Ismart Shankar Theatrical Trailer | Ram Pothineni, Nidhhi Agerwal, Nabha Natesh | Puri Jagannadh

Say yes ,I will repair Golkonda fort and give it to you as a gift I will make you the queen of my kingdom Haa Haaa. What did you say? aaaa hey, In Warangal collage I have made boys pee in their pants. It is like saying “If the cat is blind then the rat is the boss” my stick in your breed ……..********* [music] I am not a mental patient to leave you and go I will leave everything and let’s jump [gun shot] [bro] resound. The police have inserted a sim card in your brain What’s this pattern in the head!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!! My mind fells like a dual sim phone. [music] dishaa dishaa dishaaaaaaaa This guy is out of his mind. He is half mental and half bhojupuri villan. [music] I have not escaped from the prison for eating barkas biriyani, but to slaughter ahaaa…… hey you… i have a wish for a long time my sacrificial animal is none other you [music] [music] USTAD ISMART SHANKAR …………….. HEY COPS Don’t mess with me just go to your respective homes and have a nice sleep beside your wife JULY 18


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