Javed Akhtar Biography | A Journey Of Thoughts and Words

‘The ocean has swallowed it all;’ ‘There is no more of land left’ ‘I just needed a boat to hold on’ ‘But there’s not even
that to save my life.’ His parents had named him Jaadu.. ..but his magic
won all hearts and he turned.. ..into the legendary Javed Akhtar. He was born on 17th January, 1945. His father,
Mr. Janisar Akhtar was a famous poet. There’s a story behind
why he was named as ‘Jaadu’. There was a poetry, ‘every
moment will tell a magical tale..’, ..written by Janisar inspired
by which he decided to call his son.. ..by the name ‘Jaadu’ (magic). But as Jaadu grew up, his school and
college friends found the name weird. That’s how, he was suggested
to change his name to Javed. He was educated in Colvin
Taluqdar’s college in Lucknow. Then he studied in
Aligarh Muslim University. During his university days,
he proved how good an orator he was. He was so proficient
in expressing by his words. And this made him win debate
competitions for 3 consecutive years. His speaking skills
attracted student leaders. There were two political
parties in the college.. ..and both of them wanted Javed
to campaign for them. Since Mr. Javed loved to speak,
he campaigned for both the parties. Javed is always seen sporting
a bracelet around his wrist.. ..that was gifted to him by a friend. This friend was very close to
his heart since his college days. When his friend went abroad.. ..Mr Javed accepted his bracelet
as a token of his love.. ..and vowed not to take it off
till his last breath. He was brought up by his
elderly relatives after he lost.. ..his mother at a very young age. His father being a busy man couldn’t
spare much time for the young boy. In the sixties, he reached Mumbai. He was financially very weak,
but he wanted to.. ..become an assistant director. His bad phase continued for long. He was very fond of reading
and he befriended a book vendor.. ..who sold second hand books
outside Andheri station. At the end of the day, Javed
took few books from the book seller.. ..and used to visit Kamaal studio
which belonged to Mr. Kamaal Amrohi. This was the time when he
used to stay at Kamaalistan studio. He slept within the premises. Once he opened a cupboard and
saw different costumes, footwear.. ..and also Filmfare awards
won by Ms Meena Kumari. He dusted all the trophies,
held one in his hand,.. ..stood in front of the
mirror and told to himself.. ..that he’d win a trophy some day.
And the public will applaud. With this confidence,
he kept moving on in his life. ‘People often ask me.. ..why is it that no one writes
songs like the ones in ‘Pyasa’?’ But he still had a long way
to go for tasting success. A producer once threw his
script on his face and said.. ..he can never become a writer. Every famous artist have to
face such kind of insults. The pair of Salim and
Javed tasted success together. The famous writer Salim
Khan was then an actor.. ..and Javed Akhtar
was an assistant director. They met at the sets
of the film ‘Sarhadi lootere’. During the shoot, they became friends. In seventies, script writers,
screenplay writers and lyricists.. ..were not given much importance. But the Salim-Javed duo
changed the entire scenario. And the credit goes to the Star,
Rajesh Khanna. Rajesh Khanna was offered
the role in ‘Haathi Mere Saathi’, ..the script of which
did not interest him. He was offered a handsome
amount for the film.. ..and he had to buy his bungalow,
‘Aashirwad’. He then asked Salim
and Javed to write its script. That’s how the duo started off. “Come on, my friend..” After that, they were hired
as script writers by the famous.. ..film maker J. P. Sippy
for his company Sippy films. They created history with the
company and wrote the best scripts. ‘Andaz’, ‘Seeta aur Geeta’,
‘Sholay’, ‘Don’. ‘It’s not just difficult to catch Don,
it is impossible..’ Salim and Javed worked
together for almost 12 years. And they gave a lot of hit
films like ‘Yaadon ki Baraat’.. ..’Zanjeer’, ‘Haath ki safai’, ‘Deewar’,
‘Kranti’, ‘Sholay’, ‘Mr India’ and so on. With these films,
they not only gained popularity.. ..but also gave other writers
a good scope in the industry. ‘Mogambo is happy!’ They parted ways after 1982. But none of them spoke ill about
each other in front of the press. Whenever they were asked
the reason for parting ways.. ..they always said,
everything had an expiry date. And their partnership
was no exception. It was clear that Salim did not
want to call off the partnership. But Javed wanted to do a lot more
and that’s why they split. “Eyes can’t see.. face is not radiant..
he’s a human, but no desire to see.” From here started another
inning of Mr. Javed’s life. He did not want to work as a lyricist. But Mr. Yash forced him to write
lyrics for the film ‘Silsila’. When his songs became a
hit and was appreciated by all.. ..he decided to write
lyrics also with scripts. After Salim and Javed split, they did
not do quite well in script writing. Few films were a hit like
‘Naam’ written by Mr. Salim.. ..and ‘Mashaal’ written
by Mr. Javed Akhtar. “When you’ll be gone tomorrow..” Talking about Mr.
Javed’s personal life.. ..he got married to
the renowned child artist.. ..who later turned
into a script writer,.. ..Ms Honey Irani.
They had two children, Farhan Akhtar and Zoya Akhtar. Both of them are
connected to the film industry. ‘Dil Chahta Hai’.. After divorcing Honey Irani,
he married Shabana Azmi. But he always said,
even divorce couldn’t break.. ..his friendship with Honey Irani. Neither could his marriage
with Shabana Azmi break.. ..his friendship with Shabana. If we’re talking about the awards
he has won, the list is a long one. He is one among the very few
artists who have seen the era of.. ..black and white cinema,
worked with superstar Rajesh Khanna.. ..and while working with Salim,
created the image of.. ..an angry young man. ‘Keep standing till
you are not asked to sit.’ Mr. Javed Akhtar will always
be remembered with pride.. ..in the history of Indian Cinema. ‘To know the stories of
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