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JAKKANNA [indistict voices]
-Children, today, I’ll tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was a forest. That’s a big tree in that forest. There is a pigeon on the tree. There was an ant in the anthill. One day, it rained very heavily. The ant was washing away by the rainwater. But the pigeon was
happily playing in the rain. Meanwhile, a leaf fell down in
the water when it’s wing brushed it. Immediately, the ant climbed
on the leaf and saved it’s life. After it stopped raining, the ant
went to that pigeon and said that, you saved my life and I’m
ready to do anything for you. Then that pigeon laughed and said, ‘You can walk only on
the ground but I can fly’ ‘You are a tiny creature,
how can you help me?’ Later on one day,
a hunter aimed the bow at the pigeon. Meanwhile, the ant saw the hunter,
went quickly and bit his leg hard. The bow missed it’s goal
and the pigeon flew away. When an ant did so much in
return as gratitude for help, what should we do as human beings? For the people who help
us when we are in trouble, No matter how much we do for them as
gratitude, we’ll be still indebted to them Because the one who considers our
trouble as theirs isn’t a human but God. [indistinct voices]
[shouts] Hey Ganesh! How did you fell?
Get up… Get up… [indistinct voices]
Come here and sit down. -It will heal.
-Oh God! Let’s go. Why are you carrying my bag? You bandaged me when I was
wounded. Now don’t worry about yourself. I’ll look after you. What are you staring at? From today, I’m the ant and
you are the pigeon. Let’s go. Why have you stopped?
Do you want the ice cream? -Yes.
-Come then. Give him one more. Give two more. It’s enough. You bandaged me when I wounded. Have it. How many are there in the
box? Give me two more. Give me all that you have. There are many in the
box it seems. Eat them. -It’s enough, I don’t want anymore.
-Give him two more. Hey Seenu! Get up. It’s melting, take it. This is our Ganesh’s character. There will be no
limits if he is committed. This idiot showers
affection on them who helps him. Meanwhile, his character
has also grown with his age. Well, watch his story. [train honking] “Hey… Hey…” “Oh!” “Hey… Hey…” “Hey… Hey…” “Oh” [train honking] Singing: “Dhimmathirige
song from the film Srimanthudu” Dear… Dear… Singing: “Dhimmathirige
song from the film Srimanthudu” [vehicle honking]
-Sir, your wallet fell down. [train honking] Why are you staring like
that? Isn’t it yours? It’s mine. Then…
[coins clinks] Though I returned his wallet, he
didn’t give me money. Great person. Singing: “Dhimmathirige
song from the film Srimanthudu” Singing: “Tauba Tauba song
from the film Sardar Gabbar Singh” Singing: “Tauba Tauba song
from the film Sardar Gabbar Singh” Alludu Seenu, every scene will
be a super hit if you arrive. I came. Sir, why did you come again? You should follow any figure in your
age but why are you following this beggar? I’ve seen the people who steal the wallets
but you are the only one who returned it. -I liked you.
-Will you give me money then? No, no.
I will do justice. He should transform in that way. This is modern cutting. Dear, no one will give me a
penny if I look like this. Yes. They will pay you in dollars. You are looking awesome. Dear, what is the use of a
t-shirt when I cannot even afford tea? Your range will change with this change. [train honking] Brother,
sing that song which you just sang it. I cannot sing unless I get a coin. Start. Singing: “Cinema chupista mama
song from the film Race Gurram” Singing: “Cinema chupista mama
song from the film Race Gurram” Singing: “Cinema chupista mama
song from the film Race Gurram” [phone ringing]
[train honking] Hello. Bro, I thought I’ll get change if I sing, but I didn’t think that
my life will be changed. What did I do to you, bro? You returned my wallet
which has fallen down. I cultivate with the lives
of the people who help me. Bro, what is you name? My name is Ganesh and
the nickname is Jakkanna. “He is the helper to the help” “He is the symbol of the help” “He’ll come in seconds if you
pronounce the spelling of help” “Help him and see” “He will look after your life” “He will stand for no matter if
it is love or any other risk” “Shake it down” “Brother, you need the help of
your parents for your birth” “Brother, you need the help of
four friends on your death day” “Brother, you need the help of
your parents for your birth” “Brother, you need the help of
four friends on your death day” “Brother, we need some kind of
help regularly in our lives” “Brother, we need help” “We aren’t sure if 100
comes on our request” “He will come saying ‘Oh my friend’,” “We aren’t sure if 108
comes on our request” “He will come if say ‘Oh my friend’,” “He is the friend for life” “He has born for me” “He is the role model for the friendship” “Friendship attracts” “Friendship is love” “Smiling at the one who
got tears in their eyes” “is the help done with our lips” “When they face troubles” “The help given by
heart is to give courage” “A small help and a small smile
is the meaning of a human” “Selfishness and battle
inside you is meaningless” “Follow this principle” “We aren’t sure if 100
comes on our request” “He will come if say ‘Oh my friend” “We aren’t sure if 108
comes on our request” “He will come if say ‘Oh my friend” “He is the friend for life” -Good morning, gentlemen.
-Good morning, sir. Please sit down. Today your police training
is going to complete. I’m going to introduce you an interesting
character as a matter of the last class. His name is Bairagi. He is the king of Vizag. He can’t be seen by anyone. No one knows how he will be. His name is Bhavani alias Dega. He was a notorious thug of
Vizag at a point of time. That Bairagi became a king
by killing him 15 years ago. So, we don’t know how and
why did he kill him. We only know where he killed him. [metal clunks] [screams]
Brother, someone slaughtered our guy. [chaos] [screams] Hey! Who is he? Hey! Who is that? My name is Dega. If you are daring
enough, come in front of me. Bairagi, let’s go… Bairagi, let’s go… [chaos] Hey! Are you the Bairagi
who is working in my shop? I cannot believe. [metal clunks]
Brother… Brother… Brother… Will I become like him after I grow up? You’ll grow up but you
will not become like him. [metal clunks] [chaos] I became greater than him. I thought you were mad when you
said that you would become like Dega. But,
you’ve been observing him all these days, and killed him by wearing a police uniform so that the police and his
henchmen won’t trace you, You are very great. Hey! From today, you are the King of Vizag. Give respect to the King. The world doesn’t know me till yesterday. From today, the world shouldn’t
know how I’ll be except my name. Why? Just like I killed him by
peering for so many days, I won’t give a chance to kill me. Be it Bairagi or God, people would be obedient and living in
fear of them only till they stay invisible No one can see you from this moment. Only your name can be heard. I’ll take care. On the very next day of the murder,
Bairagi posted these in the entire Vizag. Only by these,
we learnt that his name is Bairagi. You name is on paper for the first time. From today, you’ll hear to such
news everyday and everywhere. Radio: Aakashavani, Vishakapatanam center. Bairagi killed Ex-MP who was
opposing him in a contract. Rowdy gangs are expanding in the city. There is no end to Bairagi’s atrocities. Inconspicuous Bairagi, took the
custody of entire Vizag city. At present, no one knows where
is Bairagi and what is he doing. We don’t know who makes the deal
and who stays with him. We don’t even know about how he
handles such a complex network. [sword slashes] Just like our department
ignored many things in our country, it ignored Bairagi too
as it cannot find him. Sir, I wanted to see him once as
you are explaining too much about him. Oh, please don’t try it. because no one will
survive who saw Bairagi. [phone ringing] Hello dad. You went to Vizag after 15 years.
Did you start the house renovation or not? I forgot as I was busy. I know what is making you busy. You’ll not succeed unless you
forget the H, E, L, P alphabets. Did you get it? Hello… Hello… Did you hear? Why isn’t he speaking
despite being on call? Look at this. At last the wifi of my
life connected me at Vizag. My life will be awesome if
this wifi becomes my wife. -It will be very good.
-Mom, that is… Hey! We are on call but
seems like you are wooing a girl. Dad, I cannot hear you properly. Signals
are very weak. I’ll call you later. Our son has overcome the helpline
and now he is dealing with love. So, we cannot hear our
parents when we find a girl. The signal might miss
due to this rain. The way to my
mother-in-law’s home is very wide. -Dad, I’m going out.
-Okay dear. -Are you going to the computer class?
-I’m going to attend karate classes. You are a girl. Instead of learning how
to cook by seeing the cooking programs, why are you learning mashalads? It’s been a habit for the society to demean women
just like a tiger demeans deer. You are as cute as a Laddu. -You…
-Hey! Do you think that it is easy to hit
me as you hit the ritualistic bell? Do you feel that girls cannot hit you? Hen and women both are
equal in my perspective. A woman should cook
and hen should be cooked. What do you say? Exactly in the next month, at
the same time and same place, I’ll hit you. I’m learning karate to hit him. Dear, she is not listening to me. Did you listen to me? Do what you like. You are very… Why isn’t she coming yet? Good morning, Ganesh. Oh God!
How did she get to know about my name? Ganesh, I know everything. You are staring at me every
minute like a CCTV, right? Oh God!
She learnt that I was watching her. Ganesh, why do you love me so much? There won’t be any logic for love. I love you so much, Ganesh. What is this? She accepted my love so
easily just like a facebook request. Hey Ganesh, your luck started to work. Bye Ganesh. Was she talking to that Ganesh till now? Huh! It’s actually bad
luck that started for me. She is coming. Men can become husbands
only when they work hard. -Okay.
-Thank you. You can go inside. I’m coming. -Do you have an Id?
-I have voter Id too. Fighting is taking
place inside but not voting. Oh God! Everyone is being so sarcastic. Get going man. Brother, I’ll just see and come back. [humming] -Hey Seenu!
-[hums] You bandaged me when I wounded. Have it. Oh God! Why did Ganesh come again? What an acting! I’ll finish you, come. Thank God! That idiot had left. -If he sees me, I’ll be ruined.
-Come. -When did you arrive from Badrachalam?
-I’ve sent you a message, didn’t you saw? I didn’t come to receive
you since I saw your message. Why are you hiding after seeing me? I wasn’t hiding but I was
searching for a one rupee coin. Stop using cheap tricks.
What are you doing here? -I’m working as a peon here.
-Is it? Then why didn’t you tell me? I have tied a bandage for your
injury during your childhood, and you’ve been chasing me even
now in the name of helping me. That’s why I’m working here
where even Google can’t find me. -This time I haven’t come for you.
-Then? The girl who just went inside. Thank God! By the way, what help did that girl do? No, she didn’t help me. For the first time in my life, I want change her life
though she didn’t help me. I couldn’t move my head since I saw her. I think your neck got stuck. Negative fellow.
Actually my heart got stuck. You got me like a water packet
in a desert. You should help me. Help you again? Helping you is
like making friends with fevicol. You will get sticked to
life. I cannot do it. Alright, don’t help me.
