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You don’t listen to
one thing l say. You told me you’ll take
me to Dubai for shopping. And you took your wife with you. Darling, that is my
social responsibility. What about me?
– You are my love. Car parking.
– Sir, your keys. Yes. No. Look, don’t damage the car. Don’t drive fast. There
shouldn’t be a scratch. Understood?
– Yes, sir. Here. Hey. Thief. Thief. Thief. Thief. He ran away with my car. Yes, Alex. Yes, your
car is red in colour. Am l doing it for the first time?
Just keep the money ready. And yes, this time l don’t
want a deduction of Rs.5000. l’m at my usual place. l’ll be there in two hours.
Hang up now. Hey come on. Natasha. Hi, Natasha.
Where have you been? Excuse me. Natasha?
– No. Oh, yeah. Natasha
doesn’t look so good. Anyway, l am Veeru.
What’s your name? Balwinder. Balwinder. Your papa must
have named you, right? How do you know? Anyway. Can l offer you a drink? No, thanks. l don’t drink. l don’t drink either.
Our habits are so similar. Just as well. Drinking
isn’t good for health, anyway. Yes, but dancing is good for health. Shall we? Come on. Let’s
go and dance. Come on. Come on. Come on. Sorry. Come on. Where are you going?
– l’m going to dance with this girl. You’ll dance. You are a hero. You’re pushing me in
front of this girl. You! Brother. Brother? All four are your brothers? Why didn’t you tell me before? We could have all
danced together. We.. You dropped my drink. Yes. You dropped his drink.
You dropped his drink. They all three of them did. Come on. Let’s leave. Super. Thanks. l know
they dropped your drink. Let me buy you one. Sure.
– By the way, l’m Veeru. Jai.
– Jai. Veeru. Jai. Veeru. My darling smeared colours on me. The dressmaker adorned
my attire with diamonds. My skirt became
famous among lovers. The skirt from Agra. Come, check it. The skirt from Agra is
decked with lace from Jaipur. The skirt from Agra is
decked with lace from Jaipur. Anyone who sees it says lovingly,
you look gorgeous. The skirt from Agra. The skirt from Agra. Your eyelashes are beautiful. Your eyes are kohl. Your breath is fragrant. Your fragrance is tantalising. My skirt. My skirt. My skirt. Your eyelashes are beautiful. Your eyes are kohl. Your breath are fragrant. Your fragrance is tantalizing. Your face is marvellous. Your youth is torturous. Your charm is treacherous. Your silk handkerchief. You wore your silk
handkerchief around your neck. You wore your silk
handkerchief around your neck. Anyone who sees it, lovingly says,
you look so handsome. Your silk handkerchief. You wore your silk
handkerchief around your neck. You wore your silk
handkerchief around your neck. Anyone who sees it, lovingly says,
you look so handsome. Your words sound so
sweet on your luscious lips. Your gait is mesmerising. You are a smouldering furnace. Your words sound so
sweet on your luscious lips. Your gait is mesmerising. You are a smouldering furnace. You’ve come from heaven. You’ve brought merriment along. You’ve enwrapped my thoughts. Your silk handkerchief. You wore your silk
handkerchief around your neck. You wore your silk
handkerchief around your neck. Anyone who sees it, lovingly says,
you look so handsome. The skirt from Agra. The skirt from Agra is
embellished with lace from Jaipur. The skirt from Agra is
embellished with lace from Jaipur. Anyone who sees it
lovingly says, you look gorgeous. The skirt from Agra is
embellished with lace from Jaipur. Anyone who sees it
lovingly says, you look gorgeous. The skirt from Agra. The skirt from Agra. The skirt from Agra. The skirt from Agra. The skirt from Agra. The skirt from Agra. Come on. You want to
get something to eat? Do you have a car?
– Yes. Lady in red. Sir, he is the man who stole my car. Jai, run. Police. Run. Constable, follow him. Did you steal that red car?
– No. l borrowed it. What are you doing? Now l’m stealing a car. Hurry up. You don’t have much time. Get down. Check there. lf l had the key, it
would have saved us time. What do you mean? This is the first time you’re
stealing a car without a key? Don’t make me nervous.
The police are after me. And you’re asking me questions. Why? Would you
rather answer the police? Move. Come on. Hurry up. Pandu. Come here quickly.
He is there. Come on. Come on. Yes.
– Do you also steal cars? l’m a mechanic. Cheers.
– Cheers. Partner. You’re still an amateur in
the business of stealing cars. That’s because earlier
l used to fly planes. Plane? But where did you sell it? Sell? l mean, l really used to
fly it. l was a pilot trainee. Oh.
– Yes. Pilot trainee? So how come you’re in this field? Because of romance. l don’t understand. The girl’s father
turned out to be my boss. He found out. l lost
the girl and my job too. Very, very, very sad. But l think you’re a professional. My family is no more. l am all alone. Very sad. But Jai, don’t worry.
Now l’m your family. l don’t understand. What is there to understand? l mean, now you are my brother. No, no, no.
– No? You are my brother. l said it, so you are my brother. You are my brother.
– You are my brother. Shall l call Balwinder’s brother? Don’t call him.
Fine. l’m your brother. Not because l’m scared
of Balwinder’s brothers. l will catch them and
throw them in the gutter.. Veeru. Veeru, are you fine? Brother, my head is spinning. Hold on to the ground. Brother.
– What? The ground is
spinning as well, Brother. Don’t worry. Don’t worry.
lt happens. lt happens. – Okay. Splash some cold water on
your face. lt’ll sober you up. Okay. Okay. Fine, Jai.
– Good. Shall l tell you something, Jai?
Liquor is really bad. l’ll never drink again. lf you won’t drink,
then l will also.. All right, you won’t
drink from tomorrow. l swear. l won’t
even look at liquor. l won’t even sniff it. Brother.
– Yes. There are two more beers here. Let’s put them in the gutter too.
– Yes. Catch it, Brother. Cheers, Jai. Cheers, Veeru. Veeru, where did you go? ln the gutter. What’s up, mechanic? What are you doing here? Strange. Scoundrel.. Who took the
beer from my fridge? Tell me. Tell me honestly.
