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Standing in slip..
I don’t want to miss one catch.. Because.. it leads to loss the match. Smoking and chewing tobacco,
kills your life.. Don’t spoil your health.. And take care. Be happy and stay away from tobacco. When you’re doing batting,
it is awful to run out. As of your own fault or.. It happens because
of your parents error. Tobacco is harmful.. If you’re smoking.. the people
around you also induces smoking. Be careful. Stay away from tobacco
and don’t get run out. Cigarette smoking & Alcohol consumption
are injurious to health. It causes cancer. Cigarette smoking & Alcohol consumption
are injurious to health. It causes cancer. Please take care while Driving, so many accidents are happening
when we are driving carefully. Your family members waiting for
you at your home, We hope the incident happened in
our family will not happen to anyone. “JANATHA GARAGE” This is a Family Story who helps
other families in difficult situation. Completing post-graduation
and working as accountant.. ..is looks like to live
somehow in this world. That’s why I applied for Civil Services. I want to serve people.
What about you? My Brother is working as a Mechanic in
my village for my studies, He dedicated his entire life for my study
and my sisters marriage till now.. My Aim is to open a small garage
for my brother in this city. The Habit of working here from my birth,
It’s hard for us to settle there. Brother., Once you told me that if we work hard,
it will be easy to settle in any place. He convinced his brother and moved his family
to Hyderabad and opened a Small Garage. Hi Sir., My name is Bose, He is Saidulu.
we are interested to work here. With Their goodness and
hard work they Grew up. Finally, They opened a big Garage
with their own money. All products received right?
– Yes sir. Sir, Shankar and Satpal singh,
Engine Specialists. ASP Chandrasekhar, How are you?
– Good. Brother.. I’m very happy!
It was his dream to look you like this. we are repairing this for last 10 days daily. Still problem continues.. Bike service is over,
it’s time to replace it with new one. Karim uncle, come..
Again problem with this bike..? Yes, it got struck when I’m trying
to drop my daughter in her college. Not that, insert big screw.,yes.! Bose tight that screw.
– My bike got struck, please check it once. Hey Bose, Check that Bike.! Go.
– You are near to it right! check it. You won’t get married in this life. Hey Shankar, Karim uncle is not coming..? He’s not coming out from past one week. His daughter died in road accident. We didn’t know why god is
ruthless sometimes. It’s not god, people.. They murdered her sir.! They left her on road and saying that
it’s an accident..! Four members raped and killed his one and only daughter. I also have that doubt.
But they are influenced people. They managed it without any proofs. Her parents are thinking about it and
they are not able to come out from home. I’m also feeling sad. But I’m confident that definitely
one day they will get arrested. It means when? You tell him. It’s not a
vehicle repair to repair instantly. Because they are village people
so they went to kill them. Who are you.? Do you know, how much a girl parents will
panic if she didn’t come from college? They feel scary..! Do you know, how it feels if they
got to know that she won’t come? Those 4 persons are dead. yes,we also heard that it was an accident.! is that you..? Just tell me that you didn’t do that. They are died in the way how that girl died. If that was an accident, this is too. If she was killed, these people too. Did you understood what you have done? You came to live here.
You are good people brother! Daring should be added to Goodness. Daring means killing…? It’s like getting eye drops and not able to eat
anything by listening to people’s difficulties. People who have problems
started moving to Janatha Garage. They started solving
the problems of all people. Killing is the solution for Money? That’s Rowdyism. Is yours another type? Janatha Garage is for People. I have only one Sister. She came for the purpose of job
and started liking your brother. We are not against their love. We
inquired everything before coming here. This is not matching for us. But I don’t like to force her. It’s better if he comes with us
and search a job in Bombay. I won’t come by leaving this house. She likes me by seeing how I’m. If you have any problem,
you can take her with you. I have decided to live here life long. I won’t say your words are wrong. This house will take care of your girl,Trust me. Day by day they become like god for people.. ..and enemy’s for some people. Catch it, catch it. Greetings, Mukesh Rana.
– Greetings! Brother of Sandeep Rana who
was killed by you. Bose! Take him inside. He is Cute.
– Come Sit Down! He brutally murdered a girl,
and you killed him. Balanced. I don’t have anger for what you have done. I’m business minded. I don’t have
time to think about all this. Me too. I’m a small mechanic. My time is enough for bike repairing. But, Your people interfering in my issues. It’s better if u tell them to stop. If someone complaint us about you
then only we’ll interfere. It’s better for you to stop
interfering in other issues. In Business unknowingly we’ll interfere. But people don’t know where to go.
So they complain us. Namaste Sir, Namaste.
Who are you? My name is Sitaram.
I’m a School Teacher. I borrowed some money from
a person before six months. Completed payment by paying
some money every month. But now he threw us out of my home. My family is on Road now.
I came here for help. Brother, His family is on road. You go and solve this issue.
We will go to temple. Come! It was good if sister and Brother-in-law
come with us right.? – Yes. Anand, my Boy. See Dad is calling..! Open it.! I didn’t see this Check post Before.! Why you didn’t respond to Horn? I am asking you. I Suggested you to stop this because
something will happen like this. Watch them once. They have doubted this earlier. But they didn’t expected
this will happen early. We can’t live by thinking about
the persons who left us. You have stop all this for that kid
who lost his parents. I don’t have a choice to ask excuse.. To punish my self
I’m giving this kid to you. He’ll be with you for lifelong. Because we don’t stop what
we are doing because of this loss. This may increase. I’m promising on my kid. We won’t give him a chance
to touch the shadow of this house. Please don’t tell him
about his fathers family. I want to see how he is! We hope he will be happy
wherever he is..! Go and play with your Brother-in-law Bujji. Bujji don’t cut the flowers. how many times i have to tell you. After finishing this only you have to leave.
Give it to mother. Uncle, How my mom and dad was dead. In an accident. How they looks like,
I didn’t seen in any photos..! No photos. You mother looks like me,
and your father looks like you. “Greetings.. Greetings.. Greetings..” “Greetings to the sun rise” “Greetings.. Greetings.. Greetings..” “Greetings to the entire nature” “Delight.. Delight.. Delight..” “The picture of re-creation is delightful” “Traveling.. Traveling.. Traveling..” “Unites with the universe is traveling” “Our smiles are the flowers” “Sighs are the wet clouds” “Heart is the sky..
Hope is green” “Colour of the six seasons” “Emotion of our soul” “If we watch clearly,
nature is our reflection” “How much you are, how much I am..