Tell me how to get inside. This is an institute but not a
park for a random guy to get in. Then I will join as a student. We don’t have admissions
for another six months. Then I will join as a coach. Do you know that they need
five years of experience for that? I will join as MD. -He is the one who recruits you.
-Then I’ll join as a clerk. Then what should I do? -Oh God!
-You should go to the hospital and come. You tied bandages to my entire body for
tying you a bandage in your childhood. -At last, my life became full of bandages.
-Your bandage is a bond for our love. Continue in this chair for few
days. It will be new to you. -Are you sure?
-Of course. You are just Seenu till yesterday.
But now, you are Bandage Srinu. Oh God! Who is he? Seems like Kingkong new teaser. He is the in charge of this
institute and office manager. You can stay here only if you manage him. Did this clerk left to Ooty
when I’ve asked him to bring tea. -What’s wrong with him?
-Greetings. Ouch! Why have you become
like a dummy of a mummy? Tell him. Ouch! As I needed a fast service,
I boarded a service auto-rickshaw. I got to know that it’s service is over
after I boarded it. [crowd shouting] The driver drove the vehicle
on the divider instead of road. What happened next? My body got filled with bandages. That means you don’t work anymore. -Obviously.
-Then who will do this work? -That is…
-I will do it. Who are you? I’m his friend and my name is
Ganesh just like Mahesh and Prabhas. -Oh!
-Poor them! They’ll have bad time. You don’t seem like an office boy
instead, you seem like a cowboy. I’m not aware of Cow but when I was
born, the doctor told me that I’m a boy. You are too sarcastic
but do you work well? I’ll work to an extent
where you appreciate me. My friend does things overly. No, I’m like a Range Rover. Why should you do his work? Because we cannot leave our
bike since it doesn’t have petrol, similarly we cannot leave our
friend as he met with an accident. I’ve seen friends who are of no use, but you are the only one who is doing
useful work for the sake of your friend. Thank you. -Your character is very clean.
-Your office will also be very clean. -Carry on then.
-I did. Where is she? Today is a very important class. -We shouldn’t miss at all.
-Let’s go. -Let’s go.
-Yes, okay. [music] How can this tiny little guy stop a lorry? We should blame the viewers! Hey! You aren’t aware of the master. Do you know that he has
recently stopped a goods train? Forget about goods train,
I can stop a flight in graphics. -Do you mean it’s a graphics?
-I’m fixed that it’s a graphics. Would he arrive in a simple
manner? Or does his entry have a CG? -Why is he like this?
[kiai] -Look at him.
-He looks like a tea supplier. Sir, how did you move that
huge lorry with your left hand? Oh God! Her mentality is clubbed
with humanity and innocence. This girl is excited by
knowing about this small thing. When I was in China, I punched the
Great wall of China and it collapsed. Later they’ve arranged my statue there… -And build the wall again.
-Yeah. Superman feels ashamed if he sees you. And the Batman would be scared. Common man will die. Dear, you should feel a few
feelings but you shouldn’t express them. Sir, I have seen your
performance in DVD but not on the dais. I wanted to see it live at
least once in my lifetime. [mumbling] -In live?
-Sir, should perform… Sir, should perform…
Sir, should perform… -Yes.
-He should know to perform. -You don’t know anything.
-Even they aren’t aware of anything. Since none of them know anything, whatever we exhibit is kung
fu, karate and taekwondo. -Marlon Brando.
-Yes. [kiai] He is cheating everyone without being
skilled. I’ll give him a holiday today. -[kiai]
-Come litle forward. -[kiai]
-Perfect. -[screams]
-Good fielding. -Who has done this to me?
-He is the new clerk, sir. Hey! Have you come here
to clean or to hit him? Why are you talking to him after
this? Send him out immediately. Sir, it’s hard to get a clerk immediately. Sir, do you also feel pain? Forget about me. Even Kanal Kannan
can feel the pain if it is hit properly. Don’t you know how to hold the stick? I know but I didn’t know that he
could correctly land on the stick. Stop your discussions and
tell him the institute rules. -Alright sir.
-Sir… -…what about the class then?
-Where did keep his attention? I’m not feeling good.
The class got cancelled. But sir you said that you
would teach us the leg moment. There will be no moment until a week. -Good morning sir.
-[mumbles] Nice meeting you. Hey mister! Do you have sense? I have even an idol of Buddha in my home. What am I asking and what are you saying? Aren’t we both are
discussing about the Buddha? Why did you disturb the class? I remembered something when you
class… You are very classy girl. Hey! Aren’t your expression meant what am
I speaking and what are you talking? We both are discussing
the class, aren’t we? -I don’t know what to tell you.
-Oh my God! -Stupid, idiot, bloody scoundrel…
-I should divert her. In fact… Look Ganesh, you punish him
immediately, forgive him if he change, but recognize that I’m hurt. -Did you hear me?
-Yes. Shut up! Hey! I’m the henchman of
Bairagi, Telangana settler. -How much is this packet?
-It’s a ten rupees brother. -Give me ten rupees.
-Why? You damn! I’m the henchman of Bairagi. -Brother, I got it.
-You should pay me in return. -Did you get it?
-Here are the ten rupees. Sudarshan Reddy, did you got to the well? -Greetings brother.
-Greetings. Hey! How dare you to lit a
cigarette in front of me? Hey! Give me that lighter. Why the hell are you staring at me?
I’ll pull those eyes you bloody fool! You freaking guy!
Don’t you know who am I? How dare you light the
fire in front of the Lion. It’s your cigarette and
your smoke. Have it. Hey! What are you looking at? You are posing as if there
is a sword in the silencer. Are you thinking that I’ll be
frightened? I’m the henchman of Bairagi. You got scared, right? Get lost! Are you
people watching the drama? Get going. -Have the red wine.
-Why do you always offer red wine? You offered me grape juice when
I was thirsty in my childhood. -What will happen after 20 years?
-It will decay. Yes, it will decay and become wine. Your face will shine if you drink it and
you will settle down with some girl. I’m clearing your debt in this way. This is not called as
clearing debt but it is disgusting. You are unable to distinguish
between what is right and what is not. Have some wine. You will get to know. No, this is not wine but it’s pain. Nice punch. Hey!
Isn’t he looking like our manager? Ofcourse it’s him. He is the only
fat person who wears that dress. What is that? Go and sit in your chair. He is looking like a pregnant king kong. Careful. -You were sitting here, aren’t you?
-You boozed, aren’t you? Oh God! Did he recognise? -He boozed.
-How can you booze being a clerk? Is it? Is there any rule
that only managers should booze? Not just one rule but
there is a rules list here. Is this a list or an
Everest? It is so lengthy. -What?
-I’m talking to you. Don’t act smart. If you want to work in this
kung fu panda karate school, you should follow these rules strictly. Hold it. -Give that bottle to me.
-He saw it. Sir’s life will bcome hell with this list and my darling becomes close to me. [music] You have seen my talent now. -Come on, applause.
[applause] Sir, how did you break such a huge tree? She doesn’t know the difference
between Dhoodh peda and cow dung? You are really great sir.
You are miniature Brad Pitt. There is a small change.
If he is a Brad Pitt then he is a bad fit. Shut up! Sir, how did you break such a huge tree? -Everything is possible in karate.
-But this is kung fu. Karate, kung fu,
taekwondo and Marlon Brando. -But he is a film actor.
-Even he was my student. -Do you know mashalads?
-Do you know Geetha arts? Why did you come here? Because I have to give you juice at
11 am according to rule number 44. -Then give it to me.
-It is yet to be 11. Then why are you here
when it is not the time. Rules are to enact,
but not for arrival. Hey! What is your disturbance
while the class is going on? Let’s leave him and start our work. Come. This isn’t called as work
but it is called a workout. -Shut up!
-Oh God! Sir, can I also practise
breaking down the tree? No, no. It’s enough if you
do kung fu salute for today. -Okay.
-Hey, it’s not like that. This is the style of 36th
chamber of Shaolin temple. -Yeah.
-It’s 11’o clock now. What is it? You’ll be affected with gastric
problem if you don’t have juice on time. He will leave if I drink.
Bring it here. According to your rule number 33, I should
maintain a minimum of three feet distance. You don’t come. I’ll only come to you…
I’ll only come to you… I’ll open my mouth and you pour it. Sir, no. You don’t know the next rule. Sir, you crossed the three
feet distance and came inside. That means I should shiver by seeing you. Oh God! I’m trembling.
[quiver] -Sir, what about the class then?
-It is cancelled. He should take head bath and plait
his hair. So, it will take some time. Is she angry? Everyone has gone.
Tell me now. You don’t like the class
to take place, right? As I’m a mass candidate,
the classes won’t get into my mind. -Do you have sense?
-I have a license too. Why are you talking about license
while I’m talking about sense? They don’t give us license
if we don’t have sense. Nonsense! Sense for my dad?
Yes, he has sense too. -Ganesh!
-Shh! [chuckles]
I have hanged it, now you can. I am Trible Astrologist.
I oath on Hill Goddess. I can tell what was happened,
what is going on and what will happen. Sir, I can see fire in your face. You are the Titan
sitting amidst the tires. You are a king
holding wrench in your hand. But I don’t know why you
are living secrectly in dark. [metal clinks] I oath on Hill Goddess, Your future is going to be in danger sir. What man? You are talking much.
Shut your mouth and mind your business. Even I shut my mouth but
the Hill Goddess won’t sir. [crow caws] Did you hear sir? Hill Goddess
is communicating with the Crow. Tell me Crow. Okay, okay. Your bad time has been
started it seems sir, Your life would turn many
different turns it seems. The one who is going to turn
has already on his way it seems. -Brother.
-Yes? -Where can I find Bairagi?
-Bairagi? I don’t know. Brother, where can I find Bairagi here? Who are you? Don’t you want to be alive? [sword swishes] Brother. -Here…
-Whom do you think I am? Allipuram Galli Pailwaan, get lost. I am Bairagi’s person. Hello, what were you asking? Smoking is injurious to health. I’ll kick you if anyone raise
their voice, I am Bairagi’s person. -What you people are thinking?
-Greetings, brother. Hey, what is your problem? Who are you? I am your fan brother. You are my fan? Would Samantha and
Sunny Leonie only has fans? Do you think Bairagi’s people don’t have? It’s your affection buddy. -What do you need?
-I need you photo in my cell. Er… Give me a minute buddy,
I will get ready and come. Okay? Now take my photo buddy it’s fancy number. I don’t need the photo of jail brother. -Then?
-I need photo in my cell phone. Er… Don’t mind buddy, I got
habituated from my childhood. Catch it man. Actually, I am competing as a ward member. My symbol is bowl brother. -Is it?