Peter. Who drank the beer? Mohan, tell me. Who
drank it? Tell me. Jai. Take this. What is this? l sold the car that
we stole yesterday. 50 per cent is your cut. No. l won’t take it.
You’ve earned it. Are you mad? l wouldn’t have been able
to steal it without you. l don’t want to get into
this mess. l’m just a mechanic. When did l say you are not? Take your share and
open your own garage. Otherwise, all your life
you’ll work for others. Jai. Scoundrel, is
it your dad’s garage.. ..that you think you
can sit and chat here. Saw that? l’m talking to my brother. He is your brother? Did your father give
birth to him overnight? You must have drunk my beer. Veeru, give me a note. That’s what you get
for abusing my dad. And this money is for your beer. Shall we become partners?
– Let’s start by stealing his car. lt’s futile. All
of them are useless. l talk about you day and night. l talk about you day and night. l talk about you day and night. l talk about you day and night. lt makes me crave.
How do l tell you? Your love is aroused in my heart. l’m smitten by you.
l’m smitten by you. l’m smitten by you.
l’m smitten by you. l’m smitten by you.
l’m smitten by you. l’m smitten by you.
l’m smitten by you. l talk about you day and night. l talk about you day and night. My saga revolves around you. l think only about you. My saga revolves around you. l think only about you. l don’t like it without you. l can’t see anything without you. l become fervent when l see you. My loneliness has been alleviated. l’m smitten by you.
l’m smitten by you. l’m smitten by you.
l’m smitten by you. l’m smitten by you.
l’m smitten by you. l’m smitten by you.
l’m smitten by you. l spend my time
reminiscing about you. Your love dwells in my soul. l spend my time
reminiscing about you. Your love dwells in my soul. l am alive because of you. Now my life is just for you. Whether l’m asleep or awake,
l’m lost in you. My heart is yours. l’m smitten by you.
l’m smitten by you. l’m smitten by you.
l’m smitten by you. l’m smitten by you.
l’m smitten by you. l’m smitten by you.
l’m smitten by you. By the way, do you know, Jai.. ..l have only one dream. What is it? l dream of owning a shack on a
beautiful beach like this one. And all day l sit around
looking at bikini-clad women. Even l have a
somewhat similar dream. But l prefer the mountains. l’d like to own a
cottage in the mountains. A small family. That’s what l want. lt’s a great combination. My mother was of the same opinion. She’d say, Veeru,
there’s nothing better.. ..than a sunrise
among the mountains.. ..and a sunset at the seashore. Mother wanted me to be a pilot. But mother is no more.. ..and l’m not pilot either. The only thing that’s here,
is me and my dream. Veeru, why don’t you get
out of this line of work? Sooner or later,
people like us get caught. Despite knowing, you..
– l know. l’m not interested in pursuing
a PhD in this line of work. l don’t like it anymore than you do. But you’re aware that
this is where the money is. And l’m almost there, Jai. Just a little more risk. After then, it’ll be
me and my beach house. But for now Peter.
– Yes? Two more beers.
– Okay. Looks like you’re beach
house is within your grasp. But it seems like l’ll
need another lifetime.. ..to build my cottage. Why? We’re equal partners, right?
– Yes. But you always have
more cash than l do. lt’s not what you think, Jai. Cheers, pal.
– Cheers. Take this. Hey, Peter.
– Yes? Try and slip this counterfeit
Rs.500 to someone else not Veeru. What are you saying?
– Come on. Change it. lt’s not phoney. Change it otherwise, the bruises
you’ll get after we beat you up.. ..won’t be a phoney either. Understood?
– Okay. l love this man. Jai, you know, l have no worries.. ..when you’re with me. l feel like l’m
with my elder brother. l mean, my big brother. How do you know that note was fake? This one? lt was because of the ink. lnk? What do you mean? lt means, l’ll explain the
details to you some other time. lt’s one of Veeru’s
special talents, my brother. That’s why l always have
more cash than you do. l don’t get it. l’ll explain it to you. Listen, actually, l.. Hi. Hi, Jai. Excuse me. Hi. My name is nervous and
l’m not always this Veeru. What? l mean, my name is Veeru and
l’m not always this nervous. Hi, l’m Veeru.
– Divya. Actually, l’m a pilot. Oh. l’m from Mumbai. Where are you from? Mumbai. Oh, so you’re from Mumbai as well?
– Yes. – That’s great. l’m here with a friend. When l saw you
coming out of the water.. ..l just couldn’t stop myself. And l came to you to tell you.. ..that that you’re very beautiful. Thank you. That’s why l came
here to talk to you. Oh, so you only talk
to beautiful girls? What about the ones
who’re not beautiful? No, it’s not like that. l ask those girls.. ..to tie me a ‘Rakhi’ (A thread
tied around a brother’s wrist). You see, even they need
someone to protect them, right? So, you like to fly things? No, l don’t fly anything. l’m a simple guy. l thought you said you’re a pilot? You don’t fly planes? Oh, that way? That’s funny. Yes, l do fly them. Along with planes, l fly
away with some girl’s hearts. That’s what my friends tell me. Okay. But l think that
you need some new friends.. ..who are honest with you. That’s why l want to be your friend. Divya. Sorry, l got to go. Divya. Your phone number? l think that l need
a new friend too. 98209..
– 98209.. ..12407. Why are you so stressed? Call her up. No, Jai. l can’t do it. What if l mess it up? Come on. Relax, buddy. l’m here with you. Sure? Divya, your phone. Hello? Hi. Divya.
– Yes? Hi, Divya. Divya,
this this is Veeru. Who? Sorry. We We met in Goa. When? Remember, you were
coming out of the sea? You were looking so hot. Sweet sweet. You were looking sweet. Divya, you were looking sweet. Why did you call? Divya, can we can we meet? l’m busy with my
yoga class right now. Yoga? Yoga. You do yoga? Even l do yoga. l love yoga. Really? l do it three times a day. Wow. What do you do in yoga? ln yoga, first of all,
l Just a minute. ln yoga
– ‘Pranayam'(Breathing exercise). First, l eat mangoes in yoga. Mangoes? You eat mangoes in yoga? Yes, l do. l mean..
– ‘Pranayam’. l have mangoes
before l sit for yoga. After that..
