Jay Simha (2019) New Released Action Hindi Dubbed Movie | Nandamuri Balakrishna, Nayanthara

‘I have fallen in love with I love.’ “I love you!” ‘My heart says wow!’ Nurse! Doctor! Doctor! Where is my child? Dad! Oh God! Doctor! Doctor! Nurse!
Where is my child? The minister will reach the station
once he does the veneration. – Sir. Did you alert the security? I have alerted everyone, sir. Mohan, send the passengers there.
– Okay sir. – The Minister will come from the main gate.
– Sir. If you doubt anyone
then check them up. Yes, sir.
– Be alert. Where are you from? Vishakhapatnam. What are you hiding?
Bombs or drugs? Or weapons? Remove it. I said remove it. Whose child is this? It’s my child. Where is the mother?
– She’s not here. What do you mean?
You left her or killed her? Is this your child or you stole someone else’s child? You look like a prisoner. Constable.
– Yes, sir. Take him to the police station
for inquiry. Keep the child at an orphanage. Give the child here.
I said, give the child. This child is not an orphan.
I am the father of this child. Your life is important
for the country. Go and serve the country. Go! Are you hitting a police officer?
– Sir, the minister is here. Sir! Narishma, what are you doing here? Is there a problem? Nothing, sir. We know each
other for many years. – Oh! The child looks like you. Sir! It’s time for the train to leave.
I am going. What happened, son?
Are you hungry? Sorry sir, I misunderstood you.
I’m sorry. Respect the people as much
as you respect the politicians. No. No. Listen, look there. Hey, cheers! Kumar, we will enjoy at the
bachelor’s party. – Yes. Drink it. – Look there. It’s pretty.
– Show it to me. Yes, show it to me. Isn’t it, brother?
– It’s great. Hey, what is this? Why are you
disturbing us? Is it a bus or bar? Shouldn’t we sleep?
I will call the police. Sit quietly. You are old. If your bones
break it won’t join back. Sit down. Brother! My child is crying.
Don’t make noise. Feed him milk. He will sleep. If you keep quiet.
He will have milk and sleep. Feed him beer.
He will be calm until morning. What are you talking?
Does anyone feed beer to a child? Let it be. What are you doing?
– Have this. Drink it. Here. Here.
– Drink beer. Sleep child. Move aside. Move aside.
This is the offering. What did you do?
You made the offering impure. What are you saying?
I didn’t understand. You look like an outsider.
Don’t you know? The offering gets impure
if you touch the priest. The temples rule ruined
as the child touched me. What will we offer to God?
Go away! Why are you standing? Go.
– Move aside. Wait! What did you say? You got impure
when the child touched you. Little children are like God. Did you forget it’s mentioned
in the scriptures? Can God be impure?
Today is Lord Krishna’s birthday. It is wrong to scold Little Krishna. I am sorry, Dharamadikari. He knows the laws,
but doesn’t know the scriptures. Take this and start the
prayer service. – Alright. – Go! You can go too.
– Right, sir. Govinda! Govinda! Govinda! Govinda! Devi? – Yes.
– Dress up the child well. Yes, sir. What is the name of your son? He has no name yet. I call him by nick names. What are you saying? Its one year.
You haven’t named him? It’s the temple of Lord Krishna.
And it’s Krishna’s birthday today. I will keep the child’s name. Balkrishna! Good one. What do you say?
Did you’ll like the name? Now tell me. If they like it,
then I am fine with it. What is your name?
– Narishma. Which village are you from?
– Vizag. How long will you stay here? If I get some work I will stay back. What work do you do? I do whatever I know. What about the work you don’t know?
– I try to learn it. Praise! Shivshankar. What is this?
Why are you in a circle? Why are you wishing me? To wake you up. You slept
instead of giving us our jobs. Who slept? Do you call closing eyes
and lying down sleeping? When senior close eyes
and lie down it means, they are in deep thought.
– Oh! That’s fine. Tell us the work. What work should I tell you? He brings home
anyone he meets outside. As though this is a guest house.
I lost my hair giving you’ll work. It means you had thick hair earlier. Don’t mock at me
or I will break your head. No sir, you have maintained your
body for the past 20 to 30 years. You are still popular in the market. Because of work. I work.
– Right. Why are you jealous
of my personality? He gets more jealous
thinking of your wife. Why is he jealous
thinking about my wife? Why won’t he be jealous? She looks pretty. ‘She has peacock grace.
Pretty as a lotus.’ Why are you so happy
talking about her? I am not the only one
who thinks in this manner. It means everyone thinks
about my wife. I will kill you’ll if you think
of my wife. Go away! Go! Thank you, sir.
– Why? As you didn’t get anyone
with you today. Who is this?
– Narishma. Greetings, brother. Look here.
Call me mother. He is a good man.
– I understand. I can see. After you meet you will like him.
– I will like him. I definitely will. Look, call me mother. He will work here from today. He has fixed his job. Don’t cry. Go to aunt. Make arrangements for his stay
in the back house. How can I do that?
We live there. But there are two bedrooms in it. I sleep in one room.
My wife sleeps in another room. Now I understand
why you don’t have children. Who is talking nonsense?
Who is it? I will kill you. What is it? Why are you scolding?
Are you hungry? Your stomach has grown,
but not your brains. Why do I hear clapping
when I scold you? Why not, sir? Those servants are
jealous of me, so they clap. Alright. Narishma. – Yes.
– She is my wife. – Greetings! Narishma, the lady beside you
is my wife. I know, brother. What am I hearing?
Do you sleep separately? Oh my God!
I am scared of his snoring. We sleep separately only at night. Take care of him.
– Right, sir. – Did you understand? Yes sir, you explained well. It will be better
if you are in your limits. What work should I give him? Driver! Give the child to me. Driver? It means it’s already fixed.
– Yes, brother. It’s already fixed.
– She fixed it? – I’ll leave. Wait! Come here. Stand here. How educated you are? I studied until class five. That’s why… Remember one thing, don’t be proud as you are
the most educated man here. Or I will suspend you.
Remember it. For 5th class.
– Yes, for 5th class. Go! Listen Chote, the SP is new. I will talk to him. Wait here.
– Right, brother. Greetings, sir. Greetings, Shinde.
– Greetings. Tell the SP I am here to meet him.
– Have a seat. I’ll inform him. Okay. Greetings, brother.
– How are you? I wanted to say something
important to you. – What happened? Are you not getting enough bribe? It’s not that. Your brother rags my
daughter at college. Is it true?
– Yes. If they are in college,
ragging is common. Their age is such. Bear it for few days. Brother, she is my only daughter.
If you talk to your brother. If I speak to him things will ruin.
He is a stubborn boy. Forget it. Jayram, how is the character
of the new SP? I’ve heard he is very strict.
– Oh! Brother, the ASP has called you in. Greetings, sir. How are you? When a new person comes here I…
– What is the issue? You are very fast. You speak to the point. Okay, sir. My name…
– Brother Ganpat. But you cheat in every
business you run. How do you know?
– I am checking your file. Sit down. Thirty buses run in the whole city. Thirty trucks are used
for sand business. You’ve thirty lounges around
Kumbakonam temple. And many more businesses. Starting
from slipper contract at the temple to district road. It’s all yours. But why is everything in thirty? That is my brother’s birth date. I started all the businesses
in his name. He is my lucky charm. Actually, he is my life. Are you here to request me not
to do anything to him? – Right. I’ve come for him. I’ve heard you are an
encounter specialist. You have killed goons
from Andhra, Gujarat, Bihar. And are here to end goons
of this place too. All cases on Chote are false. He is wrongly framed for murder.
– How much bribe did you bring? You are very fast.
I’ve 30 lakhs in the car. Tell me where to send the rest. It will reach to you in 30 minutes. Babu, brother is calling up. Pandey, do you take drugs
or sell it too? He is very smart. Don’t fear. He is like our man. I am leaving, sir.