-If you take a photo sitting in it, then my symbol would be
remembered well in the heart of people and they will vote me like ballot
box would break and I will win brother. The Vessel got beauty because of you. Hey, buddy! How is this
pose? It would be enough right? It wouldn’t be enough brother. Then take like this. If you call Bairagi and
make him stand for a photo, I would get few more votes brother,
call him. Do you think Bairagi is a auto
that he would come as you call him? [chuckles]
He’ll come automatically brother. Hey, why did you put fire? Hey, you stop it! If you want to cook food
you have to fire right? Yes. Look, if you delay for ten minutes, you
will become grill chicken in this vessel. Do you think I am a Hen? I am Rowdy. Cool brother, look how cool I am. Did you made me sit on
the chair to be cool? You made me sit on fire. Even you are going to burn
but you aren’t making any call. He might kill me here if
I wouldn’t call anyone. [phone rings] -Hello?
-Hey, you Buffalo face fellow. -You waste fellow, where are you?
-Hey! Who are you? Hey, you have born from a
Bull and Forester bison, when they got matted. I would throw sand in
your Buffalo face mouth. You don’t when is your head
and where is your stomach. You look like a Pig. -Who are you?
-Give the phone to brother. Now, who is the brother man? Greetings brother. Hey, you act like husband
of Aparichitudu’s mother. Why you are changing
your tone like a ringtone? Nothing brother,
one of our guy is waiting to see you. Where are you man? Where are you? In the street beside the Poorna Market. [shouting] Look, buddy brother is sending his guys, -Oh!
-I will bow to you don’t mind. Half of my legs are burnt till now, please leave me. I am begging you please stop
it, can’t you understand? Ah! [chuckles] Brother has sent
these guys because he is busy. -Come on guys let’s move.
-Hello! We aren’t going to watch film,
we are going to meet brother. We have some rules.
Hey, give me that mask. -Oh-ho!
-Let’s move. You stay there. Oh God!
Did the phone call gone to brother. Let me try once more. [phone rings] -Ah!
-Oh yeah! I called to brother but
call has connected to Buffalo. Greetings, sir. -You got the call?
-Hey… From my childhood my
dad, mom, school teacher, at last my wife didn’t
scold me those many words. Tell me, why did you call me? I made a call because I was
getting fired at my bottom. Should I show how much I am getting burnt? Hey, constables keep him in
jail along with the vessel. Where is Bairagi? Hello, brother asked me to bring you
because you were enquring about Bairagi. You are doing enqurie asking
people in public about Bairagi. Stop it. What is it? What is your
problem when I am doing my enquiry? Bairagi is the problem. I want to kill that
idiot who killed my dad and want to mark his blood to
the forhead of my fathers pic and I am waiting since 15
years to sit in his position. Hey, nice ambition. We will get in danger because of you. Stop it. Stop the total enquiry. You will face problem if I
enquire by his name, right? If I show his photo and enquire
about him then no problem right? -What photo man?
-I know how that Bairagi looks like. I have his photo. With the help of his photo I’ll enquire
silently and I’ll call you before kill him come and watch the film
and make it super hit okay. [swords swish] Show me the photo. Check it man. [scoffs] Thinking that is Bairagi and
happily go and kill him, okay? -Hey!
-Ah! Show me the orignal photo. Who will show who is Bairagi,
if you kill me brother? [metal clangs] We all have the same revange,
that means we all are same, Please show me man. If I show wouldn’t you kill him first. Your revange is more that you would
kill the person who wants to kill him. Your range is some where in your revange. From today whatever
you say we will follow, you are only the hope for all of us. God is the only hope for hopeless person. Come on, let’s go and find. Thank god! Just miss. Even I didn’t like you
bowing before him brother. Hey,
he is only with us until we find Bairagi. After we find him I will
kill him along with Bairagi. [swishing sword] Girl, what did you understood with this. That you don’t required All-out master. Hey, I think she couldn’t
understand short cuts and long drives, I have to tell her directly. No! Do you think this is a sword? No. It’s stick for my family. Once upon a time in China people, stop coming out of their
houses because of Dengue disease. My grandfather went out with this sword and slayed lakhs of heads of
Mosquitoes and saved China people, a small Mosquitoe landed on his neck, in the process of slaying that
Mosquitoe’s head he slayed his head too. [gasps] With that Mosquitoes, my grandfather
and dengue these three were all-out. That is why the company which kills
Mosquitoes kept it’s name as All-out. Wow! That is why, the technique
which kills the mosquitoes… I am going to teach you now. You have to hold the
sword tightly like this. With that hand you have to hold it
like this and take out like this. By setting position and
should keep correctly and… -[door opens]
-Oh no! [groans] Ah? You have to open the door and
come but not push it and come. [gasps] Oh no! [mumbling]
[groans] Master, why is sauce pack in your stomach? You eat it without opening it? Hey, it didn’t come from the
stomach it came from my pocket. -Oh-ho!
-By the way, why did you came? Hey, what is there in rule no. 64? -What is present?
-You will eat 4 Almond pieces in evening? -Yes.
-Here, take it. Where are those 4 Almond
pieces in this plate man? Below the rule in bracket
there was written quality Almond’s. So, I’ve tasted for testing. Then couldn’t you bring
other 4 Almond’s right? Hey, according to the rule
4 Almonds daily, right. Again tomorrow. Hey, why are you playing with my life? You came like Hudud in Vizag in my life. Hey, class figure. Master he is blinked his eye to me. What man you are
blinking your eyes it seems? Hey, what is the use to blink my eye? I am following my rules. I am from very well mannered family. Well mannered family?
What rules are you following? According to rule number 64,
if anyone comes close to you by 9 feets, I have to keep an eye on them right? -Huh!
-That means we should close one eye right? If I close one eye I could know
that I have kept an eye, right? “Love is born when I saw you” “My heart slipped away and reached to you” “It’s not new alike now these many days” “Don’t know why it is sweeter” “It’s your magic dear” “Is it true that love
would be so peaceful? “Is it true that love would be very nice?” “Love is born when I saw you” “My heart slipped away and reached to you” “Meeting you is like
1000 times in a second” “Forgetting me is not possible” “My steps are slipping towards you” “My way is found following you” “The moments I walk with you are sweet” “Does the feeling of love
is fantastic for real?” “Does the feeling of loving a
person is fantastic for real?” “You are a sweet acquaintance” “We can’t weigh heart or air” “You are the language of my lips” “You are the hope of my words” “Is your breath my life line?” “Does the feeling of love
is fantastic for real?” “Does the feeling of loving a
person is fantastic for real?” Sir! Sir! Sir! Where did the person went who was
sitting infront of you few moments ago? Who? He was the same guy right? Who is he? Who are you? Who is he? What is this nonsense to me? Sir! Sir! Please sir, tell me. Don’t you know Telugu? I don’t know. [sword swishing] [sword swishing] [sword swishing] [sword swishing] [windows opens] [sword swishing] [sword swishing] Chinese noodles. [sword swishing] [sword swishing] -Did I made a Lion sweep these many days?
[sword swishing] Oh no! Oh no! [trembling] What master? Why are you
shivering like that, are you feeling cold? I am getting affraid. Sword? Why are you pronouncing sword like that? Hey, I saw in 2D that you
were swishing sword in 3D. Tell me truth.
You know martial arts right? No. No, I don’t know master. -I just know fine arts.
-Then what was that you doing down stairs? I just sliced Guava. Did you sliced Guava? Then what did you thought? -Show him again dude.
-Hey, no! I can’t see that again,
because I’ve already seen it. -Ah!
-Hey! [sword swishes] Oh! -Hey!
-Yes? I am orignal, not graphical like you. I killed these mosquitoes
because they were biting my darling. As I have killed those
who were just biting her. Then watch what would I do to
you who is taking advantage? [sword swishes] Dronacharya, took his finger in a war but Ah! -Didn’t interfere into his love matter.
-Yes, he didn’t. -You are a master be like a master.
-Okay. -Else you will lose your reputation.
-Okay. -Hey!
-Alas! -There are many mosquitoes here.
-Okay. -Keep mosquitoe coil.
-Okay. May you live long! [sword swishing] [people practicing martial arts] Hey, Ganesh! Why did you
warned master not to teach class? -Did he told you everything?
-Why have you come to the institute? -You have damaged my dream.
-What it is? Do you have any goal in your life? I even have Gold not just goal. You are coming in between
like a goal keeper to me. Why haven’t you drowned
in the Hudhud Cyclone? That day I was out of city. I will kill you if you talk smartly. -Ah!
-Damn! It’s unnecessary to
talk to a guy like you. Then talk to him. -Lord Ganesh!
-Yes? If I have really watched
Vinayaka Vijayam film for hundred times. Oh god! If you believe that I am
really your true devotee. If you really exist. -Right now…
-Ah… -At this moment…
-Next. His hands and legs, eyes, kidney
and heart total body shouldn’t work. [gasps] Ganesh! -Yeah!
-Ganesh! -Wow! Yes!
-Oh no! He really Ganesh, you are finished. Yea! [whistles]
-Hey! You idiot! Ah! Hey! Nothing happened to you right? I thought you were finished. -Not me, she is finished.
-[chuckles] You acted greatly like Kamal
Haasan acted in Dasavathaaram film. Get lost, I am Ten plus Incarnations. [siren wailing] [tires screeching]
-Hell with you! Hell with them! -Did you saw him anywhere?
-No! -If you see him near by…
-Don’t know. Hey! Greetings sir. Greetings. Hey, is that you? Why are you yet inside this
vessel like a Rat inside the hole? When I made the call to
that number and it was S. I. He wasn’t S. I. he was I. S. I. The total police department
banged me with sticks brother. Brother,
as you have put me inside this vessel they have banged me to the upper
body and my lower body is safe brother. Brother, that day few people took
you right? Where they have taken you? They took me to that Bairagi. -Is it?
-Yes, I even spoke with him too. What did you spoke sir? Er… He gave me this photo and
asked me to bring him immideatly. Bairagi, brother? I have seen him somewhere… Please remember him for once. Oh no!
I can’t remember until I drink alcohol. -What is it?
-Alcohol. Ah… anyone would get
intoxicated by drinking alcohol, -but you remember?
-Yes. You have completed five
bottles yet you haven’t remembered? [sobbing] Brother, I remember my
grandpa Yadagiri when I see you. He gave me alcohol to
drink in my childhood like you and he use to give husk biscusts to eat. -Do you mean husk biscuits?
-Yes. Buffalos will eat those right? I cannot remember this
way, can we swing and drink? Background: “Uyyalaina Jampalaina
song from the film Uyyala Jampala” Brother! Brother, did you remembered? Did you? -It’s lost.