– ‘Pranayam’. ‘Pranayam’. And then l start with Pranayam. ‘Pranayam’.
– ‘Pranayam’is great. Okay, forget about all this. Divya, can we l mean,
can we meet? Please? Okay? Where? Just a minute. We We’ll We’ll.. We’ll meet at your house. No. – My house? Why would we
meet at your house, Divya? We’ll meet outside. We’ll meet at Tumba Caf,. lt’s a very nice place. They serve really good coffee. Okay. Tomorrow at 2 o’clock? Tomorrow. 2 o’clock. Yes! Drinks cancelled. l’m having coffee. But you don’t even like coffee? So what? Toffee will
be there with coffee. l love coffee.
– lsn’t it good? lt’s amazing, isn’t it?
l mean, you love coffee. l love coffee. Both
of us love coffee. Don’t you think that
we’re made for each other? Maybe? But l think so. The third wheel is here. What? – Nothing. Look
over there. Over there. l really like sunset at this place. At 2 o’clock?
– No, in the evening. Over there. lt’s all orange
when the sun is about to set. lt’s really a sight worth seeing. Very funny. lt’s very..
– Hey, Veeru. Jai? What’re you doing here? You asked me to come. What? l did? Why would l ask you to come? No, l didn’t. Try to remember. Until then,
l’ll have some coffee. l’m Jai. We met in Goa.
– Good. And you.. Yes. We met in Goa. He was with me. He He’s like a brother to me.
– l know. Do you like coffee, too? A lot. Even Veeru likes it a lot. Really? That’s a first. By the way, do you know, Veeru.. Hey. lt’s nothing.
He likes coffee a lot. Just have your coffee. We’ve
had six cups. lt’s really good. Did l say anything, Anjali? My name’s Divya. Yes. lt’s Divya. She told you. Who’s Anjali? This is Divya. l told you that l met
her in Goa. She’s Divya. lt’s hard to keep track of
all the girls he hits on. l forget names sometimes. l’m so sorry.
– What the..? He’s just kidding. He has
a weird sense of humour. Last night when l found you
lying drunk in the sewer.. ..you mentioned Anjali. Why would l be lying
drunk in the sewer? Who’s this Anjali? Anjali Sewer Anjali? Who’s Anjali? Why would l mention Anjali’s
name while lying in the sewer? You know Anjali is
like my little sister. She’s so sweet. – So you were
lying drunk in the sewer, right? lt’s an everyday thing No, l.. What What’s this, Brother Jai? Why are you hell-bent to
make my first date the last? Okay, l’ll leave. Let me know if you remember.
– Thank you. Divya, you’re a very
nice girl to like him. Otherwise, he’d have died
a bachelor’s death. – what? Bye. Does he always pull your leg? He? Yes, always. His been like this since childhood. l’m younger than him
that’s why he does it. Actually, we’re thinking of
starting a business together. His Oh? Maybe, that’s what he
was here for? l forgot. Can l talk to him for a couple of
minutes otherwise, he’ll feel bad Just give me two minutes,
okay? l’ll be back in a flash. Order another 5 to 6 cups of
coffee. We’ll have it together. Veeru. Jai. Jai. Wait. What happened? Why the hell were you stripping
me bare in front of Divya? Okay, listen. l remember
why l’d called you here. ln Goa you asked how l
generate a little extra income. l work part-time for Tejpal. Tejpal?
– Yes. The businessman?
– Yes. And you’re meeting
with him next week. l heard that he’s very dangerous. Why do we care? Listen, l do small jobs
and get paid well for them. Why don’t you start. Make some cash. Once we’ve made enough, we’ll ignore
him. We won’t even recognise him. Okay, fine. Okay.
– Yes. You should go. Anjali
must be waiting for you. Yes. Darn it. Who the hell’s Anjali? Okay.. That’s right Pump it up. You.. ..got something. There’s something about you, girl. My heart.. ..saw something. Whenever you’re around,
my world goes upside down. l’ll take you with me. l can’t live
without my love this year. Sleep has become a distant memory.
– Sleep has become distant. The heart is
beleaguered with restlessness. Sleep has become a distant memory.
– Sleep has become distant. The heart is
beleaguered with restlessness. Sleep has become a distant memory.
The heart is beleaguered. You got something. Girl my senses.. ..have become a bit over-drained. Your face.. ..is buzzing around. And, girl, when you’re around.. ..my world’s upside down. l’ll take you with me. l can’t live
without my love this year. Sleep has become a distant memory.
– Sleep has become a distant. The heart is beleaguered
with restlessness. The heart is beleaguered. Sleep has become a distant memory.
– Sleep has become a distant. The heart is beleaguered
with restlessness. The heart is beleaguered. There’s something about you, girl. There’s something about you, girl. Please colour my life
with your presence, my love. Have mercy on me. l’m
in pieces without you. l’ll take you with me. l can’t live
without my love this year. Sleep has become a distant memory.
– Sleep has become a distant. The heart is beleaguered
with restlessness. The heart is beleaguered. Sleep has become a distant memory.
– Sleep has become a distant. The heart is beleaguered
with restlessness. The heart is beleaguered. l’ll take you with me. l can’t live
without my love this year. l just wanted to make sure.. ..you are as agile as you
were before lnspector Jai. After all, you trained me, sir. According to the
information l’ve received.. ..you’ve been having too good
a time for the past few months. lt’s apparent as well. Sir, it’s part of my duty. To steal a vehicle
worth Rs.20 million.. ..is not a part of your duty. To steal a car worthy
Rs.20 million is not your duty. Your duty is to get close to Tejpal. His businesses. Money-laundering,
counterfeit money and arms deals. lt’s your job to gather
evidence and bring it to me. No one in the department knows.. ..that you’re working undercover. Sir, Veeru will..
– Veeru? Veeru? Can you tell me.. ..how’s Veeru going to get
you in touch with Tejpal? By stealing cars.. ..for someone other than Tejpal? You’ve made a big
mistake by opting for Veeru. He’s a small-time thief. Sir, Veeru will..
