Jason Statham Vs Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Hobbs & Shaw) Style Beatdown

The Rock vs Statham
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In today’s video, gents, we’re having a lot of fun, I’ve got a style battle. In one corner, we’ve got Jason Statham. In the other corner we’ve got Dwayne Johnson
aka The Rock. Now, for today’s fight we’re going to
have five rounds. And stick around for round number three, we’re
going to talk about watch game. That round is going to be really close. Round one. Let’s talk about their ability to rock a
suit. First up, we’ve got Jason Statham and I
have to give him the advantage here because he’s English. Why does a suit always look good on Jason
Statham? Because he loves bespoke suits. It means that these suits are works of art. They are beyond custom, everything is designed
for the wearer. So, when it comes to his suits, it comes to
his shirts, the fit is going to be spot on. So, when we look at Jason in suits the fit
is always on point. And, let’s look at his choice of colors. He likes to go for darker colors which work
with a wide variety of different complexions, but his is a little bit more difficult, he
shaved his head. Now, he doesn’t always wear a tie with a
suit, but when he does, he’s on point. He knows how to tie a tie he always gets that
dimple right there. The guy just looks great in suit. So now, let’s talk about Dwayne Johnson
in suits. So, he comes from a family of wrestlers, suits
weren’t something they wore every day, but when The Rock wears a suit, he looks good. Why? He’s also getting them custom-made which
is expected because of his height and his body built, it would be next to impossible
to find something off the rack. What I also like about The Rock is he brings
in a wide variety of lighter colors, he also brings in a lot of fun patterns and colors
as well. Now, The Rock isn’t much of a neckwear guy,
but one thing I do like is when he does choose a knot, he goes for a larger knot, he’s
got just a larger head a bigger body and so he goes with a knot that works with his proportions. All right. So, round one, who’s the winner? I got to give this one to Jason Statham and
this is why. The X factor is that Jason in many of his
movies he’s fighting in a suit. Have you ever seen those Transporter movies,
the guy is literally using the suit jacket as a weapon. Absolutely love it. And because of that, I got to give this round
to Jason Statham. Round two. Casual style. So, starting things off with Jason Statham
what do we notice about his casual clothing? It fits his body and he’s got certain pieces
which he goes to again and again. Leather jackets, have you ever noticed how
he’s always going for a leather jacket. Now, Jason doesn’t need to further build
up his upper body with a leather jacket, but he does it anyway to accentuate his strengths. Now, with that leather jacket, he’s also
going to pair it with a casual shirt, he’s going to take a pair of dark-colored jeans,
match it right there with a jacket, great combination and boots. Chelsea boots, maybe you want to go with a
combat boot design. Whatever type of boots Jason is going with,
they give him a couple extra inches. Every guy can use a couple of extra inches
make him look a little bit taller a little bit leaner, a better look. Now, let’s talk about casual clothing and
The Rock. So, the guy grew up in Florida, went to the
University of Miami. Was a wrestler, went into Hollywood. He’s understood the power of always looking
like a professional even when the weather is hot everyone is going to make an excuse
for it. When you look at this guy and you look at
his history, he understood the power of color, of patterns working with his complexion. And I really like this despite the heat, despite
all these different career paths, he always understood, hey, how I dress even when I’m
off work is still my brand and who I represent. When you see The Rock even if he’s heading
out to the gym, he still looks good he still looks professional. Now, he can dress up a bit, go with the casual
suit, but he more likes to dress down. He’s oftentimes showing off his built, he’s
working with that whole Florida feel and I really like it. So, this one was really close, but I got to
give this one to The Rock. I love his use of patterns, of colors, and
because of that I’m going to give him this round. Round three. Watch game. This round is going to be really close. So, let’s start things off with Jason Statham
in the movie Mechanic Resurrection. So, the most touching scene, he’s handing
over his beautiful watch, an IWC Aquatimer Automatic 2000 to Jessica Alba just in case