-What is it? Photo. If you lost that photo I
will kill you, search it. Brother, I found it. He looks same right? Even he has beard. Brother, except searching the one
who is unknow, if you search him anyone in India will tell about him right? “Hail Lord Ganesh… Hail Lord Ganesh” Lord, is it you? What did you thought I am Adnan Sami? [chuckles]
Even you are cracking jokes. We’ve been living in humour since
birth, can’t we crack jokes or what? Dad, this girl is my devotee Sahasra. -[drums]
-Lord haven’t Parvati madam came? Tell her anything. Er… mom was seriously atching serials, if we disturb her she would
get angry so we came sciently. Even you too have star connection? We are living in between stars
don’t we have star connection? You just have Tata Sky we have total sky. By the way, why did you came lord? You know that Ganesh right? -He is senseless, useless, careless…
-Non sense! [aggressive dancing]
-Cool dad, cool, cool… Why did he do high jump like that? It wasn’t high jump, it’s high B. P. As you have scolded that Ganesh. If anyone scolds his devotees he
would get anger and do like this. He is die hard devotee of my father. [pants] He likes that Ganesh more than me. If dad has three eyes that
Ganesh is the fourth eye. Because of you his hands and
legs stopped working right? Yes, lord that is all your power right? -That is why dad took my powers.
-[pants] Look because of you I have loss my powers. I am now like a
transformer without powers. You have to do one thing if you
want me to get my powers back. What should I do lord? You help Ganesh to
recover as a normal person. When he became normal
then I would get my powers back. If not I’ll become like a
generator for life long. You don’t worry lord… I will make his legs and
hands to come back to normal. Okay. I will make your powers come back to you. It’s my promise.
[phone rings] Ah! We got in trouble. Er… your mother has texted that
weather is not good. Come on let’s go. Even you also use mobile phones? Only IPhone. Er… If you turn back we
will get disappere dear. How will you go lord? Mmm… On Rat? Rat is on a leave dear.
We borrowed Yamaha from Yama. We should go to Yamalok
urgently. Tell me what is the time dear. -I think time is 2:30 am.
-Shut your mouth. -Er…
-I know let’s move come on. 3:30 am… You sat right? Hey, Ganesh!
How can you leave your father and go? I think gods would go like this only. Hey, she came dude. Hold my mobile phone. Hey, sit in the position man! -Hey!
-Good morning, come on. What did you came to see
whether my friend is alive or dead? Actually I don’t know that
I have these many powers… -Oh god!
-Oh god! -and all those…
-Hey, be in position man! I have tested on you. Then what are you
thinking you want to do now? I want to make you normal by helping you. Then do it. From today I will make
you walk with my legs. Okay. -I will feed you with my hands.
-I will chew. Then… where is the grinder? Look there it is… Is that a grinder? My mother doesn’t follow
trend she will follow tradition. That is mixer. That is washing machine with water tank. This is vaccum cleaner. Ah! -First start with cleaning.
-Okay. [chuckles]
If my mother see her… -She thinks she is a working girl.
-She would think that she is a maid. [screaming] Why she fell down really?
[chuckles] -Thank you.
-Welcome. [chuckles] Didn’t you hands and legs stopped working? That is due to the tension
that you might fall down, my hands and legs which stopped
working came running to save you. [phone rings] -Hello?
-What? Did you forgot or are you
thinking that I’ve forgotten? For you,
I and your friends are waiting come. [beep] This all happened because of you.
I have to hit you not that fellow. -Leave me.
-You have to hit him, come on. [bike vrooms] Sahasra he troubled us a lot here. What man does she brought you
because she couldn’t hit me? I don’t hit ladies guys. -What?
-Ganesh. You people settle down. What are you saying? You can stare me later,
first settle down his matter. Come on, it’s ladies issue. I didn’t make her to serve me. I made her practice to bash him. Listen, if man goes to
institute to learn martial arts then a woman who does every
work in home is martial arts. You who light fire to cook, if you come on the street if you got hurt,
you can roll them like a grinder, bash them like bashing chilli. mix them like batter,
can wash like washing clothes and dry them in Sun keeping clips. Even five elements of the nature
gets shock by see the punch of a woman. Is he a thing? Come on. [bashing] Yes! [whistle] Hmm… [sighs] Do you know you are super? Do you know Superman? Er… what am I talking
and what you are talking? We both are talking
about super only right? Er…
[chuckles] Are you kidding me? “I’m in love” “I’ve entered into love frame” “I’m in love.
I’ve entered into love frame”” “The ring on my finger is yours” “I dreamt about you,
I assumed about you” “I took your last name” “You are my darling” “What a feeling!” “You are my darling” “What a feeling!” “I’m in love.
I took risk” “I gave my heart to you” “I got mixed feelings,
but I fixed my mind on you” “I’ll be wedding you” “You are my darling” “What a feeling!” “You are my darling” “What a feeling!” “You are my darling. Come on the way,
you’re blazing everything filling it now” “All my crazy feeling are rising,
Baby let it go. Loving it now” “Would you love me baby? Feel me everytime
making my way to the beautiful world” “Darling… Feeling…
Come on baby, settle this now” “Come to the turning, I took a halt” “We got double seats for single window” “My story got tempted in the beginning” “This sweet girl made me
fall for her at the ending” “I set the field and
you’ve bowled me” “You’ve built our lifelong match” “You are my darling” “What a feeling!” “You are my darling” “What a feeling!” “Your belt tightened my dress” “You’ve impressed me with your fight” “You’ve set your time in my watch” “Your moves started with my stare” “I have tweeted and
you’ve sent heat waves” “Both of us got separated from the world” “You are my darling” “What a feeling!” “You are my darling” “What a feeling!” [fire crackling] What’s up Bairagi, you
seem to be happy today? In the morning, a guy came to our garage, and extorted money from me
citing that he’s Bairagi’s henchman. You should have killed that idiot! I liked the way he
threatened me by using my name. We can imagine the form of God but, not Bairagi’s form. The kick from this booze, doesn’t even match the one that came
from that extortion, Nalla Swamy. Nalla Swamy! Byaragi, someone drew your sketch. [phone ringing]
Who the hell is he? I want him. Hello? -What’s this, sir?
-What happened? Someone showed me the picture of
Bairagi and asked me whether I knew him. You have sent that guy
to test me, didn’t you? You fool, why would I send him? -Where is he now?
-I don’t know, sir. -Can you recognise him if you see him?
-Yes, I can. I’ll get the guy who drew your sketch
within 24 hours and bring him to you. I can’t find his photos but I
remember where I saw him, brother. -Where?
-At Kanakaraja’s Paan shop. Our guy saw Bairagi when he
was smoking at this place. This is the place where he
had shown me the sketch. We might find him if we
search in these surroundings. [electricity buzzes] We can definitely find him if
we search in these surroundings. Why did a lot of people gather
over there? What’s happening? He wants to catch a guy. And it was told that the guy they
are looking came here yesterday. They announced a bounty of 50,000
rupees for identifying that guy. -50,000 rupees?
-Yes. Hey, give way… Move… This is my area. I should be the one who
should do business or extortion! Bro, who are you looking for? He is still drawing, right? You can identify and tell
us after he finishes it. I will definitely recognise him.
Meanwhile, arrange 50,000 rupees. Hey, I’m Bairagi’s
henchman. Bugger off from here. Wow! Soothing! He is the one, sir. Look there, he is that
guy… He is that guy… Ah! -Hey
-Tell me, brother! Hey, stop dude! Tell me, brother! Until yesterday, I was the only person
who searched for that guy in the sketch. But from today, 50 men are
searching for him to kill. Have a look. I’ve searched at the place that
you have told me. He wasn’t there. If you see him anywhere, call me. Hey, note down my number. Hey, he was talking to
you. Note down the number. 89781 83998 [phone rings] Hello, who is on the line? -Your friend.
-My friend? When we have a common
enemy, aren’t we friends? -Who is that enemy?
-Bairagi. I’m too seeking vengeance
against Bairagi just like you. But I don’t have the courage to kill him. You know only his face. But I know where he resides. He does every deal on Yarada Hills. He already started to
that place to make a deal. [bike revving] He might be reach there in 15 minutes. Bairagi, that’s the gang
which wants to kill you. That’s the guy who was
enquiring about you with your sketch. Hey, this is my father’s axe which
I have sharpened after 15 years. The change in his body language
means that he is Bairagi for sure. First, we shall kill
Bairagi and later him. Let’s kill both of them. He is coming towards us
seeking his death, Bairagi. One swing of the
sword shall chop 10 heads. It might scare you.
Close your eyes, Nalla Swamy. Hey! “Jakkara… Jakkara… Jakkanna” Why did you kill him? Hey… [groans]
[splash] Hey… [clangs] [groans] [groans] [clangs] [groans] [groans] [clangs] [groans] Hey… [thud] Hey… [groans]
[thud] [clangs] [clangs] [groans] [thud]
[groans] Hey… [clangs] [groans] What the hell are you doing when these
many people are out there to kill you? I killed them because you didn’t. If anyone wants to lay their hands on you, their expiry date would be
over on this earth just like them. Brother, I would generally transform
the lives of those who helped me. And when it comes to you,
you’ve done a great help to me. From today, you are my God
and I’m your bodyguard. Trust me, I’m going to
make your life incredible. This is the first step of my gratitude. Step by step, it will very exciting. This is the blood of 50 idiots. “Jakkara… Jakkara… Jakkanna” Hi, our Ganesh has started
showing his gratitude. Go and get something to drink. I meant coffee or tea. Because his enthusiasm may not fetch
you any gap to get refreshments. [waves rustling] What is the help that I did to him? You might have helped
him without my knowledge. Am I a Prime Minister a
to help him? I’m a rowdy. By looking at his strength, I think
there is some strong reason behind this. Get all those people who are known
to him, met him and related to him. Ho! This is the first time in
the history of this institute, that these many people came to join. Bairagi asked you to come
to his place. Let’s go. Jackie Chan, Pawan Kalyan and I
won’t visit anyone at their place. Ask Bairagi to come here. Oh man! [spits] I’m not a cooking teacher to go to
houses privately and teach them. Ho! I’m a stunt master. Hey, it would be fun to go near the ocean. But when the ocean comes to
you, it is called Tsunami. However, why the hell do you
need martial arts at this age? You will be dead
before you finish warm-up. The taste is very bad. -Hey
-What? -Do you know Bairagi?
-Bairagi? Of course, I do. The entire city trembles
upon hearing his name. But he trembles upon hearing my name. You fool, he is Bairagi. Him?
[laughing] If he is Bairagi,
then I’m Bin Laden. Oh no! I understood everything, brother. Where is your office boy, Ganesh? Oh no! Is it about him? Did he annoy you too? Like the signals reaching
the SIM card wherever it is, he will come running to his lover
for even a small scratch on her body. Where is she? You should stay away from bad people. Hey… Hey… Stop here.