– Right, sir. Sir, can I take a selfie? Ganpat, you have bought the life
of your brother, not my power. If you the lion here,
I am much stronger than you. No matter what you do
you can’t be a police officer. And I can’t be a goon. If you keep your hand on my
shoulder I will tear you apart. Out! If you are the current in a wire,
I am a transformer. If they join the power is powerful. Bye, sir. The money is pending.
You will get it soon. Get up! Go away. You slept.
Don’t ruin my sleep. Go away! I am not waking you up.
The young mistress is home. Driver, your son is sleeping. Yes, he slept a while ago. Who is in the car? What happened
to him? – I will tell you later. Ma’am. Ma’am.
– Where is my powder? Where is my powder?
– Slowly. Keep your feet down. Slowly.
– Where is my powder? She is asking powder as she had
powder milk as a child. – Correct. Come on. Ma’am.
– Get the powder. Ma’am, get up! Get up. Slowly.
– Get the powder. She does it daily. Oh no! Let’s go. Come on all of you. Mom, get the powder. She is a witch born
in a good man’s house. She studies abroad.
She comes here for holidays. She takes drugs the whole day
and she is always unconscious. Doesn’t her father know this? He knows. She is his only daughter. He can neither ask her anything
nor can anyone stop her. She doesn’t sleep the whole night
and sleeps whole day. What is it?
What secrets are you talking about? No. I was telling him
about the mistress. What are you telling about her?
The whole city knows her. He wants to become her driver.
– Hello! You can’t decide
whose car you will drive. I will do it. Go and sleep. Where do you want to go? I want to check if you drive well. I will tell you where to go
whose car to drive later. Narishma, does this speed
suit your personality? See how vacant the road is.
Drive the car faster. I have some urgent work.
Let’s go faster. You think like a young boy. The whole city knows
this except my wife. Take a right turn. Take a left turn. I am dead. Take a right turn. Again right.
– There is no road on the right. I told them to build a road.
Oh no. Take a left turn. Oh my God! Police! Hey, can’t you see?
– Sorry, sir. A woman with a child suddenly
came in the middle of the road. I had to take a turn to save her. Will you sit inside and talk? – My chief
wants to go somewhere urgently. Where is your chief?
– Here. There he is. The man with a orange shirt.
He is my chief. Hey, come here. No. No, sir. It’s not me. I don’t know who he is. I asked him for a lift on the way.
– Arrest him. Oh, my God! Will you arrest me?
Is someone hurt or killed? Why will you arrest me? File the case.
I will pay the fine at the court. You speak too proudly. No sir, I am speaking justice. Are you studying law? No sir, I have studied life well. If you play games
with the police life will change. No. Don’t play games with God. You shouldn’t play games
with me too. Why will I play with you?
You park the car in no parking zone. A SP smokes in a public place.
Why will I play games with you? Come here. You are talking too much.
Come on. Wait, sir. If you hit me you will become
a hero in the public. But when I hit back you will be
shamed in front of these people. Will you hit me? Will you show
your power to the police? If you dare then hit me
and show your power. Show your power. Come on! Sister, come and take
the milk bottle. Thank you, brother. DN 6C AX 3003. This is my car number. This is the driving license. Send the complain copy.
I will pay the fine. See you, sir. You are playing well. It’s fun. I play all games well. Chief, one more game. Please! Is he sleeping?
– No. Driver. – Yes.
– Come to play a game. No, I don’t know to play. Let him do his work.
Play your move. Narishma, what are you thinking?
Play a game. I don’t know it. – He says he doesn’t
know, why do you still call him? I called him. No signal.
– Alright, play. I have work. I am leaving. Where are you going? To put the bedding.
– For whom? For the child.
– After that? I will put bedding for you too.
What other work do you have? Take care. Why do you’ll worry about my wife? The gate got saved today. O God! Hey, close the gate. She came home early.
– Looks like she didn’t get to drink. Put off the lights. Close the door. Close it. Come out all of you. Who was driving the car at night? If you tell the truth then only
one will die or all will be killed. All of you will be killed. You drove the car over my brother
and are hiding inside the house. If the goons come in,
they will kill all of you. You only look after the temple, but my boss takes care
of the whole city. Ma’am, I am very scared. Yes. Go inside.
– Search the whole house. Who is breaking things
in this house? Who dare to…
– Dad? That accident was done by me. Look, an accident took place. He’s bleeding. She hit him. Catch him.
– Wait! Wait! This issue is so serious
and you are telling me now. What did you do?
– Parvathi, what are you doing? Your pampering has spoiled her.
She killed an innocent man today. She ruined your reputation. I’m sorry, dad. I will bear the
punishment for my mistake. No dear, you don’t know them. He is a demon. It scares me to think
what he will do with you. I will go and say sorry to him. No, dad. Taniya, if you come out,
you will see me dead. Take her inside. Did you find out who did it?
– No, brother. Didn’t they tell who it is? Tell me the truth. Who was
driving this car yesterday? Welcome, great man! So much is happening here, you couldn’t
hear anything. What were you doing inside? You are proud of being righteous. Forgive me. That car…
– I was driving the car. Yes, I was driving this car
last night. Narishma!
– Sorry, sir. I went out with this car
without your permission. You have lot of courage. No. Don’t hit him. Please! My younger brother is my life. He was bleeding.
I won’t let you go. Stop it! You will bleed much more
than Chote bled. Hit him. Please leave him. You have only breathe left. If anything happens to Chote
at the hospital, you will be dead too. I will chop off your head. Let’s go. Narishma, even my son
wouldn’t sacrifice. You saved the honor
of my family and my daughter. I won’t forget this favor of yours. I let them hit me
so that you don’t fall at his feet. And you are touching my feet? Narishma, let’s go to the hospital. You are bleeding. Let’s go. This body doesn’t react
even when it’s hurt. Nothing will happen to me. Go inside. Go. Bala, why are you crying? Dad is hurt and you are in pain. Nothing is wrong with dad. Why are you crying?
We are men. Men don’t cry. We are going out in the evening.
Be ready. They are crying
on such a trivial matter. What are you looking at?
Go and do your work. Why are you standing here? Should I tell you separately?
Go and do your work. Go away! Let’s go. I prayed for his safety. Or the goons will kill me. Right? Yes. The wounded must be alright. And the one who is hurt
should visit the hospital. You are having these thoughts, right? I won’t do any mistake hereafter.
I vowed to God. Ishwar, what are you doing? Everyone is carrying gunny bags.
You are swinging a small bag. The mistress asked me to throw
this in the dustbin. Who is the mistress?
It’s me. Shantanu the great. Give it here. Go and carry
the gunny bags. Oh my God! God! God! Forgive me God. Did she ask to throw God’s ashes
in the garbage? Has she lost it? You are stupid. Idiot. He is having the powder
thinking its ashes. This ashes is tasty
like the offering. He is neighing like a horse. Wow! Superb! I am in heaven. Murli! Murli Krishna!
– Who is it? Who called me by name? Who is it? I did. – Who?
– Hey, come here. Come on. What are you looking at?
Stand here. Quick. Did you say who is
calling me by name? Actually, do you know
why a name is kept? It is kept to be called. Got it. ‘Did my daughter give him drugs?’ What is wrong with you? Go in. When did you come?
Do we have a son? If you eat the powder
you get a child too. Shut up. Sir, I’m sorry.
I don’t know… – Shut up! Child, he is intoxicated. Don’t interfere in our talks.
– What is wrong with him? I am your supervisor. You try to woo my wife. Did I ever look at your wife? What nonsense are you talking? Who are you? Are you new here?
Did he send you? He calls new people every day.
Go away! There’s no job here. Let’s go. I feel he is possessed.
– Shanti, look at him. – Let’s go. Murli, you have no flute
or peacock feather. I gave these packets to throw. He has eaten it.
So, he’s behaving in this manner. Let’s go inside.
– Go away! I am calling him since morning.
He is scared of me. – Chief. What are you doing? Come home.
– Chief. Go home and sleep for some time.
You will be fine. Who are you? Oh! Have you’ll fixed things? You are not an ordinary man. You gave my wife a son.