something happens to him, he wants this watch, you know, to be passed on. Whether it’s in his movies whether it’s
in real life, Jason Statham loves watches. So, in the movie Transporter 2, what do we
see? The Panerai Luminor Chrono Daylight. In Expendables 2, what is he wearing? He’s Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 3
Days Automatic Bronzo. And, what about for the movie The Meg? We got the IWC Aquatimer Perpetual Calendar
Digital Date-month Edition 50-year Aquatimer. He’s also got a Patek Nautilus 5980 and
IWC Dopple Chronograph and the vintage Rolex Daytona. And, let’s not forget about his 2008 movie
The Bank Job. What’s he wearing? A Tag Heuer Monaco. He also did a series of interviews about watches
and they asked him, what do you look for in a watch, what matters to you? And I love his answer about precision. He was really clear, hey, I was a diver, I
went and did all these competitions and I understand the importance of performance. And that’s what he looks for in his watches. Now, let’s talk about The Rock watch collection. Very similar to Jason, he wants functionality. But, another thing he’s looking for is size,
very important that you get the proportions right. In an interview talking about watches, he’s
quoted as saying, “ A watch is a reflection of the person who wears it. [0:04:59]
So, for a guy my size, you can imagine a lightweight watch isn’t going to last long or look the
part. What I look for in a watch is how it’s made,
what goes into it, and of course the design. I prefer materials that will stand to the
test of time, my lifestyle of course. Whereas, you change the clothes to suit your
weather or what you’re doing or where you’re going. I like watch that I can wear for any occasion. When I go for a movie premiere, I’m not
thinking what kind of watch goes with a shirt or jacket. For me, a watch is a tool. A good looking tool granted, but definitely
not a piece of jewelry.” So, what particular watches does The Rock
wear? Well, first up, we’ve got the IWC Big Pilot
Heritage 46 mm in a titanium case. He’s also been spotted wearing the Breitling
Transocean Chronograph Unitime in rose gold. Now, when it comes to size and proportions
most Rolexes wouldn’t work for The Rock, but one in particular does and that is the
Sea-Dweller. So, this is something The Rock has pulled
off and is a great looking functional tool watch. Yes, it’s made to go to the bottom of the
ocean and be able to tell the time and actually tell you how much oxygen you have left. Now, in the movie Fast and Furious 5, you
may have noticed he was wearing a Panarei Luminor Submersible. It’s a very functional watch easy to read,
it can go down the depths of a thousand meters. And how does The Rock choose a watch? In the interview I already talked about how
he lifts up the watch, he holds it and he wants to go for something that has weight
to it something that feels solid. And he knows he doesn’t always make sense
because there are tons of materials out there that are lighter than the steel. Very lightweight still very tough, but he
likes something that feels heavy in the hands. I know I do as well. Another thing he talked about looking it making
sure everything is very legible, he wants to be able to read it. Again, functionality. He’s going to turn that bezel, he wants
to hear it click. He wants to feel quality. So, choosing a winner for this round was really
tough. If you disagree with my choice, let me know
down in the comments, but I had to go with Jason Statham just barely and the reason being
is he also collects vintage watches. So, Jason also has an Orange Hand Rolex Explorer. This is a classic great looking watch and
I thought it was cool for him to actually have one of these. And I have this other quote which was just
amazing that behind every finely crafted watch, there’s an intellectual process a challenge
and the desire to always set the bar higher. Round four. Cars. So, what are we going to see in Jason Statham’s
garage? Well, let’s start with the Ferrari F12. We’ve got an Aston Martin DBS. We’ve got a Porsche 911 GT2. And, we’ve got a Jaguar E-Type. Now, I don’t know about you, but that Jaguar
E-Type is absolutely beautiful. What I like about Jason is that he really
understands timeless classic style. Now, let’s talk about The Rock. So, what’s interesting about The Rock is
you see him posing with the number of vehicles, but he doesn’t actually keep them because
he can’t fit into too many of them. When you’re a big large guy like this, you
need a car that’s going to work for your body. So, first up, we’ve got his Pagani, great
