Jadoogadu Telugu Full Movie – Naga Shourya, Sonarika Bhadoria

Tobacco use leads to cancer.. ..heart attacks, lung disorders
and other deadly diseases. Characters shown in
this film or program.. ..do not support the use
of any type of tobacco products.. ..such a beedi,
cigarettes khaini, zarda, etc.. ..or their promotion in any manner. What happened to this city? Pollution on one side
and smoke on the other. Why doesn’t anyone speak? Why should we tolerate it silently? Put an end to this negligent attitude. Don’t ignore if you see cigarette
or beedi burning anywhere. Smoking is banned at public places. Pay fine if you ignore it. Don’t smoke and don’t
let others smoke. Pay heavily for smoking. Who doesn’t want happiness? But at what cost. Pay heavily for smoking. Smoking is injurious to you.. ..and also your loved ones. Pay heavily for smoking. Smoking and drinking is injurious
to health and leads to cancer. Cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption are injurious to health and it causes cancer. Since the evolution of mankind, two
characters are common in every story. One is hero, myself. Two, villain, that is also me. I always feel like a hero.. ..but my village
considered me as villain. Reason for it.. Village President.
Palamoru Village President. People! Women! I melted like a candle, crushed like
sandalwood, spent lakhs of rupees.. ..and developing this village.. ..this Kishti came
and spoiled everything. Will you sell the grills arounds the trees
when I planted trees for greenery? I have built a clock tower
for attraction and you sold the clock. If we leave him like this then he will
not even spare the leaves of the tree. How much you collected?
– 2,000. 2,000? I had spent 50,000
in getting these things done.. Will you sell it for 2,000? If it is not ours then one feels happy
with whatever he gets. – Who? Who? Village elders are going mad! However we tell you,
you will never change. Vice President of village,
why don’t you talk? Tell whether we should
make him stay here or banish him? Hey! You spend in thousands
but show the expenses in lakhs. Will you banish me? I am banishing the village
and going to Hyderabad. He says he will leave the village. Like birthday, father’s day, mother’s
day, every year on this date.. ..we should celebrate our village day.
Write it down. Write it down.
I will ear one crores rupees and come. I will play with everyone. Earning one crore rupees
it is not as easy as talking. You have to work hard. Definition of hard work has changed. Hard work doesn’t mean to stand
in the sun and bend in front of owner. To use the brain. Come. All these years I lived for need,
now I left for opportunity. Once I make up my mind,
I don’t hesitate in doing any work. Life is victory here. Prepare for anything
if you want to win. Achieve if possible or else die. Do or die! Magician! Greetings, aunt. I am worshipping you daily. I am offering jalebi (Indian sweet)
on the day I get my salary. But what did you give me, aunt. Except the nickname destitute. Money plant dries
up if I were to grow it. Money inside the purse is melting. Health is getting spoiled
because of night security job. Aunt, stop looking at me
like an enemy and encourage me. First offer prayers. Useless fool! Okay. Let there be a rain of gold biscuits. Let a cyclone of money arrive. Send luck like tsunami. Aunt, don’t send normal tsunami. I will be ruined. Money! Money! Anji.
– Yes. Not that side, this side.
– Who is it? I have come.
– So I am dead. Oh my aunt!
Why did you send these fools? I think you didn’t
understand telugu properly. I asked for money and
you have sent wastrels. Why did you come? Bye!
– See how good he is. Colour and behaviour didn’t
change at all. Why did you come? However hard I work in village, I couldn’t
earn more than five, six thousand. You should be happy, right?
– House, fields, Tata car.. ..four servants.. ..Anushka like wife, I want these. I need one crore rupees
if I were to get all these. One crore rupees. Hey, in old movies they paid one crore
for peddling rickshaw and carrying luggage. In new movies, granites in fields.. ..and loving a rich girl are shown. Nothing will happen in our case. It will take 200 years for people
like us to earn one crore rupees. I will earn in 2 years.
– Don’t insult aunt like that. Who is this aunt?
– My goodness! Aunt Dhanalaxmi! Rich person will feel closeness
and call her as mother. Since we don’t know her well
so we should call her as aunt. Hey, who are you? It’s me. – You?
What are they? – Take your paper.. How you got injured? I stole from the shop,
that’s why they beat me. See how badly they beat. Why didn’t you buy? In my childhood I asked for
mango and its price was 25 paise. I got it for free when
I hit the tree with stone. So from that time I stopped
buying and started stealing. – Oh. One day I kissed Roja
and she said it is bad. After that..
– Hey, stop. Everyone has their own stories here. Hey, crossbreed! I think
you will die by talking nonsense. Asked for kiss with dirty lips? Found my way!
– Who is a millionaire from you? It is me. Do you think they will
give one crore if you say like this? They asks questions,
we are not efficient enough. It is given in paper.
– Given in paper? Do you want to become millionaire? So call this number. One crore rupees profit
if you invest two lakh rupees. Do they give such ads? All kinds of ads are given in paper. Satti.. Let’s go and bring one crore.
– Okay. Take the bags too.
– We will take. You don’t know this city. It shows you dreams and
kicks you behind. Go and take it! Aunt, give an auspicious sign. We came!
– Blacky has some. It is very difficult to
earn one crore in Hyderabad. Didn’t I say city, dreams and kicking?
Got it now? Didn’t understand unless we earned. What?
– Yes. Crore has come. Has aunt Dhanalaxmi become
your mother so easily? Aunt..
– What? What aunt? What wrong did I do to you? One minute. Hello.
– Anji, why are you late? Till yesterday Anji
was drinking starch. From tomorrow he is
going to drive a Benz. I will travel in Benz. I will remove you from job if you
don’t come to office in five minutes. Why do I need your job?
– Go ahead! Hey, they are earning
with both hands here. Make progress! Buddy, shall we buy this rascal?
He will guard our dog? Where do we have dog?
– Aren’t you there? Hey! Put the phone down. Hey, I grew up like
an orphan till now. Show mother once. Lingappa Goud. 10 lakhs.
– Madinaguda. Raktapu Nagesh. 5 lakhs.
– Vijayanagaram. Katti Mahesh. 3 lakhs.
– Kukatpally. 3 + 2 + 8..
– Total one crore. One crore rupees?
– Yes. – Give the peg. So they gave one crore
by giving donations? ISD bank gave them loan. Bank tried all legal and illegal
means, they didn’t pay back at all. They made their list
and auctioned for 2 lakhs. We have to pay 2 lakhs
and collect one crore. What will you collect? Bank people couldn’t do anything
in spite of having money and power. You came like a hero from Palamoru.. ..and you will go and collect it? Go away! First give your phone. I talked utter nonsense by
believing your words. – Take it. Don’t know what he will say now. Make progress.
– I am making. Greetings, sir. I am Anji. You drive in Benz. Why did you
call this person who drinks starch? What starch and Benz, sir? You said you earn with both hands. What earning, sir? Sir, I lost my phone early morning. I called you to tell the same. Sir, ignore if you receive any call. Bye, sir. Want another peg?
– Go away! Where did you get alcohol from? One day when I went to toddy shop.. You go to flashback for everything. He talks of collection,
crore and Anushka.. How will you get
one crore for two lakhs? Where is the fool
who gives you two lakhs? One crore will come.. – Forget it.
I am happy if I don’t lose my job. Sir! You! Go away! Hey, Satti.
– Yes. Shall we go for massage?
– Look into crore matter. Who talked about crore here? Did you get connected?
– No. My sir got connected. He said to give you these two lakhs. Aunt Dhanalaxmi. Just now I thought of
her and it came. – Hello! Take a look here. Will you give four lakhs
if I shout crore again? I will not give more than it even if
you write Lord’s name one crore times. I heard you idea.
I liked it so I gave loan. He got excited upon seeing money.
– Sir, who are you? My name is Anaconda.
– What is that name? I was born suddenly
so they gave this name. Oh..
– I am the owner of this house. I am a donor who gives debt
to people like you. What is the interest rate?
It is only 30 if you return it. 20 if you don’t give. 20 for you. Do you give debts to
people who don’t pay back? What is left for me
if they return it? Crap! If they don’t pay.. ..then only I can
collect interest all year I will throw your money at your
face after I earn one crore rupees. This album consists of people
who talked with similar confidence. Take a look. Why did he lift his shirt?
– That’s kidney. After removing it.
– Cooling glasses. They are eyes after removing them. They too have lifted.
– It is also kidney. It is..
– Maybe he understood. Sir, do you give
loan for operations too? I loan is not cleared then I
sell the organs and perform operation. 100 cases till now. By the way,
whom you are giving as surety? Take our Anji. I liked your angle very much. Let’s go.
– Don’t come again. Thank you.
– No clearance of loan with me. Understand it.
Singareni, you move aside. I will repay everyone. He looks like a man-eater.
– Satti. Finding a plan in paper
to earn crore rupees.. Anaconda giving load without asking.. By seeing this, I think society
is chasing us to make us millionaire. Let’s go and bring one crore.
– Let’s go. We will start with Lingappa Goud. Anybody is there? Who is there at the gate? Good morning, grandmother!
– We will not buy anything! Leave! Grandmother, I am not a salesman. I sell. Black man, where is Lingappa Goud? He is there. What do you want?
– Money. Give it to mother and go. Already ISB band
had already given you. I will take it you return it. Hell with you! This area knows only to
collect money but not to return. Keep quiet,
sister, You and your words! It is natural for everyone
to give and take. What you say? Bank officers gives us loans.
We have to return it with interest, Correct, sir?
– Cheque or cash? Give it. He gave a solid one. What I asked..
It is the same that you should give. He is still talking.
What are you beating? What is it with you?
– Beat the rascal! I asked money, not thrashing. Why are you holding the feet?
Don’t tie, don’t pull. Hey! Why are you beating me when
I came to collect money as part of my job? I will become useless
if you hit me there. Stop! Hey! Why are you turning me? Am I a owl? Grandmother, I don’t know yoga. Tell them to leave,
I am feeling giddy. Leave me, sir. It is looking
very different in reverse. Will you ask me for money? Rascal! Hey, go and do your work. – Sir, it is okay
if you don’t pay the entire money. We will give you EMI facility.
Please, sir. Master, they should
give the offer, not you. Who are you, master?
– I came for phone bill. It’s been four days.
– How much? 500. How much is yours?
– 10 lakhs. Master, your entire
life became reverse. You cannot go out of this place. Hey! Bring food. Lingappa’s mummy is more powerful
than the mummy in ‘Mummy’ movie. She is sending shivers
down the spine at old age. Master, have you seen her arrogance? Why didn’t you put fish curry?
