Janatha Garage Telugu Theatrical Trailer | Jr NTR | Mohanlal | Samantha | Nithya | Koratala Siva

I am Anand. I like the Earth and everything created on
on this very much. My Life is saving the trees, plants, air and water. It is a joggers’ park. 213 trees… supplies a huge quantity of oxygen to Mumbai. If you mess with nature,
you will have to atone…. My love for Bujji is equal to the love I have for that tree, Mom! Such a boring candidate!How are you…? Elsewhere, an older man
loves the people on this earth. Hearing to the struggles of other people,
brings tears to his eyes and lump to his throat, Perhaps Nature herself, felt it necessary to bring us together? I heard a lot about you, sir. …that you are a very good man,
but your son doesn’t appear to be so. He said wonderful thing…, along with the plants, if we protect humans as well
the Earth would be a much better place. Janatha Garage will be waiting for you. Can I say NO? Who, who, who are you? For whose sake do you become what? even then, everyone is our relative….
Jai ho…Janatha! The methods of Garage have also changed. We are going to help as soon as
we hear the struggles of someone. Not one, but seven, God has sent seven soldiers… Armed men who have come to help…
Jai ho…Janatha! “Janatha Garage”
Everything gets repaired here!


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