– Just shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Jai, this operation can prove
to be more than l can handle. That’s why l’m aborting it. Sir. Veeru is introducing me to
Tejpal in the next few days. Why didn’t you tell
me about this before? Sir, you were very upset. When and where? Sir, l don’t know that yet. As soon as you know.. ..intimate me. Okay?
– Yes, sir. You’ll be wearing a microphone. Sir, what if they search me? Do you have a better option? No, sir. Okay. Sir. l have a request. Tell me. lrrespective of the
outcome of this case.. ..l want to help Veeru. l’d like him to start afresh. Just don’t get confused, Jai. Our priority is getting to Tejpal. Understand? We’ve already lost many able
officers in our attempt to nab him. And nobody knows it better than you. How did you come here? lt’s a long story.
l’ll tell you later. Don’t shake it so hard. lt can wake the dead. Why don’t you buy a new watch? lt’s a long story.
l’ll tell you later. Sir, this is my friend Jai. l
told you about him last week. Sir, he didn’t let us search him. You didn’t let them
search you at the gate. Sir, l.. You broke my rules. Rules are meant to be broken. But no one breaks my rules,
not even me. Deepu. Sir, he’s like my brother. Sir, l can even lay down
my life for him. – Really! Can you really lay
down your life for him? l can.
– And you? l can kill anyone for him. Search him. Clean. Veeru.
– Yes, sir. Next week our shipment
is arriving from Malaysia. Keep him with you. Sir.
– Ready. Yes, sir.
– Listen carefully. We won’t find a better
chance to catch them red-handed. We have lost many officers.. ..in our efforts to catch him, so.. Be alert. Jai will signal
us once he meets Tejpal. There will be no
activity from our side.. ..until Jai does not signal us. ls that clear?
– Yes, sir. No one shoots at Veeru.
l will arrest him myself. ls that clear?
– Yes, sir. l think, you are getting
too emotional with Veeru.. Sir, Veeru is just a boy. He doesn’t even know
the danger he is in. Criminals are never innocent. Yes, sir. Team One, in position.
– ln position, sir. Deepu, would you like a chewing gum? Have groundnuts. Give him a contract to kill. That’s what he’s used to. Go get some fresh air. There are big windows here. Windows on the first floor. The fifteen men
standing here quietly. So why are you so restless?
– Get that. Straighten your tie,
and take a stroll. What’s in these drums?
– This? Let me show you. This is Veeru’s artistry.
– Mangoes. Mangoes. The real
stuff is under the mangoes. This is perfect. Kasim, you make very realistic. l praised you for nothing. Look at this. The silver thread isn’t done right. This won’t do. This is what you are
going to send Tejpal? l will change it if the boss asks. You boss will
definitely ask you to change it. When will your boss arrive?
– Soon. Look, this Rs.500 note is not right. What have you brought? My consignment has
always been the best. You do, but.. l will signal you
when Tejpal arrives. What are you saying? Whom are you talking to?
Whom are you talking to? To a chicken leg.
– Something’s wrong. Something’s definitely wrong.
– You are a police official. You are wired. – l will
break your hands if you touch me. Deepu, have you gone mad. Did you just watch James Bond? He’s with the police.
– What police? He’s with the police, he’s wired.. ..and l have brought him here. Let me see what kind of.. Charge in. Move, move. Veeru. Hold fire! Hold fire! Stop it. No one will shoot at Veeru,
and that’s an order. And Jai turned out to
be a police officer. Veeru. Come out my friend. lt’s okay. Jai. Don’t come ahead. Don’t be a fool, Veeru. This was a plan to catch Tejpal. l am your friend, Veeru. Friend! You are a backstabber. Come on, Veeru. Don’t come ahead. Don’t come ahead. You have shattered my faith. Veeru, you are not in danger. You were never our target. You wanted to stab me in the back.. .. and get a medal for it. Today you will die. You will shoot at me. Veeru, throw down your gun. l promise you won’t be harmed. Trust me please. Please trust me. Jai. Jai. Stop you.. Catch him. Stop him. You brought that
police officer to us. l can lay down my life for him. That’s what you said, didn’t you? Now lay down your life. Not today. Close your eyes. And
go to sleep. l’m here. What are you doing? Calm down. Please calm down. My hands and legs are not working. What has happened to me? lt’s okay. lt’s just a
temporary condition. You’ll be fine. l can’t even move my fingers.
l have no control. Tell me the truth.
What has happened to me? l won’t lie to you. The
truth is that you are very lucky. Very few people survive after
hurting their head so severely. A metal plate has been
inserted in your brain. Because of which your body and
brain co-ordination is not working. But don’t worry. Very soon
you’ll learn to walk like a child. But when? Well, that depends.. ..on your willpower,
your hard work.. ..and your trust in me. Come on. Get some rest. Close your eyes and go to sleep. Boss. Boss, if Veeru handed the
black book to the police.. ..you could get into trouble. You’re a fortune-teller. Use
your skills to find Veeru. lf my enemies got hold of the
black book, then l’ll be ruined. Get me Veeru. One minute please. Hello. Hello, Divya. Veeru, where have you disappeared? Where are you? Divya, actually l’m in
Bangkok for an aviation seminar. l’ll try to be back soon. Are you fine? Missing you. l miss you too. l love you, Veeru. Love you too, Divya.
– Bye. Hello, Divya.
– Yes. Jai wants to meet you. l will take care of everything.
Don’t worry. Jai. What is all this? How did it happen? Are you okay? Divya, where is Veeru?
– Veeru? How did all this happen? Sir. Veeru works for the
underworld don Tejpal. What!
– And Jai is a police inspector. When we raided Tejpal’s
warehouse to arrest him.. .. Veeru shot Jai. He’s a convict on the run. The police as well as
Tejpal pose a threat to him. But l can save him, if
you tell me where he is. After all that happened,
you still want to save him? Yes. Veeru.. l don’t know where he is. But if l find out,
l’ll keep you informed. l’m leaving. This is for you. Take care. Bye. Thank you.
– Bye. Sir. Keep a close eye on her.
She will take you to Veeru. ‘When you are with me,
l have no worries.’ ‘lt feels as if my
elder brother is with me.’ ‘Today you’ll die.’ The scar won’t be seen. You had the same dream? l don’t know what l would
have done without you, Anna. lf you weren’t here.. ..l’d probably still
be lying on that bed. You are fine now. Nothing will happen
to you. l promise. So.. back to work. How does it feel? l feel like staying with you. ls that so? Who will go to work?