Just a particle size” “The history of this world has many years” “Experience is hill sized” “We move in the footprints of it
through out the life” “Greetings.. Greetings.. Greetings..” “Greetings to the sun rise” “Greetings.. Greetings.. Greetings..” “Greetings to the entire nature” “who owns all this” “Who cropped this” “How would it be if everybody
says as their right” “It is the history of generations” “It should remain to the next generations” “We should care of it” “Universe is the lovable mother” “We should hug it with love” “If it shows its anger on us” “If she hurts, no one will remain” “Greetings.. Greetings.. Greetings..” “Greetings to the sun rise” “Greetings.. Greetings.. Greetings..” “Greetings to the entire nature” Eat slowly. What’s the hurry! Today is my joining day in office.
It feels bad if I go late. Your job is in LB chemicals, right? It’s not at all a problem if
you don’t join in that company. You know, how much pollution
with that factory? They are killing the environment. Please, not again. I want to do something.
Let me do that..! I’m leaving Mom.
– Bye. Anand! Not like that company,
you also try for some job, right? You should start thinking
about building a serious career. Well, I’m in a serious career uncle. Protecting this Environment. Not like that. I’m talking about a serious job, career.. ..at least for your life partner,
for your kids.. You should start thinking
yourself at least now. I’m doing this for all people,
it’s not for you and me. I mean we’re all from same thing, Earth. it’s for us, for all of us. Ok, See you uncle. I’ll also make a move.. How it feels when
he is talking to us like that. He is always like that only, right? I felt that it’s like them only.
– Who? Just like Janatha Garage people. There are 500 acres slums in this city. They are very ugly and undeveloped. I have developed a project for that. If you vacate the 500 acres land. I will build a beautiful township
for them in 250 acres land. Houses, roads, parks, etc.. I’ll develop remaining
250 acres as commercial space. That’s my share. I’ll face the Cost for it. Slums development is under
your government achievement. Of course, it’s a good deal for me. It’s good to hear, Mr. Mukesh. Its a very interesting Project. But you know about
opposition parties, right? They’ll make false issues about this. I’ll arrange all party meeting soon. Of course no one will oppose this. Mom, You have to tell one thing to dad. You are not a kid to ask my help. You can discuss it with your dad. Veda Constructions group is.. ..expanding their business
by starting new Venture. I wish to join partnership with them. It’s dealing with crores. how can we.. They came for our help so many times. They’ll respect your words
if you tell to them. Wrong! Helping people and asking them
something in return is like Scandal. We have so much influence. Business people, officers,
politicians will come for our help. Did we use anyone? Ok.. You didn’t like to use them. Daily so many people come
to you for the help. Ask them help this time for me
like they did earlier. My son passed in first class,
very intelligent fellow.. Give him any job..
Asking like this is for help. My son wants to enjoy
luxury life with crores.. I don’t know what to call asking a share.
You tell me if you know. RDO is with us. Hi ( Namaste ). Sorry for bringing you here. If I come to meet you
at your office.. ..it’ll be small to you in front of all. It is about Compensation for people.. ..who died in fire accident
six months ago. Only 2 lakhs was sanctioned
for each family, right? ..and you demanded people
to give 75,000 rs to you. When people asked about this.. You threatened people and
have beaten brutally.. Those 15 family’s complained me. They are very disturbed
for loosing their people. It’s not good to hurt them. Please give their money to them. Is this new style of threatening..? I am a officer for the name sake only. I also have Rowdies like you. Don’t try to scare me. I’ll throw some money if you want..! Please take children inside..! What I asked..?
What you have said? Those 15 families are in your office right now. You have to give cheques to them within 1hr. If not, we’ll demolish your house
which is under construction at Gachibowli. You’re not ready to loose
5 crores house for 10 lakhs. But it has to done within one hour. Every one came, right?
Shall we start. No, still one person need to come. Hello! Sorry for the delay. ..came by making a small repair. We all know the project proposed
by Mukesh sir, right? Please tell you opinions about that. Mukesh sir is very familiar to us. It’s very useful to people
and for his business. Without making any political issue
we have to accept this unanimously. That’s my feeling. What you said is correct. Due to it is very useful for people.. ..We have to start this immediately. Our party also didn’t have any problem
if we get colony’s in place of slums. Mr.Satyam What will you say about the
project proposed by Mr.Mukhesh. Who will oppose if it is helpful
for poor people. It’s very happy. But a small clarification! If we vacate the slums and
handover the land to you. Which is the first priority? Houses or
Devoloping your 250 acres land. I need capital to finish this project. Financially it’ll be easy for me
if I develop my 250 acres land. Sorry sir, We don’t accept it. People live somewhere else
by leaving their own places. After Completing your your complexes
you may face some problems. If you think that why we need to build.. ..these poor people houses
between these complexes..? Then they don’t know what to do
and where to go. At least they don’t have patience
to move to courts. Please build Peoples houses first
with your kind heart. Impossible. It’s impossible to me too. Thanks for asking my opinion. It’s Better to stop it here. Everyone doesn’t have any problem. And you are going to stop this project
by listening to a mechanic words.. If we start this project forcefully,
people will move to him for Justice. It’s better to stop this
before some issue happens. For the most interesting
Hyderabad slums project.. In the All party Accord,
project clearance has been Rejected. Mr. Satyam said no to
Hyderabad slums Project. What will you say about this? Janatha Garage Satyam sir is correct. If he oppose we also oppose the project. We’ll follow Satyam sir. Janatha Garage is correct!
Janatha Garage is correct! 5000 crores project.! after all they
canceled it because of a mechanic.? It’s too much Dad. Government also scared to give
clearance to the project.. ..because of Janatha garage. I heard that you are the most successful.. Biggest and ruthless
businessman in this state! But, why are scared about him.?
But, I’m not. It’s True.! I grew up. I grew up with fear from 25 years. You don’t think about anyone.
Don’t scare for anyone. Don’t scare for anyone. Car condition was not good
from the past 2 days. AC also not working and
check the lights too! It’ll take 3 days.
– Date? I’ve to inform my owner.
– Come on 14th. Sir, they said they’ll give it on 14th. It’s good if I tell this to sir once.
I’ll come on 14th. Sunanda.. My colleague! Did you remember her?
Neurologist. Oh Yes yes yes! How are you?
– Fine, thank you. He is my husband Rajesh.
– Hi, nice to meet you. You know my son varun, right? Varun! Ya, that fair looking boy.
– Yes. What is he doing now? He worked in Accenture for 5 years. Recently he floated his own company.