Bloody woman! Go! Put fish curry! We are worried that river has
dried up and she wants fish curry. Master, have you seen? Yuck! Sir, you give any amount,
we will take. Sir, we will go without looking back.
Please, sir. Leave us. They won’t show mercy.
Don’t shout, it is waste. Stop trying and sleep for sometime. Something will work
if you keep trying. You are trying since long time.
What happened? Rope is loosened. No, master! No, master! Master, if you go then they
will ask me as what has happened. Master, so you too come with me. No, master. It will become difficult to talk
suddenly after hanging for four days. You go.
– Okay, master. Be careful, master. If you make
sound then old Mummy will wake up. Master, you handle
her if she wakes up. Master! Mummy woke up! They are escaping! Catch him! Go! Go! Crush his head! It should break into pieces. Push it! Hey! Chandu! Shut the door! Catch! Lingappa Goud! Since I came to ask and take
so I am taking whatever you gave. If I come after deciding to take.. ..you will give before I ask. Be prepared! I will come back and
collect every single penny. As we expected Krishan has failed. Now Anji’s eyes and kidneys are cut.
– Superb! Greetings, sir.
– Stop useless acting and come back. Your friend took two
lakhs after mortgaging you Your eyes are nice.
– Thanks. Click photo and put it on WhatsApp. If they like then they will come and take.
– Why will my eyes be taken, sir? There is still time for kidneys.
– What is it? What he said is correct. If everything is removed once.. ..heart stops beating
and live will become waste. Krishna! Bear it. Scoundrel!
Will you mortgage me for your money? What is it? Kidney or idli? He is saying he will sell it. What happened? Nothing will happen.
Nothing will happen as you think. There are more smart
people than you in this city. I didn’t see properly earlier
but they had beaten nicely. You took money from
him and made me a fool. Bank people took that
money and made you a fool. You saw the names in the list? Raktap Nagesh,
Katti Mahesh, Bomb Narsimha. Names are very dangerous.
They will kill if you go. Maybe you have to carry
the dead body to your native. I have to waste 2000 rupees for it. Hey, one doesn’t become millionaire if
they wish to become. One should be lucky. Adjust with what you have
if you don’t get what you want. I wanted to become hero.
Didn’t I adjust as comedian? You too give up everything and make
compromise, and come with me to do job. Hey, you..
Compromise! Compromise! Compromise! What compromise! What life are you living! One stove, three bowls, two
pairs of clothes and a security job. Inefficient people tell others to feel
satisfied with whatever they have. There is only one difference
between rich and poor people. You remain poor if
you think it is enough. You will become millionaire if
you think you want more. I want more. I will do anything for it. Close the eyes and select one page. If I come back then
collection is done. If I don’t come then tell villagers
that one should die like me. Select.
– Ganesh Yadav. Alias Ghani Bhai. I am telling you nicely, send money. Got it? Ganesh! It is me. What do you want? I will take 5 lakhs if you give.
Give! Give money! Hey! Why should I give you? If you don’t pay the loan
then will your love pay it? Take out money! I took money to evade payment. I came to collect the money.
Take out my money! Give it! I am seeing a person beating
our man for the first time. Give me half an hour’s time,
I will go home and bring it. You are finished if
you move even one inch. Hey! I want on spot!
– Okay! Brother, he seems to
kill me if I don’t give money. He frightened. Count it. I will kill him!
– Stop! This is my first income
from this business. If it is less then I will
finish everyone. Count it! Count it. Mad dog should be shot. Useful dog should be made a pet. Is it correct?
– Yes, brother. It is correct. Job done! Lord, I earned my first
income in front of you. They say work is God.
This is the work I chose. What you say? If you co-operate little
bit, I will collect total amount. Thank you, Lord. – Come and
meet at this address if you want job. Hail Lord Shiva! Sir, I don’t like to do job. So you decided to go back to your
village and have arranged farewell party. Look, you must be thinking
I will pay the bill. I will not pay.
Do you know how much it will be? Is it 5 lakhs? – Do you
know the number of zeros in it? I know how many bundles are there. My goodness!
You earned so much! – Aunt! Did you become mummy? Did you show mercy on this son? My dear one crore! It is only five lakhs. So she is aunt’s daughter. I will call you as mummy
after I get one crore. By seeing your anger
I thought you will collect it. He is a greedy person
and you are an opportunist. You said one should die like you. But you proved that one
should live like you only. By the way, how did you earn? Did he fear the knife
used to cut bananas? Who is he? I don’t know who he is but.. ..his boss got impressed
very much and offered a job. Srisailam. How can you party in Srisailam’s
bar after beating his men? Ordinary goon.
– Not an ordinary goon.. ..he is the God of this city.
– Srisailam. Lord Yama has appointed him in this
city so that his work become easy. Like illegal land grabbing,
he grabs businesses that run well. He did around 100 such things. He gives others names
to each property.. ..but he is the owner. There is no match for him
in running illegal businesses. Police and he are
like wife and husband. They give what he wants
and he gives what they want. Central Finance Minister Jagadish
Naidu is his main background. He converts his black
money into white. It goes into Jagadish Naidu’s
almirah after becoming white. He is Jagadish Naidu’s
man friday but don to this city. Goons behind him and guns in hand. He is a killing machine! This card is given
to go to his house and die. Go and die.
– I got one crore rupees. You told his biography in
fear after seeing his visiting card. If I join under him
then people will fear me. I can collect one crore
by making people shiver. I thought he will feel frightened
but instead he is excited. Generally they sing anytime. Now show the song. “Nobody will challenge
a man with guts.” “The person who instils
fear is the boss of this world.” “He doesn’t believe in any person.” “He becomes a slave to a killer.” “Eyes are filled with
chilli upon seeing him come.” “Even crime fears him.” “His words have the power of bullet.” “Wherever he steps,
earthquake occurs.” “He is a mass guy.” “Spicy guy!” “He is a mass guy.” “Spicy guy!” “Nobody will challenge
a man with guts.” “The person who instils
fear is the boss of this world.” “He is talented enough
to create history.” “Nobody knows where is he found.” “He is capable of taking
everyone for ride.” “Nobody can entice him and trap him.” “He is a question to question!
He is cool!” “He is a mass guy.” “Spicy guy!” “He is a mass guy.” “Spicy guy!” Thanks. You are very beautiful. So what? Where you know or not,
that’s why I am telling. Many people have said it. Don’t know what they saw and told you.
I liked your eyes. Everyone saw the same and said. Do you have boyfriend? What if I have or not? If you have then I am better than him.
Think of it. Otherwise you will not
find anyone better than me. Do you have such scene? I don’t have anything
now but future is mine. Though you look average,
your words are interesting. Give your number and go, I will think. Dress sense is good,
hair style is bad. Doubting everything
and confidence in eyes. Contrasting qualities.
It will not work. Sorry. You didn’t connect me. Hey, one minute. Don’t follow me or
torture me from tomorrow. Because I will not fall. Go! “He looks straight into the eyes.” “He creates chaos inside
the heart of enemies.” “He is a magician
who enters the nerves.” “He makes the whole body pain.” “He doesn’t step back!
He goes directly into dreams.” “Mass guy he is.” “He is a trickster.” “Mass guy he is.” “He is a trickster.” Buddy! Buddy! Buddy! I want that girl,
but I will not agree. He is the fool about
whom I talked just now. Very arrogant.
– He looks good. Why didn’t he fall for her? Babe is making me crazy. He is killing with his looks. Better I will sit in the car. Come fast. Cigarette was lit for you, right? You said you didn’t connect me, right?
What is it now? I didn’t see anything
except face in the darkness. Hey! Put lights in smoking zone! Fates are changing
for not seeing the faces. My goodness!
Beauty lies in eyes or figure. What is it with you?
You are beautiful from top to bottom. Oh! Write down my number. But I didn’t connect with you. I will automatically get
connected if you give a hug. Hey! – Am I connected? – Leave me. Idiot! Do you think I will
spare you if you do? Today you pushed me away. Tomorrow you will fall for me.
I stole your phone. I have.. I drank two pegs more.
Forgive me, Lord. This is phone. I thought temple. Whose phone it is.
– Girl whom I like. If you like the girl then you
should bring her number but why phone. Hey, I found doctor. Messages say..
hi, how are you, long time no see.. ..messages.. Didn’t reply to any
fool on WhatsApp too. It means no boyfriend. Wow!
– Anaconda! Shouldn’t say this too?
– In this age? I will tell. It is very difficult
to know birthdays. As if he is young. I am the first lover to my darling. How is the collection? Good?
– It will be good, brother. Tell me if it’s not going good. It should come by tomorrow
at any cost. – Okay, brother. Brother, have sweet. Will someone eat sweet
with such big belly? Thanks, brother. – Yesterday
he thrashed and today he gave sweet. Okay..
– Ghani Bhai.. Why did you come after giving
the money? – Sweet brother.. I got job because of you.
– Is it? – Life is happy. Let bygones be bygones.
Okay? Compromise. Will we not compromise after
brother is convinced? – Okay, brother. Go and give to younger brother. Brother, have sweet. We can know the taste of sweet
by eating it, not by throwing it away. I am too the same. You will not know how sweet I am
until you make friendship with me. Krishna.. You said you will not
do job but you joined. Have sweet, brother. I am new to the city, brother. I talked
like that because I didn’t knew about you. I touched your men too
without knowing who they are. Sorry, brother.
– Tell about yourself. I am super candidate. I mean in work..
I will do whatever work you give. Seenu.
– Brother.. Call Ram there only. Okay, brother. Sit in the car.
– Where, brother? Hi dear. Hey, if you sit in i-phone,
it becomes i-pad. Though you look very ugly,
I agreed to marry you.. ..by believing that you have a status. If Srisailam doesn’t come now.. Darling, he is my childhood buddy. He fear upon hearing my name. Now see what I will do to him. Raghu.
– Srisailam Bhai. Come, buddy. Buddy, you are looking handsome. How is our office? Office is great. How are you?
– Don’t you know.. I am great! Having lots of fun! Buddy, I got beer, alcohol,
kebabs and everything for you. Entire world should talk of our party. Welcome all our friends. Buddy, is he new boy? Cheers to everyone! Buddy, selfie.
– Kulfi? What is that? Selfie.. don’t you know that? If you keep like this and press the button,
photo will get uploaded on facebook. Fans will like it
and enjoy a lot. – Is it? Yes, buddy. Raghu..
– Buddy.. One of our friend is coming.