– l’ll take a holiday. You’ve haven’t started work yet
and you’re already taking a holiday. Your friends in the
police will arrest me. lf you don’t listen to me,
l’ll arrest you. Try to touch me. l arrest you under the charge
of targeting a police officer. What will l have to do to free
myself from these handcuffs, Officer? Your memories torment me. lt makes me crave. Darling, it makes my heart beat. lt tempts me. Don’t ever belong to anybody else. Your love has cast
such a spell on me. l became a Sufi in your love. l became a Sufi in your love. You are my love, my solace,
my passion. You are my desire, my obsession,
my fervour. You are my heartbeats, my life. Don’t ever make me cry. Don’t ever belong to anybody else. l became a Sufi in your love. l became a Sufi in your love. Let’s share our loneliness,
our forlornness. Let’s share our wandering,
our craziness. Now l don’t like
anything without you. Don’t ever weave
dreams of a stranger. Don’t ever belong to anybody else. l became a Sufi in your love. l became a Sufi in your love. l became a Sufi.
– ln your love. l became a Sufi.
– ln your love. l became. l became a Sufi in your love. Welcome back, sir. Veeru. Divya. You and here? l wanted to see how
your training is going on. Oh, pilot training.
Superb. Fabulous. On the phone.. l met Jai.
– Jai? He told me everything about you. Why did you lie to me? For the past six months
l’ve been searching for you.. ..in lndia and Bangkok. You should have told me something.
– What? l was a pilot trainee.
Circumstances made me a thief. Divya, l wanted to live with you. l wanted to leave all this. l almost left everything.
But Jai closed all doors. Veeru, if you truly love me,
then confront the situation. Whatever happens, we’ll
face it together. Please. l’m sorry. Mr. Veeru.
– Yes. l’m an lnterpol officer. V.S.
Malva. And you are under arrest. You think l’m a girl just
because l have long hair? Hey. Two minutes. Divya.
– l’m sorry, Veeru. Sorry? Why? l think the police was able to
track you down because of me. Divya, go back to lndia. You’re kidding. Leave you alone? l’ll come. l’ve made a
deal with the lndian police. l’ll be an informant
and lead them to Tejpal. This major suspect was
arrested in Bangkok. And he agreed to be an
informant against Tejpal. This is a major
breakthrough in this case. Jai, wait outside. l’m
nearly finished. Okay? Now let me introduce senior
CBl inspector Mr. Chandok. He is going to work
on this case with us. Officers, our first move will be
to bring Veeru back to lndia safely. Veeru. – We’ve decided to
send CBl agent Mr. Singh.. ..and senior officer Mr.
Khanna to Bangkok. Sir. ls Veeru in custody? Jai, l’ll talk to you later. When, sir? After Singh and Khanna
return from Bangkok with Veeru? Sir, this is my case.
How can you do this to me? Officers. Sir, you know l’ve
worked hard on this case. And today l’m being
alienated from this case. Try and understand, lnspector.
– Shut up. l’m talking to my superior. This case has taken on a
new dimension with you. You’re taking it personally. You want to kill Veeru.
And l want Veeru alive. Rao was not just your brother,
he was an officer too. My target is Tejpal. To reach to him l
can kill my emotions. Sir. Just let me do my duty. lf you want to go to Bangkok,
then l have a condition. You’ll have to
bring Veeru back alive. l can do it myself. l am not a kid. l can pack your bags, Jai. You can let me do a
few things for you. Now l don’t want
to depend on anyone. What happened? Nothing. Forget about it. Forget about what, Jai? l never asked you any questions. Thinking that some
day you’ll trust me. You think l don’t trust you? Obviously. l know you’re
angry because of Veeru. Anyway, just go. Finish this off. Because Veeru is coming between us. Hey, l’m sorry. l love you, Anna. And you are right. l need to finish this off once
and for all. And l am going to. Love you too. Hello. Okay. Bye. Deepu. Let’s play. l already won 60,
and this will make it 120. You will owe me 120,
if l win this one. Okay. Okay.
– Okay, boys, watch and learn. This is the coin. Just watch how l
strip you of your money. There it goes. Laugh on. By this evening l
will win your entire salary. Thank you. Thank you. Who is in-charge here?
– l am sir. Why isn’t the prisoner handcuffed? Sir, he’s not running away. He’s a bloody criminal.
Handcuff him. Why don’t you put a
noose around my neck as well? So that he can pull on
it whenever he wishes. l am helpless.
Otherwise, l would have done that. Hey, Simon, which is the
worlds most dangerous animal? Tiger?
– lt’s a snake. A snake that lives with you.. ..waiting for the right
opportunity to strike. No, Jai.
– l will kill him. Stop pushing. Do you
want to gun me down? l only need one
reason to gun you down. And it could be anything. lt can be your sneeze,
your laughter or babbling. So better shut your mouth What? My mouth was shut. This is a natural reaction. Will you shoot me for this too?
– Yes. Run. Come on, Khanna. Khanna, try. Khanna. Go, go, go. Hey, Jai. Come on. Hit him. Go, go. You’re okay? They can’t aim. Tejpal couldn’t even wait
for me to arrive in lndia. l made a mistake. l testified against one of your men. l am sorry, sir. Ramanna. The doctor has advised me.. ..to stay away from tension,
violence and murder. l have high-blood pressure. And that’s why l am
trying to be nice.. ..otherwise you’d be.. ..burning in the
furnace at my chemical plant. You are fortunate, Ramanna. And anyway, l am
expecting some good news today. Boss. Hello.
– Boss. They’ve left this place. Good. Very good. How did you do it? Boss, not because l shot them.
They’re in a plane. Did you get your good news, sir? Yes, l did. Let me tell you as well. l was trying so hard to be nice. Why is the plane rocking so much?
– lt’s scared of you. You end up going after
those that take you in. Veeru, the pilot is dead.
– What? What are you doing?
– Looking for a parachute. You know how to fly
a plane, isn’t it? Yes, but not with handcuffs on. Pull the plane up, Veeru.
