after meeting him?- Right? Let me get him, let him lose
the hands that beat you. Mother, please stop it now.
– Aunt, he kicked too! May he lose his legs too!
– Mother, please stop it. No use in scolding him.
– You’re right dad. We must scold his parents,
they didn’t raise him well. We must tonsure their heads
and take them on a donkey. Do her parents like you? l’m doing all this to win
their favour, aunty. Move Priya. You thank Rahul and come. Have parents-in-law left?
Was the flight on time? They’re outside.
– What? Why?
– l lied to my parents. l told them you’re pregnant. l know you’re hurt but please
don’t tell anyone it’s a lie. Do you know what you’re saying? You know we’ve been
waiting years for a child. Have you turned into a joke
and drama? How can l lie to them? Sister-in-law! l’m extremely happy dear.
What great news you’ve given us! l was never so happy in life, dear. Geetha, you’ll take rest fully.
They’ll take care of everything. Are you fine, Divya? Why are you shocked? Didn’t recognise me? l know you’ve not forgotten me. But l’ve forgotten you. Your brother has come back
to scratch the old wounds. l loved you then, your brother loves my sister now, account is settled, your brother beat me and
warned me to leave you alone, l left you, now l beat your brother and
warned him to leave my sister, but he hasn’t left her, accounts are not tallying, if your brother chases my sister
in the name of love, to settle the account, l may have to start chasing you
in the name of love. You know how my love would be! Put some sense into your brother. Whether we should meet again or not
depends on your brother’s decision. You’re not hurt, right? Did he do like that? Did he threaten your sister?
We mustn’t spare him alive. Father, what had really happened was… l can’t believe what Rahul said, tell him what did he do? Shiva, l’m giving up my love for her. Today her brother threatened
my sister. He threatened to stop
loving his sister. My family is more important
to me than my love. Will you meekly surrender for his threat?
Are we not with you? You’re marrying that girl, okay? That’s not right, dad!
– Why? No father, from what Rahul says,
l think he’ll go to any length. He threatened his sister now,
tomorrow he may beat his mother, may be kill Rahul too, l think it’s better to give up love
than to hook up with such rogues? Are you asking Rahul to kill
his love fearing his threats? Rahul is very good boy, dad. He says family is over above love! How can such a good boy be
happy in a rogue’s family? Rahul will find a better girl than her. lt necessary, let’s find a girl
for him ourselves. Any how… l remember my father
on seeing you, uncle, l felt sharing with you would
reduce my burden. Sorry if l had disturbed you. You were great! How dare he plays me using my dad! Look, how l hit back using his sister! l hit his weakest point. Give me one more large.
– For me too! Father, just for relaxation… Make me also a double large. You’ve a double large only
when you’re happy, father. What’s the reason, dad?
– You!- Me? l had a doubt whether
you’ve changed or not, from today l’ve no doubt. What did he do to clear it, uncle? The way he convinced Rahul… Very good! l like you son!
– lt’s not my greatness, dad. l told him the fact, dad. l’ve seen many people like her brother. l told him to be careful, that’s all. l’m not talking about the
advice you gave to Rahul. The hint you gave me, right?
l’m talking about that. What hint did l give you, dad? Just recollect what you
said about Rahul! l said Rahul is good boy and
he would get a good girl. Then? lf necessary, let’s find a girl
for him ourselves. l got it why you said like that.
– What did you understand from it, uncle? Didn’t get it yet?
He said that our Priya. l like Rahul very much.
When you said today morning how much l got an idea then Rahul would
be perfect match for Priya. Now that his love has also failed. We can meet his parents with
this marriage proposal. What do you say?
– Father…not that… Priya, come here!
– Coming. Come dear.
Sit here dear. What’s it dad? There were two reasons
to come to Hyderabad. One to meet your brother and
second to find a groom for you. l like Rahul very much. What’s your opinion? That is you…marriage… You wanted to marry after PG, right? lf brother says so,
that’s my idea too. lt seems she’ll marry
after 2 years, dad. May be it was then. Now your brother is
asking you, accept! Ask him to say it, dad.
– Not a big deal. He gave me this idea.
Tell her to marry Rahul. father, l think brother
doesn’t like Rahul. Nothing like that.
He loves Rahul very much, right? Very much!
– Then, tell her. Tell her to marry Rahul.
– l’ll tell her, father. Priya, you marry Rahul! Okay dad. O my dear, l’m nothing
without you… l’m mad in your love… Sensational! Your dark kohl
laced eyes are sensational… My heart is eagerly waiting
for you, my dear… For you my dear… My heart says l love you… Come what so ever l’ll wait
for you, my love… For you my love… My words and my silence
is for you only… Cuckoo will not keep quiet
and is singing new songs… Let this flight in the world of bliss
carry on till our marriage… Where ever l may go,
l’ll reach you only… May l entangled with you forever… My love is fragrant flower
spreading fragrance around me… Love is like that…
everything is wonderful… Mornings are for you… Moonbeam is for you… Sweet nothings are for you… My life is for you… lts not easy to write a simile that’s
not written in love stories… Words have gone silent and silence
is magical, feelings are plenty… Your smile is saying
it loudly, my dear… Enough of confusion, be mine… Even if our love is written is air,
it won’t wither.. Though drowned in waves,
it’ll reach the shore… My love is for you…
– For you… Leave it! What ever you do,
he turns into his favour. Leave it for Priya. He’s alive still because
Priya loves him. l threatened his sister
but he didn’t give her up. l bashed him but he didn’t
give her up. There’s only one option left now. To kill him! What are you saying? Yes. l’ll kill Rahul! What will you achieve if you
go to jail after killing him? lts important that he dies,
no rule that you must kill him, right? How? ls it you?