This is the place. Stop [tyres screech] Brother, this is the
house of Ganesh’s lover. Actually, she was my
girl at the beginning. She became his lover
only after my episode. Which means I made the
layout and he got the venture. What do I lack, brother? I pat on my thighs and swear, I’m the only guy in this in
entire Vizag city with a plait. Oh man! You’ll find my girl in this
house who would be so beautiful that, words are not enough
to describe her beauty. Her lips are so beautiful
that it would blow our minds. Brother, destroy Ganesh by all
means and get that girl to me. Brother. Is it true? Did I flirt with the
sister of a ferocious man? [gasps] Oh dear… -No, brother.
-Hey! You didn’t know that someone is in
love with my sister until I know, What the hell are you doing? -Brother, please…
-Don’t talk. Forget the guy who is in love with you. He will not live. I’ll kill him. He didn’t even spare his father and kicked
him. In my case, I’ll be made as jelly. Sorry, brother. I blabbered as I
didn’t know it was your sister. Don’t hit me brother, I’ll die. Shall I bury him, Bairagi? What will you bury? Am I a plant to you? Tell me brother.
Isn’t your mother my mother? Isn’t your sister my sister? Isn’t your wife my wife? Nalla Swamy, He trapped my sister
in order to target me. He should be dead. [indistinct crowd chatter] I didn’t come for you this time. It was me who called you to come here. Your lover Sahasra is my daughter. She is the sister of Bairagi
whom you are searching for. Does it mean Bairagi is your son? In order to know that you
should know what happened. ANDHRA PRADESH
-Thanks -Greetings ma’am.
-Greetings sir. Happy married life. -Thank you very much.
-Thank you. You had a daughter. Where is she? -Huh? Daughter?
-Daughter? We got married just now.
How will we have a daughter? It’s been eight years
that you were married. You had a seven year old daughter. I think he came from the
mental hospital. Let’s go. It’s been eight years
that we were married. We had a seven year old daughter. I selected you as the
father of my sister by your fear. My sister is an obstruction for my growth. That’s why you are her parents from today. Okay. If you take care of her,
I’ll take care of everything you want. Otherwise, you will see me and
there is no person alive who saw me. Well, where is my daughter? Along with Sahasra,
I got wealth and properties in that way. Sahasra, who got me
everything asked me nothing for her, Except you. Take her far away and live happily. Because I know about Bairagi’s
wickedness more than anyone. Sahasra will be waiting for you. [phone ringing] Hey! Heard that you’ve been searching for me. Why do you take such pain?
I’d come to you if you call me. Come to Savitri Tiffin Center
which is at NTR Center in the morning. Don’t be late.
Let’s talk over breakfast. Bairagi… Bairagi… Bairagi… Bairagi… He is… He is Bairagi… [people panicking] He is Bairagi… Oh no! Bairagi -He is the one who is on the poster.
-Oh no! Bairagi! [gasps] I’m Bairagi’s henchman. Oh no! He is Bairagi. Oh no! Brother… Brother… Brother… Brother, we don’t know
that you are Bairagi. We’ve been living in this
place by using your name. Hey, stop your mess! Brother, please show mercy on us. What the hell are you staring at? Fool! Won’t you tell us that he is Bairagi? Hit me brother… Hit me otherwise
I’ll stab myself. [phone ringing] Bairagi, he is calling. Hey! How is your poster?
Blockbuster, isn’t it? Hit me, brother. The public response is good, ain’t it? Where the hell are you? I’m at Siripuram junction taking the
tension of getting your posters pasted. Come here immediately. Stay there, I’m coming. Don’t go Bairagi. When he had revealed
about you to the entire city, it means that he had
planned something else for you. He did what he has to. Now, it is my turn. -Come with me!
-Brother. [crowd charging] Hey… Hey… Hey… [phone rings]
Hey! I pasted your poster
on every autorickshaw, I don’t know if it is right or wrong. Hey, where the hell are you? I’m at Maddilapalem roadside enjoying
people’s cheer at your vinyl poster. -I’m at Maddilapalem, where are you?
-Turn around, come back to Gajuwaka center Hey, vacate this place. Where the hell are you? I’m like your backbone. Turn to your back. Whoa! He made even me as a scapegoat in
the process of catching Bairagi. The poster tore, and out came the hero How is it? Brother, I’ll take your photo. -You come inside the frame, dude.
-Brother, lay your hand on me. Ready… Don’t blink your eyes.
[camera clicks] The photo is incredible. If I upload this photo on the
internet, you will become famous globally. There will be tweets about you on Twitter and you’d get likes on Facebook. And everyone would say hats off
to you on Whatsapp. [applause] -Give him a big round of applause.
-Shut up! You’ll become famous with this photo. Bairagi should be like a
lion standing at the center. People want their photo
to be on the cover page. But why do you want your
photo on the last page? I didn’t like that. That’s why I put your posters all over
the city and gave you free publicity. Who the hell are you to put my posters? Fan. I’m your fan! Why the hell would I have fans? The movie heroes who save
lives in the movies have fans. You are the one who saved my
life in real life and helped me. Shouldn’t I be your fan? Why are you just staring? Speak out! You’ve been torturing me saying
that I helped you. What was that help? Did you forget it? You came to VUDA park to kill
Dega 15 years ago, didn’t you? Try to recall it. SABBAVARAM MANDALA
PARISHAT HIGH SCHOOL FIELD TRIP Who the hell did hit me with the ball? [panting] It was me, uncle. I’m sorry. Give me the ball. What happened, uncle? Sorry? You idiot! Stop! Why are you hitting him
even after his apology? -Who the hell are you?
-I’m his friend. He tied me a band-aid when
I got bruised recently. Don’t scold him. Anyway,
it was a small hit for you. Just rub with some
ointment, the pain will be healed. Hey Srinu, pick the ball. -Yes
-Hey… -Do you know who I’m?
-No. I’ll speak in this way even if I know you.
I won’t be silent if you scold him. Ouch! I’ve hit him.
What are you going to do about it? Now, I can’t do anything about it. But you’d be old by the time I grow up. I’ll slap you at that time. I’m not gonna let you grow
up. I’ll kill you now. Give me the axe. -Take your leg off me.
-Don’t harm him. Please… -Hey…
-No… -[slits]
-No… Oh no! [slits]
-[slits] [axe clings] You might have been bad in the
eyes of people for killing him, but you’ve become God for me. Next time,
when I murder someone, I’ll also kill the guy
who is under his leg. Sahasra, come. Ganesh,
I’ve booked two tickets to Bangalore. Leave this city before
Bairagi discovers this. Book tickets for them too. [gasps] Brother? I and your sister are in love. We wanted to get eloped. Stop us if you can. You thought I would
say these words, right? [gasps] I came to know last night
that she is your sister. I put my love aside immediately
and erased all my memories of her. I love you more than your sister. Didn’t you understand yet? I sacrificed my love for you. Love is nothing to me.
It is you who I care about. From now, your life is my life. I’ll be showing you gratitude. A for all.
B for Bairagi. C for caught glimpse of Bairagi by all. Bairagi, who didn’t show up since 15 years came out suddenly and roamed
around entire city with his men. -People thronged to see Bairagi.
-Hey! Hey Bairagi. Why did Bairagi show up all of a sudden
who has been seen all these years? -I’ll kill you.
-Hey… Would you break the TV? We don’t have a budget for your
hospital bill. And you want to break TV? Let go of this. I won’t spare him. I’ll kill him. If you want to kill him,
you have to kill Ganesh first. Bairagi was saved because of that idiot. I’ll kill both of them this time. Try to switch on the fan. Do it for me. [groans] You can even switch on this fan
and you wanted to kill Bairagi’s fan. How can you even kill him? [grunts] Shut up and take this tablet. Their death is in my hands. [groans] [tears] This is known as a photo getting viral. You used to be invisible like a satellite, but you came to roads and seen by
everyone like a street light, sir. [crow cawing] Oh! Sir, the street became
silent when you showed up. There aren’t any
birds or people over here. But there is a crow, which means there
is some link between you and the crow. Crow is the vehicle of Lord Shani, sir. If it is here,
it would be followed by him. Bairagi came into light and roaming around
the city, but why didn’t you nab him yet? Can you really nab him? In order to nab him, a special
police officer is arriving from Delhi. His name is Kattappa. And he seems like a
tiger in the police uniform. [siren wailing] When he enters into the scene, there wouldn’t be any
comments except action. [siren wailing] Bairagi! There would be silence only until the
lion finds the location of the deer. Once it finds its location,
there would be just violence. If I start firing, there wouldn’t be any
space in the graveyard for cremation. I’ve already did 999 encounters. Why the hell is he stating that
as if it is some price of an item? [gun fires]
[groans] If his words are counter to me
and then my action is an encounter. When I’m on the field,
you should remain calm. Otherwise, there won’t any
mercy. You’ll see my rage. If I enter into a scene, the writer
of the dialogues would be dumbstruck. I’ll crush you. You are under arrest. I’m not easy going. This is
Katappa here, remember my name. Ferocious Kattappa. Look Siddhappa, A lion has temper and you have a cap. That’s the only difference. And the
rest of the features are the same. -Ah!
-Uh! -Who the hell are you?
-I’m a major. Jai Hind. What’s with your reaction? Anyone who crosses 18 years of
age is considered as major, right? But we thought it as
rank in the military. Yeah! You’ve been considering all
the things in that way. Yeah! You’ve been mistaking a lady for a fraud, and a braveman as killer. Blame your job. Don’t confuse. Try to convince me. Do you have any evidence that
it proves him to be Bairagi? His posters are all over the city, right? Is it? Would my photo on ‘Atharintiki Daaredi’
movie poster makes me Pawan Kalyan? Well, it is logical. Then, who is he? Bhairraju He is from Annavaram,
settled in Simhachalam. What? This is his aadhar card, voter card, pan card. Oh crap! He is really Bhairraju. There is CC recording that
thugs are going along with him. No one can erase those recordings. They aren’t thugs, sir.
They are his relatives. He has a joint family. Mother, father, elder sister, younger
sister, elder brother, younger brother, paternal aunt, paternal uncle,
maternal aunt, maternal uncle, brother-in-law and
wife’s younger brother. He has a great family where they
have all these family members. It is rather termed as colony but not
family when there are a lot of members. [gasps] It is fantastic when the last pun is mine. Show his family. If they are really his family
members, they’ll be at his home. Otherwise,
you’ll find them on railway tracks. I’ll make the train move over them. [siren wailing] BHAIRRAJU
BRUNDAVANAM Sir, this is his house.
Bhairraju Brundavanam. [gasps] How come a wrench
handler has such a posh house? He handles wrench work during
daytime and real-estate at nights. If I don’t find his family inside, I’ll
make him run till Bheemili kicking him. I will decide it right now whether
he is Bhairraju or Bairagi. Let’s go. [practicing classical music] -Hail Lord Balaji.