Give her a son too. Go! Sorry! Why are you coming to me so fast? Are you going to say something? What’s this?
Why is everyone standing here? Go and do your work. Come on. What are you watching?
Do your work. You and here? Didn’t you go to
the hospital? You are a strange man. Will you go inside?
– Sir! Listen. Go inside.
I want to talk to you. Come on. Govinda! Govinda! Govinda! Give me the garland. Sir, my daughter found
a husband in the form of MP. I want to offer this garland
of money to God. Put it in the donation box.
– What are you saying? I didn’t prepare this garland
to put in the donation box. My petition was to put the
garland around the God’s idol. Alright. Give it to me.
I will do it. – What are you saying? I will put the garland
on the idol, not you. Don’t misunderstand, sir. Devotees are not allowed
to enter the altar or touch the idol. You can touch the idol, but not we? I’m sorry. You need a hand
to eat your food too. In the same way, a priest
is needed to reach God. Are you mad? I am a
Central minister. A public servant. The one who is in there is above all.
He’s the one who takes care of you too. SP, who is he?
What is happening here? I will put this garland on the idol. Forget your rules and move away. Until I have life in my body, I won’t let the temple’s
reputation be tarnished. Will you move aside
or should I throw you out? People visit God to end their
anger and pride, not to show it. Down with ASP! Down with ASP! The ASP has to say sorry.
– Yes. He has to say sorry. He has to say sorry.
– Yes. He has to say sorry. Down with ASP. Down with ASP. Down with ASP. The police can’t bully.
– No, they can’t. The ASP has to say sorry.
– Yes, he has to say sorry. Down with ASP. Down with ASP.
– Calm down. Please calm down. Listen to me carefully.
– We want his apology. I will speak to the ASP and handle
the issue. Keep calm until then. Narishma! Stop him there. Sir, he is the trustee of the temple. Sir, since I became matured, I never saw a Brahmin insulted or a Brahmin revolting until now.
– So what? You did a mistake. It will be better
if you say sorry to him. Never! I won’t apologize. Whether you know or not
but for many years a prayer is done on this day,
but there’s no temple open today. This is a sin. If you don’t stop it soon,
everyone will be cursed. Even you will be cursed.
– Oh, are you threatening me? No, I am warning you. What warning will you give me?
Go away! Charge! Tear Gas! Water can on! ASP, what are you doing?
Stop it or you will be cursed. Stop it quickly. They will not listen easily.
If you burn one of them, the rest will run away. Will you burn them?
Whom will you burn? ‘Everyone be happy’. The Brahmin who blesses
the people with this prayer. You will salute corrupt minister,
flatter them, do their bid. Remember, if you try to ruin
the culture, you won’t get
a place in hell even after death. A temple is like a mother’s womb. Your ego or pride
has no place there. It’s a holy place. Only the priest has the right
to touch the idol. I am not educated like you,
but I have more knowledge than you. What is their greatness? The prayer they say can be done
by anyone. – Not everyone. What is religion? What is prayer? They are taught this since childhood. These are the people who make devotees
understand how to call out to God. Only the priest have the knowledge of
scriptures and God. Ask your parents. When there’s no knowledge
then you take the help of knowledge they enlighten people.
They are like our guru. Stop being stupid. It will be better
if you take the help of sense. I will tell you an important thing. These priest are the one
who impart knowledge. It is a great sin to insult
such Brahmins. I am not as educated as you,
but I’m more knowledgeable than you. Washing the God’s idol,
lighting a lamp, breaking coconut, venerating.
What is great in this job? Shut up! Studying English and
destroying India’s culture is wrong. Speak after you know about God. Prayer, veneration, chanting mantras, reading scriptures,
meditation, preparation, anointment, mantras, aasans,
surrender, holi ashes, flowers, incense sticks, lamps,
oblation, distribution, welcoming,
respecting, bathing, greetings, and what is called prayer, neither you nor your corrupt
officer will know. Your job is to steal from the poor
and salute the ministers. The ministers don’t know
anything besides doing scam. Whose instinct is prayer,
this is the power of Brahmins. I am not educated like you, but I’m
more knowledgeable than you. Nonsense.
These things are trash. It is not nonsense. It’s the truth. Chants are said by Brahmins
and God loves Chants. Chants need Brahmins. And God loves Chants. A doctor must operate, but a priest must perform prayers
at the temple. A soul saves the body
and a temple saves the nation. You have to say sorry
for your mistake. What if I don’t say sorry?
– I am a stubborn man. I am insane too. I am enduring you keeping silent,
but I can kill if I go crazy. I am not educated like you, but I am
more knowledgeable than you. Say sorry. I say sorry. Never. What are you doing? Don’t shoot. Say sorry. I am sorry! Please forgive me. Yeah! Let’s go.
– Sir. May God bless you! Thank you. Sit in the car. Sir! Who is he? Someone scared me for the first time.
Who is this powerful man? Where has he come from? ‘Some years ago he entered
the wedding porch, Rammi Reddy who killed
seven people mercilessly is given death sentence today.’ ‘Supreme Court rejected
all his petitions.’ ‘He has sent an application
of pardon to the President.’ ‘The President rejected
his application.’ ‘So, Rammi Reddy’s death
sentence is confirmed.’ ‘Very soon the date will be fixed.’ ‘We spend so much money thinking
our work will be done in High court.’ ‘I went to the Supreme court too.
I taught my work will be done there.’ But nothing helped. I am not worried about money. I am worried for my husband. Sir, save my husband. No one beside God can do anything. You are a dedicated wife.
The wedding chain around your neck will save his life. Lord! Lord, save my husband. ‘On hearing this news his supporters
started riots in the city.’ ‘The police tried to stop them,
but having no option, ASP Prasad ordered
for the lathi-charge.’ ‘An ordinary man called Narishma
stopped the lathi-charge.’ ‘He targeted him and made
him to apologize to the priest.’ ‘The people considers
that ordinary man a hero.’ ‘This incident which took place
in a small city is getting viral in the
world around.’ ‘Everyone is watching
this incident.’ Ma’am, he is calling you. I am sorry. I tried a lot, still I can’t save you. I went to the temple
of Goddess Kali and made a vow. Goddess, you can take my life, but protect him.
– Vasanthi, don’t cry. I have got a great wife like you. I am lucky in that regard. Take my life. Save my husband’s life. Which women ask for such a favor? In my next life, you will be my wife. What are you doing? Leave her.
– Leave her. Sorry Vasanthi. Sorry! I want to kill that Narishma. I want my son’s soul
to rest in peace. I have to kill him. Kill him! I simply said your wedding chain will
save your husband’s life. It really did. How will her death save him, sir? The death sentences will be postponed
till the hearing of this case. Your enmity is great. What happened?
Are you feeling tickled? Driver, you don’t know to massage. Give it to me. I will apply it. Take the oil in your hand and rub
it in this manner. – Oh my God! Are you enjoying it? O God, what’s happening? Then rub slowly and move
towards the thighs. This helps in relaxing. A person feels relaxed
when a woman touches. Then slowly rub from the thighs hold and… Like this. What are you doing?
Have you gone mad? I am not mad.
You two are mad. You are rubbing in the bathroom. I wasn’t doing anything.
He doesn’t know how to bathe a child. I was teaching him how to do it. Oh! I don’t know why people have children
who doesn’t know to bathe a child. Why did you marry
if you can’t have children? Who spoke? What said that? If you have the courage
come and tell me here. Coward. Shall we send the child to school? He is not even one year old.
So soon? It’s a day care school. A school to take care of a child. When I am busy. You take care.
When you are busy. I take care of him. When we both are busy. Who will
take care of him? Look there. He doesn’t know how to take
care or have children. They take care of infants in that
school very well. Just like a mother. I’ve heard this school runs
well too. Sir, the MD will come anytime.
You will have to wait here. Did you fill the admission form?
– Yes, I did. Okay, sir. Anusha!
– Yes, ma’am. You said someone is here
for the admission. He was sitting here, ma’am. And his application form
was also ready. Was he here with an infant?
– Yes, sir. He must have gone to the bathroom.