– Say sorry. What?
– Say sorry. Pull it up or l’ll shoot. So, you are down to your old self. Come on, pull it up. Oh God!
– What now? You think there’s a
petrol pump in the vicinity. What for? – There’s no petrol.
We will have to refuel. What? No! No! Mayday! Mayday! May day! lt’s the month of June. Stop babbling. We are about to die. We are about to die.
Can you land this plane? Where do you want me to land? There’s only jungle around. Don’t you see? Veeru, l am going to kill you. Oh, God. Veeru,
which part of the plane.. ..will collide
with the ground first? The front. Why?
– Fine, l am going at the back. Scoundrel, no. Hail Goddess. Hail Goddess. Hail Goddess. Hail Goddess. Jai. Hail Goddess. Hail Goddess. l am so unfortunate. Veeru, we are safe. Stop. Don’t come ahead.
– What’s wrong? Stop. Go back. Go back. There’s no space at the back. Listen to me. l am
coming at the back. Stay there, l am
coming at the back. – Okay. Carefully, go back. Don’t move. Open the panel.
Don’t move. – No. l am coming.
– Carefully. You fool. What did you do? Get out. Jump. l swear. Hail Goddess. Well done, Veeru. lt
was a wonderful landing. l saved our lives.
Come on, pat my back. Forget that. Thank me
for saving our lives. lt’s okay. lt’s all right. That was my duty. You are welcome. Let’s go. Constable, how much
further will you drag me? l am tired. Take my advice. Call your boss and tell
him to send a helicopter. Your friendship was so deceitful. For six months you
kept deceiving me. And l never suspected. l was just doing my duty. Duty. Your target was Tejpal,
but you entrapped me. Your bullet almost
killed me that day. Look Jai that was an accident.
– Accident! Do you know why does
it pain you so much? Because you made a mistake. They had to install a
metal plate in my head. l will have to
install one as well now. Hey, constable, stay alert.. ..or l’ll runaway the
first chance that l get. l was just joking. Change you watch. Otherwise, l will gift you one. Listen, l have to urinate. Open these handcuffs, so
l can do it comfortably. Do it in your pant.
– What? Have you gone mad? l
have to do it right now. Let me go. Let go. lt damages the kidney, you know. You got 30 seconds. Don’t make me nervous,
or l can’t do it. 15, 10..
– 10 seconds is not enough. l can’t even open my zip. Open.
– Times up. Let’s go. What are you doing, Jai? My pant is completely wet now. Fine. l will take revenge. You are taking me into the jungle. l will make every
animal here urinate on you. At least we found a
hotel in this jungle. Thank God.
– Behave yourself here. Behave. Did l
misbehave in the jungle? l don’t want to hear your nonsense. Then don’t. Close your ears. Let’s go inside. l am hungry. Let’s get something to eat. Dhanno darling, l will be back
as soon as the work is done. l am stuck here. Hello.
– Come. So nice to see
familiar faces. How nice. Welcome, welcome. l am fed up of seeing people
with small noses and small eyes. Tell me how can l help you? Do you have a room?
– Room. Sir, we just have a small room. lt’s okay, one can
sleep on the bed.. ..and the other can sleep under it.
– lt will do. Do you have a phone?
– Who do you want to call? lnternational.
– Right there. Go ahead. Go ahead. What is.. this? Have
you.. done something? What do you think? Robbery. Pick-pocketing. Loot. Sir, Jai speaking.
– Jai, are you fine? Yes, sir. l am fine.
– Thank God. l was worried about you. Tejpal knew we were going to
pick up Veeru from Bangkok. l know. l got the information. And Veeru?
– He’s fine, sir. He’s with me. Murder?
– Five! Sir, you are just the man l need. You’ve committed five murders? Sir, just one more for me.
Just one. – Really. l’ll pay you whatever you wish.
– Who? Ask him where is he?
– Where are you? Sir, right now.. l am in
Moonlight Hotel, Greenwoods. Close to Bangkok. Don’t worry. Tomorrow morning.. ..my men will be
there to pick them up. Look. Take a look.
– That’s you wife? She’s a wretched woman. What were you
saying about the money? Don’t worry about the money. l am prepared to pay any price. l will pay you anything
you want. Just say yes. Actually, my business manager.. ..handles all my money matters. Talk to him. Okay, sir.
– Take care. Sir, this is the target. l
want to get her murdered. Assassinate her. Do
whatever it takes. Sir, just say, yes. l am
prepared to pay any price. You are talking to the
wrong person. – Why? He’s a police officer. And l have surrendered to him. Sir, there’s a
honeymoon suite for you. Free of cost. lt’s a lucky day for you.
– Thank you. Free of cost for you today. Hello. l’ll be late, darling. Get up. Ask the Sardar to get
a strong tea for me. Then l will get up. Strong tea? Anything else.
– Omelette and bread. Get ready quickly, we have to leave. This is not the way
to wake up someone. Are you a man or an animal? This is not the way to wake me up. You can get electrocuted. l have a weak heart. Hello.
– Hi, Ana. Jai. Where are you? Bangkok, in some
Moonlight Hotel. Greenwoods. When are you coming back?
– l’ll be there by evening. Hold on. Come here.
– What? lt’s tight from one side.
What are you doing? lt’s paining.
– Sorry. Are you fine?
– Missing you. Where’s Veeru?
– He’s watching television. ls he eavesdropping on
our conversation? – No. Jai, l love you.
– l love you too. l love you very much, Ana. Take care of yourself.
– l’ll see you tonight. Bye. Ana. Girlfriend? You didn’t tell me
in all these months. When could l have told you? When l was being
treated in the hospital. Ana is a nurse. – That means she
fell for you while treating you. Very good. By the way, does
Ana have any family? That was your problem, not mine. Remember, l would go
up to all your girls. What was the name of
that girl? Anjali. Divya. Forget that. Tell me. Who will win. Red shorts or yellow shorts. Red shorts.
– Bet. Want to bet on it. Forget it. You still
haven’t paid me for the last bet. Which bet?
– You forgot. l drank the entire
whiskey bottle in 30 seconds. Why are you laughing?
– How much was it? 500! Are you giving it?