A small meeting is there. Buddy, this is your office. Use
it as how you want and do anything. Okay?
– Is it? Buddy, he too looks like celebrity. Introduce me to him,
I will take selfie. He will become free in ten minutes. I will leave him to you after that. Ramnarayan.. You go, we will talk. He worked with me earlier. He turned police informer
recently for money. They sold him after the
same money was thrown to them. Where is bathroom?
– In that corner. He didn’t even drink beer,
why is he asking for bathroom? Why are they going to bathroom? Don’t you know this? If one person goes then it is to pee.. ..if two people go then
it is secret meeting. Come. Ah.. Please, brother!
No, brother.. brother.. Hey, I forgot.
I didn’t introduce, right? Raghu bhai, Ramnarayan. Ramnarayan, Raghu bhai. For what? Make friendship. Click selfie and upload on facebook. Selfie with dead body? One should make progress
only by trusting us. If they try to sell
themselves and make progress.. ..I will get irritated like this. Hey, do you think this is my Delete
Software office to delete people? Hey.. eat..
– He saw the killing. What will he eat? Tell him to drink water. Come. What did you see.. ..that you got fever?
– I have seen a murder. Only murders are seen at Srisailam.. ..not Sunny Leone’s steps. Hello, doctor.
– Hello. What is this? Boy got charged after
hearing Sunny Leone’s name. Why is she here? What is the problem? – Couldn’t connect
properly after seeing in the dark. Seeing in light.. Physique is driving me crazy. What’s the health problem?
– I witnessed a murder. What do you do? Works under Srisailam. Srisailam brother. Are you flirting? I will do anything if you give
me confidence that you will fall. I am seeing the name.
– Parvaty Omankuttan. Are aunt and uncle in Kerala
or did you bring them here? Do you know this? Disease people get cured with it. Normal people die. I am already angry for
losing my phone, I will stab you. Looks like angry bird. Priya, give your phone. I will kill him if I find him. I don’t know about it. In childhood,
a nurse like her.. – Stop! What is this? Come! I think we should take coaching
in Ameerpet to operate smart phone. This is very complicated! Kerala baby! I don’t know to operate this. Ring tone is irritating. Change it. Hey, where did you get this phone? Telugu? Actually.. Buddy! – Hey! You stole her phone. Moreover,
will you call a stranger as buddy? Stranger? I will remove your eyes
if you watch like that? Rascal! Sister.. It doesn’t matter if eyes and
kidneys of such people are removed. What is the rate?
– 3 lakhs today. Sister, pierce this injection,
he will die. There is a vein here. If I remove it then
forget marital life.. ..you cannot even pee. Rascal! Forget everything! Actually this phone..
– My phone.. – What? So are you planning to push
that girl on me and run away? Tell me. Are you planning?
Tell me, are you planning it? Give my phone!
– Let her fall, sir. It is nice. I understood. One minute. Paru, you are safe.
You are safe! You are safe! Nothing happened to you.
I am telling you. – I am there. Thief! Thief! Samantha! Anyway, I am called a thief. What does thieves do? Commit thefts.
– Correct answer. Thief! Thief!
– He is the thief! You!
– It’s okay, eat. Hey, you made me a thief. Otherwise I would have lost my love.
– I lost my life here. Anyway, you called me a thief
so I stole a bag from a black woman. She is boss’ wife. She recognized me and I lost my job. Good riddance!
– Forget the useless job! – Krishna! What? – Nothing. – Join me
from tomorrow for collection work. Give the phone.
I will not give. – I said give. I said I will not give. – Give I say.
– Why do you ask him? Take it. Thanks, Satti.
– Okay, okay. Sweetheart, I am coming.
– Bye. When did you steal that phone? In the year 1977.. What 77? Were you born at that time? Hey, who do you want?
– I want Paru. Are you Paru’s brother?
– You! Boyfriend! Boyfriend? Paru’s boyfriend? Boyfriend?
– My boyfriend? What is it? You said you
will not love anybody for one year. I think she liked the taste. Yes, I think.
– Shut up! He came. How come you are my boyfriend? Boys are not allowed
so I said boyfriend. Why did you come?
– To give what you want. Where did you get it? – Thief had nothing
to eat and was selling it in black market.. ..I scolded him,
gave him food and brought your phone. Thanks.
– I don’t want thanks. I cannot give more than that. Did I ask to give anything else? Let’s go for dinner.
Is Chinese okay for you? Is this Chinese? So did you think we
will go to China and eat? Are you really a goon? That is not my profession, dear.
It’s a need. I am doing the business of money
recovering to earn one crore rupees. I am asking smoothly
and rowdies are beating. That’s why I joined this rowdy. Well, sweetheart. What is that phone? What’s the sounds of birds? Leaves are moving,
birds are screaming.. good morning? Leaves are falling,
birds are sleeping.. good night? What is the nuisance
with birds at a young age? Will you check a girl’s phone? You look decent.. ..but filled with garbage inside. Aren’t you so? Working as nurse and clicking
photos in doctor’s dress? Whom you want to trap? I would have become
a doctor in reality. I got payment seat for
the knowledge I possessed. My father would earn only 20,000
rupees for the knowledge he possessed. Both didn’t match so I made
compromised and became nurse. I don’t like the salary
and life I get here. That’s why I decided to
go to Dubai and settle down. I will leave after I get a job,
two lakhs salary and luxury life. This is my goal and good news for you. I will not love anybody
till I go to Dubai. After going there, I will
find a doctor there and settle down. What will you do after
getting one crore rupees? I will buy an auto and run
it between Koti and Ameerpet.. ..and marry a stupid
girl from this place.. ..and live a luxurious life in a hut. I think you got upset
when I said I don’t love you. Your life too will be good.
Don’t feel bad. Do you find it as feeling? I feel like jumping into
sand and cry by doing like this. Remember one thing. I have a calculation for every work. There is a limitation to every work. Calculation,
limitation and her over action.. She doesn’t seem to
understand my emotion. Hey! You are really a rowdy.
– Look, girl. I have a reaction with
me for every action of yours. Lucky girl you are! You got three kisses
in three meetings. Bring calculator from tomorrow. Let’s move forward by
increasing one every day. Finalize it, sweetheart. Hello, Ghani bhai. Good morning. Krishna.. You took two days leave
after two hours of joining. First time he saw it.. ..so he must have got scared. Hey, Seenu.
– Brother.. What happened to Krishna? Brother, I have come. Good morning. Good morning.
– Good morning. Good morning. Seenu.
– Brother.. Go to Rasool’s mechanic shed. Just threaten him. Find out where he kept
the goods and bring it. Go.
– Okay, brother. Let me too start my work. Why is he going to brother? Brother.. I too will go. I will work well. I hired you because you will do. Go.
– Thanks. Hey, what did brother say? He gave me some work
like how he gives you. He told me to look into that
work after your work gets over. What work?
– Let’s ask brother. Come. – Wait. He told you, right? Go. Hey duffer! Sit behind.
– No name? Sit. Lot of attitude. Let’s go. Tell me where the goods are. We will not tell. Hey, Brother Srisailam had sent. Sweetheart, how are you living
without kisses since two days? I called up to warn you
to not make advances like this. Didn’t I say that I will not
love anybody until I go to Dubai? Sweetheart,
listen to me and change the plan. I will have to change
my plan like this.. ..that’s why I said
I will not love anybody. Should we tell where the goods are if
brother Srisailam sends? We will not tell. Hey! Talking to girlfriend
by leaving the work aside? Sweetheart, stay on hold.
– Okay. Tell where the goods are. I am giving just five minutes time. Otherwise I will
bury you all right here. Don’t you understand
when I said I don’t know? Brother.. it’s over there. Brother, it’s found, let’s go. Tell me, sweetheart.
– What are those sounds? Who is it there? I am giving stitches
to one patient here. I made a fool shout just now.
Listen to me, sweetheart. You can give stitches while I beat. What do you say? You say yes,
we can earn with both hands. Hey, let’s close Afzalganj
Asif’s matter too. – Okay, brother. About life.. Whoever brother gives work,
they should sit in front. Karim Bhai, go to Dharma. I have work with you. Tell the work.
– Passport problem. They say it is not possible
to apply here with Kerala address. You should use your
influence and get it. I like you, I will get it. Stop! This is the house which brother told.
– Go back. Go! Go! Go! Keep waiting. I will finish the work
and come in five minutes. Who is the rowdy? Hey! Brothers, sisters and grandmother! Krishna left after getting
thrashed and he is back again. Come, watch and give money. Who is asking for money in this area?
– Shut up! We will lose our entire
respect if we leave him alive. Kill the rascal! “Ringa ringa roses..” “Everyone is arrogant.” “All fell down!” Who will come first? Why isn’t he dead yet? Mother! I am an old woman ready to die.
Will you show knife, son? Smart woman! Either kill or beg! Hey!
– Hey! Why are you making sound when the knife
is in my hands? Take out the money! Take it out soon! Brother.. Shut up! What is the gap? How much less it is? 500 is less. So what? Take it. What should I take?
Do you know the value of 500? Master, I know. Master, didn’t you go yet? Had I come to honeymoon.. ..to go back if tired? Master, forget the 10 lakhs,
first kill this old woman. I will get rid of the jinx. Why did you say like that, son? Shut up! Respect for senior citizens is being
lost just because of people like you. Son? No need to fight, son. I will give. Yes.. yes.. 500.. another 500.. Master.
– Coming, master. Thank you.
– Only 500.. No! Master, I am finished! If a guy gets thrashed
and comes back to beat.. ..then you should think
who is supporting him. Srisailam. Now Krishna’s right hand. If you think this is
not enough and want more. ..gang is ready outside. Hey, Lingappa Goud! Take on big guys and small guys.. ..but don’t take on
with a crooked guy like me. If I tear you then scar
will not be seen on face.. ..but all over. Master, let’s go. Master, I want to praise you. Master, let me praise you. “You descended like a festival
and gave hope to lives.” “You have boiled the blood inside.” “You descended like a festival
and gave hope to lives.” “You have boiled the blood inside.” Thank you, master. Bye.
– Okay, master. How long should I stand?
Legs are paining. Brother, work is finished. Brother
Srisailam told to give money for partying. Don’t think you have become great just
because brother had given work and position. Whoever comes here will commit
mistake and he cannot escape. That day your game will
be finished and you will be out! Will you kill me? Will you kill me? I will definitely kill you. After killing Kaisar, who frightened.. ..the twin cities with kidnaps
and extortions, in shootout.. ..Selva has become security
for law and order, says public. Police department has
proved its power once again. CI Selva says he will recover Kaisar’s
illegal earnings at any cost. – Sir.. Selva.. It took us three
years to create Kaisar. You encountered him before
we could earn 30 crores on him. Sir, his capacity is finished. I bumped him off when I
felt he is not more use to us. Very good. Who is next? Srisailam?