This is common with children. If he comes back, let him wait. We will
be back. – Let’s go. – Okay ma’am. Get down.
– Dad! You are just like a child. What if he falls down?
– He won’t fall. Gauri!
– Yes. I need to go to Vizag. What’s so important?
You can wait for a few days. We have a school there too.
I need to check over there too. If you stay here you will take
care of the children like a mother. Alright. I am leaving. Bye.
– Right. ‘When you hear mother
everyone have their own memories.’ ‘Kunal, what do you remember?’ ‘A sweet that mother prepares.’ ‘You glutton, sit down.’ ‘Sumathi, you?
– Scale. – Nikhil?’ ‘Kiss.’ ‘Silence. Why are you laughing?’ ‘Kiss means mother’s affection.
Sit down.’ ‘Gauri, you tell me.’ ‘On hearing the word mother
I think of full pant, full shirt.’ ‘I am reminded of a loving face
wearing specks.’ ‘Dear, I’m not talking about
your father, but your mother.’ ‘That word or the image,
I don’t know that.’ ‘I lost my mother as a child.’ ‘The one who fed me. Sang for me.
Or taught me.’ ‘Was done by my dad.’ ‘Not only you.
He is our role model too.’ ‘He the head master of the school.’ ‘Sit down. Narishma.’ ‘Mother means…
I remember my mother’s hand.’ ‘She bathes me or teaches me
to pray with the same hand.’ ‘She also feeds me.
Wipes my tears with her hand.’ ‘She held my hand
and walks with me.’ ‘It’s the same hand who shuffles my
hair and puts me to sleep. – Superb!’ ‘Friends!’ ‘River. Mountain are nature’s…
Greetings sir.’ ‘Good morning, sir.
– Please sit down.’ ‘Narishma!’ ‘Go home with them.
– Why sir?’ ‘Your mother is no more.’ ‘You are sitting here?
Why didn’t you come to class today?’ ‘Your mother is in you
even though she’s dead.’ ‘Don’t you believe it. Then close
your eyes and think of her.’ ‘You will surely see her.’ ‘Listen dear. Go to class.’ ‘Mother!
– Go!’ ‘Narishma, don’t hit him.’ ‘Please don’t hit him.
Leave him.’ ‘What are you doing?
Listen to me. Leave him.’ ‘Why did you hit him?
Tell me why did you hit him?’ ‘As they were hitting Bunty
who can’t even walk.’ ‘So? Who are you to punish them?’ ‘You could have informed
the teacher or me.’ ‘Look how you hit them?’ ‘Who will answer their parents?
Tell me.’ ‘Go away from here. Out!’ ‘Okay. sir.’ ‘It’s a waste that you wait for me.’ ‘I won’t come to school anymore.’ ‘Gauri, tell me what I did was it wrong?
Don’t you like me?’ ‘What you did was wrong.’ ‘But I like you a lot.’ I have information on Narishma.
– What? He did an accident.
That man is hospitalized. It’s enough. This information is enough.
Thank you. Sir! Child, we need to leave this place. It is dangerous to stay
in this village. The one I wanted to stay away from. God has brought her back.
We have to leave. Where will he go? Let him be anywhere.
I will find him. Brother Ganpat, I speak to you as
a friend not a police officer. Just file a complaint, I will see
what’s to be done with him. Why that is needed, sir? My brother is conscious now. Let him get well and come home. After that I will build his
grave through Chote. We don’t need to bother
about law and justice. Okay. Greetings, sir.
– Greetings, sir. Sir, what’s happening? Call the doctor. Come doctor. Check him.
– Calm down. Look. Nurse, do something. Brother! What is wrong with you?
Why are you crying so much? We are gelled with each other so well.
We will feel bad if you leave us. Is he only leaving you? Shut up!
– Since I’m married I am quiet. Who said it? Why are you standing
here? Go! Go and do your work. Do I need to tell you too? Where are you going? You don’t have to go in.
You have to go out. I am going to inform the boss.
– The boss is not in. He’s out. I will tell his wife.
– Both of them have gone out. I will tell their daughter.
– No. If you think of them.
You will forget the real issue. Which issue? You have to leave. That issue. The younger mistress
has gone inside with my child. I am going in to bring my child.
Is it okay? – Yes. Go. Come soon.
Don’t wait after speaking. Where are you going? To support him.
– Whom? His. – Which one?
The child or the man. Shut up!
– Why should I shut up? The mistress took him.
– Where? To the market.
– Why did she go there? She has gone to get dress, chocolate
for the child as you are leaving. Get your luggage quickly.
The auto is waiting. I have paid the fare too.
Come soon. Go to the market
without halting anywhere. If you halt in between
you will have trouble. Got it? Go carefully. Don’t forget me. Don’t speak to him.
Go in. Move quickly. – Let’s go. Wow! Now no one will compete with me. I am a hero. I am the solo hero. Come here. Look here. – Look. I will tell him what trouble is. The way I am crying,
he will have to cry too. After I kill his son, I want to see him restless.
After that I will kill him too. The whole city will watch
Ganpat’s power. That is why the corpse
to be kept in my porch. Is kept in the open. Hey!
– Yes brother. Bring his son right now.
– Alright! Let’s go. Come on. Come out. What is my mistake?
– Come with me. Should I tell you everything?
If you come out I’ll shoot you. By the way where are you taking me? Police station. What is my mistake? – The guy who met
with the accident is Ganpat’s brother. Do you remember? He’s dead now. He had come to consciousness.
How did he die? He may have died anyhow, but you
did the sin of killing him, right? You made me say sorry to the priest
by speaking to the media. You ruined my prestige
in front of everyone. I will show you the power
of the police. The goons are taking
my child with them. Stop the car, sir. – Shut up
and sit down. – I say stop the car. Stop the car. Stop the car.
– Shut up! Car? Brother! I got his son. I will cut him into two pieces.
Throw him! Here. Son, nothing will happen to you. I am there for you. Hey! Hit him and get the child. Right. Attack. What’s wrong?
Don’t be scared. Sit here quietly.
Play with this toy. I will play with these guys.
– Kill him! I will tackle these goons
and will be right back. You know to kill, I know to fall, get up. And also to kill. The people of this place fear you. I am the favorite
of the whole nation. Are you bullying me? Your level is equal
to the size of this sword. My level is like the sharpness of
the sword. Don’t underestimate me. I keep silent it doesn’t mean
I am scared. Touch me, no danger. But if you touch my child,
then no future. I will chop you to pieces. I will tear you apart. Greetings! Take care of yourself. Son, our work is done. Let’s go. Let’s go. How did my son come here? I wanted to harm you. But you saved my son
with a clean heart. How do I thank you? I don’t understand a thing. Thank you. Thank you so much. Where is my child? Wait here for a moment! Gauri! My child. Did something happen to you?
– Gauri, nothing happened. Shut up! Do you know
how many times I called you up? Some goons came to the school,
hit me. Took away the child. Are you wounded?
What about this blood? Nothing is wrong with me. And if anything happened
to my child I… By the way, did you get hurt? Nothing. Look there, he saved our son. He is a good man. He is standing there. I will go and thank him. Yes. Thank you, Mr. Narishma. I am surprised to know a person who doesn’t know the importance
of person has saved my child. I will never see you.
I thought I would never meet you. But bad luck, I had to meet you. Now it’s enough. I vow I will never
meet you henceforth. Don’t think of meeting me. Honestly, this is not help
but punishment for me. I hate seeing your face. Who is she
and what are you doing here? I came here searching for you. While taking things for Babu
at the market, there was lot of commotion.
Everyone was running. I ran into the temple so Babu is not hurt.
– Alright. Let’s go. Take this.
Eat this sweet and enjoy. Is it your wife’s birthday? I am offering sweets
and you are asking about my wife. Sorry, chief. Are you going to become a father? Eat the sweet quietly. Why do you ask what chief can’t do? Stupid, to have a child we want God’s grace,
I can’t do anything. Then do one thing.
Pray to God at night and sleep. He will give you children automatically.