– Here. This is what you’ve done. For six months, you had be
believe in our friendship. l considered you
more than my brother. l told you, l was
just doing my duty. Don’t give me that reason. What was l to you? A joke? You were like a
brother to me as well. Thanks for the favour. Now l am running
around like a criminal. l wanted to save you,
but you tried to kill me. How many times have l told you,
that was an accident. An accident. You want to hit me with chips now. You think l will get
hurt with these chips. When you are shot in the head.. ..you will know what pain is. Oh, really. Take that. You’re acting smart
because my hands are tied. Release me and l’ll show you. What will you show me?
– Open it. You are making a mistake.
– You’ll teach me a lesson? You are making a mistake, Jai.
– You want to show me.. lf you release me,
l won’t spare you. Here. l have set you
free.Come on, now. Show me. You are done for.
– Hit me. Jai, l will hit. l am warning you.
– Hit me. Hit me.. l will hit you. Jai.
– Hit me.Jai. Oh, God. Look, l warned you. What are you doing? Hurry up. Hurry up. They are shooting at us. Faster. Faster. Faster! We.. are.. out of.. petrol.
– What? Not the car, me. Don’t worry. l will drive. Save me. Save me. Help! Oh great, dude! You should take part in
the Himalayan Car Rally. l closed my eyes at
some of the turns. l closed my eyes
making those turns myself. Tell me. Where can l drop you? Can you drop us to lndia? For that l will have to
hijack a plane. – No plane. Take us to a bus stop.
– Come on. Now l will take you to lndia.
– How? l will say it once. Just
do it. l won’t repeat it. Captain, how are you, man? See, l am an honest customer. Last time, l came with you alone. And l am going back with you. And this time, l have
another customer for you. Money.
– Money. l will pay you. Jai, money. 30,000. – Here you go, captain.
That’s 30,000. That’s not enough.
– Oh, come on. l came here with you.
And l paid you in full. The watch. Fine. Jai, he’s
asking for the watch. You will have to give him the watch. Veeru, l cannot give this watch. Come on, Jai. lt’s broken.. l’ll get you another one in Mumbai..
– No, Veeru. l cannot give you this. Captain, come on. Listen to me.. l paid you in full the last time. l am giving you 30 this time. You want to know why l
didn’t give my watch. No, l don’t want to hear anything. This watch is my
brother Rahul’s only relic. My brother was also police officer. When he refused to be bribed,
Tejpal murdered him. That day, when you
introduced me to Tejpal.. ..you don’t know how
l controlled myself. l am sorry, Jai. You want to arrest Tejpal,
don’t you? l have a list of all his deeds. Meaning?
– l have his diary. And that’s why his people
came to Bangkok looking for me. That diary has the record of
his dealings and contacts. lt contains the names of people
who are often seen in newspapers.. ..and how much money it
took to buy each of them. Where’s the diary? l have hidden it in Mumbai. l will hand it over to
you as soon as we reach. You won’t need me
once you have the diary. Hello.
– Sir, Jai speaking. Sir, we will be
reaching Mumbai shortly. Okay Jai. Where will you be landing? Sir, are you alone?
– What’s wrong, Jai? Sir, after the Bangkok incident.. ..l suspect, someone from
our department is with Tejpal. Don’t worry. This
information is safe. Tell me. Jai is arriving with Veeru. We need to arrange back up. Where do we send the troops? This is why Tejpal is
after you, isn’t it? This time we got him. Transportation.
– Don’t mention the diary. lnspector Jai. He’s Verma. Mitra, from CBl. Verma.
– That’s not needed. Please, inspector,
let us do our duty. Let’s go. lt’s sad about Khanna and Singh. You are fortunate. You must know a lot about Tejpal. Yes. l know everything. CBl officer, Anand Mitra. Right. That’s your first name, isn’t it? How do l know?
– l don’t know. Maybe l told you when we met. Oh! Maybe he told me.
Heard that, Jai. Maybe he said, Hi l am
CBl officer Anand Mitra. Anand Mitra. No, l know your name.. ..because l am an astrologer.
Veeru the astrologer. l know everything. That’s why l knew that
Jai is a police officer. That’s why l know your name. l know his name as well. CBl officer Dinesh Verma. Right? What nonsense? How do
you make shut him up? Like this. Jai, let’s go. Was their name in the diary?
– Yes. Yes, l saw their names in the diary. That diary has the names
of many more officers. Jai, l am telling you. That diary has enough information.. ..to send Tejpal
behind bars for 20 years. Jai, let me get down. l cannot let you go, Veeru. What? Why do you need me now? l gave you the diary. – You are
the prime witness of this case. Your testimony is very important.. ..in putting Tejpal away for good. And l promise Veeru, your
punishment will be reduced. Yes. Reduced. Stealing cars. Counterfeiting notes. Shooting a police
officer in the head. l will meet you
after eight to ten years. And that’s only if Tejpal
let’s me reach court alive. And we both know that he will
kill me before l can reach court. Your security is my responsibility. l have seen your security, Jai. Most of the police
force is with Tejpal. You know, he will kill me. We are friends, Jai. Doesn’t
that mean anything to you? You know everything.. ..but you are pushing
me towards my death. l am only doing my duty, Veeru. So he’s Veeru. lncrease his cell’s security. l don’t want
anything to happen to him. And that’s your responsibility. And if anything goes wrong,
then shoot to kill. – Fine. Did you get it?
– Constable. Jai. Take care. Hello.
– Jai. Ana. Ana, how did you know l am back? l..
– What’s wrong, Ana? What is it? Why are you crying? Jai, l.. – Hello. Ana.
Ana, what’s the matter? Ana. Hello, Jai. Ana is missing you. Won’t you come to meet her.. ..along with Veeru and the dairy? Listen. l’ll tell you where to come. Open the cell. What happened? l have to take you to the
headquarters for interrogation. What? Quick. We don’t have much time. But.. Where are you taking him, Jai? l’m taking him to a safe place. Veeru’s life is in danger here. ln a police station? From who? Sir, from him. He’s Tejpal’s informer.
– What? What the hell..?