– Sir, we can’t get him. What is it that you don’t know? There is an anonymous person
behind every work he does. He keeps all his money
transactions highly secretive. Moreover a bigshot like
Jagadish Naidu is behind him. Commissioner’s post is also a big one. Everyone will get caught
when the right time comes. Hey, my daughter is setting
up hospital in America. I promised her saying
I will give 25 crores. I promised her saying
I will give 25 crores. Understood? Sir, give me 20 days’ time.
– 20 days’ time.. Recently I have seen
a documentary on TV 9. Illiterate criminals are doing
settlements and earning 75 crores daily. State first. Gold medalist in IPS. Do you run well? So will it take 20
days for getting 25 crores? That’s why public
calls police as lousy. If capacity is finished then
you and Kaisar are same to me. The horse that you bet on should win. If anybody stops collection
then he should die. Go! Hey, who will salute? Sorry, sir. Sir, who is your next target? There are many names in our hit list. Criminals are going underground. Wherever they may hide, whoever is behind
them, there is no question of leaving them. Whoever the criminal is.. ..forget committing crime.. ..I will instill such fear that they
will get frightened to use the work. Understood? Understood, brother. What you understood? He made Kaisar and he killed him. You shouldn’t understand that. Since Selva and you have connections.. ..so don’t think Selva
will remain calm in your matter. You should understand this. Understood, brother. Just because we are in power
so he not interfering with us. Like how I am behind you.. ..Police Commissioner is behind him. There is one more thing
that you need to understand. We are making a deal illegally. Investment is 200 crores. Profit is 2000 crores. So I need a toy for
remaining anonymous. Do you have any toy or used all? Brother, one new boy is there.
Name is Krishna. Krishna? Nobody should know it, okay? I will see that he too doesn’t know
that crime is happening in his name. Understood, brother? Don’t apply perfume to
cover the smell of cigarette. I understand everything. Chakri is coming tomorrow. Let the procedure begin. Okay, brother. Stop.
– Brother.. Keep the entire gang in sleep mode
until the work is done. – Okay, brother. Do you know what sleep mode is? Don’t interfere with anybody. Ignore if anybody interferes with us. Behave as if you are not bothered. Understood well. Go.
– Thank you, brother. Bye. Come and sit. Chakri, give papers. Take the papers, sign them. I am taking loan from a bank. I am keeping you as guarantor.
That’s it. Okay, brother. Brother, it is written as Goa here. We have a small business in Goa too. Importing fish.. ..exporting.. Actually that is our main business. That’s why we have
bank accounts in Goa too. Sign it.
– Okay, brother. Got fax?
– Yes, I got it. Done?
– Photo.. What photo? What photo? You said sign, that is okay. Photo is not possible, brother. Hey, it is..
– Brother.. Photo will go to Goa.. ..and foreign from there,
if everybody sees it.. Brother, I will go and wash my face. Please, brother. Where to wash? Over there. Go. Face wash.
Glow, glow.. Take now.
– Chakri, go ahead. Photo.
– Okay, take it. Thumb impression.
– I have signed. What is this?
– Hey, Krishna. Brother, your word is one crore..
for crore.. I mean.. I will do anything for your word. Face detection. Now you can go. You go.
– Okay, brother. Brother is giving you more
importance than brother Seenu. Has brother become useless? All the senior rowdies in
the city are being encountered. They are showing on TV. Hey.
– Hey, Seenu. Brother.. Keep the gang in
sleep mode for few days. Okay, brother. Do you know what sleep mode is?
– Yes, brother. What? We shouldn’t point gun at others and we
shouldn’t react if anybody points gun at us. You understood very well. Go. Before someone leaves,
symptoms are like these only. Hey, my darling Paru. She cannot live without
talking to me. Hello. Is the passport work done? Why don’t you come home tomorrow? Why are you so desperate all the time? Paru, my dear..
you find my words romantic. I have given my address for
permanent address. Inquiry tomorrow. Tell me what time tomorrow. They can come anytime.
Why don’t you come at night as safety? I know what you will do
even if I come two minutes early. Look.. you are again bringing
out the romance inside me. Will you stop? You are doing romance when
I am giving the chance to talk. I will not give more
liberty than this. Dear, let’s talk frankly tomorrow. But do some co-operation
for that discussion. Okay? Okay.
– Over the phone? People fear him because of me. He sidelined me after
Krishna’s arrival. Seenu! Guntur Seenu! I will do settlements by
selling the bar run with my name. Will Srisailam allow us
to buy the bar if he finds out? Whatever we do, he cannot do anything
as long as the gang is in sleep mode. This is the right time. I will see who will come in between. “True..” “Magic of first moment..” Smell of jasmine flowers? Forget the smell when a garden
of jasmine flower is coming by walk. It comes automatically. Shy.. Will you kiss forcibly now? Did I hold you now? Or touched you? Did I touch my mouth with yours? So where is the force? I mean the expectations in your eyes.. ..are seen clearly. Sweetheart,
you understood my eyes very well. Come. I will understand your eyes too. “ABC.. ABC.. teach in your arms..” “1, 2, 3.. 1, 2, 3..
teach them in dreams..” “ABC.. ABC.. teach in your arms..” “1, 2, 3.. 1, 2, 3..
teach them in dreams..” “Don’t know that happened?
Your illusion is intoxicating.” “This world looks very
beautiful from your eyes.” “Oh my God!” “My body wants to rest in your arms.” “ABC.. ABC.. teach in your arms..” “1, 2, 3.. 1, 2, 3..
teach them in dreams..” “Rotating earth is not enough..” ..if you walk with me.” “My eyes don’t work
when you watch me?” “You have brought different
colour in the eyes.” “You have raised
sweet dreams of desire.” “Don’t know that happened?
Your illusion is intoxicating.” “Oh my God! My body wants to rest..” “..in your arms.” “Where is my heart?
Where is my heart? Where is my heart?” “Where is my heart?
Where is my heart? Where is my heart?” “Your name is music on my lips.” “It is a flowing stream.” “I like stay in your arms like water.” “Light turns into
rainbow with raindrops.” “Life is to live with
the girl whom we like.” “You made me your shadow
by staying with me.” “By saying I am you,
you made eons feel..” “..like a minute.” Dress has become wet. Useless rain! What rain is it? Passport is used
to go away from people. But for us it is being
used to come closer. No, Krishna. Krishna.. Krishna, please.. Paru.. Seems to be very wild. Trend is like that. Krishna! Why don’t you make sound
to signal your coming? Your sound has dominated our sound. Tell the details, madam. How much you want so
that work gets over directly? You seem to be in emergency.
Give 2000. Close the door day after tomorrow. Why? Postman will come to give passport. Let’s go. Paru.
– Bye. Sweetheart, we should complete
the work that we take up. Sweetheart, I will not start anything
until my Dubai dreams gets completed. Hey! What are you all doing here?
Scoundrels! Guntur Seenu had sold
the bar running his name.. ..by stealing the papers. Brother, we don’t know
when he stole the papers. – Hey! Rascal! Brother! Brother!
Don’t take tension! Brother! Who are they?
– Brother.. Customers who bought
the bar from Guntur Seenu. I brought them while they
were going to pay advance. Stop, brother. Brother, I realized my mistake.
– Will you buy my bar? Will you buy my bar? Srisailam! I am Srisailam! Not these people, but I want that scoundrel
who stayed by my side and sold the property. Hey, go and bring Seenu alive. I have to talk. Come, let us talk. Brother,
what is the use if I run away.. ..after my customers are held captive? What gives you feel so gutsy? By seeing this. Will you point gun at brother?
Put it down! Put the gun down first! Put it down! Put it down! – Krishna! Sit!
– I will kill you! – Sir, Krishna! Hey.. hey, Seenu.. Sit.
– Put it down. – Krishna! Put the gun down or else you will
die if bullets are fired. Put it down! Fire the bullet and see!
You will be shot! – Put the gun down! Shut up! Shut up!
– Put the gun down! – Sit I say! Sit! – Put it down!
– He will not do anything. He will not do anything. Sit. Brother..
– Did you send the papers to Goa? Yes, brother.
– Are you observing Tiger? Yes, brother.
– Is the gang in sleep mode? Yes, brother. Come to office once.
By what time you will come? Brother? By what time you will come? How much time it will take?
– Say you will not come. Brother, I will come in half an hour. Okay, come. What is your problem?
What do you want? I want money.
– I am paying salary, right? You are earning hundreds of crores and
throwing mere 30,000. Is it enough? Is it enough? Anil Ambani earns one lakh crores. Will he pay 1000 crores
salary to his worker? Person should have character. Do you have? Do you have? You killed some person
and seized this bar. Now I will kill you
and seize this bar. Hey, I will kill you if you say that.
Put the gun down! Put it down I say. Krishna, are you mad?
Don’t shout loud and convince! Seenu, you want money.
Tell me how much you want. I will settle it. Brother, what is the need to
do settlement with him? You just say yes, I will kill him. Bullet will kill! Brother,
just say yes once, I will kill him. Hey! Hey! Shut up!
– He won’t live! Seenu, one crore.. Two crores.. final three crores.. Ganesh, bring money.
– Okay, brother. Seenu.
– Take it, brother. Hey! Hey! Seenu, look here! Look here! Don’t think of anything, take money. Use gun when work doesn’t happen.
Your work is done. No! Everyone take out their
guns and keep them in bag. Do it. Hey! Hey! Come!
– Keep them! – Keep them! Hey.. – Come! – Come! Keep.. – Keep! – Krishna! Keep it! Keep it! You killed brother’s man by showing the gun.
Light cigarette and bring brother down! Light it! Since I don’t want this.. ..so I made you sweat till now. Brother is boss. Whoever holds the gun,
they are the boss here. Will you point the gun at brother? I am the boss anytime. – Will you
point gun at brother? How dare you! Will you sell brother’s bar?
Will you sell it? Will you cheat brother?
How dare you! I will kill you! Kill! Do you think I stopped
because I cannot kill? Sleep mode! Do you know what it is? Don’t do anything. Do anything but nobody should know it.
Sleep mode. Correct. Police will find out
if we leave him or kill him. Correct. So let’s tie him up here. Correct. Seenu, whether you
deal me or I deal you.. ..profit is mine. That’s fine. My target is one crore rupees. Five.. ten.. ten..