He is doing pretty well. Recently he saw your daughter.
He likes her. He is interested to marry her. Of course we don’t have any problem. It’s good if we inform it to you. Thanks for asking Sunanda! But we are Thinking that
Anand is correct for Bujji. We also have that Doubt. But we heard that
they are fighting every time. It’s correct! But we are waiting to ask them
about this after some days. God knows what is going to happen. How is Mumbai? Not only Mumbai.. It’s new for me to
coming out of home. Which course you are going to study here. No course., Nothing. Full Restrictions to me
if I was in Hyderabad. Particularly in night times. What I’ve to do? Do I have sit like grandma at home? And, you know the sadist part? Boys were scared to talk to me freely. Do you call it alive?
– No. So, what will you do here? I didn’t plan any thing.
and I don’t plan too. I’ll do whatever my mind says. I’ll be like however i want to be. we have to fire even the
apartment people stop. We have to fire non-stop for 2 hrs. Give another one.!
– Yes, take it. Some one is watching us. It’s Diwali right. He is thinking that all the beautiful girls
are outside their houses. Excuse me, I want to talk to you.
– Oh, it’s Telugu! What, do you like me? Nope, not at all. It’s better that you are a girl. What? Who are you. You grew up, right? Don’t you know the meaning of Diwali? It’s a festival of lights. Not a festival of pollution and sound. They are kids. You have to educate them. How if you don’t have
minimum common sense? Why don’t u people educate.. ..while we are running campaigns
in TV and news papers. Out!
– Hey. Out.. Enough of pollution, Move. Nice hair. Ok ok, continue your work. Hi, good morning.
– Hi. Who is he?
Watching every person like that? He is our chairman’s son. He is mad about Girls. You have to tell already have a boy friend
or married to escape from him. Hello, I didn’t see this
Telugu girl in our office before! I joined recently in the office. Are you free now? Have to mail some drafts. Give it to her, we’re paying salary. Hey girl, finish off the work. What is your opinion about love? I want to drink some coffee! You didn’t express your feeling
about love! – It’s good. Are you in love? How I fell in love by staying in Mumbai? Why? Can’t we make love in Mumbai? I don’t! If I’m in love, I like to sit
in park or beach right. Particularly, I like to sit in AKSA Beach. You can, right?
– Pollution..! Do you know, how much pollution.. ..there is tanning Industry near to that. ..if we sit there, we’ll get cancer. Do we need to face Cancer for love? Our factory near AKSA Beach was closed.. ..by pollution control board
without giving any prior notice. What’s happening? We’re giving salary’s correctly.
Why did you do this? Information has sent from our office only. Total Pollution data has leaked.
Who did this? I don’t like factories which separate
beautiful girls from love. Give me 6 Good Beers. Good Beers? Which company? You’re selling them for so many days, right? Don’t you know which is good? Light cooling madam. That’s why I’m taking early. I’ll keep them in fridge up to evening. He started early to eat someone’s mind. Hello!
Morning.. Morning.. Are you going on some work? Is someone spoiling you environment? Ya, people lives for that only. Every one feels it like a right. What’s that cover? Oh, It’s beer. Without spoil the environment,
I sold it and taking to my flat. Me and my friends will enjoy this evening. No no, I’m not asking about what inside. I’m asking whats that cover? 20 microns Plastic Bag.
Actually, it is less than 20 microns. Where did you buy that? Where? What are talking sir,
why to make an issue about this cover? This covers banned India wide. Even though they are selling secretly. Where did you buy this? come, come with me. This covers are banned, right?
Where did you buy this? Open.. open all covers. What happened sir? This girl came here to buy beers. He is selling them in banned covers. Where did u buy them? In Dadar? Open all the bags. Do you know, how it affects the environment? I’ve joined a job in LB chemicals, right? One factory got closed by evening.
Yes. I thought it’ll take much time
to collect information. But, there is guy, Pyarilal. Hi, Oh hi.. Do you come to places like this also? Is this Cup ok for you? Perfect.! It’s a paper cup. Can be recyclable. Please Stop it!
Friend? How it’s possible with this
type of boring candidate? Don’t you have fun in your life? Doing this way is wrong? What will you do if you
want some fun in your life? You know what? We are actually trying
something new tomorrow. If you want you can join. Voleciface.. 6 O’clock in the morning.
See you. If you want to come pack
your luggage for two days. “Holiday said as Rock on bro” “Should lead life as a king” “Enough of suffocation in a single room” “Should cross the borders..
Eyes, legs and dreams” “What is there in which side” “Collecting by searching.. Happiness” “Like a kid in the mud games” “Inside man should say wow” “Now heart is like a flight in the clouds” “Even Earth is equal to the sky” “It is a new angle in the drowsiness” “Soul is flying in the new heights” “Is it happiness or surprise” “When time gains nothing.. It is waste” “Excitement or Alacrity” “Today’s smile colour is different” “We are all the sages in jeans pant” “No weights in back packs” “Didn’t you hear the stories of early man” “We should live like that..
One entire night and day” “This is us.. This is us” “It’s the quality to change
the seconds as life” “It is the money.. It’s the fuel” “It is the strength to make move us forward” Hello!
– Hi. You know what, you have to face that side. By the way.. I want to go out side for a research
on university exchange program. Where?
– Hyderabad! It’s a fast growing city. Its good for my case study
about Environmental Safety. Not now, Anand.
Grand father health was not good. Frequently we’ve to go for checkups.
It’s good if you were here. Is it..? I think he’s good. No.
– Suresh. I’m worried about his health.
– Okay! Why did you behave like that? Brother! We have to deliver this car. If you go for a ride,
we will call him to come. – Okay! Suddenly my bike got struck
with some problem! Bose! Check this Bike. What happened madam? It’s not starting.
– Please move aside. Janatha Garage Satyam has met
with an accident today. It happened during checkup round of a car. He is out of danger. But it will take some time for recovery. I’m saying what doctor said to me. Our brother is aged. It’s better if we reduce stress on him. You know what type of work he is doing. I’m not saying this as a police officer. I’m saying this as your well wisher. Decision is yours. We planned this after 25 years. But he is safe again Srinu. He is lucky. It’s unluck for us. Did any one find to them? No they are safe and sent to UP
within 1hr after incident. Anand, someone came for you. Hello! We are here to discuss
about bandrapad issue. So many Politicians are involved.
It’s better to withdraw case. You can ask what do you want?