looking sports car, definitely something you would expect a Hollywood action star to own. He also owns a Rolls Royce Wraith. What I like about this vehicle is it’s a
little bit different and the size of it, it’s going to fit well for his body type, he’s
able to get into it comfortably. Now, this next car was a little bit of a surprise
and that’s a 1999 Plymouth Prowler. Initially, I was like, okay, so what’s the
big deal about this? But, then I saw The Rock driving it, I saw
the video, I saw the pictures. I’m like you know this suits his personality. It’s a great looking vehicle. Very casual, very fun, but it actually fits
the rock very well. But, my favorite vehicle The Rock has, a custom
built F150. Now, I’m a Chevy guy, but I appreciate Ford
and what they’ve done, and it’s a great truck. So, who is the winner here? I’ve got to give this one to The Rock. Why? Again, very close, but here’s the deal is
The Rock actually does a lot for veterans and I read a story about how he actually introduced
one of the new Ford mustangs and then presented it to a veteran. I mean stuff like that I just absolutely love,
so I’ve got to give this one to The Rock. Round five, gentlemen. Confidence. Now, two facts you may not know about Jason
Statham. Number one, he does all of his own stunts. This makes sense, the guy was a stuntman. Before that, he was a professional diver. He knows how to control his body. And when you can control you body, you are
in charge of the way your muscles move and you know that you can do certain things, all
of a sudden that gives you a very strong feeling of confidence. Another thing about Jason Statham, he’s
a very intelligent guy. So, apparently him and Guy Ritchie, they’re
big chess players and every time they’re on a movie set together, they play a few games. Let’s just say from what I hear, Guy Ritchie
owes Jason a lot of money because Jason just cleans house. And, here is Jason’s advice to getting confidence,
very simple very practical, “Change your stride, put your shoulders back and walk tall. Take a martial art or a sport, something that
gives you a skill engages the body and allows you the possibility of being great or at least
being active. You’ll find your confidence. Without it, you’re nothing. It’s the remedy for everything.” I don’t know about you, gents, but I absolutely
love that quote. And now, let’s talk about The Rock. When it comes to confidence if I were to look
that up in the dictionary, I would expect to see a picture of The Rock. I mean this guy is the embodiment of confidence. You look at where he comes from, a family
of wrestlers, so he’s got the genetic makeup to have that strong masculine built. [0:10:01]
He went to the University of Miami played football there, all of a sudden he gets into
wrestling and he shoots up becomes known as The Rock Dwayne Johnson and all of a sudden
then he goes to Hollywood. He’s able to hit movie hit after movie hit. But, what’s interesting about The Rock is
how he admits how he wasn’t always very confident. In fact, he talks about when he was a kid
how he wasn’t confident. He was this little brown boy moving around
living in a different town every single year because he’s following his family around
and he’s really just trying to fit in find his place. He’s got this afro going all over the place
and he’s just, hey, I didn’t really know who I was, I did not have much confidence. So, what’s his secret for gaining confidence? Here’s what he said, “Be at ease. Be real and your confidence and cool will
come. Trust me. I’m the dude who between the ages of 9 and
11 people thought I was a little girl because my hair and features were so soft.” So, I really like this because it makes him
so human and we see this guy up there at the top of this game, but you got to remember
when he was younger he had very soft features and he was not this confident strong man that
we see nowadays. All right. So, who’s the winner here? Again, incredibly close, but I’m going to
have to go with The Rock. Why? I love the fact that he’s vulnerable and
I’m sure there are some interview out there where Jason Statham is very vulnerable talks
about things, but I just got it maybe I’m going with the American here. The point being I want to hear from you, guys
down in the comments. And if you want more like this, check out
this video right here, we got Mr. John Wick versus James Bond. Who’s going to win the style battle? Find out, gentlemen. I will link to that video down in the description. [0:11:34] End of audio


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