– You keep the sweet back. Thank you, Chief. Why are you distributing sweets? I am distributing sweets
as you left this place. And you are eating it. I have decided to stay here forever. Is it? I am pleased to know it. Why are you happy?
– Shut up. Why should I shut up?
If anyone claps I will kill you. Tell me why you wanted
to leave this place? I didn’t want to return
in the life of the girl I loved. But I returned in her life
to save her. This is my duty. Why are you smiling? I am very happy. – It hasn’t happened
for the first time to her. Who said it? Who is talking nonsense?
Why do you make fun of me? What wrong did I do to you? Hey! You need to work the
whole night. – Yes, sir. Two at the back. Two at the side.
You’ll always be with them. – Yes sir. Whenever ma’am goes out.
Two PC’s will go with the wireless. Understand?
– Yes, sir. Okay. Carry on.
– Okay sir. We are leaving. Gauri, where are you going?
– To my dad’s house. With so much luggage? Tell me how
many days are you going for? I am going away forever. Why? What did I do, Gauri? You killed Ganpat’s brother. Ganpat kidnapped my son
to take his revenge. Why my child should be punished
for your sins and mistakes? How do you know this? Many police officers are honest. Money is more important than your
wife and child. I can’t live with you. Gauri, please try to understand. I am doing everything
for my child’s good future. Stop this nonsense! My child is dearer
to me than money. I have sufficient money to live. I don’t want money by wrong means,
nor do I want any tension. Don’t touch me. What happened?
Why did you stop the car? Do me a favor by killing me. I can’t stay without my child, Gauri. That is why kill me and leave. Please! Please Gauri, kill me. To save that ASP’s son,
Narishma hit my men and got me hospitalized. Brother, you are our God. Just command we will kill him. Who is Narishma? It’s me. Narishma. Who will cut me to pieces? Will you hit me one by one
or you will hit me altogether? Decide quickly.
I don’t have much time. Why have you come here? Why do you want to kill ASP’s son? So that he understands my pain. He supplied CO2 instead
of oxygen at the hospital. He killed my beloved brother. Who is your brother? Are you Duryodhan from Mahabharata
or Ravan of Ramayana? He raped girls.
Killed innocent people. The ASP did the right thing
by killing such a disdain man. If I was the one
I would have torn him apart. Hey! My brother was my life. Godse who killed Gandhi
was his parents favorite. It doesn’t mean a sinner
will become holy. Leave these things
and be happy for yourself. Take care of your men
or there will be bloodshed. Don’t forget. Until I don’t kill the ASP’s family, I won’t find peace. You have life in you still left. If anything happens to the ASP’s family,
I will kill you. And send you to hell.
This is my last warning. Good morning, sir.
– Good morning, sir. Return the money to that man. Who? – Ganpat.
– Yes, sir. Why are you sitting here?
I feel you are thinking of something. Any problem?
– No. Everything is fine. I am just feeding
the ducks and pigeons. Look at Babu’s picture.
He looks so handsome. He is dressed like a girl. When did you click the pictures? He doesn’t have such a dress. But he’s looking good right?
– Yes. A lot. But he is not your son. See this. They uploaded these pictures
on Facebook. Wait! You got Babu secretly
from the market. I doubted you then. How can two children look similar? What relationship do you have
with them? If you think I am your friend, then tell me. And if it upsets you,
then don’t tell me. This is not a story to unburden
yourself by telling everyone. This story shouldn’t be told, until I live. I’m sorry.
– Thank you. Hail to our minister! Hail to our minister! Hail to our minister! Hail to our minister! He must get the ticket this year. Hail to our minister! Hail to our minister! Hail to our minister! Hail to our minister! Hail to our minister! Hail to our minister! He must get the ticket this year. He must get the ticket this year. Hail to our minister. He must get the ticket this year. O God, he shouldn’t get a post.
If he gets a post, he will buy votes to become a MP. I won’t become a MP soon then. Relax. The hospital is close by. Brother, we need to take her
to the hospital quickly. The doctor said an operation
can save the child. Are you seeing, ma’am?
– Hail to the minister! What is happening, sir? I have to reach the exam
hall in 10 minutes or I will fail. Clear the traffic, sir.
– I understand. The people who run the country
don’t understand. Are you a traffic constable?
– Yes. Why don’t you clear the way for us? I need to catch my flight.
It’s already very late. What is this, sir? The people are
harassed on the road. What do you say? They are on a strike
so that no one is in trouble. We will celebrate if we get
the preferred seat. Then we will do good work
for the public. You have to lie. I am Veera Raghav Reddy speaking. Greetings, sir. Shastri, I’ve got the
wedding invitations printed. Great, sir. I am the Central minister. My son-in-law should
at least be a MP. So MP will be added in front
of your son’s name. I have printed it. Son-in-law will get a seat.
It’s confirmed. He will get the seat
and he’ll win too. O God!
– O God! What has happened? The mother and child both died.
– Mother and child are no more. He will get the MP’s seat. He will get the MP’s seat. Stop him! Why did you block the road? I want to become a MP. The people will decide about that.
– Before that I need a party ticket. Leave that to you party.
Why are you harassing the people? Sitting on a strike
is a fashion these days. Go and continue your strike
where there’s a problem. You are creating a ruckus
on the road with your goons. Is the road your property
or you got it in dowry? If I want a seat I need to do it.
It’s my requirement. Everyone has their own requirements. No one is here to see your drama
or listen to you. A mother and child lost their lives.
Can you return it? Students are missing their exams.
Can you give them a future? People can’t go to their offices.
Will you do their work? People working on daily basis
like auto drivers, laborers. Can you feed them all? Can you? That is not my problem.
I’m concerned with my seat. Got it? The one who has post
must clear problems. Not create them. You are not worthy
of taking the post or touching it. If I win the post
I will deal with you first. Wrong. You can’t scare me with threats. What will you do?
The more you threaten me. The more I will make you suffer. Dad, someone is troubling me here. Our plan will get ruined. Listen, move out of that
place somehow. Your MP ticket is confirmed. Move out. Go to the party office. Bring the form and go to
the collector’s office. Today is the last day of nomination.
You have one hour to do it. Come as soon as you can.
– Okay, dad. I have got the party ticket. Oh no! I have to go for the nomination. I have one hour. Get the car. You said you will ruin things right? What will you do now? Police, clear the traffic.
– Okay, sir. Constables, open the barricades. Come on. Quick. Police, wait! Sister, you lost your daughter. What’s the hurry for you to go now? We tried to save a life. Why will we be in a hurry
for a funeral? Do you want to go for your exam? I am already late, sir.
I need to try next year now. Gentlemen? – No. My flight has
already left. I’ll catch it tomorrow. God bless you!
– God bless you too. Do any of you want to go urgently?
– No. Leave your vehicles
and come on the other side. Now, let’s see how he goes
from here. Dad, this goon is not
letting me move from here. Move out of that place somehow. I am already at the
collector’s office. I have half an hour left. Come soon.
– Come on. Move behind. What are you watching?
Clear the traffic. You held the traffic, sir.
How can I get it cleared? I am losing time.
Let’s go from here. Clap for him. Are the documents ready? Everything is ready.
We just need the signatures. Sir, the collector is coming here. Sir, please.
My son is on his way. We have to file his nomination. His future is in your hands.
– I am busy now. Please sir. Please! Listen to me! Go! Where is he? Let’s go. There were 23 missed calls.
Did you check? Two plus three is five.
This is my lucky number. Yes. Don’t joke. Traffic jam is nothing for you.
You could clear it and come here. I don’t bully anymore. Anyway,
without you I have no courage. That is why I quietly I was sitting at my garage. Tell me did you miss me?
– Yes. How much?
– So much. Take care. We will fall down. What happened? Is it a speed breaker?
– It’s a love breaker. Look there. When will you do it?
Tomorrow is the festival. How long will you get scared of him? I am not scared, I respect him. You need to talk to him today. Go and keep your proposal for me.
Go! I have done it many times. You lie so much. You say good morning sir
and return. – I don’t know what happens to me.