– Park! Really politicians involved in this. Everything in my science is small..
when compared to nature. So, don’t use the word ‘Big’. That MLA doesn’t know about it. You are educated persons
and very old too. At least you should understand him, right? It’s a joggers park. 213 trees Supplies more oxygen to Mumbai. So.. Do not disturb.. DND. Trust me, that MLA is very dangerous.
– He’ll Die.. I mean.. without oxygen. Tell that MLA about the importance of it. That brain takes some time to understand.
But, keep trying. Because, that park never belongs to you.
See you. Relationship between you and
the sea is like mother and son. You should protect that than us. If we catch more fishes it’s harmful to us. It’s good to environment
if you catch sufficient fishes. We’ll discuss about it before
you people going into the sea. I am MLA Deshpandey’s younger brother. I’ll come with you
into the sea tomorrow. we’ll discuss there. Why did you come here? Bhai was serious about park issue. Anger of Bhai, you and me is useless. I’m talking about Wrath of this Nature. You don’t know how bhai
will react if he got anger. We’re here to kill you and
throw your body into this sea. How to tell you? I’m talking about wrath of air,
sky, earth, water. We’ll show how bhai will react.. ..and you show me about the wrath of nature. It’s not possible. But I’ll show a sample of it. I promise! A small sample! “It is a heart which has indefinite patience” “If it gets anger, then destruction is must” “Earth said as be careful” You heard about earthquake, right? It’s a part of Nature. Almost impact is like this only. “It is pleasant construction
which stabilizes the life” “When you raise the flow
then it will destroy” “Playing with air is dangerous to life” You know about Tornado, right? “If it melts in the good way,
then it will clear the thirsty” “If the flow of fire raises,
it leads to death” “If it melts in the good way,
then it will clear the thirsty” “If the flow of fire raises,
it leads to death” “If we use in the wrong way,
then water will destroys us” This is another type, Tsunami. Waves are little bit high. If you want to see that height,
we’ll try with you. I understood it’s anger.
It’s enough. Wrath doesn’t happen to nature.
If it happens it won’t stop. It has to stop automatically
by doing some damage. I’ll explain to my brother
how it’ll be if we battle with you. Not with me, with Nature! Satyam Sir! Zindabad! Satyam brother!
Nothing will happen to you. Satyam Sir! Zindabad! Sir, total state is tensed about
what happened to you. How is it happened sir? Sir,is this intentionally done?
– Just an accident. Bujji! We found an excellent match for you Bujji. It’s my colleague Sunanda’s son. He looks good.
Good attitude too. It’s a surprise that he also
like Nature and plants. I’ll inform them to come tomorrow
if you are free! Not tomorrow.
I’m full busy in my life, with Him. Tell them… I told you that I’ll pour water to plants.. ..which will be planted by you
for life long right! We already discussed that
we’ll fix in that room.. ..for life long by seeing sea. We already discussed
that names to our babies. PRAKRUTH if it was a boy,
PRAKRUTHI for a girl. Tell the that I’m your life.. I like Bujji like how much i like that tree. You told that I’m more than that Tree. You are more important than all.. “Have you come from the sky,
Apple beauty” “Had Newton invented Gravity
after seeing you” “Have you come from the sky,
Apple beauty” “Had Newton invented Gravity
after seeing you” “The universe was dark before you born” “Did your lighting become Edison bulb” “Your entire beauty” “If we write then it is sky” “Your entire fineness” “If we made it as a ball
then it is the Earth” “Have you come from the sky,
Apple beauty” “Had Newton invented Gravity
after seeing you” “The universe was dark before you born” “Did your lighting become Edison bulb” “When you are making a selfie” “The eye of the camera while seeing you” “It forgot to make a click” “With the hot looks” “You bite the cheeks” “I remember the iPhone Apple symbol” “Like the Sufi music which
we hear at the coffee day” “Your beauty has blown” “Like a awesome soldier
at the country border” “You are security for the dreams of the eye” “Have you come from the sky,
Apple beauty” “Had Newton invented Gravity
after seeing you” “The universe was dark before you born” “Did your lighting become Edison bulb” “At the turnings of your slim waist” “The moon became half” “It settled at left & right” “In the eyelashes of a manly man” “Burning Fujiyama” “LAva is flowing like a flood
and surrounds me” “Baby, if you born in Nepal” “You can heat even the Everest mountain” “Just like a zero of Audi car,
if we hug each other” “Watching eyes will become flood lights
even in the mid day” “Have you come from the sky,
Apple beauty” “Had Newton invented Gravity
after seeing you” “The universe was dark before you born” “Did your lighting become Edison bulb”>Hello. Hello, Mr. Shekhar. I’m calling from Anand’s college.
– Tell me. Recently, Anand gave warning
to MLA in park issue. Anand?
– And Beaten MLA’s people. That MLA lost his Power and
he is angry on Anand. I know that MLA very well.
He won’t leave this issue easily. It’s better to send him to a safe place. What happened Suresh! Who called you? Nothing, Anand’s
Professor called me because of some issue. Watching it Interestingly!
Daily you are seeing it, right? Yes, but it’s new to me Daily! Just like you. Our Grandfather is ok now. You are interested to go
for a tour on research right. Why don’t you go now? It’s not Urgent.! You can go now. Why don’t you leave today or tomorrow.? I’ll book the tickets and inform you soon. Whats the problem?
– It’s not vehicle problem, something else. I want to meet Satyam sir once. He’s not meeting anyone.
– Sir, it’s a very urgent work! I told you that he’s not meeting anyone. Here, we’re not doing
any activities what you think. We’re only repairing Vehicles here. You can leave.
– Only Once sir please! We’re not doing
such kind of activities now. Why don’t you understand that. Please leave! Hey,Who is he? Bro, he came for old Vespa spare parts. Yes boss, We don’t have that parts. Yes, he came for that.
Tell him Saidulu. Yes boss, he asked for spare parts.
we said we don’t have that. Bro! What happened? I don’t know what doctor said
after that accident. But your mother and
workers tensed about me. They are sending people back.. ..who came for help without informing me. I can’t tolerate dear. I don’t say they are wrong. People is important for me.