-Hail Lord Balaji. Sings:
“Lachhamma song from the movie Ishq” -Hey!
-Oh no! Stop you baritone music. People would be diseased and
dead if they listen to this. -Who the hell are you?
-Sha… Shankarabharanam, sir. He looks like cheap thug.
How can he be Shankarabharanam? His mother gave birth
to him in the theatre when she was watching the
movie Shankarabharanam. Who are they? They are poets, sir. Kannaihya, Thikkanna and Yerrapragada. They seem like agricultural land
leasees, how can they be poets? They might look ugly but they
hail from great scholars family. They look like marauders.
How can they be scholars? Oh man! Why is he not believing? Hey wait! You seem like a rogue wearing
a suit! Where are you going? -Office, sir?
-Municipal office? -No, software office.
-How come you are having a dirty beard? This is a style from the
movie ‘Nannaku Prematho’ Ah! Sir, he is a doctor. Sir, I’m Dr. Manohar Naidu,
the numerologist. He means neurologist. It
was the slip of his tongue. -Go away.
-Hello. How can a ball go out of a
stadium if a wall is built around? -Sir, they are…
-I understood. They are cricketers and engineers. What’s this combination? Oh! They were discussing
about cricket stadium. Sir, Bhairraju became a mechanic in order
to make them as mechanical engineers. Yes. Get to work. All the
idiots are in this house. Are there any woman in this house or
is it just freaking men living here? Woman don’t go out the house. They are orthodox. If they are orthodox, I’m Mad Max.
[gun fires] -Oh no!
-Oh no! We’re family women. Did I ask? They got panicked at
the sight of the police. Why is she doing that
ritual as if he won an IPL cup? As her brother came home, she is doing
a cleansing ritual to take him inside. He looks like Bin Laden and his sister is
like the princess of the United Kingdom, What’s this combination? Let’s go. Step in with your right foot, brother. A neuron in his brain got
disconnected due to Bairagi’s slap. Even he doesn’t know when
it connects or disconnects. Background song: “Bhale Bhale Magadivoy
song from Bhale Bhale Magadivoy movie” Who is he? Why am I here? [gasps] I’m Kungfu Pandu, right? Oh
my freaking veg manchurian! Who are they? They are his parents. What about them? -They are his big mother and big father.
-It’s us. What does that mean? It means they are his
paternal aunt and uncle. They are his small
mother and small father. It means they are his another
set of paternal aunt and uncle. Wow! You got it correct. It is you who illustrated it clearly. Why is he standing beside him all the time as if a transmission
tower beside a hoarding? He is Nalla Swamy and he is
like Lord Hanuman to Bhairraju. What about him? Him? He is Kallu Swamy,
son of Nalla Swamy. [gasps] Why did all these relatives come here? -To attend a wedding.
-Whose wedding? -Bhairraju’s wedding. -[gasps]
-Wedding? My wedding? -Would any girl marry him?
-Shall I kick him, brother? [gasps] What’s he saying? He asked, “Shall I switch on AC?” -He saw you sweat, so he is concerned.
-Okay. Hey, you managed everyone
like an event manager. But what’s your
relation with the people here? Say something and manage… My fiance, sir. Why is she feeling shy? Is she your lover? Yes… No… No! [gasps] Master? Move aside… Move aside… No one are related here. Who the hell is he talking nonsense? He is their servant. Servant?
You’ll be finished if I start speaking. [gasps] Ask me whatever information
you want, I’ll tell you. -Get down first.
-Okay. This short guy seems
like he would make a mess. -What I’m about to say is…
-Sir, have tea. Let me clearly explain after having tea. [spits] -What kind of tea is this?
-Ginger tea, sir. Tastes like jaggery tea. Have it, sir. Do you even know how to make tea? Bring a half liter of milk
and start heating them. Put some Chakra Gold tea
powder, add sugar and boil it well. Then place a small ginger piece
in it and them drink it hot… You’ll feel on the top of the world. Huh? Well, you just said you
would reveal some truth? Er… Oh that? Truth can’t be
hidden, truth always comes out. Eh? Not that, you said you’d tell us a truth? Er… Oh that! It was about tea, I’ve told him clearly. Huh? -You!
-Oh god! Rail engine and fire engine have
their own distinguished sounds. The sound of me hitting is the same! -Do you know who I am?
-Don’t you know it yourself? -Who the hell is he?
-He is our master sir. -What master?
-Er… Tea master. Why would a tea master
talk rubbish like this? -Actually he slipped and fell down.
-Why would he like rubbish if he slipped? Actually, he slipped in the third floor. Then his actions are reasonable. As I’m a tea master,
let me bring a nice tea for you. -Hey.
-What man? Hell with your antics. Get lost! Yeah, guy with a fake moustache. Are you convinced now sir? Is it clear now that this guy
isn’t Bairagi but is Bairraju? -You can start now.
-Hmm… I’m not leaving because you asked you to. I’ll have to leave
now if I have to return. That’s why I’m leaving. I’ll return. I’ll come back soon. If I even get a small clue
that he is Bairagi himself… I’ll make you all stand in a queue
and finish you with a single bullet. Lion-hearted! Yeah! Let’s go sir. Move aside you moron! Bro… Do you think I’ve done all of this
as I was scared of that Kattappa? I didn’t like you
staying alone somewhere bro. So, I set a family for you. [sings classical notes] -Grandma is going somewhere…
-Come here Ganesh. Thanks dude. Er… but why? You changed my brother who
never likes home into a family man. I’m so happy now. Do I give you a good treat? And what’s that? Er… I thought you meant some
fruit or sweet by treat. You gave such a hot one! -What happens if someone notices?
-Our wedding. Oh, but I’ve announced
our break up already! When you’re in love lock-up… There is no break up. Huh! [music] “In the tonnes of your beauty” “Oh my dear girl,
I’m drenched in moonlight” “With roses…” “Are you the arrow that
pierces into my life” “I’ve got to see you and
I have to stay with you” “Says my inner self
regardless of what people say” “In the tonnes of your beauty” “Oh my dear girl,
I’m drenched in moonlight” “I watch you daily” “I like seeing you in the mirror” “I’ll take you away” “I’ll embrace you” “I’ll hide you in me” “I’m looking at myself” “I’m comparing with you” “Am I in my senses too?” “Even when the distances
are dragging us apart” “I’m stepping towards you” “I’ve got to reach you,
I have to live for you” “I’m a slave of your love forever” “I’ll fly in the skies” “I’ll win all the stars” “It’s enough if you just be with me.” “Let me check the depths of love” “I’ll stop the pace of age” “I wish to be paired
with you for lifetime” “Am i the sixth ocean” “I’ll change into some season” “I’ve got to see you and
I have to stay with you” “Says my inner self
regardless of what people say” “In the tonnes of your beauty” “Oh my dear girl,
I’m drenched in moonlight” [singing telugu song] Why did all of you come
here in the first place? Ganesh came to us early
in the morning brother. He said he wanted to tell us something. What did he say? The reason I called all of you here is… Bairagi bro asked me to
convey something to you. And what is that? [music mutes voice] [everyone weeps]
[Ganesh’s voice not heard] That’s what he said bro. -What did he say?
-That’s what he said. I’m asking you what he said? We couldn’t hear anything
in that background music bro. Huh? Then why did you people cry? That music had a lot of feel to it. [weeps]
-Hey! What’s this background music? Greetings master! How are you Seenu? -How are you madam?
-I’m doing good son. Have you seen it? Our son hasn’t come to the station to
pick us up knowing that we were coming, -I’m so happy about it.
-Why is that so sir? He is in love ain’t he? He must be busy with the girl. It’s true that he is busy. But it’s not with the
girl, it’s with Bairagi. With Bairagi? So… hasn’t he forgotten Bairagi yet? You’ve told him a fable in his childhood. So he is sticking to it really tight. He himself felt that
Bairagi has saved his life… And when he was roaming
around to help him in any way I was scared and got
transferred to Bhadrachalam! I didn’t expect that he’d
remember him even after all these years. Well you should expect that.
That’s how his character is! Bairagi… this is the hot
topic in the entire Vizag city today. Some people say he is Bairagi,
while some say it’s a publicity stunt. If he is Bairagi… Tune in to E TV,
it’s time for Abhishekam serial. Tune in to MAA TV,
it’s time for Seethamalakshmi serial Hey! Tune in to Zee Telugu,
it’s time for Muddamandaaram serial. -Hey!
-Tune in now! Grab the remote from him! -Uncle, can you pull the shorts down?
-Get lost! Please uncle! [water splashes]
-Hey! -Nalla Swamy!
-Hey move… -Tell me Bairagi.
-Send everyone away immediately. Else kill them all. [chuckles] We have to bear this Bairagi. If Kattappa confirms you as Bairagi,
all our toil till now would go waste. [chuckles] [growls] [chuckles] Hey! It’s you who got him out
and introduced him as Bairagi. And it’s you who said he isn’t Bairagi but
Bairraju and introduced him to the family. What else do you have in plan for him? I’ll tell you… Huh? [music mutes voice] Oh my! A tiger won’t eat the dishes you cooked
for it. It simply munches on the feeder. Huh? -Why are you doing this firstly?
-For my satisfaction. Hey you! -Your satisfaction is life taking!
-Oh! Hey. Stop this here. [chuckles]
-Listen to me! Hey you! I’ve heard your secret! -Oh god!
-Huh? You planned so much
while looking so innocent! If I tell this to Bairagi, he’ll kill you. I’ll let him know right now. Ganesh is playing games with your life… -Shame on you! You’re playing with kids.
-Hey! Hey mad man, what are
you doing here? get lost! Hey chap. Stop your crap. Do you know what Ganesh plans for you? What is he planning?
[phone rings] [phone keeps ringing]
Er… This ringtone reminds me that I’m a man. Just wait for a minute. -Hello?
-Hello… We’re calling from Manasa Resorts sir. Does she look good? Manasa isn’t the name of a girl
sir. It’s the name of our resorts. [mumbles]
Sorry. Tell me? If you visit our
resorts, you’ll get free spirits along with free starters. You’ll get a nice
massage along with ladies. Really? Er… sorry sir.
I meant the ladies do the massage. Oh… I’m completely free of
work. Tell me when can I visit? You can come when you’re in good
mood and can leave when it’s off. I’m on the way
already. You can disconnect. Huh? Why are you here bro?
Do you have some work with me? It was you who said you
wanted to tell me something! Ah! They’re offering a free body
massage by ladies. Interested? [slaps] What about you? Okay guys. I’ll leave now. Have coffee. [phone rings] Kattapa sir is calling. [everyone groans]
-Get up you bull. Good morning sir! It’s just a bad morning once I call. Er… Even birds stop drinking
water once they hear my name! Well they’d just drink
water when they are thirsty. Uh… Where are you people? At home? Maybe you’d want to visit… Don’t do that. We’re
not at home. Am I right? Then where are you? All our men got up
early, started for a walk… Then we started jogging,
and now while talking to you on phone We just entered into a market. Which market is it? The address is a bit
confusing. It’s hard to find the way. There are no ways or places
in Vizag that I don’t know of. Tell me where are you? When you travel towards
the east from our house… When you take a right turn from there… -Do I get to the market you are in?