I am strong in front of other people. But when sir comes I suddenly shiver. – Look. If you don’t talk to him today
then forget about me. Is it possible?
– What? It is not possible
I forget you forever. How long will we roam
in this manner? You are grown up now. I am still young.
– Right. You haven’t grown up yet.
Sing duets all your life. But I am getting old. I want to marry. Have children
and play with them. Got it? There are many children
in the school you teach. Play with them. There are many children, but I want my own child. A man is standing in front of you.
Take a child. You are a man. I know that.
You don’t need to prove it. Go! Yes. What happened now?
– The teacher forgets who I am. Do you know me? Very well. Then go and speak to him for me. Alright.
– Right. Hold this.
– Wear it. He shouldn’t see
fear in your eyes. I have no fear.
Nothing will be seen. Here. Have courage and move on. Tell him what you feel. Go proudly. Walk fast. Teacher! Greetings sir. Who are you? I am your student, Narishma. I don’t remember.
– Until the 5th standard. I studied with you. I told you I don’t remember. Doesn’t matter, sir. O God!
– Listen. Yes, sir. Why did you come to meet me? I want your daughter…
– My daughter? I came to ask your daughter, has she returned from the village? Hell with him.
– It’s time for her to return. But why are you asking?
– Sir. Repair your daughter’s car. I am a famous mechanic here. I repair all the vehicles
in this area. That is why your daughter… My daughter has no vehicle. Okay.
– Oh no! Sir, do you want to repair your
vehicle? – I don’t have a vehicle. You need to repair the car
when you take a new one. Duffer.
– Give me the repairing job. I will repair it well. Bye, sir. Come here. Look here. What did you tell there? The teacher will see us.
I am going. Oh no. Narishma, you did a good job
by putting him in trouble. Hey! What are you doing?
– Everything has ended. Our pride and respect is done with. I lost the MP seat.
– Hell with the seat. If we didn’t get it during
this election, we will get during next election. But you won’t get the post
of a central minister’s son-in-law in your next life too? First get married to that girl. Then Narishma’s death is inevitable. In the middle of the road, he insulted you. So, around him, the cry of death must be heard. Let’s go.
– Come on. Ranga!
– Yes brother. What are you doing?
– I am repairing the gear box. It will be done in an hour. I want a tool.
I am asking you for so long. That tool is not here.
– Manga. Yes, sir. There will be a new pack of tools
in the godown. Get it immediately. Tools? Sir, the tool. Take it. I am late. Sorry!
– What is this? Is it a tool?
– I will tell you. Manga! Move aside. What are you doing?
– Get lost! Oh no! Stupid fellow. Move aside. Move. I asked for a small tool. You dropped all the big things. Sorry, sir.
– What sorry? I am very sorry.
– You have done it many times. I don’t know. I didn’t count it. We don’t need you at all. Go away. Sir, don’t do this. Get up. Don’t you have any work
besides falling down. I won’t work anywhere else?
– Why? You educated me.
You gave me a job. You saw an alliance for me to get married.
You are the one who takes care of me. I have only one owner in my life,
and that’s you. Why are you in this state? Maybe actors don’t change
so many disguise, as much as Manga
gets it done by me. I change my disguise every week. Looks like I need to take
a Vishnu form. Brother, look at my face. Did you wash your face in muck? It’s not muck.
Manga dropped coffee on me. Come on brother,
that’s why sometimes I offer coffee, tea, cigarette,
brandy and patch up. You are talking of patching up
with them. Who will pay for the things
you broke? I am not the only owner of this garage.
You know that, right? I know.
– What do you know? First year temporary.
Second year permanent. Third year partner.
Its four years for me now. If we count the loss you shouldn’t
get a month’s salary. ‘You? Come out.’ ‘If I don’t mix laxative
in your drink and put you in trouble,
then I will take back my words.’ What was this?
This was Manga’s mind voice. Is it? So she is so sharp. She is sober when she sees you.
She can sell the whole city otherwise. She is a big player. Is it? A little. Go. Come on.
Everyone start doing your work. Keep everything properly
and do your work. Manga! Take this. Listen,
it’s good to respect the owner. But you shouldn’t get scared of him.
– Yes. Move aside. Brother, if you want a ring
or any tool, call Ranga,
I will come to help you. Call Lala. He will come.
Or call this man. Don’t call Manga.
We can’t bear it. Alright.
– Thanks, brother. Welcome, relative. I am not the only one. For his nomination, I went from one place to another, requested people. If I distribute the wedding card
people will laugh at me. So, I burnt all the wedding cards. I got a few samples for you. Do you know why?
As your son’s name, is prefixed with MP. Yes. Frame the invitation cards, hang it on your walls. Get the car! If I stay in this house any longer.
I will lose my reputation. Narishma, you are God Narishma
for my daughter. I was fortunate
that I knew of their status. I will pray to you. Seeing your reactions I know that you have drunk a little bit. Now,
you’ll will tell the truth. Start. What do people speak about me
in this locality? The Gods are nothing
compared to you. Is it?
– You are a hero for the people. You are the king of Amravati. He has drunk too much.
Stop serving. Pour a little.
– Brother, can I say something? Yes. – You are a goon.
– Correct. A mechanic goon. Pour alcohol in his glass.
– Thank you. You are a fashionista. Even a cyclist. But you are a waste. Take away his glass. But I told you the truth. Brother, Gauri is here. Gauri, come in. Brother, I will change the color
of the house as you said. I will put new curtains
and install new windows. And also build the slab. I know you’ll very well. So, stop overacting. Brother, you both speak. We will
come later. – Alright. – Sit down. No love scene will take place here. It will be a fight scene.
– Congrats, brother. Why? – If it’s a fight scene
then you surely will win. You are right. Serve him. Thanks, Gauri.
– What is this? What is this? – Take a look.
There are complains about you. Just check it.
Gauri, I didn’t bully anyone. I left everything. You pretended, right? Now tell me. Gauri, it’s a lie.
Everyone lies about brother. Enough. He is a child.
He will speak the truth. Look at his face.
– Gauri is speaking the truth. There are six complains
on brother at the police station. But no FIR is filed.
– Correct. Shall I take little bit of alcohol? No. You are already stammering. Look here. He chopped someone’s
hand in the middle of the road. You need to know
why he chopped it, right? I will tell you the truth even
if you don’t give me a drink. A goon pulled a chain of a woman
who was buying vegetables. Her neck has slits.
Right now she’s hospitalized. Alright. Forget that. Tell me about this?
– What is this? You were going in a car. You caught a man
and banged him into a pole. His head is broken.
He is hospitalized now. His mother has given a complain. She complained,
but did the police file an FIR. Why isn’t it filed? Do you know what he did?
A girl refused his proposal. He threw acid on that girl’s face. That girl is hospitalized now. You rejected me and are in love with
someone else. Go, get married to him. What wrong did he do
if he hit him? I want to abuse him. Don’t drink my share.
– Let him die. Tell me why did you burn the truck? Why are you scared? You are a hero, sir.
I will handle the case. Gauri, do you know
what was in that truck? It had duplicate medicines which
would be supplied to hospitals. Expired. Expired. Look here. Pour petrol on it. Do you know how many would
die because of that medicine? But he just burnt the truck.
What else? Why did you fight at the market? Gauri, this was about you. About me?
– Yes. You love little children. Yes. – Breaking the hands
and feet of those children. Made them blind
and made them to beg. He did it to help them.
– Oh no. How can one do such a thing? Why do they do such injustice? Such heinous crime against children. Tell me why do you do these things? Are there no policemen or court? They are there,
but they are not there. Why do you worry?
You will become weak. Is this fresh?
– Yes. – Gauri. These days even girls drink. Take a drink. Yes, give it to me. I was joking.
– What happened? Give it. No, this is not right.
– Come on. Brother, the scene is changing.
Let’s go. Let’s go. – This is not right.
– I will drink. I want to drink.