I’m important for them. I think I should slow down
by respecting my age. But People leaving from Janatha garage.. ..without sharing their pain
is like death for me. Its time for you to take the
responsibilities of Janatha garage. Which responsibilities? Repairing Vehicles or Repairing people. It’s not the responsibilities
like Political parties.. ..or Business organizations. It’s more important than
that according to me. It’s for you. By sitting in the shed
and listen to people’s pain.. ..and collecting change
by repairing vehicles.. It’s not my goal. I’ve more dreams. Chinna! Chinna! Eat some food.! We met unfortunately
so many times in the past. We never meet pleasantly. I never dreamt that I’ll make
a relationship with your family. I’m here to talk about your son
and my daughter marriage. What are you talking? Hey respect him. He is my father-in-law. I’m trying to tell from long time. We love each other. We’re ready for marriage. Thanks for coming uncle. It’s good if we discuss Remaining matters also.. We’ll discuss it with our family
and inform you. Whats the purpose for you
to discuss about my marriage? We love each other,
we’ll marry even you said no. Raghava, mind your words. Padma.! He’s also right. They are educated.
Loved each other. They are ready to make
decisions about their life. Just do what they like. Why are you so much interested
in this match? You don’t know how powerful
Janatha Garage is. From now it’s in our house. Get in. One quarry work is in progress
in Hyderabad city limits. And that too in a no mining zone. I mean no one took action against them. That too they vacated two villages
for this quarry work. Shocking! You are Environmental students.
You should move this issue, right? You should make some sound. We thought about it but
popular people involved in this. I’m talking about Environment.
In front of that what is big and small? We would fight if they are normal people. But Janatha Garage people involved in this. Janatha Garage.. Who are they..? People will move to there for help. Good people and so powerful too. But, Now his son is doing all this. So, no one is dare to touch it. They are doing wrong!
Then, how they will be good people. Who is here?
Raghava? Yes.
– Anand, Environmental Research. Fully damaged. It’s too late. But you have to stop it. I’m bored by listening
these words from my childhood. I don’t like to listen this words again. Not anymore. My place, My wish. But I’m interested
to tell same thing again and again. You said this as your own. You know what,
nothing is ours in the nature. We are tenants on this earth. We came to live on this earth. We should live without
disturbing the nature. We’ve to give as it is to next generation. It’s not correct to do like this. Nope. You came to wrong place. Do u know who I’m? I heard that you’re
Janatha Garage people’s son. And a business tycoon’s son-in law. Is there anything else? They are not stopping it. Should you stop or shall I stop? I’m not going to stop it. If you want to stop.. Do, give a try! He wants to stop. finish him.
– Ok. You kept him because of
good body and muscles. He’s also moving. It’s better for you
if you also make a move. You have to vacate this place within 2min.. ..by making a move of
your JCB’s and Tippers. Out! Who is Anand? He is There.. You have to come to Janatha Garage once.
– Why? Satyam sir wants to meet you. Anand.
– Satyam. Sit Down! I didn’t call you
because of my son’s issue. I just want to know
why have you beaten them. Didn’t you ask your son? He did wrong. When I said it was wrong
he tried to do another mistake. That’s why I’ve beaten him
and told it was wrong. I heard so many things
about you, positively. But I didn’t see it in your son. JANATHA GARAGE..
All things will be repaired here. I like it sir.
A small repair is needed for your son. But I believed you as good. That’s why I came when you call. I think you don’t know
what your son is doing.. If I know you’re acting like this.. I’ll have to repair you and
Janatha Garage too. Shall I make a move? There is another guy like your son. I’ve to go and tell him
what he’s doing is wrong. I’m leaving with a good opinion on you. Because of protecting this tree. You and this tree
should be stand like this.. ..if we cut the branches of this tree
or your son. Namste sir!
– Namaste. Why did you come here?
– To meet some known people. Ok sir, I’m going to my class. Anand! Came for Help. We’re not able to withstand
when people are in sad. But, I heard that you’ll take
so much care of plants. You’re very kind hearted. I’m aged. People are not coming to me
when they are in sad situations. Because, they don’t want
to keep pressure on me. My heart has been very familiar to it. That’s
why I’m not able to control that feeling. But, It looks like as same as me
when I was young after seeing you. I felt like you can run Janatha Garage. I’m Requesting you on behalf of me
and my people. Will you be with Janatha Garage and People..? We don’t have much time.. Janatha Garage will be waiting for you. Get inside..! Padma.. Padma.. My wife and my sister. Come on.
– Hello. He is my son-in-law.
– Hello. She’s my sister doing Medicine!
and he is checking accounts here. My younger brother and his wife. They were killed by our enemies. Hi, nothing personal brother. Raghu.
– My Daughter-in-law. Hello.
– Hi.. Got to Rush., Bye Honey.. It’s been a long time.. ..that people shared
their pain by coming here. We’ve to do some thing
to tell people that.. Doors of Janatha Garage
are open to share their pain. Then we have start from
where it has stopped. Who is the first person went back without
sharing his pain from here? I’m Vikas, working as UDC in GHMC. We’ve to supervise permissions
for new buildings. I won’t give permissions
if it is deviated from our rules. Recently, some people came to our office
about hospital permissions. They didn’t maintain safety measures. I told it was wrong.
– They didn’t agree. They forced me.
I said it won’t possible even if I die. The merged up with my colleagues
and threatened my wife. I didn’t ask you about anything till now. I thought your wish is my wish. But now we have some problems
with your office issues. I can’t bear it. My wife is requesting me
to do it for my children. But,It’s impossible for me to do that. They are saying that
they’ll harm my family.. ..if I didn’t sign on that file. Tomorrow is last date.
You met me today. What will happen
if we met you after tomorrow? I won’t sign it sir. Tomorrow, I’ll commit to
suicide on the way to office. Play with your kids today. I’ll come to your home tomorrow. We will go together to your office. My teacher has said so many times. He started to office.
He is ready to keep sign today. He shouldn’t sign on it. And he’s not going to do that.
He is ready to die. It’s hard to be like him. Let him be like that only. I saw a plant while entering into the home. It’s very rare type. You are protecting it carefully. He is rarer than that plant. We have to protect him like that plant. This is Janatha Garage phone number. Call us when you have a problem. Don’t think that we’re far from the city. We’ll come within 10 min
if we enter on to ring road. Shall we start..? I didn’t come to office with this much interest. We are waiting to start this super hit film. When will be started? That film name is “our Vikas Autograph”
Signature bro..! Mukesh Rana Hospital file. Total 23 signatures on the documents..
Make it fast..! I don’t know why this many signs
needed now a days. Reduce it to one, right? This project is completely against our rules. It’s not possible for me to sign. Hey, are you drunk? The person who
made this project might drunkard! I heard that you are stone hearted. Don’t you have family sentiment? I’m rejecting this! How dare you are? My gang is ready kill you. Do you want me to call them? They won’t go without coming here. Wait for 2min. I want to talk to this people.
