jackson browne – last time i was home at the palace theatre on turk

Last time I was home It was all so strange to see The old house had grown so small and fallen gray As the light was nearly finished with the day I sat speaking with the old ones With my father and the hounds But it only made me weary To go round and round so slowly The questions and the answers still the same Soon the night air had them coughing And shaken their old heads And for once their boy could help them to their bed Old familiar rooms were asking where I’d been Didn’t know where I was going Though in the morning I’d be gone By the fire I was sleeping In my father’s chair Well I can still see the dream that I had there One old man was riding hard To cross the river But his tired horse went under And the river pulled them down Then the morning sunlight struck And we got up and fixed the truck And the old man drove me back out to the road==Jackson Browne – Last Time I was Home==

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