Lingappa ten.. total is 60 lakhs. I should earn the remaining 40 soon. Can we click a photo?
– Go ahead. Address of remaining people
in the list.. – Check! Yes! Give 5,000. I won 5,000. 5,000 to keep here?
– Yes/ Wait, I will bring. Bring it.
– Do it properly. I have to get 5,000.
– I have to get 40 lakhs. Take Srisailam.
He will see that you get it. Good idea.
– Thank you. – Wait, I will bring. When I was playing like this
in 6th standard.. – Chess board.. You look like a black elephant..
6th standard? Who is Narayana who
took loan fro ISD bank? It is me. Business is not doing well. So I am giving the shop on lease. I will come soon and pay it. Grandfather, bank people have sent me
to tell you that your loan is cancelled. Be happy.
– Is it? I am happy. Tell me, sweetheart.
– Surprise for you. Are we going to become parents? Hey, my parents have come.
– What is it suddenly? They felt happy that I
gave green signal for marriage. I said I am in love. They came to see if
you are perfect or not. Come and impress them. You are my co-passenger
to Dubai and the rest of my life. Sweetheart, I will be
in front of you in 10 minutes.. ..and make your parents
say your selection is super. I am coming. What is the boy saying? Father, he said he will come in 10 minutes.
Want coffee in the meantime? We will drink after
the boy comes. – Okay. Okay, you will continue with
your job in Dubai. So what he will do? He will do the business
of loan recovery under Sheikhs. Hey! Who? Guntur! You! How did you come here? Stop! Sir.. – What about
my 25 crores matter? Sir, I am going on the same work. Do it soon, Selva.
– Sir.. That day itself I told you that whoever
comes here will commit mistake. You committed mistake, you committed
a very big mistake by interfering with me. I lost the money that came very close. 3 crores.. Get up! Get up! Get up! Duffer! I am doing business from a small age.
Seenu! Guntur Seenu! I will make one phone call, brother. You don’t remember mistakes
but you remember girlfriend? Brother, let us talk to brother
Srisailam and settle the matter. Why didn’t I get this idea? Call him! Call him!
Take the phone. Call him! Brother, lunch..
– Let the boy come. Government is ours, use people. Should I tell brother Jagadeesh? What Selva? On the night of 25th.. ..burglary will take
place in Joyalukkas. 25 crores rupees worth
jewellery will be stolen. Who? I am doing it. Want people? Want a person? To prove him as thief by encountering
him after the work is done. Which day it is?
– 25th. Take him. Name. Krishna. Our toy like car. Can be used and played as we want/ Brother, Guntur Seenu had brought me. He says he will kill me. He said he will
leave me if you come and settle the matter. Please brother. Please save me. Please
brother, save me. Please brother. Brother! Brother! I will get in touch
with you again on 25th. How did you think he
will come and save you? He used you. He won’t come. Nobody will come. Game over! Rascal! Hey! Tobacco use leads to cancer.. ..heart attacks, lung disorders
and other deadly diseases. Characters shown in
this film or program.. ..do not support the use
of any type of tobacco products.. ..such a beedi,
cigarettes khaini, zarda, etc.. ..or their promotion in any manner. What happened to this city? Pollution on one side
and smoke on the other. Why doesn’t anyone speak? Why should we tolerate it silently? Put an end to this negligent attitude. Don’t ignore if you see cigarette
or beedi burning anywhere. Smoking is banned at public places. Pay fine if you ignore it. Don’t smoke and don’t
let others smoke. Pay heavily for smoking. Who doesn’t want happiness? But at what cost. Pay heavily for smoking. Smoking is injurious to you.. ..and also your loved ones. Pay heavily for smoking. Smoking and drinking is injurious
to health and leads to cancer. We will leave, dear.
– Father, he will come. I wouldn’t have cared
had he not come due to work. But he is not taking the call after
saying he will come in ten minutes. So I can understand the importance
he gives to you and your love. I couldn’t give you anything
properly since childhood. Good education,
food, clothes, nothing.. You got used to compromises.. Maybe you are making compromise
with life too, just think. He is not finding time to meet.. ..so I don’t believe that
he will stay with you all your life. Be careful, dear. You will die in one second
if I pull the trigger. If I don’t pull then you will die
with the fear as when I will pull it. Death is guaranteed! Understand it! I want to tell the matter but he is
disconnecting the phone. What to do now? What? You are making frequent
calls and feeling worried. Our foreign business partners
are coming in one hour. Final meet. They will match toy’s
photos and signatures. Let’s go. Call him. Brother, Guntur Seenu took him away. What? I am doing 2000 crore
rupees business on him. How are you able to say it
so easily that he took him away? Municipality dog! Guntur Seenu! Our guy.. they both are not
getting along well.. gang politics. Politics! Politics! Politics! Why do you want it? Rowdy rascals! I said to stop hooliganism
and go into sleep mode.. ..but every rascal wants politics. Do you understand
how important it is.. ..for him to stay alive
till this deal gets over? Brother, I understood but..
– What but? What but? You too will die if he dies.
Remember it. Within one hour.. ..if you cannot show Krishna, deal of
2,000 crore rupees will get cancelled. It will get cancelled! Whether you hold Guntur Seenu’s
legs or beg him, I don’t care. Krishna should be in
front of me in one hour. What are you thinking? Go! Hey See.. Is he found?
– Yes, yes.. I will remove your clothes and shoot you
like a dog if something happens to him. Okay, okay. Why do you talk rubbish saying okay? Yes.. Come. Hey! He is innocent. Leave him! You love your dog, I don’t. Seenu, if you do anything to
him then it is like doing it to me. Down! What is this? Once decided then no
difference between you and him. I will kill anybody. Nothing ends with murder, it starts. Nothing ends with discussion.
– Why will it not end if we talk correctly? Stop.. stop.. stop.. Sit rascal! Sit! It depends the offer you make. How much you want? 2 crores.. 3.. Stop.. stop.. stop.. Tell me what you want,
I will give anything. Give Goa.
– Goa? Goa is yours! Goa is yours!
Don’t do anything else! Stop! Stop! Goa is yours! Goa is yours! Goa is yours! Goa is yours!
Krishna, nothing happened to you/ Bullet hit the leg. Don’t worry. Heart will stop.. see here.. here.. Bullet will enter the head now.
Handover Goa to me! Handover Goa! Oh.. Tell me, Srisailam. From today, till death,
Goa belongs to Guntur Seenu. Once Goa is given to Seenu
then it will belong to Seenu forever. Think again. – I said it.
– Is this the final decision? Final! Final! Final! Okay.. Hey, from today Goa
business will belong to Guntur Seenu. Happy?
– Very happy! Krishna, come let’s go. Be careful. First time I am seeing you
giving importance to someone’s life. What is there with him? Two drops of buttermilk should
be put for converting milk into curd. If life were to be good then a
friend like Krishna should be with us. Thanks, brother. He would
have killed me if you had not come. Brother..
now you gave Goa and saved me.. ..but it is not possible every time. So I want to go to Dubai
by leaving everything.. If you do that then
you will really die. Wait for ten days. I will safely send you
to the place you need to go. Don’t go anywhere without
telling me until then. Come, sit in the car. Hi guys.
– Hi. Krishna. – How do you do?
– Hi. Hello. Thumb. Signature. Passport scan.
– Yes. Are they partners are police? They are checking whether
it is trap or genuine. Cash. Card. Okay, thank you.
– Thank you. – Thank you. Brother, they should
give us money in loan.. ..but why are you we giving them. Bribe. Stay out.
– Okay, brother. Half work is finished. Our job is done.
– Yes, your job is done. – Yes. We should cut every link
like this once the work is done. Only then nobody can touch us. Brother, no link will remain
on the day when entire work is done. Every time you talk to me hereafter.. ..change your mobile number. If police taps the calls.. ..not that I am afraid
they will kill.. Brother..
– They will ask for share. Understood, brother. – Henceforth
look after Krishna very carefully. His death after a week is guaranteed.. ..likewise his staying alive
for a week too is guaranteed. Paru, why are you like that?
– What happened? I had a dream yesterday,
I woke up today. That’s why I am like this. Stop, Paru.
Why don’t you take the call? Will you ask why I didn’t come?
Guntur Seenu fired bullet at me. That’s why I didn’t come.
Try to understand. Okay, scold me. Beat if you want. Do you wish to get beaten? Entire matter will get cleared
if we talk for two minutes. I don’t know who you are.
I will not listen to anything. Go and talk to the
people who you know. Baby, don’t fear, I am here. What is your nuisance?
– Nuisance? I am Chief Neurologist. Nervous system will get damaged
if I hold the nerve and pull it. If you are Neurologist
then this is knife, I am Krishna. If I stab you then this hospital
will certify it as suicide. Should I stab?
Tell me. – No. – Should I stab? Cool down, bro. You talk to my baby,
I will go on rounds. Rounds! Nurse! Do you really like me?
– Yes. There is a flight to Dubai
in another two hours, let us go. How come suddenly like this?
– So shall we go in the evening? Tomorrow morning? Okay, tomorrow evening.
– Paru, it is not safe to go now. I don’t want someone who comes with
me when it is safe and comfortable. I want someone who stays
with me even while dying. No. I don’t want you. “Four bottles vodka, your name is..” Hello, darling my wife, tell me. You didn’t tell what to cook?
– What will you cook? I will cook whatever you tell. Kalpataru, wife should be like you. Cook rice and pulse,
I already licked pickle. We ate that in afternoon, right? So cook chapati kurma. Children won’t eat.
– Fry something. It becomes heavy at night.
– Cook chicken. Hey, today is thursday.
You forgot, right? Hell with this?
Should I bring something from hotel? Health will get spoiled.
– Curd? I didn’t curdle.
– Idli and sambar? I would have rinsed
it if you had told before. Hey, it will take only two minutes.
What is that? Maggi. Stomach will not
become full with Maggi. So what will you cook? I will cook whatever you tell. Hell with you! Is it only you or
is every wife in the world like this? Dear! Paru.. Will you leave me if
I don’t meet your parents? Who is standing on my way? Hey! My and my auto.. Who is kissing me
after I am drunk? Hey! Officer! Khairatabad Auto Union
President Ramesh report, officer. Hey, come here.
– Okay. Front.. – No, sir.
Gear is reversed.. That’s it. Why are you feeling so bad for it? Cannot you live without it?
– This.. Is it born with you so that
it will remain with you till you die? You met in between, you thought
it is your life.. – Buddy.. Don’t you have life without it?