Tell them to come in this gap. Do you know the greatness
of this kind of government office. We’ll spend more time in this office
than our family. This is another family Koteswarao sir. If there is a problem for our
family members we’ll stand for them. It’s wrong Radha Krishna sir
if we don’t do that. Sachin fan..? Yes. I remembered this. If our team is weak.
Sachin is enough to win the game for us. Your office also like that only. People says no one will work correctly here. But don’t worry. You also have a Sachin. Give him some support and
allow him to do his work properly. He’ll let you win like India. I think you are going to
retire in 1 or 2 yrs.. That means you have earned
so much money for your childrens. You children don’t show much
interest on money if they are good. They spend your money
within few days if they were bad. All you earned is waste. Telling stories to grandson and
daughter is our next life. We’ve to think about
‘once upon there is a king’ like that. Watch him when you are in service only! You’ll find stories like “Once there was
an office, and a good Vikas in that office”. At last you may have one doubt, if people
like them will come what we have to now. Strong people has a hobby
to threaten weak people. But for a change! There is a strong support
behind that weak one. Janatha Garage. “Who are these people” “They don’t belongs to anyone” “Even though relatives to all” “Salute Janatha” “Not a single person.. They are 7” “The soldiers sent by the god” “The armed soldiers who gives help” “Salute Janatha” “They don’t step back” “Never think what to them” “They says that the whole world
as their family” “Even at the danger of life” “They don’t think as danger” “They born to give light to others” “Sigh at the time of danger” “It’s enough to them to come” “They move forward to stop the crime” “Judgment is at the footsteps” “The consolation that they are given” “They stays with us like a blood relation” “Heart as a law” “Like a relative to everybody” “They says that they are there
to blow smiles even in the cry” “Who are these people” “They don’t belongs to anyone” “Even though relatives to all” “Salute Janatha” “Not a single person.. They are 7” “The soldiers sent by the god” “The armed soldiers who gives help” “Salute Janatha” “Where the truth defeats” “There must be knife chasing” “Right or wrong will be after killing” “Bhagavad gita at the war” “Our past history has read” “There will be no right to live
to the devil groups” “Someone will come” “And do something to us” “To this problem the solution is Janatha” “Who are these people” “They don’t belongs to anyone” “Even though relatives to all” “Salute Janatha” “Not a single person.. They are 7” “The soldiers sent by the god” “The armed soldiers who gives help” “Salute Janatha” Anand! You asked me to meet? Sit.
– Thanks, sir. I heard that all activities are stopped
in Janatha Garage from past few days. I thought it was good for all. To whom it is good? But, now Janatha got it’s position back. They are doing what they think. They are thinking that
Janatha is for people. What is the relationship between
you and Janatha Garage. What is the relationship between
you and police department.? This is my Job.
– Mine too. I like that work most. Is deciding what is true and
what is false is your job? And killing people if anyone
say you’re the only one? It’s not you are the only one, It’s ” There is no one except you”.
– Then why we are for? You are young and educated too. Don’t you have the common sense to do this? It’s like very fancy and heroic
to you when you are doing it. But you don’t have right to do all this.! I can understand, sir.
Ok, do one thing. Tell people that “Janatha Garage is
wrong, we’re here for you”. Turn all people from my side to your side. We’re also happy if it happens. If those people standing in front of Janatha Garage
and saying we’re in problems. Then we can’t stop it sir. I think you took the charge recently. All the very best sir. Very balanced! But more dangerous. How his family accepted all this..? Trace his Background immediately!
– Ok, sir. How are you?
– Good! I didn’t recognize you because of long gap. My wife!
– Greetings. Daughter?
– Yes. Hi.
– Hi. Come on, Get in. My wife, Padma. Greetings.
– Greetings. How is he..? Like This. You promised him that your
family shadow won’t touch him. But he looped back to you again. He’s doing the same thing
what they are scared of. I’m promising on Janatha Garage
which is half part of me. I don’t even tried to see or talk
to him from this many years. We didn’t know about him till now
when you told me about him. No one will stop you if
you want to take him with you. We booked return flight
at 5 o’clock for you too. There may be traffic,
it’s better to start early. Is this my father’s family? This is your father’s family, not yours. Start as soon as possible, Anand. I’m happy when i don’t have
my mother and father, Because, I thought god gave me
a good family like you. But God made me to loose
another good family till now. How can I leave them? Stop it, Anand. Just stop it. We fixed engagement for you and Bujji. You have a beautiful future out there. Please start immediately
by packing your luggage. She will be happy here
after getting marriage. She won’t be alive
if she was here. I lost my sister by sending her to live here. I don’t want to send my daughter
here please, Anand. Come with us. I want her uncle. And, I want this house too. It’s impossible. Choose one? Don’t tell me that you want both. God won’t give 2 choices in one life. Janatha Garage or Bujji,
Just one straight answer. I’m answerable to only your father in this world. It’s not for my mom or dad
and not for this family. That man is everything to me. I won’t do the things
which makes him feel sad. Today they are asking me
to decide you or this one. It’s hard for me without you. But it’s impossible for me
to live without this. I’m asking you with your on me. Forget me for the happiness of Uncle. I want Happiness on his face. I’m ready to loose our love
for his happiness. Please, Bujji.
You will get the best. I’ll leave my best here. I’m mad about what you will
do from our childhood. Everything. At last this one too. But it’ll give some pain too. But this is more painful. Much more painful. All the best! I didn’t think about my mother till now. I will miss you. Are you mad? What will you do here by loosing
your love and happy life there? What’s here? Uncle, it’s time to your flight. “I am moving by asking you leave” “I am leaving my dreams with you” “There is some sadness even if I think” “Disturbing me from inside” “Will it go if I think” “Has our relation started today?” “The truth is weighing” “Life is moving to far” “Your words are my decision” “Anything is acceptable for you” Raghu! Is that true?
– No. Thanks a lot, uncle. I know I got this deal because of you. Me and Riya coming to dinner this evening. Ya, see you. Your dad saw you last night
how you came home. He felt very sad. I think you’re going out at nights. Our parents live here. It’s better if you come normally. At least, she has to be. What’s your problem? My house, my wish. What happened Raghu? Nothing Just..
– No. He has problem
because of we’re going to parties. We’re not Normal?
– Are we not Normal? What do you mean?
Aren’t we looking like people? I didn’t mean that.
