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AC, Plasma, Fridge Washing Machine, Dishwasher, Cupboard… everything will be provided by the landlord. What about water and electricity? There is 24 hour back up in the building. Last time there was a power cut 3 years ago. View is good..but what about neighbours? You want to stay with me or neighbours? I’m just asking.. Sir everyone is busy here, no one here cares about anything. Do whatever you want, party, music, dance.. no one is gonna bother you… Perfect I am in the lift, there is no network here. Sir listen… Do you want to finalize this or shall i show you more flats? Give us sometime, Anu what do you think?? yes it’s ok, but it’s a big decision so we need some time to think We will let you know.. She is the one who takes the final call.. I’ll call you later. Madam listen.. I know it’s a big decision.. But the bigger decision would be of the society… as in? I mean..This society doesn’t allow single couples.. But you knew our situation. Why did you show the flat? I showed it on my responsibility sir. Don’t worry about it I have an idea, and it’s very simple You just call your mom and dad or any one of them.. We will show you guys are brother and sister brother and sister? But we have to stay together.. not our parents.. Sir ji! in Bombay people buy what you show them. all that is fine, but there would be some another way also right?! I mean we can act as a married couple Anu, please! You know that I am not ready for marriage, don’t find excuses to get me into it.. why are you going to this random tangent? madam listen… listen.. You know the previous tenant did the same thing And then they had a fight ..then breakup and then he left the home Created the big issue chairman of society got to know about it.. since then this society is extra conscious about the single couple And one more thing you won’t get any society in Bombay that allows single couple.. this is so unfair.. A single man can be the PM of this country, but you cannot give flat on rent to bachelors. Suraj please, don’t get him into this now. He is just a hardworking man serving our country. Oh please! He is only serving himself.. keeps traveling the world on our hard earned money! sirji you can discuss politics on facebook, don’t waste time here.. You just think about the offer and be ready, I’ll fix the meeting in next week that’s fine but we need some more time. no problem, think as much as you want but let me know by evening because another party is ready with token amount And they are corporate family, unlike media people like you. Ok? Have a good day! listen i love the house, let’s take this na! No Anu! There are too many issue with this place.. no listen..I am getting very good vibes..and all these things can be handled. Anu please, come let’s go.. 1 sec ! live in was your idea right? Either we are staying in this home together or apart.. Anu? your mother in law has arrived I mean Anu madam’s mother.. She had to travel so far you know, she is coming from Kanpur how do you know? I keep on chatting on Whatsapp with Anu madam. She told me.. It won’t work out between you and him..eventually you’ll break up.. ya ..even i think so.. He is anti national and i am nationalist. then why do you want to stay together? I don’t know I guess if we stay together and then leave each other then we won’t regret whole life that we did not try once in life. Broker sir. These are clients she is client’s mother. namaste! sir, these are the complete documents, and client’s mother is also here. wait, i’ll read. What’s your name? Ananya Ananya pandey? yes! yours? Suraj! Suraj shetty? Pandey .. Shetty. What sort of siblings are they? she uses my name, I am Pandey And he uses his father’s name, Sunil Shetty, Not the movie star, different one. but why so? who can make these children understand. She was in 10th class when she saw that director Bhansali’s film. Devdas! yes, she liked it very much and became her fan and said mummy i’ll also use your name from now, like he uses his mom’s name. Both the children on mine love each other. They do everything together. See now they have come to Mumbai together. very good, great values you guys have given them. Now a days brother and sister don’t stay together. This generation has changed these days a new trend is going on, live in relationships.. Brother is staying somewhere, sister is somewhere else and parents too. Society has become very bad I don’t know about society, I just care about my kids. It’s all because of mom’s teachings Suraj  is a little stubborn, rest everything is cool. Anu…what is this?.. you start anywhere, just keep in mind where are we sitting. even you don’t leave a chance to do that. they fight like husband and wife but also love each other as siblings. They don’t have anyone in life they say they will directly get married once they settle in career and we never allowed that girlfriend and boyfriend thing. very nice, i really like your children. Welcome to the society kids you will feel really good here, be a part of our family. Hello! Ya babes I am coming in 30 minutes, don’t worry. Why are you worrying so much I am coming, Just a minute there is a call. Yes yes I am reaching you, just be there I am reaching Ya babes, oh don’t worry everything will be alright. Madam what do you do? Just stop near that mall.


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