Jason Momoa Makes a Rockin’ Entrance as Elvis

[MUSIC PLAYING] [ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC] (SINGING) [INAUDIBLE] Love it. Oh, I love it. That’s so– that’s nice. Aloha from Hawaii. Aloha. You got a lei on you. Thank you, Mama. Yeah. You’re a good Elvis. Thank you. Thank you very much. Have you been an Elvis before? I am obsessed with
Elvis, slightly. Yeah, I grew up– I just love him. You know, my momma
raised me on him and so obsessed I
bought a bike like him. I got and old ’55
pink Cadillac, and– Really? Yeah. Wow. And have you dressed
like him before, though? I did, yeah, a couple times. Well, yeah. Actually, I did it on
Halloween when I was 19, and that was my first
time in Los Angeles. I was working on a little
show called Baywatch, and I was in Hawaii,
and I was working. I was– Look at you. I was working with– Oh-oh, lost a nail. Oh-oh. I was working with– there
was a lot of beautiful women, and they invited me to
Halloween party in Los Angeles. Was my first time
in Los Angeles. And it was the Playboy Mansion. And so 19-year-old Jason
showed up as a young Elvis, and this is my second
time playing Elvis, so– Wow, first at the Playboy
Mansion, and now here. Yep. I’m honored. Halloween’s good to me. Yeah. Yeah. That’s a fantastic
outfit, though. Right? Where’d you get that? Did we make that for you? You made this. Wow. You had a bunch of
people find and make and put it all together
in like three days. Well, I think you’re going
to want to take that home. I’d love to. OK, you can have it. Momma, I’m coming home. You look so good. Now I wish I didn’t
have a beard. Yeah. That would have been
the perfect time. That would have been
a big commitment to shave just for this
Halloween day, though. Yeah, right? You were just on
SNL as a surprise. Chance the Rapper
was on, and he had no– you could tell he didn’t
know you were coming out. He kept throwing me off. It was hilarious. He was laughing. We both were. I couldn’t keep a straight face. It was challenging, yeah. Yeah. It was so funny. And Kate McKinnon,
how great is she? She’s amazing, yeah. She has such talent. She’s great. These? What’s going on, man? Oh, damn, they’re showing it. We’re just showing the earrings
that you had on your nipples. These? So you were in New York
and you were doing press and you had to come home
because your house is close to the fires. How is your house now? My house is all right right now. Good. But you know, the winds
are everywhere now, so– Yeah. I wanted to come home. My babies are here right
now, so I just wanted to– Yeah, I know. I met them. They’re adorable. Thank you. But so, your house
is good for now? So far, yeah, yeah. OK good. I’m glad. You? Yes, I’m good so far, too. But have you evacuated? You’re staying
out of your house? We’re all packed up. Good. We’re all packed up. Good. Yeah. I gotta make room for this
now, you know what I mean? Yeah, well don’t let
anything happen to that. If that’s all you have
left to wear, that’s good. Yeah. Yeah. I’m not taking it
off for awhile. I could just see you
in that all the time. And you use the excuse
that you lost your clothes. So you posted a picture
with some of your friends from Game of Thrones that got
you a little bit of trouble. Yeah, I mean– Kit doesn’t like his
photograph published. Well, Kit’s shy, and he
doesn’t like social media as much as I do, so I just– every time I see
him I get excited. I’m an excitable guy, and so
like when me and the other get togethers, he’s just
like, oh, let me guess, It’s going to be all
over the internet. And so I said, I
won’t post it, buddy. I promise you I won’t post it. So it was my phone. Of course I would send it to
Amelia, because we’re tight, and I knew Amelia would post it. Right, so you held your promise. You didn’t post it, right. I did. Kitty, I didn’t post it, man. Yeah. It wasn’t me. Yeah. Speaking of kitty– Oh, man. What– So, you’re on the
cover of Esquire Magazine, and I understand– I thought this was
your cat or something. And they said no,
it’s not your cat. It was a random cat on set. And they’re like, hold the cat. Why? I mean– That’s exact thing I said. And then it ends
up on the cover. Yeah. I mean, do you like cats? No. I don’t not like cats,
I don’t own a cat, and I’m just not a cat person. What do you mean, a random cat? There was a cat just on
the set wandering around? It’s Topanga. Yeah, that’s true. Could have been a coyote. Could have been a llama. Yeah. Anything. All right, well, we’re
going to go to break. I hope there’s more
dancing in you, because I want to see more.


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