Jawaan Theatrical Trailer | Sai Dharam Tej | Mehreen | Thaman S | #Jawaan Telugu Movie Trailer

That fellow is speaking to some girl, Sis! At an age when one should be
roaming around on bikes, if you move around with a list
given by your mom, it’ll be just like this. Frustration! When we miss something in our life, it doesn’t mean we are incompetent, rather we are called on for something else. The Octopus Missile system!
The pride of the Indian Army. Before the Army has it,
we should get our hands on it. If you feel “This is my India,”
it would be difficult to do this deal! When that country needs our help, we have to
set aside “I and Me,” and just jump into the fray. Actually, who is he? Who else is there with him? Who all are supporting him? Octopus is as important to me
as your family is to you. Once the fighting starts,
whether next to you died, or the guy behind you stopped or the one
in front of you collapsed is not important. What matters is whether we won the war! Jawaan- In every home


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