– No. No. Ma’am, junior master hanged himself. ‘Dad, forgive me.’ ‘After getting insulted so brutally.’ ‘I can’t die every day.’ ‘My soul will not rest in peace
until the person who is responsible
for my death dies.’ ‘Your loving son, Ravi.’ Why are you standing outside?
Come inside. What is it? You are always late. What is happening?
– Greetings! Yes, sir. Greetings. Please come in. Manga, wait.
Mother, ward off evil from her. Aunt, who will cast an eye on Manga? I have an evil eye.
I’ve never seen Manga feeling shy. Why hasn’t brother come? – Gauri
will come with him. So he will get late. It’s okay if he comes late. There is lot of time for the wedding. Once Narishma calls out to Manga
she will push the groom away. She will kick the priest. Throw her
wedding chain. Everyone will be upset. Go. Go in. He is coming. Go. Go. Let it be for today,
I will talk to him later. We have to go to
Manga’s wedding today. You have time for her wedding.
Try fixing your wedding. We will go together for her
wedding. First go to dad. Why do you want this style?
– It’s not a style. He shouldn’t see the fear in the eye. Oh no! Don’t fear.
Speak to him clearly. Go! I will set things right. Watch it. Go and talk to dad first. Yes. Sir, hello! How are you, sir?
– I am fine. Who are you?
– Narishma! Your student.
I studied from you in 5th class. Do you remember?
– Yes, I remember. But I don’t remember
you studied in my class. But you are a mechanic.
I know that. You came to my house, right?
– Yes, sir. Sir, I want to ask you something today. Don’t get angry. Please! Yes.
– Your daughter… Yes, I will tell you when she
purchases a car. It’s not that, sir. I am with your daughter.
– My daughter. I will ask you directly.
– Ask me frankly. I want to ask
when will she buy a car? Go and ask her.
Why are you troubling me? That too on the road.
Stupid fellow. SANSKRIT CHANTS SANSKRIT CHANTS Keep the betel leaf
and nut on the bribe’s head. Priest, don’t do this ritual.
My boss hasn’t come yet. Please wait! Wait!
– Yes. Look at your face. You are lion outside
and a cat in the house. Narishma.
– Yes. Because of you my path is cleared. I have become a MP,
I will now become a CM. If you need my help anytime, do inform me. I will be there.
– Old man. Ask him to talk to dad first. Or you go and speak to my dad. Fix our alliance.
– Narishma, is she your lover?
– Yes. She is sharp. Take care.
– Stop worrying and go away. We are friends. Move on. Quick. Narishma, take care.
– Speak nicely to elders. Alright. Yes Ranga, we are on our way. Son, you gave life to a orphan child. My daughter have no wedding
in her horoscope. Knowing this we tried to get
her married. It was our mistake. We ruined her life. We killed her. Look dear. Look at her. She has become stiff. No one can change her luck. No one can change. No one. Brother, Reddy did this. Narishma! Where are you? You are getting married
with Narishma’s blessing, right? I will slit your throat before
you wear the wedding chain. Leave him. I beg of you.
Leave us. Don’t do anything. Burn the whole porch. I was waiting for you. Kill him! Listen. Listen, go away from here. If anything
happens to you… – Go inside. Go inside. Hey! Commissioner, sir. My son died because of you. His soul will be happy to see you die. You can’t kill me. It is in God’s hand
to save or kill people. This is his will. The luck that you have it says your time is up. He has given me orders that I should end your empire. A wound for a wound.
An attack for an attack. Death for death. I will tell you what death is. Death is not only through your bullet. It will be decided by a matchstick. Hearing your cries with fear of death. Even the dead will dance. Take this. Die! Come on. Come on. Order. Order. Order. Rammi Reddy brutally along with his men
killed eight people. It is proved to be true on the basis
of evidence and witness. His 16 companions who are in this are given 3 years
rigorous imprisonment. As no evidence was found for the crimes Narishma did. The court releases him with honor. Murdering so many people like animals, under IPS section 302 this court gives Rammi Reddy death sentence. Dad, I’ve kept all the cooking
powders in the kitchen. I will return in 2 weeks. You…
– Dear, leave your job. Why, dad? – I am planning to
get you married. Why are you in a hurry? Not because you are growing up, but I am growing old, right? Call Narishma. Yes. – Simla, Mussorrie.
Gauri is brother’s. Simla. – Hit hard.
– You are a duffer. Come on. I know every student
that studied from me. Even you. Whenever you asked me,
I replied I don’t remember. Do you know why? Your character. Narishma. It means beside a dangerous horn. You live among people.
– Dad! I know. You were good friends as children.
Do you know why I didn’t stop you’ll? You both have no mother.
I thought you’d only be friends. But things moved on. Falling in love is not wrong, but it’s important whom you love. That responsibility is upon
the parents who nurture you. Right, dear? You know everything about him
and you still want to marry him. He is a goon.
You know that, right? He fights. He can even murder. Will you settle down marrying him
or you will hide his crimes? Narishma punishes the wrong,
but he doesn’t commit a crime. Who is he to give punishment? Is he a police officer? Is he a judge who takes a decision. Or God who decides
what’s right or wrong? After all he is a goon.
– Dad, trust me. He will stop bullying.
– He won’t. He can’t do it. Once a person takes a wrong path.
He gets used to it. Ask him to stay for 2 days
without bullying. Watch it. He won’t be able to
stay even for a day. – Dad? What happened, dear? Are you feeling hurt? If this happens then, what will I do? I would like to see you married but, I wouldn’t be able bear
to see you a widow. A wedding chain is not for show, it is for your husband’s long life. Your enemy can kill you anytime. And can attack my daughter too. Will you be able to stop him? Every moment death
is surrounding you. And the day something
happens to you, there won’t be anyone
to call out your name. Dad, that will not happen. He is so respected in the city.
Do you know how many request him? Yes. You request to many people. It is done seeing a post,
for money or a need. It is done to use someone else. Requesting doesn’t mean the one they are requesting is God. And the one whom they ask for
help should be a good person. It is called respecting. Why do they respect him? If possible, go away from my daughter’s life. Shall I request you?
– Sir. You are my teacher.
– I can be your teacher. But I am still a ordinary person. A father of a daughter. She will cry staying away from you
and for falling in love with you. But she will cry all her life
by marrying you. I won’t be able to bear to
see her cry. I will die. If you really love my daughter,
go away from her for her welfare. Teacher, move aside. Gauri, go in. Narishma! – Where are you going?
To die with him? I told you he can be attacked anytime.
Go inside. – Dad, please. Dad! I will stay away from Gauri. I shouldn’t marry that girl. What the teacher says is right. Brother, you drank so much
already. Stop it. You speak the truth
after you are drunk. I liked Gauri since childhood. Gauri is my life. I can’t live without her. But she has to be happy
without me. – Brother. Do you have any fear?
– What did you say? I am scared. No matter how many come
no one can kill me. But why do they attack from behind? Death has no place. It can come from anywhere. After that Gauri… I can’t give her that life.
– Tell me. Can you live without Gauri
listening to your teacher? I was living with Gauri
for so many years. But now, I’ll live keeping her in my heart. Shekhar and Vijay were here earlier. They are no more. At least let Gauri
who sits next to me stay. Will you forget your love? Putting someone’s life
in danger is not love. I don’t want such kind of love. You are not understanding
your pain, but I understand. Don’t leave Gauri. I beg of you. Why are you begging of me? The teacher said something, ‘if you want to beg then ask from God.
Go to his temple and beg’. I am a goon not God. Friend, I am going. Let’s go.
– Where are you going? Are you going to kill Rammi Reddy’s
men who attack from behind? Reddy and his gang are in prison,
How will they attack us? I doubt that medical company.
– True. They don’t have the courage.
Someone else has done this. Who else can it be? Who dare to do it?
– No matter what? I am travelling in a sunken ship. Gauri shouldn’t be with me
in this journey. Yes. The teacher is right. The teacher is right. Mr. Purshottam, please come.
Is there some problem in the car? No Narishma. Someone complained
about you. – Complained? Who did it? Hello, sir. If you sent a message
I would come to meet you. Get a chair.