-It’s the China market. Take a U-turn there. Is it the fish market?
Do you want me to get a 25 kg of them? Can vegetarians eat fish sir? Oh! He’s got me! Yeah… If you go further and
turn to your right… I’d reach the Rythu Bazar
(Farmers Market) of Seethammadhara. You are absolutely
right. You can’t come there! -It’s really long!
-My thong! I’m right there. -Oh!
[indistinctive group confusion] So where exactly are you? Ah… we are near the
vegetables in Rythu Bazar. There are only vegetables
in Rythu Bazar. Not coolers. -Where are you?
-Okay Kattappa sir… We can see you. Be right there and we’ll
see you in two minutes. Okay? Fine bye. We can’t be there in two
minutes even if we take a flight. So understand how fast we should go! Move! [phone rings] -Hello Kattapa sir…
-Where are you? -We’re right at your back.
-Huh? -You aren’t here!
-Where are you looking sir? I’m looking to my front. Why are you looking to your front
when we are at your back? Turn back. Back? But you are’t here! Er… where are you looking at now? I turned back and am looking to my front. You just watch your front
always. Turn back once. Hey! I’m not a nincompoop. I’m Kattappa. Then why don’t you look back once? Hey! I didn’t see you here earlier? Earlier you were watching to your front. You can see us now as you turned back now. Oh… Trust us atleast by seeing these vegetable
bags sir. We came here for vegetables. So many people just to buy vegetables? As our’s is a united family,
we even buy chilli collectively. Hey! It doesn’t seem like you are
here to buy but to rob vegetables. After you came in, this place looks more
of a goons den than a vegetable market. What is this inspector? Huh? What are you talking? Profession by looking at face,
definition of a person by dress Identification by just looking at eyes. And justification by just
having a look are wrong ways. Oh! First, thee should be verification.
The next one is confirmation. After that, there should be notification. I don’t like this kind of confrontation. If you are putting me in irritation, my anger will become exasperation. Stop your over-action. I am an ocean. I have one station. That is police station. You are in frustation. Stop it! Look how cruel he seems. Do you think he buys vegetables? Don’t you scold him unnecessarily.
He is as pure as 24 carats gold. The name Bairagi itself echoes is like
copper, you can’t compare him to gold. What are you talking? What’s there in the name? Can the name decide the
qualities of a person? How can you even think to
make something out of a name? Would there be any relationship
between ship and an ocean? Hey, what are you talking? Is there
any meaning for what you said? -Yes, sir.
-What is it? Do you mean I have to believe that he
is an innocent guy but not a murderer? He is so innocent that when
you talk about Bipasha Basu, he thinks it to be some kind of bus. When you say ‘hands up’, he thinks that to be some kind of
cold drink like ‘Thumbs Up’ or ‘7 Up’. He knows nothing
about booze except sweets. Bhairraju is an amalgamation of
righteousness, modesty and nobility. Hey, you are covering him
more than news coverage. I will prove you right now
whether he is Bairagi or Bhairraju. The guy Bairagi, who you wanted to kill
is at Seethammadhara vegetable market. Come over.
[tyres screech] [gasps] Let’s slaughter that scoundrel. He will be finished now. If he fights back,
it proves that he is Bairagi. That’s his deadlock. Don’t do it. If you hold the sword,
it will prove that you are Bairagi. Hey… Hey… Sir, why is he running
into our police academy? Hey, we are just four policemen.
But in there, there are 400 policemen. They will smash him. Don’t stop, go. Hurry up. Fast. Let’s go. On your mark. Come… I’ll chase you till you’re dead. [whistles] [knife swishes] Hey… [groans] Damn! Policemen are around us. Go for long jump. Jump. Hey… [digs] Damn! [thud] Take him [chuckles] What are you looking at? The thing is that we can only look
at painting after becoming a saint. Huh! Look well. Hey, don’t look. Control your eyes. Hold your heart. We don’t want that. Don’t look. Why the hell are you opposing yourself when that beauty is asking
you to love her, dumbo? Why are you looking like
me? Are you my body double? Overaction! [gasps] Hey, lakhs of youth would be
standing in a queue in order to flirt her. When such a girl is loving you, why the hell are you
opposing instead of falling for her? -Are you mental?
-I’m sentimental. -I’m not in love with that girl now.
-Why so? -Because she is Bairagi’s sister.
-So what? -Because he saved my life.
-Bloody life! It doesn’t matter if you are alive
or dead when you abandon such a girl. Whoa! Well, I have a goal. The girl is having all kinds of
good features. Don’t neglect her. A moment is enough for
us to lose close people. But even, years are not enough for
you to get close to those who you lost. I don’t think you’re right. Why the hell are you hesitating
to accept such a star like beauty? You’ll go to hell. [gasps] If you lose this beauty,
you’ll end up with a bad girl. [gasps] -Stop now!
-Ah! Why should I stop? Umm… I wasn’t talking to you. Would you accept her or
shall I start my work? -You get inside.
-Why should I? I wasn’t talking to you. It is you. Huh! How can you read the newspaper peacefully even after knowing that
he playing with Bairagi? Call him, ask him to stop
what he is doing and come here. What do you want me to tell him? Do you want me to tell him that
the story which I told was wrong? When others remembered just the
story, he remembered the moral. Oh no! As a teacher, I’m very proud
of him for what he is doing. We should slaughter Ganesh into pieces. People used to tremble
for what would happen, the police used to
tremble for what I would do and run away upon hearing my name. But today, I feared for that police, I couldn’t kill my enemies
and had to escape from them. Ganesh entered into my
silent life like a Tsunami. You are right, brother. Hold it! Now, both of us have connected very well. He made my short film by fooling me. And he’s planning a reality show with you. Hey mental, get out! I’ll go out but if you know what
Ganesh had planned for Bairagi, you’ll become mental. Hey… What did he plan? Bairagi,
is it necessary to listen to this fool? Nalla Swamy, don’t you intervene. Anyhow, the retired thugs are of
no use except for cracking satires. Your would reach good
position in your life if you roam with Kungfu masters
like me instead of retired thugs. Oh no! Background song: “Bhale Bhale Magadivoy
song from Bhale Bhale Magadivoy movie” Shut up and get soda. Soda? I’m not a soda
supplier, I’m a tea-seller. He became tea-seller again. Alright. Get tea. That’s good! Strong or light? -Get something.
-Not possible. Be specific. -Hey, get the tea.
-Okay. Well… I came here to
tell you something, right? I remember it now. Milk packets are over. [sighs] -Take this. Go, get them.
-Okay. Cow milk or buffalo milk. -Crap!
-Get any milk. The cat milk is right
for you. I’ll get it. We have to kill Ganesh tonight. -Alert all our people.
-Not possible. Our men became his servants. Then, deploy new gang. Oh! The Kabaali gang won’t
leave Bairagi in peace. I have to knock them
before Bairagi wakes up. [gasps]
-Did you come to kill Bairaji? That task is diffcult when I’m there. This gap is enough for me. -[groans]
-[snaps] [chuckles]
My punch has got punctuality. It comes at the right time. [groans] I don’t understand whether I’m
fighting well or you’re falling well. [groans] Sir… Did you take stairs to reach here?
Well, I send you out in a shortcut. Enjoy the anti gravity effect. Ouch! Hey… Oh no! Sorry! Kabaali’s men came again to kill you. In order to not to disturb
you, I knocked them silently. They came for you, not me. It was me who brought them. I’ll kill you right now. Hey! Bairagi… Who will save you if I’m dead? I’m like your backbone. Forget about killing me. Go and sleep. Okay? Go to sleep! He is my backpain, not backbone. I’ll kill him right now. Hey! Do you think I’m a voter to
threaten me with a sword? I’m a shooter! I understood you’re Bairagi
when I saw aggression in your eyes. I’ve been waiting all
these days for this moment. Your scene is finished! -Police!
-Oh yeah! [gunfire] [gunfire] I made your picture with bullets.
Now, I will throw you in jail. Happy birthday to you! -Happy birthday to you, my dear!
-What’s he doing? Whose birthday? As I know you’re weak in English,
we have made it inscribed in Telugu. It is Bhairraju’s birthday. -Birthday?
-True, sir. He was born crying on the 7th day
of the 7th month in the year 1977. He was a premature baby and
now, he is torturing everybody. With a sword in his hand
and aggression in his eyes, it seems like he is on
the way to kill someone. Ah! He is on the way to cut, but not to kill. -Do you mean neck?
-No, it is a cake. Would anyone use a
big sword to cut a cake? As he has got a big family,
we arranged a big cake. As it is a big cake,
we’ve arranged a big sword to cut it. You’ll give a simple
answer for a big question. If I leave you, you’ll convince us that
Dawood Ibrahim to be John Abraham. Well, it’s time to cut the cake. Bairagi, cut the cake. Why are you staring? You used to
cut the cake every year, right? Come on, cut the cake. It’s your habit to give the first
piece of cake to your sister, right? Brother, you forgot the order. You used to take blessings from
your parents after that, right? Touch their feet. [applause]
-May you have a long life. Hey, is this sentiment or management? It is an arrangement. Oh! It is enjoyment, sir. Well, give a cake piece to SI too as
he made your picture with bullets. Stop it! I hate cakes, jokes and him. You might have escaped now, but I’ll keep coming until I nab him. [chuckles] He wanna follow… follow you. Enough of your reactions. Relax now. Go to your places. The birthday is fantastic, right? Hey, what’s with this
freaking birthday celebrations? Your body grew enormously but your
brain didn’t grow since your kindergarten. Do you know what would happen to you? Do you at least know what
he’s going to do with you? Do you know who you are? Ho! -I’m Kungfu Pandu.
-What’s my name? -Bairagi.
-What’s his name? Nalla Swamy. -What’s that?
-A cake. Background song: “Bhale Bhale Magadivoy
song from Bhale Bhale Magadivoy movie” I’ll believe whatever
you say now. Speak out! Happy birthday to you. What can we wish a
birthday boy other than this? Wow! Butterscotch cake. I planned his death day but
he changed it to my birthday. He isn’t bothered about my feelings. He’s just doing what he feels. He is showing me hell by laughing. He should lose the admiration for me. He should develop such a
vengeance that he should try to kill me. What I should do to get that? For him to develop vengeance on you,
you should knock his attachment. Let’s kill his parents. [scoffs] [phone rings] I’ll be late. I’m assigned exam invigilation duty
in AVN college in the last moment. Come to the college. From the college,
we shall go to attend the function. Okay? [chanting mantras] Thank God! Lord Ganesh, I wrote what I know. It is you who has to
write the rest of the exam. You have a answers slip, right bro? I know that you’re sent by
Ganesh. Please give it to me. Bro, the time is running out. We’re writing exam by sitting on the
same bench. Please show the answers. [gasps] You finished your exam so early? If not in this March, we can write
compartment exams in September. What if I lose my life, sir? Oh no! Stop writing.