Tell me. What if it is lost?
Will I not find another? Why will you not find, officer? If we
pay money then we will get many such. Though we get so many,
but we will not get one like that. That is yours. Once you fall in love.. ..you should give up life for it. What if it doesn’t say no?
Convince it. But don’t leave. Officer, is there so much
emotion behind this bottle? So I should drink. I was talking about my lover till now.
Will you talk about your quarter? Rascal!
– You beat me? Or my auto?
– I beat you. I am not finding support..
after I get up.. – Hi! Come.. Hey.. Not me.. hey.. what is this? Found you in frustration. What’s your name?
– She has got a new name every day. Katrina Kaif.
– Officer, it is not Katrina Kaif.. Knife that is cut. She is a very different
person in entire Khairatabad. Come. What will you give? I will give you life.
– It is enough if you give one chain. We both are marrying tonight. Come and sit. Marriage! Bommali! Marriage for me? Officer, she is not
a miss to make her missus. She has different forms. Get down. Wow! Pitch dark! Strong man! Go ahead.
– I will.. I will.. Hey.. Hey! Come out! Do you think I will not find
another girl if you say no to me? Did you see how sexy
she is like a heroine? Partner is very rough, I am puff. Are you unable to talk
after seeing this beauty? Do you know the name? Sweetheart, tell your name.
– Katrina Kaif. Katrina Kaif, sister of Md.
Kaif, now my wife. What happened, sweetheart? You are cute.
– Are you comfortable? Why do we need her?
Let us get married. Come. She is called lover,
full co-operation. Watch and learn. Left? She left from life.. ..and also window. What if she leaves? I am there, loot me. I will marry only you. Why are you bringing
a mistress before marriage? She is not miss, officer.
It’s a big mistake. I will not let this mistake happen. Will you settle for such
woman if Charmy says no? Officer, I understood your problem.
Give one second time. Sister, I never don’t touch,
please come. This place, same. Sister, this is not angry. Feeling sad because you said no. She is correct. Proceed, your Honour. You do compromise,
you both live happily. I will put this dual SIM in my phone. You stopped my marriage at the
last moment? So who will marry me now? Will you marry me? You come, darling.
Ask anybody in Kairatabad.. ..and they will tell you about me.
I am good. I didn’t get frightened
even when bullet hit me. But I felt like dying
when you said no to me. Mad girl! I cannot live without you. How did you think
I can live without you? I am crying continuously
after that incident. Had something happened to you.. Brother told me to stay here
for ten days so that nothing happens. Brother said he will
send me after that. That’s why I am afraid. Earlier you would say,
‘you will come.’ Now you are saying, ‘he will send.’ We should decide our life
but how can others decide it. Okay, we will decide it. We don’t need anybody’s permission. No need. We are going to Dubai
after getting the visa. We will go. Will you remember these
words tomorrow morning? If you ask if I remember.. ..then you should do something
so that it is remembered. What should I do? Let’s do something
that will become a memory. You will feel bad if I scold you.
You will start again if I leave you. Go away.
Thinking of romance all the time! Paru! My dear! Not only morning.. ..let us have fun that
will become a memory for life. Let is have fun! Hey! “Hey Parvati,
there is lot of power in your love.” “You are a sweet cola to this life.” “Hey Parvati,
your eyes are chasing me.” “Your love doesn’t leave me daily.” “Okay, let’s play the game.” “Let’s get over this cold>’ “Let us wake up sun
by playing pranks.” “Let’s have fun, O baby!” “Let’s have fun, O baby!” “Let us whistle now.” “Let’s sing for fun.” “Hey Parvati,
there is lot of power in your love.” “You are a sweet cola to this life.” “Hey Parvati,
your eyes are chasing me.” “Your love doesn’t leave me daily.” “What are dreams like? – You don’t
know them if you open your eyes.” “What is called dream world?
– Sleep will show it.” “How does a heart look like?
– It has not shape and colour.” “How is love born?
– You too know it.” “Let us jump into happiness
and climb the sky.” “O love..” “Let us cross all directions,
let us go to the world of stars.” “O love.. love that drives me crazy.” “Let’s have fun, O baby!” “Let’s have fun, O baby!” “Let us whistle now.” “Let’s sing for fun.” “What is there to do?
– It is not seen in darkness.” “It will be dawn in sometime.
– It will become our shadow.” “What does age wish for?
– The mantras of love.” “What is the spark in age?
– It is the love inside the heart.” “Love says there are no barriers,
it is only happiness.” “O love..” “Love says there is no fear,
do anything..” “O love..
let’s begin our journey now..” “Let’s have fun, O baby!” “Let’s have fun, O baby!” “Let us whistle now.” “Let’s sing for fun.” Party is waiting at Erambul beach. Go. Hello.
– Selva. CI Selva. I am not in your area or the state.. ..so that I will fear
upon hearing your name. I don’t need you. I have need with you. Every work undertaken by
Guntur Seenu has a price tag. Whatever that price is, I will pay it. I received information that Srisailam
is doing 200 crores illegal transaction. Want details. Is there any possibility? Krishna, how will I forget you
even if I become busy with business? There is a dog called
Krishna in that gang. Frighten him, work will be done. He has a girlfriend too. Theft in jewellery shop. It is done. Sir, I cancelled the plan. Yes, sir. I cancelled the plan. Hey, you.. The shoe on my leg
should walk with me. Person under me should do as I say. Sir, we got a deal worth 200 crores. Sir, I received information saying that.. ..Srisailam is doing 200 crores
illegal transaction. This clue is enough
to steal money from him. Nice. Sorry, sir. So what is the plan? – Sir,
a soft guy is found in his gang. Name is Krishna. He is new. Without Srisailam getting any doubt,
I will gather information from him. It is very interesting. Don’t think even if you
have to delete one, two people. Hey, hold one finger from these two. One is gun shot,
second is current shock. Don’t stretch until
the plan gets changed. Come after work is done. Hey..
– Sir.. Sorry, sir. – Salute.
– Sorry, sir. Where is Paru? She is not in the hostel
as well as hospital. She is not taking the call too. Hello.
– Selva. CI Selva. Sir.. – Don’t you know to
file complaint in police station.. ..of something goes missing? Come to station. Sir, I am coming. Paru! – Krishna..
– What happened, dear? Don’t know why they brought.
They snatched the phone. They are abusing badly if I ask.
– Go and meet sir. You be here, I will go and talk. Sir..
– What? You felt lot of tension when
she went missing for two hours. What if she goes missing all your life?
– Sir, it will not happen like that. Sir, what should I do if
it were not to happen like that? Do as I say. Whom Srisailam meets,
whom he talks to.. What is he planning? Find everything. Be with him. Work for me. Didn’t you understand? Informer. Sir, they will kill. Will you not do anything for her life? I will do, sir. If you leak the matter
or don’t do as I say.. ..then next time I will
take her to guest house.. ..but not station. Go! What happened?
– Nothing. Don’t worry. Time is not good.
Come back and go again. Tiger! Come, come. One, two, three, four.. Sir.. Don’t watch with sympathy,
live happily. Out! Hey, come here.
– What, sir? You came without even calling. I am not your relative to come if you
call me. I am your soulmate. – Okay, sir. Please come and sit.
Thank you, thank you very much. Why do you give me lollipop now? Wasted
one lakh rupees to come from America. Will you pay so much money for taxi?
Is your father filthy rich? Suit, boot, coat.. you have the
house to him and he doesn’t pay rent.. ..he doesn’t vacate,
and you such chocolates.. Give one chance. I will prove myself. Chance is like a girl. Take
complete advantage of it when you get. When will you learn? Stop! I am coming! Stop! Answer is not satisfactory if you are
soft. Change the expression. – How? What how?
There should be electricity in eyes.. ..body should move like bullet.. ..thunderbolts should fall with
punches.. – Should I do all these? Yes, you! Why do you ask again? Okay, I feel courageous. Come and see, I will tell you.
– Okay. Who are you? What Obama is to America,
I am the same to this house. Owner! Puli! Owner sir, you are not seen. Couldn’t you see this small cutout?
Are you blind? Jaundice? Colour blindness?
Reeling under last night’s hangover? Where is your brother and his idiot friend
who took the house on rent? – Here. Let’s go! He is dead! Come. Who? Who is it here?
What is happening in my house? Come on! Come on! Wheelchair! Puli! Puli! Puli! Hold on! Hold on! What brings you here, owner sir? To marry your daughter
and play with her. What? What are you drinking? Peg? If you drink 4 then I will return 14.
Return from America! Did you understand or not? Stop giving useless expressions.
Vacate the building and leave. Get out! What if I don’t vacate? Will you not vacate?
Will you not vacate the house? I will throw one belonging
in every second.. ..one dead body will be found
in every half an hour. I will kill any person
as I want if they stop me. Hey, should we fear you now? Hey! If I get angry then
I don’t care for anybody. What about you?
Didn’t you come your hair? I think you already got once.
But still take one more. Hey! Killing is a strange thing
for you but it is nothing to me. Don’t get up! Don’t get up!
– You.. Hey, discuss with
the man having moustache. See the real hero.. Something passed by. What is it?
– Bullet passed by you as a sample. Next time it will enter your heart. I want to pee.
– Do it. – No. Shut and do it later.
– Okay. – Go there. – Okay. Sir.. please, sir. Vacate the house. You use gun and.. ..I don’t know to use
anything except lollipop. Please, sir. I will give worship you. Vacate the house, sir. Sir.. sir.. please, sir. Listen to me. Sir, please, sir.. Please, sir.. Leave my house. Hey, yuck.. Excuse me. Just a minute. Who are you dude?
You look very handsome. Do you like me? Hey, to vacate your house.. Who are you?
– Rowdy. See the knife if you want. Will you show me knife after
occupying my house illegally? I will remove your eyes
and make omelettes. – Stop, sir. No need to have move
a tree if you want its fruit. You need intelligence
to hit it with stone. Are you talking in telugu?
What is its meaning? Sir, hit them with
brains and not by power. I don’t have it – I have it. You tell something and settle down for
one week here. I will plan the rest. Dude, I think it must be difficult.
He is carrying guns. What if you lose the house? It is more difficult,
moreover it is hard-earned asset. How much fees you want?
– Throw 5,000 after everything is done. 5,000? After all 5,000? Take 5,200 rupees. Sir! You are super! – I am too smart.
– Have lollipop till then for advance. Sir, you sucked it.
– No. It is okay. So you are my best friend.