What do you mean that? I’m saying “It’s better if you are
careful in front of our parents.” That means, we are making noise by drinking? I’m saying to stop coming
to home by drunk. How dare you say that? If you think that your argument
will win by slapping people, Then I can make more noise. No more parties! He’s leaving from home. He’s ready to leave from home
from the past few days. Anand! Someone came for you. Hi.
– Hi. Garage also became
Environmental friendly. Nice! Why are you here?
Any problem to your bike? Some other problem. People say that move to Janatha Garage
if we’ve some problem. I’ve one problem. It’ll be solved if you come
with me. Will you? Done! I’ve review meeting in 1hr. I thought I’m only duty bounded.
But you too. It’s necessary for us sir. Political pressure is heavy there.
So, they transferred me here. It’s common for us right! Please! Take it. I thought she would bring. If you call her..
– Bring her. She went outside. I called her she’s coming. We already informed, right.
What’s more important than this to her. I am sorry, Dinesh. They informed me so sudden
that you are coming. That’s why I’ve decided to show my
inner feeling than saying it. So, I’m here with him. This is Anand. We’ve seen each other. You both? When and where you met.? Here in Hyderabad.
– There in Mumbai. What? What Hyderabad?
Mumbai right! Did you forget? They discussed about marriage with her
daughter-in-law when they are in Mumbai. Is it? How did you know? We got into contact after her. This much fast.
I don’t accept it. I like him very much. But I’m mad about you. True, sir. You’ll get another doubts
after marriage if you marry her. So, it will be better if you leave. They are looking good and likes each other. It’s better to arrange marriage for them. This is started just now right! It’s better to travel with him
some more days. That’s why I am better.
I know everything about you. What do you know? She already arranged someone.
What’s the discussion here? I think sir will convince.
– Come! I Want to talk with you. I left my Garage work and came here. I’ll come some other day. Why you didn’t tell this earlier? I tried hard to manage. If you want we can make
this happen in our life. Recently i vacated two villages for
200cr mine project. He stopped that too. That bloody fellow! Don’t worry my boy. He’s a kid. I’ll handle him. Time moved very fastly.. 25 years. Same place. Nothing changed. People too. I came to tell you the same thing
which I told you that day. They can’t understand
because they are old people. But you’re a this generation man. You have dreams like me
to live life king size. Ask any thing.. How much big it is.. I’ll ask a small thing only. Don’t make wrong things. Same old song! I’m a Business man. I’ve big goals. I’ll move out of the way to achieve them. Small people will suffer some times. I heard that you are
a Environmental science student. I’ll tell you in the way
you can understand. There is a jungle and a tiger. Tiger will eat small animals to live. That’s Nature. We can’t change it. I’m like a tiger. If I want to live small people will die. Yes, a tiger will kill
small animals to live. That’s Nature. But, In my story I’m the tiger. and you are small animals. It’s better to be careful now. Garage rules also changed. Before, we moved to people
if they were in problems, But now we’re moving instantly
when we heard there is a problem. you have to be more careful. And, one more thing. My uncle met with an accident long ago. But no one came to collect the car
which was given to repair. I’ve doubt on every one
that they did intentionally. I’ve doubt on you too. so it’s better to hide from my eye sight.>Ya, Tell me Mukesh Sir, I told you so many times about
Janatha Garage issue. I’m giving more funds to your party. It’s very problematic to me. And, another guy came recently. He’s not leaving our people
and disturbing my business. You should do something. I also heard that about him. He is more dangerous than Satyam. Listen to me, don’t go that side. If we lose business
we can do something else. It’s better to not to lose our life. Every one wants him. No one in this state and
no political party against him. It’s not good to see you like this
because of this garage and some mechanics. I’m feeling guilty to hear that this
problem is because of my family. You gave me a great life. I want to do something for you. Shall we remove Janatha Garage? It’s impossible Raghava. I have been trying this from many years. It’s not that much of easy. Correct. It’s not easy for you. But, it’s very easy to Government. He’s like a golden duck
who gives crores to politicians. What’s the use with him when
he is in CM chair. Waste! Elections are getting closer. He is Ex-CM. If you made me CM, the very next minute of taking Oath, within 1hr, not only him, his Garage and also move scrap of
his garage to Hussain Sagar. It’s not a favour. You are important for
each and every person. Government should be fallen
by making some issues Srinu. It won’t be missed
how much cruel it is. It’s better to plan blasts
if you want to happen it fast. So many people will die. There will be a lot of cures. Perfect! Government won’t get stable
with that issue. Apply break once. Bike repair. How are you?
– Good. One minute, give me that bike. Already got married. One son also. Husband died recently.
We get involved with him too. Yes, but she’ll be happy
if she gets loved by a person. But what people will think about it? They are always like that only. Please know about what she is thinking. He is good Brother. He’ll be with us for life long. It’s good if you come to our house once. At last Bose is getting
ready for marriage. I can’t believe this. Greetings!
– Greetings! Bose, I heard that you’re
going to get married soon. Yes.. Shadi Mubarak Saab.
– Thanks. Greetings!
– Greetings! Bose, I heard that you’re
going to get married soon. – Yes. How if you sit like this? We should celebrate this. Hey, where is our gold? “Hello! Hello! Mic testing” “Welcome to the show” “My original name is Gold..” “Body type is Tin..” “Born at Yaanam, Kakinada beach..” “And, I ate Guntur chilli..” “My attitude is looking very cheap..” “I never wish in English.
Wishing in pure Telugu..” “I never use facial creams.
I like Turmeric and Sandal..” “I don’t have cell number..” “I will give you my door number..” “I never touch any scent bottle..” “I very much like the Jasmines..” “Even if any star hotel calls me..” “I straightly goes to the Dhaba only..” “Even if disco is there..” “I will make arrangements in garden..” “Why?
– Why because..” “I am pure local..” “Bangles and sarees which I am using,
all are very mass..” “I am pure local..” “Bangles and sarees which I am using,
all are very mass..” “There is 1+1 offer..” “Take the luggage,
we will go to London..” “I never cross the boundary of my village..” “Make the arrangements in local..” “Hey girl, your body is shining..” “Take this diamond necklace..” “There is no matching to
my body and diamond..” “Take any chain from the exhibition..” “You are so simple..” “It’s just sample..” My system isn’t so posh..” “Why?
– Why because..” “I am pure local..” “Bangles and sarees which I am using,
all are very mass..” “I am pure local..” “Bangles and sarees which I am using,
all are very mass..” “Plasma or Black & white..” “Which T.V do you like?..” “Vividh Bharathi will be
good to listening..” “You can gift me Murphy Radio..” “Hi – Tech and mechanic..” “Choose any one whom you like..” “If the shirt isn’t disturb,
then what will be the kick..” “I vote for wrench and spanner..” “You touched me..” “I am like this only..” “I never like any class item..” “Why?
