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‘Hong Kong.’ ‘The best way to explore
Hong Kong is on foot.’ ‘The local food in
Hong Kong is to die for.’ ‘One can even try the rice
and fish rolls if you’d like.’ ‘I was walking down the street
and I suddenly saw them.’ ‘They were yum.’ ‘I love the Hong Kong
style Egg Waffle.’ ‘And if you don’t have the patience
to go everywhere on foot.’ ‘Get on the TramOramic.’ ‘To take a tour of
this vivacious city.’ ‘The way to end your day in
Hong Kong is at the Harbor Terminal…’ ‘where you get to
see the whole city…’ ‘and enjoy the view by the water.’ ‘Hey… What’s wrong with you?’ ‘I’ve been trying to contact you.’ ‘Where are you?’ ‘Look, you can’t run
away from this situation.’ ‘We’ve been together
for seven long years.’ ‘Doesn’t it mean anything to you?’ ‘I can’t believe we broke up because
you’re not feeling it anymore.’ ‘I mean…
How does it even work?’ ‘Listen, please call me back
when you get this message.’ ‘I want my lucky football
jersey back, okay.’ Taxi. – Uhh…
– Oh! I think I stopped this first. No problem you take it. – No, it’s okay you can take it.
– No, no, please. No, no, it’s really fine… – No, no, I’ll take another one.
– It’s okay… – It doesn’t matter…
– I’ll take another one. I insist, please! – Are you sure?
– Yes. Please. Thank you. Kay wan… Loong… Kay… Kay wan loom… Kay wan loop… Do you mean Khai van khung? Kai van kung… Khai… ‘Khh’ Kai van kung. ‘Khh’ from the epiglottis.
“Khhargosh”Are you from India? Yeah. Kai van kung. Wait, one second. Khai van khung? – Alright! Thanks!
– Actually I’m also going there. So do you mind if
we can share the cab? We’ll split the bill. We don’t share cab in India. So thank God we are not in India. Which part of India are you from? Bombay. Sorry, sorry, sorry…
Mumbai. I feel Bombay is the best. Since I heard this song in childhood. “Bom-Bom-Bom-Bom-Bombay” “I love the Bombay lifestyle” Let me guess. You belong to Delhi. Or should I say Dilli? How did you guess? By my good looks or sense of humor? I don’t know.
You have that vibe. So you’re one of
those Bombay people… who hate Delhi and Delhiites. Not at all, I don’t hate Delhi. But I don’t have any
opinion about Delhiites. So you work in Bombay? I used to. In an HR firm, but not now. Time for my guess. Now you write novels. Why did you feel so? As you have that vibe. I write, but not novels. I’m writing my travel book. – Oh!
– Sounds fancy to hear… but actually it isn’t. What are you saying? Travelling all over the world and… writing about it,
what could be more fancier than it? Well… If one gets paid
for it then I guess… Ah! So like a ‘job-job’… What is your actual job? I got laid off my ‘job-job’. Oh, I’m sorry. It’s okay, I’m not. When a person has got nothing to do… he thinks more about himself. – Perspective.
– True. I was only working for ten years. Work! Work! Work! More work! Finally I don’t have any work now. So I had lot of time to think. It’s a little insecure but nice. Well, you know… Learning how to love with
insecurity is the only security. Hey, can I borrow that line? – Of course.
– Thanks so much! No problem. Just mention me in the credits. Sure. But to whom will you give? I’m sorry. I didn’t tell you the name. So sorry, I forgot my name. – It’s okay. Hi!
– I’m so sorry. – Amol.
– Aahana. – Nice to meet you!
– Nice to meet you! So which other ‘gems’ are there
in this notebook? Not many, but entries are adding up. But why Hong Kong? Why not Hong Kong? Fair enough! Actually you know what,
I came here to celebrate my birthday. Oh! You know I invite
my friends home every year. There’s a party,
there’s merriment, drinks… liquor, food and everything. And… Eat, drink and shove off. So, this year I felt
like doing something new. I planned to travel alone. And I think it’s a great opportunity
to start my travelogue. – I think it’s a great idea.
– Yeah. No pressure of going to job. Yeah. Well, since how long are you here? Uhh… Around two weeks. Wow! You really must like Hong Kong. Actually I came on some work
but I stayed back a little long. So, I’d be here for a few more days. Oh, even I’m here
for a couple of days. – Oh, nice.
– Yeah. What do you do? What do I do?