Oh, no. Close friends. Now see how I am
going to deal with him. Caught? Sir, I am afraid to see you. I have a return flight next week. Sir, l will go.
I will stay upstairs till then. What is it, sir? Will not
a house owner get this facility? Go! You don’t worry. Your house is safe. Hey! Why do you salute you
after giving your house to him? Hey, no need to move the
tree if you want its fruit. It is enough to have brains
and hit it with a stone. – Telugu? Listen to me once. He is
going around with a gun in hands. If something goes wrong then
I will die. You will remain alone. You will become an orphan devil.
Can you tolerate it? So listen to me once.
Follow your friend. Okay? Okay, die your death. You will take the house, right?
– Okay, come. I will take care. Srisailam..
– Brother.. It came. What has come? Date 25th. 2000 crores. I will deal once in
every six months hereafter. I am CM in three years.
In my municipality.. no, no.. You are Municipality
Minister in my ministry. Go. Thanks, brother.
– Not thanks.. There is something that
you need to understand. The only link that
is left from our deal.. ..is Krishna. What is there to say? Use and throw. After the work is finished.. ..eliminate him. Understood?
– Yes, brother. Paru, my baby! Congratulations! Dubai visa for ten years/ You will become aunt by then.
– Your visa is for only two months. What is it? Why only two months? Mine is job visa, yours is visit visa. We can get permanent
visa after we get married. 25th morning, 7 o’clock flight. One minute, I am getting a call. One minute. Sir..
– Where are you? Ameerpet, sir. Is Hitech city shifted
to Ameerpet? Fool! Don’t look around, do the work. I want Srisailam’s
phone for half an hour. Sir, it is impossible. Sir, he keeps his phone
with him all the time. Sir, he will kill if he finds out. See to your left. 100 eyes are observing you. I will know whatever you do. If I press the button here,
he will press the trigger there. Do as I say. No choice. I want phone in half an hour.
– I will bring it, sir. What dude?
Why are you thinking so much? Sir, I am thinking
how to get your house back. Are you thinking so
much for 5,000 rupees? Dude, I feel shy by
watching your sincerity. Tell me what to do. I cannot get your house to
you until I find Srisailam’s secrets. For knowing that,
I have to check him phone. Do it. – I will take his phone outside
for 15 minutes, you manage the rest. Is it? Do you feel so? Let us reverse a small plan. I will take his phone out,
you manage him. Sir, you are not thinking coolly.
– Is it? Just a minute. Lollipop. – Lolli!
Lolli! Yes Pap! What to do, tell me. Come, come, Mr. Puli. Come here. Have you come?
– Excuse me. I am coming. What brings you here
at this hour, Atmarao? Not odd timing! Rascal! Why do you want his phone? Do you know
his contacts? Do you know his matter? You can’t even afford cheap liquor and
you found him like a scotch bottle. Use him and enjoy yourself but
why are you playing tricks with him. Hey, waste fellow. Wait, I am coming. Hey, hey, don’t beat.
Clothes too are shivering in fear. Give one chance. I will prove myself.
– How many should I give? Wild card entry too
is finished. – When? Questioning further?
Do as I say and get your house. I got full clarity.
Come here, I will tell. – Sure? See this. Where you went, sir? My relative came so
I went to talk to him. What you said is correct?
Do you think I can manage him? Come on, sir. You came from America.
Can’t you manage it? Do it. What is the link between
America and management? It is there. – It will be there if you
say it so loud. It should be there. Hey, where is my phone? Move aside dimwit! Hey, everything is lost for no reason. Why do you become worried
when you lose your phone? Will you address me without
showing respect? – I will do. I will address you and
your wife without any respect. I will beat your parents if they come. Everybody is comedian in front of me.
Challenge! Will you call brother as comedian?
– You stop! Now see! Take this. Hey! Hey.. Sir.. Sir, do it fast, please. – Did Srisailam
meet new people recently? – No, sir. What is happening inside? Uncle! Your pot! – It is costly piece.
It will break down. Have it.
– I found! When I am in flow then
I will not forgive even a fly. Hey! Srisailam! Are you hiding? Fool! If you want something then by,
or else ask.. ..but don’t snatch it.
I will shoot you like a bird. Will you see a sample? Where are bullets? Hey, catch him! Sir, do it bit fast. Please! Your job is only
to do what you are said. Don’t try to tell. Done! Will you abuse our brother? Kill him! Brother, if we kill him now.. ..then what if someone
files missing complaint on him. He will go to American in two days. Hey, leave him. Go away!
– Had you not left me.. ..I would have taken your heads. I am leaving them, keep them.
Killed all lice on head. Give your phone once. My phone is here only, I didn’t see. He told me to manage something.. ..and I did something. Don’t know what will happen now. Will I get my house back? What a great performance! Wonderful! Stop praising me and tell
me what happened to the work. It is done,
I will get your house in a week. Puli! Puli! Puli! That’s why I gave best performance.
– Anyway, they beat you. Is it necessary for
you to beat yourself? First drink this peg. Not drinking this.. ..the day to beat
Srisailam is nearing. If the house owner’s ego gets hurt.. ..then tenant will get frightened,
a day has come to prove it. Sir, I am afraid. Why do you fear? I am there. Cool. Come on, take this 30 ml. By the time I..
– Sir, is it your leftover? That’s okay. Friend..
– No.. close friends. “Oh my beloved..” Hey, I will get my
house within a week. “I am from Nellore.” “Babe is hot..” I think the girl whom I booked. Hello. – America party?
– Yes. Your token number has come. Should I start? Okay, okay. Do you know the address? Yes, I know. How are you coming?
What dress are you wearing? I am wearing frock.
– Frock? – Yes. It is of knee high.. frock. I thought she is a posh girl and
booked her by spending 25,000 rupees. But you are talking of frock. Anyway, I will have to remove it.
What if I talk about anything? Dirty romance! Start immediately. I am coming.
– I am unable to tolerate, come on. Energy! Energy!
For your power and stamina.. Viagra! Horse power! Little bit of viagra.. “Feelings are uncontrollable..” “This is strange..” He is in a hurry. Where are you? Just now I reached the house. Come to first floor. I am coming. What are you doing here? America booking has come.
That’s why I came again. Who? Short fellow? What will he do?
Come and sit. – Is it? “This season is romantic.” Oh! You are too much. Hello.
– Where are you? I am watching a statue here. What are you doing
in front of a statue? Ajanta statue is dying upstairs.
Come up! Come up! Okay, okay, you wait. Come.. I will rip you apart. Are you here since five days? Got booking again, so I came. Okay, come. Enough..
– Hey! “Come over me like a flowing poison..” Hey! Hey! No! No! Lustful fellow! I think he might die with lust. What are your lustful games?
Will you take so many viagra pills? Why are you moving like
that in a strange manner? I will remove your skin. Why did you come? What are you doing her?
I am suffering because of you. Go and see where it is. Go! Die! – I beg you!
– Why do you beg me? Go! Go! Don’t talk! Don’t you have shame? Go! My dream girl! Dream girl!
I am suffering from inside here. Where are you? Sir, what happened? Girl.. dude?
What are you doing here at this hour? I am searching for his
secrets to get your house back. Forget the house. Did you see my dream girl around? Sir..
– Don’t touch at this moment. I might commit in a hurry. Dude, I am telling without any shame. I booked a girl for 25,000 rupees. She entered inside and
went missing like Malaysian flight. Dude, I can’t understand anything.
I am able to hear but I cannot see her. I already consumed lot
of viagra pills. I am dying! Hey! Ganesh!
– Good morning, sir. I think you ate all our tablets. I couldn’t control
myself and ate them. The girl entered inside,
don’t know with whom she is. I beg you, show me. Dadel Rani!
– Is she jumping from top? She is here.
– What dear? Why are you shouting? Is it her?
– Yes. – Is it her? Waste! Come here. Come here! You look like a sweet
vendor on a roadside. Did I pay you 25,000 rupees? Rubbish! I am asking because I am unable
to stop myself. One question please. How many zeros are there in 25,000? Three.
– Got it? Three digits, it means 250 rupees. Hey, come here. I am coming. I understood. You have to come when you paid 25,000
rupees for 250 rupees. I am bit late. Please.. Go ahead. Buddha Will I not learn my lesson, Buddha? Beat yourself! You lost 25,000 rupees,
you ate viagras. You gave her to everyone and went
around the house like a railway engine. What did you achieve.
I don’t understand. Beat… beat yourself.. Thighs.. Sir, Srisailam phone data..
– Hey, you go. Come.. – I analyzed
Srisailam’s phone data. Sir, work will be finished on 25th. I feel irritated to see your face.. ..without getting money. Like eating this chilli. If you tell stories like
this when you come next time.. ..I will shove everything.
– Sir.. Go. Hey!
– Sir.. Salute. Sorry, sir. Hello. – Sir.
– Tell me. Srisailam’s secret transaction is going
to happen, there is an information, sir. But we don’t know how and
where it is going to happen. Srisailam has already left for it. Take this and give Dubai bundles. Passport please. You know I am Srisailam’s man, right? Okay, sir. Where are you now? Hotel.
– Track the mobile signal. Where is Srisailam.
– Brother is in the room upstairs. I am in lobby, sir. What are you doing in lobby
when he is leaving from front gate? Go and see. Go and see! Fool! Sir..
– Go! Go! Sir..
– Did you see him? I saw him, sir. – What are you seeing?
Go out! – Okay, sir. Is there police jeep in front? Yes, sir.
– Go. Turn on the phone speaker.
– Okay, sir. Hey, give the jeep to him.
– Get down! Get down! – Sir.. sir.. Follow Srisailam.. follow him.. Did you see him? – Sir,
I don’t understand where he is going? Take right, take right.
– Okay, sir. Did you see the car? No, sir. I can’t see. Go fast.
Increase the speed. More speed.. Did you see the car now? No, sir. I can’t see. I am seeing it.
How come you don’t see it? Overtake that bus.
– Okay, sir. Did you see?
– Yes, sir. Follow it. Turn off the siren first. Don’t miss.
– Okay, sir. Follow! Follow!
– Okay. Go.. go.. Maintain distance.
– Okay, sir. Are there any cameras in his route? Nothing is there in that area. Catch.. try some link.. I will try, sir.
– Don’t leave. Track mobile signal.
– Yes, sir. He should be found.
– Okay, sir. Sir! Sir! Vehicle stopped! Don’t tell me all that. Catch him. Sir, I am doing your work. Why are you
torturing me? I might suffer heart attack. Open WhatsApp. Sir..
