James & Oliver Phelps (Harry Potter) Coming to SVCC 2019

The organizers for Silicon Valley Comic Con
2019 posted on Facebook last week that a new guest announcement would be made 24 hours
later. With three lightning bolt emojis in the Facebook
post, there were several possibilities as to who the mystery guest could be. Based on the timing and the use of the lightning
bolt emoji, Zachery Levi was the most obvious choice as Shazam opened last week. Other possibilities included Brie Larson from
Captain Marvel, Chris Hemsworth from Avengers Endgame, or David Harbour from Hellboy. Whom did the organizers announced with great
fanfare 24 hours later? James and Oliver Phelps, the twin actors who
played Fred and George Weasley in Harry Potter. (cinematic music) My name is C.D. Reimer and welcome to my channel. Please comment, like, and subscribe, and click
on the notification bell to see more videos like this. With Silicon Valley Comic Con 2019 just four
months away, the guest announcements have been few and far between. The guest list prior to new announcement was
Jason Momoa of Aquaman, Morena Baccarin of Deadpool, and Ben McKenzie of Gotham. You can watch my Jason Momoa video to catch
up on the announcement misfires from last year that cast doubts on the organizers’ ability
to put together a half-way decent guest list. The link to that video can be found in the
card above or the description below. The impromptu timing and buildup for the Weasley
Twins was just another announcement misfire by the organizers. You don’t drop three lightning bolt emojis
in a Facebook post just before Shazam opens and then announced actors from a completely
different franchise. The announcement also didn’t coincide with
any major Harry Potter news for that week. Unless you counted the Polish priest who apologized
for burning Harry Potter books and other “evil items” that promoted sorcery in society. His book burning campaign was against sorcery
in general, and not against Harry Potter and non-Western religions in particular. An anti-smog group filed a complaint against
the priest for illegal burning of garbage in public. If the organizers waited until this week,
they could have announced the Weasley Twins to coincide with premiere of the Universal
Studios Hollywood’s “Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle” at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
theme park. (dramatic music) With the mainstream media covering that event,
the Weasley Twins announcement could have benefited from the renewed interest in Harry
Potter. Somewhat ironic that a priest burned Harry
Potter books for promoting sorcery last week when Hollywood is promoting sorcery at the
Harry Potter theme park this week. The organizers should have simply announced
the Weasley Twins without fanfare and let the announcement speak for itself. Like Lou Ferringo, who played the Hulk in
The Incredible Hulk TV series, and David Harbour from Stranger Things and Hellboy announced this week. With Hellboy opening at the movie theaters this weekend, the organizers should have promoted the heck out of announcing David Harbour. Leave a comment below on what you think about
the Weasley Twins coming to Silicon Valley Comic Con 2019. Links to third-party websites mentioned in
this video can be found in the related article on my website at www.cdreimer.com. Thank you for watching. (cinematic music)

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