Handover your answer sheets. Hey… You wrote the exam, right? Where should you go? I think the fuel is empty.
I’ll drop you, get in. Did you write the exam well? What’s with your stare as
if you’re here to kill me? [tyres screech] Have you been waiting since a long time? Oh! Keep going. Why are you late?
All the arrangements are done. -We have engagement rings with us.
-Why are you worried? That’s that case…
Driver, pull over. [tyres screech] Vasantha, get in. Get in, carefully. Okay. Oh, I don’t get where to place this. Hey, hold this plate. As she is an elderly
woman, she’s a bit annoying. You won’t mind, right? [tyres screech] [chuckles] Why are you here? It was me who drove you from the
exam hall till this wedding hall. Though you aren’t that young,
today is your engagement day. Look there. GROOM WELCOME TO UPPALAPATI’S
FAMILY ENGAGEMENT FUNCTION BRIDE My parents’ got you ready and brought
you here on the behalf of groom’s family. What the hell do you
mean by my engagement? As I don’t want your life to get
wasted, I’ve arranged your engagement. Hey! Do you think I would marry just like you made me cut the
cake citing my birthday? I’ll kill you. Who would you kill? Whoa! He wants to kill me, sir. He got a dream last night where he got
married and his wife became pregnant. He says that he wants to kill me if
I don’t get him married by morning. Marriage for him? When drunkards and
vagrants are getting married, what’s wrong in this
beast getting married? Oh! Who is the father of the bride? -Arrangements are proper, right?
-Yes, sir. If you go in this attire,
people don’t find you as a groom. Instead, they think you
are here for wedding words. Let’s go after changing our clothing. I’ll see how this wedding would happen. Well, thank you very much. What for? For saying that you’d closely
monitor the wedding and getting it done. Ah! Why did he say that? We’re getting delayed,
where is my son-in-law? Look, he is coming. [wedding percussions] “It is Bhairraju brother’s
wedding! Hurrah!” -Hi, son-in-law.
-Sir. -Who are you?
-I’m the CI of this area. Then keep an eye on everyone here. Yes, sir. You have escaped from me
but you got trapped to him. Do you know who he is? C. B. I. Cheaf. Nippu Nagabhoshanam. If you make any
mistake he will stop firing. If he a fire brand then I am
a fire engine I will stop him. -Mr. Bhairraju.
-Yes? This is my family. -My brother is not just Bhairraju sir,
-Then? Bhairraju BA, MA, MBA,
M. Com, MCA, LLB and LIC. LIC? Er… What is this LIC? He earned all this degrees
working hard as a LIC agent. -I see.
-Oh! -Hi, Bhairraju!
-Come dear. My daughter, Bhagya Lakshmi. A girl with gun. She doesn’t know about dating
at all. She only knows shooting. -Dad. Dad…
-Yes? I like him so much,
I will shoot him for once dad, please. You can shoot him after the marriage,
where whould he go? Son-in-law would be
staying with us only right? Before I take you to the court, I think
she would kill you in the bedroom only. [chuckles] See Mr. Bhairraju, you look so intellegent
by seeing all your degrees. I know about 3rd degree but I don’t
have any idea about these degrees. But my brother has a good idea about them. He is thinking to test your knowledge. Er… don’t worry brother, whatever they might ask you, you just have to answer, what, who,
why? Yes or no. I’ll take care of rest. Okay? Don’t worry brother. Ready? Fire! -Who invented steam engine?
-What? Yes! James Watt is the one who
invented steam engine right? Right answer. He answered greatly. Come on claps.
[applaud] Next question please. What would be infront of
Fi which provides internet? Er… why? Yes, right answer. Wi-Fi!
[applause] Next question please. -What do you call fog in English?
-No! No… Snow! -Right answer.
-Give him a round of applause. [applaud] -Very good.
-Snow, snow… -Snow.
-Can you ask some tough questions please. Who established Indian Congress? Who? Indian Congress was established
by W. W.Hume. It’s correct. Yes! [chuckles]
Very good. [applaud]
He answered greatly. Next question please. Please, please. What is the symbol for dollor? Yes. Yes. If you cut letter
S vertically two times, that is what dollor
is. Brother was saying. Will he cut dollor too? -I have a doubt.
-What? You have completed all degrees
mostrly. Then why did you left MBBS? Er… Brother is afraid of blood. The one who does
murders is afraid of blood? Now stop it dad,
interview is completed right? I will shoot him for once dad. -Oh god!
-Oh no! Bhagyam,
son-in-law is in point blank dear, you can shoot him
later. Cool, cool. Sit down. I saw everyone gives blank
cheque to their son-in-law but, I am seeing him who asked
to shoot in point blank. By seeing all this I think
it’s the match fixing sir. Marriage is only the match fixing right? Er… gernal knowledge is okay. Does son-in-law have any
idea of dance and singing? Hey, I know Nitya and Sangeet, but who is Nitya Sangeet here
around? Is she a new figure? Dance and music man. Oh! You should ask like that in telugu. By the way we are groom side we
should ask, why are you asking? Brother how was my punch? You gave it like it would We have come to this
stage by taking many steps. Can’t we do this steps? Tell me which step you want us to dance? Er… can you do Veena step? “Dayi Dayi Damma Song
music from the movie Indra” Hey, stop it! Stop it! You all did the step
which is known to you. My brother will do a new step. Hmm… Dancing is not a big thing. You are a mechanic right? How do you remove bolt with a
wrench while repairing puncher? Yes. How do you put air
after repairing puncher? Yes. If you feel itchy in
pant lightly? That’s it. Mix them all. “Naaka Mukka song from the
movie Kadhalil Vizhunthen” [song continues]
[claps] [claps] Hey, dance is for them only? Isn’t it for us? Er… there are many people here
right we will shift the location. -Okay!
-Come on. [chuckles] “Jakkara… Jakkara… Jakkanna” “Jakkara… Jakkara… Jakkanna” “Look at the girl,
she is a beauty and her waist is 26” “She is cool like
popsicle, can I keep a kiss?” “You are my darling girl” “You are my darling girl” “The boy is a great and if we
touch him he would get finished” “I’ll dedicate my beauty to you,
keep rocking it” “You are darling guy” “You are darling guy” “You are an enthralling beauty” “This is the young age
which asks for stress” “Her shape is super” “Like Apple’s laptop” “This handsome’s speed is super,” “His pressure is strong as Audi’s bumper” “Jakkara… Jakkara… Jakkanna” “Jakkara… Jakkara… Jakkanna” “Biting your lips is turning me nuts” “It tastes as if it is
having chilli flavours” “You lips are like glue” “They keep my lips glued
to your lips all the time” “I will come like a king to Banjara Hills” “If you step on the roads,
they tend to become reverse” “Hey, I love you from
the bottom of my heart” “Come to home will enjoy” “Her body is super” “You are the daughter of Cupid’s relative” “This handsome’s body is super,” “He is a big James Bond” “Your plaits are
producing rhythmic drum music” “It seems there is DJ around me” “The way you touch me” “I feel to have you all the time with me” “Greetings, my dear girl” “Our link got connected” “Her eyes are super” “Like a laser which cuts” “This handsome’s heart is super,” “If hide in it, it’s like a safe locker” “Jakkara… Jakkara… Jakkanna” “Jakkara… Jakkara… Jakkanna” [applaud] [chaos] Where is son-in-law? Where have he gone?
[phone ring] -[sobbing]
-Sahasra? They are killing my brother. -[sobbing]
-Ah! -[sobbing]
-Where are you Sahasra? [bashing] She is near to her death. You told that Bairagi is your life right? Then your life is going to die here. If you come quickly you would
get a chance to see his dead body. I thought every time
when my heart pounded about the ways to kill you. I got you now. In order to kill you, I had join my enemies. You’ve shown me hell in the name of help. No, brother. I’ve done this to make you happy. I’ll be happy only if you die. He is dead. Now, forget him. [stabs] -What’s this?
-Backstabbing. It is more dangerous than heart attack. This is not your plan. It is ours. As we can’t kill you when he’s alive, we waited until we made you to kill him. But the work is finished, Bairagi. I’ll be Bairagi of this city from now. I’ll be Bairagi. [stabs] He’s got right to kill me, because he saved my life. No one has the right to kill Bairagi. Hey! [electricity buzzes] Hey! [glass breaks]
Hey! Hey!
[thud] [thud]
Hey! What is this? Is this a six pack? Brother, did that very long before. You are very late. If you feel that you can be happy only
by killing me. Then kill me, brother. Brother, you’ve again saved my life. No, don’t again assume this as a help. I killed him by
feeling that you are my man. My life got upside
down for saving you once. Please, no. I beg you. If I did so much for
saving my life for one time, you saved my life for the second
time. Imagine what else will I do. -Please, try to understand.
[police siren] What are you staring at? You were pondering all these days
about what’s he doing to you, right? He made you a cop. -There is some link to you and Khaki
-He meant Khaki as uniform? He turned your life as a
cop but not upside down. We both did this together. I’m his uncle. You ran on that day escaping from
Kabaali, right? That was 2k run. Everything you did in the
police ground was physical tests. It was a written test when you
came to kill me in the exam hall. Today, it wasn’t just your
engagement but it was a police interview. [music muted voice] [music muted voice] You passed all the tests
conducted by the department. Now we both belong to the same department. Here is your training order. Why did you do all these? Try to recall the dress you were
wearing when you came to kill that Dega. I liked you very much in that
dress. I thought you were the police. I got to know when I came here that, you aren’t a cop but the
cops are searching for you. Brother, you helped. So I took
care of your life and made you a cop. You are settled now. Do you know what he is
trying to do with you? He is trying to make you cop. Kill him. Background song: “Bhale Bhale Magadivoy
song from Bhale Bhale Magadivoy movie” You all are very happy.
Shall I make tea for you all? -Make it one by five.
-Do you want it strong or light? Get lost. If that Jakkanna
sculptured a God out of a stone, our Jakkanna rewrote your
fate and made you a cop. “He is the helper to the help” “He is the symbol of the help” “He’ll come in seconds if you
pronounce the spelling of help” “Help him and see” “He will look after your life” We still don’t know the
proper information about Bairagi. But I feel so jealousy
whenever I remember him. Do you know why? Why there isn’t such an
intelligent guy in our department?


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