That’s a very complicated question. Do you belong to mafia? No. So give me some uncomplicated answer. Yes, but it’s a… lengthy answer. As in, it’ll take time. So… Maybe over a coffee. I can’t believe it. I met you a while ago and here I am… having coffee with you. This is the beauty of travel. Inhibitions become less. You know I’ve a theory that
when we are travelling… it’s almost like
being two drinks down. You become more relaxed,
more open to new things. So travelling is like being
a little tipsy all the time. Wow! Another gem!
I’ve to write it down. Write it down later,
enjoy coffee for now. You’re right, I should. But I can’t believe it… that you had never seen Bombay much. Never felt like leaving
the hotel or airport. – Really?
– Yeah. What’s there to see in Bombay? Excuse me!
Your Delhi isn’t anything special. Bombay has sea. That’s the only special thing, sea! It has the same color of our Yamuna. Bombay has Bollywood. – Delhi has Dhinchak Pooja.
– Ewww! Yuck! But… You still haven’t told me the story
which is the reason why we’re here. What story? Oh, really? Are you acting out? Your complicated story!
What’s your story man? Okay. So… I took a break from job last year. Father was unwell. And he wanted me to
look after the business. He has a leather business.
Has… Had… I used to hate the business. But I thought it’s okay,
it’s temporary. Father remained unwell
and I had to stay. My boss was obviously losing it. Then the doctors told us
that father’s condition is terminal. So I… I started spending
more time with father. Naturally I lost the job. Also lost father after some time. Papa… He blew up my life
before leaving me. His last wish was that
I look after the business. I know this,
all this sounds melodramatic… this last wish,
business and all but… I don’t know but I just thought
I might as well. I’m sorry. It’s okay. By the way, what was your job like? I was a pilot. – Oh, really?
– Yeah. – How exciting!
– I love flying! I love flying so much that
I can live in the cockpit forever. Wow! I can imagine! Now it feels strange
when I sit as a passenger. I am shocked! But I’ve cracked a few
business deals on this trip. So I hope my papa
must be feeling proud about me. But don’t you have anyone else
to handle this family business. If it was up to me
I’d have sold it. But papa used to love the business. Maybe as much as I love flying. I thought… It’s really weird to
explain but I thought… doing so would be very selfish. I know what you mean… about being selfish. – Maybe you don’t.
– Oh, trust me I do. Now you’re just trying
to steal the thunder of my story. I called off my wedding. Oh! Wow… I am sorry! No, no, it’s okay. It’s fine. Actually we were
together for seven years. And… since the last year
both of us realized that… neither of us were really in it,
you know, so… We kind of grew apart. But didn’t have the courage to speak. I thought I should confront him
but I was afraid because, you know… his heart might break. Finally when I mustered
courage to confront him… by then our marriage date was fixed
so it was too late. But I realized that
it was now or never. Well, better late than never. Often people spend their
whole lives together… because they have already
invested great deal of time. Yeah. But after papa’s demise
I realized one thing. You know, things that have an
expiry date or which have deadlines… you tend to cherish them more. So now I live in the present. I don’t worry about the future
because there might not be a future. Actually I agree with you. But you know what? These
things are easier said than done. True! Or what say? You and me… We prove that it can be done. As we know that this
trip has a deadline. You are here for a few days
I am here for a few days. You want to explore the city. I want to explore the city. So maybe we can… you know… – We can explore it together.
– No, no, no, no, no, no… Hang on… Hang on… You talked into my cab. You talked yourself
into my coffee plan. You cannot walk into my solo trip. This is my solo trip.
It’s very special to me. It’s my first. Okay?
So no! – No.
– Okay, look at it mathematically. Solo trip can happen some other time. But this will never. What is the probability that you and
me will ever be in Hong Kong again… at the same time? No! Okay, let’s look at it this way. This is a solo trip. It’s a solo trip. Me… I am just an imaginary friend
who follows you everywhere. and you’re just talking
to an imaginary friend. No. I am Vikram, you are not Betal.
We are not doing this. – I think it’s a brilliant idea.
– I think it’s a f***all thought. Okay. Okay, I tried. Why are you sulking? – I am not sulking.
– Of course, you are sulking. – I am sulking. Why would I sulk?
– It’s all over your face. I am not sulking. Okay, you know what,
let’s just do this. I’ve done even f***all
things in my life. – Are you sure?
– Yeah. – Are you sure?
– Yeah, positive! – Amazing.
– “Amazing.” Two f***all people
in one fantastic city. Oh! What a f***all tagline! Cheers to that! – Hong Kong here we come.
– Hong Kong here we come.


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