What nonsense is this? Sir, l’m telling the truth. The CBl officers.. ..who had come to pick
us up, wanted to kill us. And he had sent them, sir. What? Ranbir Singh, control him. And you.. Don’t forget. CBl is taking over this case. Jai, Ranbir Singh’s name was
mentioned in that black book. What? Are you sure, Veeru? Yes, l’m sure. Do you have any idea
what you are saying? l saw it with my own eyes. What..
– What is all this? Jai, listen to me. Don’t move. What.. What’re you doing? Are you out of your mind? l said, don’t move. How can you pull a gun on me? How dare you? You haven’t seen
what l’m capable of. Preaching about duty,
responsibility and law. You and your hollow sermons. But you don’t follow
any of them yourself. Put your gun down. Jai, let’s go. This is my last warning to you.
– Let’s go. Arrest him. Nobody moves.
– Let’s go. Stay back. You should be embarrassed. Jai, let’s go. Don’t let them go. Why are we here? Veeru, l still can’t
get my head around this. Jai.. can l ask you something?
– Yes. What’s your boss’s name? Ranbir Singh. Oh. You won’t thrash me if l
tell you something, will you? l’ve messed up a little. Randhir Singh is the
name of the corrupt cop.. ..not Ranbir Singh. What the hell are you saying? l’m sorry. l’m sorry. What good is your apology? Do you know what you’ve done? You have ruined me.
You have ruined my life. You’ve ruined my career. Everything l’ve worked
for is finished. – Jai. You don’t have to worry
about anything. l’m with you. How can you possibly be of any help? You’re the root of all problems. Do you know that my
boss Ranbir Singh.. ..will be looking for me
with his entire police force? Now, should l save you,
Anna or myself? Anna? What happened to Anna? Tejpal has got her. He will release her.. ..only when l hand him both,
the black book and you. Me? You bloody.. You were on
your way to hand me over to him? No. The plan was to
free Anna through you. l’ve been a victim of your
plans for a long time now. l had to run to Bangkok. Why do you always want to
get to Tejpal through me? l didn’t have any other alternative. Alternative. You’ll find
millions of alternatives.. ..on the streets. Pick any one of them, but
get off my back, please. Why are you sitting here? Who’ll drive the car? Why did you come back? Even l don’t have
any other alternative. l’ve got used to you. Come on. Let’s save Anna. l don’t even have
money for a cab fare. Hell, you left this here. He’ll kill all of us
without the diary. Hey, Jai. There they are. Stop. Stop the jeep. Jai, l’ve been here before. The inside is not what it
looks like from outside. lt’s a whole new world. They have to be here. But how will we reach there? Should we jump? You know how to swim fast, right? No, no. Let’s do one thing. Drive ahead. There’s a jetty there. Take the jeep from behind.
l know the way. Come on, let’s go.
Take it in reverse. Hold on to something.
– What? What are you doing, Jai? Jai. Jai. Jai, have you lost it completely? Are we here to catch Tejpal,
or prepare for my funeral? lf you don’t use your gun,
then you will definitely die. Okay. Where can Anna be? She must be downstairs. Jai, do you have the diary? Where’s Anna? First, hand over the diary. l want to see Anna first. Jai, this is not a negotiation. Give me the diary. One second. Excuse me. Jai, Anna.. diary. Diary.. Anna. Have you forgotten about me? Who’ll negotiate for me? Shut up. Jai, just kill him. Because he’ll kill both of us,
as soon as he gets the diary. Shoot him. Shoot him. Jai, l’m sure you know very well.. ..what is expected from a
police officer in such situation. Give me the diary. Otherwise.. Put the gun down. Veeru. Anna. Are you all right? l love you. l’m so afraid, Jai. Did you give him what he wanted? What do you think? Will l make it so easy for Tejpal? Come on. We have to go. Jai. Jai, drop your gun. Anna, this is not the
time to fool around. l’m not fooling around. What are you doing, Anna? Anna’s been working
with me for years. l had deliberately sent her to you. l knew that one day
you’ll lead me to Veeru. Where’s my diary? He has it. Kill him. One second. Just a moment, Tejpal. There won’t be any killing here. And Jai, this is Anna, right? Then why are we doing this? A love story with a very sad ending. You don’t have to be
so emotional, Jai. l was just doing my job. Just like you were. Come on, Teju. Tell your girlfriend
to put down the gun. Anna, kill him. Kill him, Anna. Okay. Wait. Shoot him. Jai. Veeru. Are you all right?
– Yes. The bullet just grazed me. Couldn’t you find anyone else? Next time, you can
find a better one for me. Jai. Jai. Fast, Veeru. Yes. l got him, Jai. This is for my brother Rahul. Take this. So, where are we headed next? You took a bullet for me. l did? Where? lt’s all right. Veeru, you should go. What? What did you say? Exactly what you heard. You mean.. Free to go? You’re free to go. Thanks. Veeru. Jai. l want you to keep it. You should leave, before l
start having second thoughts. And stay out of trouble. l’ll try to. Hello, control room? Send an ambulance. We’ve found Tejpal’s
body near the beach. Fast. Sir, about what happened
in the police station.. Where’s Veeru? Sir, why do we need Veeru? Tejpal is dead, and this
diary holds all the information. Tejpal’s contacts, his partners
and all his business dealings. This is good. But you will be punished for
holding me at the gunpoint. Love is an ornament.. Well done, Jai. Thank you, sir. You know, this is too big. When l look at you, my love.. And listen.
– My breath turns euphonious. Come on. We feel it. We do it. We don’t need permission for it. We work it. We roll it.
No one got control over it. We feel it. We do it. We
don’t need permission for it. We rock it. We roll it.
No one got control over it. My heart beats in your love. My heart exults in your love. l see you everywhere,
every moment. l’m lost in your thoughts. Your love’s got me feeling good. Come on and hold
me like you should. Hold me like you should. Boy, you’re always on my mind. So, l just got to make you mine. Understand. My heart beats in your love. My heart exults in your love. l see you everywhere,
every moment. l’m lost in your thoughts. Oh ya. That’s right. Love is an ornament
that pleases this heart. When l look at you, my love.. ..my breath turns euphonious. Listen to the sound of my DJ. We don’t want to hear
what you want to say. We’ll give you something
that you’ve never heard before.


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