– Got heart attack? Sir, don’t do anything to Paru.
Please, sir. – Now tell me. Are you doing your work or mine? My work, sir.
I will do everything you say. Click the photo of the person
whom Srisailam is meeting there. Note down what he is talking. You will not get her if
I don’t get what I want today. Did you understand what I said?
– Okay, sir. Go! Go!
– Okay, sir. Hey! Don’t miss him at any cost.
– Okay, sir. Go! Go! Fast! Fast! Speed up!
– Okay, sir. Go with maximum speed.
– Going, sir. Come on! Fast! Hi Srisailam! Sir, Srisailam met someone. Click photos! Click photos! Take this card. Yes, these are the codes.
– Okay. – Note them down. This is the VC code. And its CC..
– Okay.. And the last one
is the LC code. – Okay. These codes are very crucial.
– Okay. Tony will support you
on the day of dealing, – Okay. We will meet after the work is done.
– Okay. Bye. – Right. Srisailam’s car. I will kill your girlfriend
if you don’t come in 5 minutes. Chakri, write down the codes.
– Tell me, brother. 616 – Okay. – COMB.
– Yes. 43216. Upside arrow mark.
– Yes. You know this code, right?
– Yes, brother. Another code.
– Tell me, brother. – MR.. 2578023. – Okay. Write another code.
– 1424.. Yes..
– 8961. Just missed. Krishna!
– Paru! Krishna! Krishna! What happened to the work? I wrote down few codes
which Srisailam said. Should I leave her by believing them? Leave her, I am telling the truth. These codes are true,
check if you want. Why do shout?
He should feel frightened to talk. Don’t beat! Krishna! Venkateshwar Rao! – Sir..
– I will tell one number, write it down. Yes tell me.
– 216CO.. MB8143216.. 8143216.. Upside arrow mark.
– Okay, sir. Sir, this seems to be navy code. I will transfer the
call to Chandrashekar. Stay on hold, sir. Hey! Stop! Chandrashekar. – Two seconds, sir.
I am checking. – Okay. Sir, this is Columbian made ship. It left Columbia two weeks
back and is going to Indonesia. At present it is in sea. Check another code.
– Yes, sir. – MR.. ..2578023.
– Sir. Sir, this is container number. Another code. – Sir.
– 14248961. 8961..
– Yes. Sir, few containers have lockers. Maybe its password. So ship is coming from Columbia. There is a container in ship,
and there is a locker in it. Matter is inside the locker. Superb! Chandrashekar.
– Sir. How to bring container to India when
the ship is to Indonesia from Columbia? Sir, ship passes by Goa. After it enters Indian waters.. ..container is shifted into
another ship and transferred. Means the deal is happening in Goa. Chandrashekar,
I want the details of that container. Who has sent it? On whose
name it is booked? All these details. Sir, this is classified information. Give little time, I will try. There is something else
left which I need to know. What is there in that container?
To whom is it being sold? Tomorrow is 25th, day of dealing. By the time I land in Goa,
you should find those details. Hey! Send Krishna to Goa. Brother, I will send.
– Okay. You too take different routes.. ..so that police doesn’t
suspect – Okay, brother. I have managed everyone
in Goa harbour. Brother, Chakri is
there with Wesley’s men. Come with the locker after
the work is done. – Okay, brother. You meet Wesley.
– What about you, brother? I am already in Goa. Duffer! Krishna, do one thing. You leave for Goa immediately. Locker will open with
your thumb impression. Our bank work will be done. You said you will go to Dubai. Chakri will book the flight
tickets after the work gets over. You may go from there
with your girlfriend. Okay? Do one thing before going. I gave Goa to Guntur
Seenu for your sake. Give my Goa to me. Kill him! Take the gun. Brother..
– Take it. Your life is under threat
as long as Seenu is alive. You should kill him
if you were to live. Load the magazine,
line up the bullets. Pull the trigger! Finish! Goa for me, and Dubai for you. Start. Kill his lover if
he changes route or plan. Kill him after the work is finished. “Story ripens..” “Trap is laid..” “Move fast!” “Fate unfolds with vengeance.” “In the journey laid with thorns..” “..you don’t know the direction.” “In the battle for justice..” “..you will lose your
life if you go wrong.” Game over! Forget everything. Load the guns. We will welcome with bullets. “Show the guts if you possess.” “Curse is never a hurdle..” “..if you surge ahead.” “Continue with your
efforts and decide the war.” “Story ripens..” Sir, I reached Goa. Call me after the work is done.
– Okay, sir. I will tell how to
do money laundering, okay? Brother said to take to the bank.
Why did you bring to the harbour? Hey!
– Krishna! Krishna! Brother, why did you
bring here after saying bank? That is our bank. Thumb impression. Guntur Seenu! Arjun, until the locker
inside gets opened.. ..Krishna should stay alive. Hey! You and I are one! Srisailam,
why do we need him between us? Shove the bullets! So you both are..
– One! I have planned it! Guntur Seenu is my toy! You are finished! Hey!
– Stop! Stop! If you and I fight then
Krishna will take the goods. I will give you 200 crores. First catch him.
– Stand on your word. Not goods, even person cannot go out. Guntur! – Brother!
– Who are they in between? Srilankan buyers! – Lucky fellows!
Tell them to come! Tell them to come! Go into the container! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Come! Come fast! Come fast! Make it fast! Come! Brother, he fired the bullet! Krishna is taking away our goods! Firing is going on.
– What? Sir, Krishna turned reverse
and is taking away our entire goods. Krishna, what is happening here? Paru, my baby!
Watch whatever is happening here. We can live happily lifelong. Brother.. Brother! Is it a situation to kiss? It is bleeding here. Come.
– Where is the money? Come! Give money! Come!
– Yes, yes. Dubai hawala note. Send us safely.. ..and take these 200 crores. What is this useless business? Earning 200 crores is not as easy
as kissing. – Take out the vehicle! Get in! Get in! Go! Go! Catch! Hey! Go! Hey! Get into the vehicle!
Come on! – Come! Come! Fast! Come! Come! Come! Rascal is taking away the goods!
Kill him! Go! Fast! Fast!
– Stop! Come! Come! Come! Goods are with me! Come! Come! Come! Come! Come!
– Krishna! Krishna! Krishna! Ah! Ah! Go! Go! Hey! Krishna!
– Hey! Brother! Take the note! Take the note! Hey! My note! Yes! When did you plan all this? I started when you planned to trap me. World bank gives loan
and I am the guarantor? Brother, am I Obama so that
loan will be given if I sign? Brother,
what I don’t have is background.. ..not brains. What? Does world bank give you loan?
Do you need my signature for it? I shot everything with the
camera without your knowledge. You transferred 200 crores to Columbia
by opening bank account in my name. I understood that you are
doing illegal business in Goa.. ..and trapping me. Whether I escape.. ..or you work is finished,
you will kill me. I had to go against you.
I made a different plan. But Guntur Seenu
is a hurdle in between. Nuisance if I leave him
and disturbance if I do something. First sketch. What is your problem? You are earning lakhs of
rupees immediately after coming. We are begging here after working
for 10 years. – What you want? Will you give 50 lakhs? – I will give 50
crores every year. Will you do as I say? Brother, I will do whatever you say. Sell the bar running with your name. Aim the gun and tell Srisailam
to give Goa business. He did everything. But he was afraid to ask Goa.
Petty thief! He got convinced for 3 crores. Final 3 crores. I was afraid that you
will kill him if I spare him.. ..so I did over action and
hung him there with four bottles. In the meantime my Paru darling.. ..was nagging me by saying Dubai. We are going to Dubai
after getting visa. We can get permanent
visa after our marriage. Money will be lost if I go
to Dubai or else love will be lost. And I want both. I didn’t make it late and
made second sketch and freed Seenu. Create scene again. Ask Goa. If you don’t ask now then he
will not kill you, I will kill you. What should I do, brother?
– Do kidnap. – Whom? Myself. I planned my own kidnap. I got beaten.
Beat! I got beaten! Shoot! Fire the bullet I say!
– Goa is yours! Goa is yours! As expected you gave Goa. Half of the plan worked
out when you gave Goa. I took Goa to find out
what you are doing there. Inquire who Srisailam’s men are. We will find out what he is bringing,
we will loot and sell it. I have sent Wesley’s photo
to Guntur Seenu and conducted inquiry. I found that he is a drug dealer and
you all are getting drugs from Columbia. I told we will sell it without
profit and asked to arrange a party. Though risky, Srilankans came running. Selva is the only person who
is not expected in the entire plan. Though you gave tension,
you helped a lot. I gave you the entire codes
which I didn’t understand. You found out every code in a hurry.
– Check another code. 278MR023. Ship is coming from Columbia. There is a container in ship,
and there is a locker in it. Matter is there in locker. Superb! Yuck! Have you come from Palamoru.. ..or Dawood gang? I came from the desire to become rich. You are a scoundrel! This is injustice. It is a crime to go to
the forest and kill snake. It is a sin if you kill in temple. It
is justice if you kill in our house. I didn’t interfere with you. You have interfered with me. You sold me to him. What if he killed? You tried to frame in drugs case?
What if I went to jail? You tried to get Guntur
Seenu killed in my hands. You planned to kill
me after everything is done. Now tell me.
Who is scoundrel? You or me? How much has come? 200 crores. It is worth 2,000 crores. If it doesn’t belong to us then
whatever we get will makes us happy. I will give you 500 crores. Tell those guys to
come back with goods. Goods are not with him. He is taking away your truck. Fools! They are taking red bull cans
by leaving goods worth 200 crores. What.. what is that? Drugs.. lives will be spoiled. So what did you do to the goods? Is it in container?
– Brother, it is here. Come! Come! Brother, everything is set. Stop.. stop.. No.. stop.. Paru, my baby. Guntur, we will get 200 crores
if we give this note in Dubai. Result will be like this if you work hard.
– Yes, brother. We will work more hard. Is this called hard work? Darling, definition of
hard work has changed now. Hard work doesn’t mean to stand
in the sun and bend in front of owner. It is to use brain. Brother, you gave Goa.. What should I do to get Dubai?
– Work hard. Let’s us brain. Okay, come. Magician! “He can attack any person.” “Magician!” “He creates magic with words.” “He is fearless, he is dashing.” “He is brawny as well as brainy.” “He is the blue-eyed boy of everyone.” “Magician!” “He is a moving bullet,
no speed matches him.” “Magician!” “He can outsmart anybody.” “He creates ripples..” “..in the hears of traitors.” “He rises like a phoenix.”


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