– Come in. Brother…brother…
Prabhu has sent him, brother. Sit down, Shiva. He’s handsome. Kill him? How much?
– Rs.10 lakhs. Take full payment. Count it.
– Okay brother. You don’t misunderstand me.
– Details are behind the photo. Brother…brother…
Be careful! How did fall down?
– l don’t know brother. What the hell were you doing? There are so many here,
can’t you take care of my brother? What? Got him?
Did you get him? How many more days? How long will you search for him? How long have you been
searching for him? Comb the entire area,
find his place, get his details, l must get every information
about him… lf you don’t come with him,
l’ll kill you all. Brother… What happened to him?
Call ambulance. Call! Call! What happened? Look at me! Brother! Do you know him?
ls it he? ls it he who beat you? Yourjob will be done,
you can go. Go! lsn’t the payment enough?
Ask me more. l’m going to kill him for my sake
not for you. Go away! lf you want ask more money,
don’t say you’ll do it for free. Are you doubting my intention?
Won’t you believe me? Come…come….
Look at him! Look at the plight of my brother. He went to Goa and
came back like this. He went after some girl
in the beach, won’t youth be mischief? He beat my brother mercilessly. l’m madly searching for him. l found him because of you. When did it happen?
– About a week. Yourjob will be done, you go! l got him at last!
Bring him to me in 30 minutes! Go! What happened in Goa? That is…
– What happened in Goa beach? Tell me the truth. Brother! How dare you touch my sister? Where are you? Brother! Kill him boys! Brother! Brother…
– What happened to Shiva? Please listen to this! How dare you beat us! l’ll not spare you alive! Where did Shiva go?
– l don’t know. When did he leave home?
– About an hour. Okay, listen carefully. Don’t cut this conference call,
Keep the phone on. l’ll bring your brother.
Okay? Hold him boys! Listen carefully, l don’t have time. l want a number to be
traced immediately, note the number. lt’s in Dhoolpet tower!
– Dhoolpet tower? Hey stop! Don’t kill him now! First the man who beat
my brother must come here. Shiva, you wanted him dead. l’ll kill him as you watch.
Then l’ll kill you. Keep an eye till then. Where are you coming from?
– From Afzal Gunj. Can you guide me back to that place?
– Okay. Go straight and turn left, further up there’s a street,
turn left again, there’s temple of Goddess Mother,
turn right there, further straight you’ll see a place
where they make idols, turn left there, further up you’ll see a barber shop, take the street opposite to it,
straight up it’s Afzal Gunj! Why haven’t they come yet with him? No use in trusting those fools,
l’ll go and get him myself. Come on boys! You both stay back here.
Keep an eye on him. Where is Shiva?
– Strange! l’m really lucky today! Where is Shiva? l don’t get one thing. He came here with money
to kill you, and you came here searching
to save him, but l got one thing clearly, for that girl you both beat my brother, l’ll get that girl here and rape her
as you watch it, notjuts me l’ll have her gang
raped by all my men here. Let me what the hell can you do!
Go boys! Get her! You must cross me first
to reach her! lt’s not a gang rape
if ten men rape a girl, when a single man comes and
bashes up 10 men like you, that’s known as gang rape! What’s this?
Why did you do like this? What happened was…
– l know what had happened! What did Rahul tell you? He told me about you
approaching Kala. Sorry father.
– Why say sorry, son? You were quite adventurous,
l didn’t know till Rahul told me. What did he do, father? You don’t know, right? The man who beat Rahul,
that girl’s brother, he paid a goon Kala to kill Rahul, and Shiva risked his life
and saved Rahul’s life. You could’ve told me before
taking this risk, son. Where is Rahul? Brother-in-law…brother-in-law…
– Me? Please come in brother-in-law,
let’s discuss inside. No Shiva, l’ll go. Please come in.
– No Shiva. Be careful! How come lace got untied now? l’ll tie. Please forgive me. Please marry my sister, brother-in-law. Please Shiva, neither l want you
nor your sister. l don’t want this marriage.
– Brother! Let him go! You go away!
You go! l was playing fun.
– You go! Stop Priya!
Come…come, brother-in-law! We’re all one family!
Take it easy! Hold it properly! We’ll get wet! l’ll be back in a moment!
– Brother-in-law! You’re very funny! A PuLi-DDR Presentation ๐Ÿ˜‰ Download & Sync Subtitles automatically


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