– Why because..” “I am pure local..” “Bangles and sarees which I am using,
all are very mass..” “I am pure local..” “Bangles and sarees which I am using,
all are very mass..” “I am pure local..” Till now 64 people died in
bomb blasts in Hyderabad. Announced red alert and
bomb squad checkings are going on. Police are suspecting that
it’s terrorist attack. So many kids, mothers and people died. What have they done? Govt. is watching this calmly.
Is this not enough for you? How many we have to lose our people? when this govt will wake up? We’ll go to school eat fast. Is it ok? Bose, I’m here to take care of him. I’ll send him to school. You go. What is this? I’m fine. He is there for me. It’s enough. Satpal! Vehicles are ready
for delivery. come. Those two footages.
– Officers! – Sir! Any clues?
No sir! Khan! Trace out them who are they.
– Yes, sir. Here is Train. Give it to me.
– Was it good? Come out once. We found it in Dundigal Railway station. We got report that it was suicide
in our primary investigation. No, sir. It’s wrong to conclude
that it was a terrorist act. It’s completely different way of attack,
the weapons used in this attack was strange. Very much local, sir. I kept an eye on people new to this city. I suspect a very big conspiracy, sir.
– What do you mean? This is the attack which was planned here. There is some conspiracy. I suspect there may be more serial blasts. An early strong investigation is needed. We’ve to stop what are going to happen. It’s not good to take decisions
in anger Mr. Chandrasekhar. Listen to me, sir.
– Stop it. Doubting like regular police is not good
in this type of sensitive cases. Completely hypothetical. Public will get panicked if
we release this news without proofs. Sir! Please trust me, sir. MR. Chandrasekhar! It’s not good to take
personal opinions in this type of situations. We may get problem’s from Govt. Just leave that here.
This is an order. It’s hard to believe that Bose was dead. I didn’t understand
why he did like that. I’m fighting from the past 25 years
to stop this type of things. I’m wrong. I thought police uniform
is enough to serve people. One kind heart for responding
people’s eye drops is enough. I’m afraid because
something may happen to you. But, I didn’t notice that it was
your weapon and dream. So many people lost
their lives in recent blasts. I suspect a big conspiracy behind this. Threats and pressures on me
to stop investigation. They are ready to kill me
if I won’t stop it. I don’t care what will happen.
But, blast may happen again. I’m fearing about how many
people die if it happens. So many people comes to
Janatha Garage for help. This police lost and came
for help to Janatha Garage. It’s not wrong if Janatha Garage lost and
stand in front of you for help. But if you do so, Public and goodness is lost. They won’t go any where. Till now we are support
for your department. But, if this courage was scared, no one will live who was
the reason behind it. We kept surveillance on people
who are new to city. But, they are the one
who didn’t trace yet. We didn’t find where they are till now. Stop! Little more zoom in! We can’t do more than this sir,
– Come on try.>Tell me Seena(name). All people who involved
in bomb blasts were dead. Janatha Garage people did this. Luckily they don’t know about us. But, it’s better to be careful. Janatha Garage people killed
people who came from UP. The didn’t know about us. But, I’m scared that they will
come in anytime. It’s better to move from here. See see,like this… Bose didn’t commit suicide. He was murdered. Who?
– Raghava. Which Raghava?
– Our Raghava! Chinna! Finished every one who
involved in bomb blasts. I found Bose’s Jeep when
I’m coming out from there.. I doubted on Bose
and checked his call list. And found with whom he talked last time. I found that it was a lorry driver. And, I went to meet him. Where 6688 Lorry Driver? He’s there sir. What happened to Bose? I came from Nagpur and stopped
my lorry at one place to wash. I found Satyam sir’s son
and he was very panicked. I doubted and followed him.>Hello!
– Bose! I’m 6688 Leyland Suresh.
– Ya tell me. I want talk to you urgently. Where are you?
– In Garage. What? I stopped at one place to wash my lorry. I saw Raghava here with someone.
I doubted him and followed. Don’t tell this to anyone. Where is that place? Next Blast should be
strong and effective. We’ll make it after 10 days gap. Rey, who are you?
Tell me. Hey leave him. Chinna! What is this?
Why are you here? Come, let’s go. Why did you come here?
– First, you come. No one knew this except me.
Satyam sir doesn’t know about this. Don’t let him know.
Come on. we’ll leave from here. What will happen if he know about this.
I’ll kill him. It’ wrong chinna. wrong. Chinna! Let’s go. Chinna. Listen to me.
We’ll go to home. Check he’s dead or alive and
throw him on the railway track. What are you going to do now? I want kill him. I wanted to go directly. But, I thought it was good
if I informed to you first. What are you talking about? My own son!
Will you kill him? Once call him and talk to him. If you want, you can beat him. Our son. He can listen to us
if we make him understand. I’ll tell him each and every time if he listen to me. He killed who he used to play
with him in his childhood, Now, he won’t think about me and you. He’s my one and only son. Do you want me to lose him? We don’t need to tell him
about losing. He lost his parents, the family who grew him up
and loved girl. It’s not correct to talk
to him about losing. He is our only son.
– I’m here for you. You are there for me and
I’m always there for you. He grown up with us. we’ll try to convince him. It’s too late, power may not come. Go and sleep as soon as possible. He’s your only son. Think about him with free mind. Can you live without him? I’ll be stand like this if you cut the
unstructured branches of trees or sons. We’re here to kill only 3 people. It’s your wish if you want
to increase the count. We will sit and discuss once. We’re all family members. We’ll discuss once Anand. People who died was not belongs to us. And, after all one mechanic was killed. Do you want me to kill anyone? Uncle.. Uncle..
Uncle.. Uncle.. Please, Anand.
I’m your brother. Please leave me. Please leave me. You are the only one who
played with me in my childhood. I’m like your son.
please leave me. Dad, please tell them to leave me. I’m your one and only son. Dad! “Bhagavad geetha at the time of war” “Read by our past history” Dad! Please excuse me. Please. “There will be no right to live” Janatha Garage won’t leave anyone. Even if he’s my son too. Anand! Today is festival. There is another family
who is not celebrating this festival. I told everyone to stop crackers. Diwali means festival of lights, right? Janatha Garage! All repairs will be done here.


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