– That’s fine. Send my daughter. I will leave. What did you say? Your daughter?
– Narishma look. You are blamed for kidnapping
his daughter. We told him you didn’t do it. But he is
not listening. – How can I believe you? Inspector, do your duty well. Why are you talking for him? No one can come near
my daughter beside him. Right? I explained so well,
but you didn’t understand. You kidnapped my daughter
and want to get married to her. It is not possible
as far as I am alive. She is not with me. Don’t worry.
She will be fine. He is pretending, inspector. Friends, who can be Gauri’s enemy? Sir, your daughter will be in your
house by evening. I promise. What? Sir, if Narishma is saying he didn’t do it.
It means he hasn’t done it. Let’s go. If my daughter doesn’t come home
by evening, you will find my dead body
in front of your house. Where is Gauri?
– I don’t know. Where is Gauri? Brother, that… – Tell me where
is she? – I don’t know. Wait brother, Gauri will come out
when you agree to marry her. I know how to get Gauri back. What is this?
– Don’t you understand? Why are you hitting me?
– I am doomed. Narishma, they didn’t kidnap me. I came on my own. And why I came here on my own, you know it very well. But now I know you had some
other will. I hoped sometime dad would agree for us. You didn’t reject my love, but killed it. Anyways, all the best! Wish you a happy married life. Why are you crying? You are lucky you got
a good husband. Be happy. Narishma, I always thought
I couldn’t live without you, but I have nothing,
but hatred for you. Thanks for breaking my heart. I won’t see you all my life. Who is there? It’s a cat. It’s very late. She will get angry. Manga! Who is there? Gauri? Or Manga? Manga? What was this? You called me. I won’t call you Manga again. Shall I change my name? You call me sir even tonight? You are my husband now.
You were my boss. Husband?
– What? Owner husband.
– Forget it. Brother, Gauri is pregnant. What I wanted took place?
– What did you want? That she must be always happy. That’s what I wanted. Manga, calm down.
I am with you. Don’t feel sad. Sir. Manga, what happened? Time?
– It’s 5 O’clock. Delivery time. Oh.
– Where is the car? We will be in the hospital
in few minutes. Hold on. Alright, sir. Sorry! Sorry, Manga. What happened?
Why are you smiling in this manner? The child must be like you. Manga! Manga! Manga! Manga! Excuse me. Don’t disturb her. Come to me after you meet her.
I want to talk to you. She has lost blood
as her wound is deep. Keep her under observation for 24
hours. Shift her to the ICU at once. Okay, sir.
– Is it paining? – No. It will pain now.
– What? What are you saying? God knows how much trouble
we will have with three sons. Where is the third one?
– Hey! One. Two. Three. Oh! You counted me too. Yes.
– Do I look like a child? – Yes. Sir.
– Yes. I have a wish.
– Tell me your wish. I have asked many times,
but you had no wish. You always say that.
– I have no wish for me. I have a wish for our children.
– Tell me what is it? We don’t know when we’ll have
problem with whom. So, let’s leave this city. We will go away and stay
with our children happily. Please, sir! What are you thinking?
Your work can be done anywhere.
What do you say? Will you fulfill my wish? Alright Manga, we will go.
We will go away from here. Okay. Manga, why are you looking
in this manner? I agreed, right? Manga! Manga! Manga! Doctor! Manga! Manga! Sorry, sir. What are you saying, doctor? It’s two days that child
died in the womb. We need to remove the womb
due to the infection. O God! What has happened doctor? My daughter loves children. If she finds out she can’t be
a mother. She will die. If we wouldn’t do it.
She would die. So, we had to remove it.
Try to understand, sir. Doctor! O God! O God! Nurse! Doctor! Dad, where is my child? Dad? Nurse?
– O God! Dad, where is my child? I feel your grandson has returned. What are you saying? Someone had twins
in this hospital, but, his wife died. That man saw you crying.
He asked me to give you the child. Who is that man? He didn’t tell me his name.
He just asked me to give the child. He said your daughter
must not find out. Where will I find him? He has gone near the ambulance
with his dead wife’s body. Narishma! What are you doing? The child is with me. The doctor called me
so, I had gone there. Take this. Dad! I want to go to Narishma. You are my favorite.
– Where do I keep the suitcase? Keep it on my head. Stupid man. Move. Keep it there. She is going for a job.
She will get a yellow or green card. She has everything here. What is she lacking that she wants
to go there? – It’s her luck. It’s luck. The people who can live here
happily are going abroad. And others come here
and live happily. What is there in him
that I don’t have? He has a personality chief. You don’t even have a municipality. You are teasing me, stupid fellow. You keep teasing me. – Call me daily.
And also message me. Okay.
– Don’t do rash driving. – Yes. Bye, everybody.
– Bye! Mother! Shanti, instead of sending
her happily you are crying. I thought you will get her
married and send away. Don’t worry, mom. I am telling the truth.
I won’t do any mistake anymore. I’ll marry the one who supports me
and the man you choose. I promise. Okay? – Do you know whom
she is speaking about? About whom?
– Brother. About brother?
– About brother Narishma. She is indirectly talking about him. Sir, I will come to the airport
with you. No Narishma.
It will get late to return. You have to take care of Babu too. He doesn’t cry with his aunt.
– Who is his aunt? Devi. She will take care.
– No, Narishma. Bye! Narishma, slap me. Chief, do you know
what you are talking? Slap me.
I am asking you to slap me. I cannot hear at all. This should be my punishment. What is this? There is no police
security at Central Minister’s house. Minister? I am upstairs. What happened?
What are you doing there alone? Is it something important
that you called me here? You have to do something for me. Tell me, sir.
Why won’t I do your work? Not for me.
– Then for whom? Wherever this man is in this city, search and get him to me. But why?
– For my son’s soul to rest in peace. It is important for two people to die. One is he and the other one is him. He is not only your enemy,
mine too. I’ll transfer all my money to you. Just bring him to me. He is a lion.
You can’t catch him easily. If we go in front of him,
we all will be killed. We need to trap him.
He will get trapped. Yes, head constable.
How are you? Ganpat’s men attacked me kidnapped ASP,
his wife and child. While leaving, Ganpat… ‘You are Narishma’s man, right?
Call up and tell him, If he doesn’t come to the
docks in half an hour, he will see ASP’s family dead.’ Look, first your wife,
then your son. I will kill everyone and build your
grave right here. I will hack you to pieces. Do you know something?
I won’t kill your wife. If I touch your family, Narishma
said, he will hack us to pieces. Now the same Narishma
will kill her. Come on! Close the container.
Burn him along with this container. Burn him. Why? Are you happy
that you got saved? I am not happy, but sad. As a coward will kill me. Got it? I wanted to kill you
in front of your husband. Now I change my plan. I will kill your husband
and child in front of you. You will then understand
whether I am brave or not. Take her away. Tie her. Tear them to pieces. Thank you very much. You saved
my life for the second time. Take care. Narishma! I will die after you die. “Narishma!” “Narishma!” “Narishma!” Reddy, you need a brave
heart to kill a lion. And a strong heart
to kill Narishma. My time is good. Your death is confirmed. – Lions don’t
die when jackals howl. Got it? Hey! You can cheat the court,
but not God. Gauri! Doctor, what are you saying? The one who was hit by a bullet.
We have saved that person. But we couldn’t save the child
due to head injury. Sorry! My daughter! You left me alone. Why did you leave me, son? What wrong did you do? How will I face your mother?
– Sir. Sorry, sir.
Your daughter has lost blood. So, don’t tell her
about this for a few days. Please, sir. Doctor! Nurse! Doctor.
– Dear, I am here. Where is my child? How is he? Dad, tell me.
– Nothing is wrong with him. He had an operation.
He is under observation. Dad, I want to see my child. Take rest. Listen to me.
– Please! The doctor will attend him. Nothing is wrong with him.
You have lost blood. Take rest. I don’t care about myself.
I only want to see my child. Narsimha? Narishma, I have taught many people, but you taught me a lesson for life. What are you doing?
Why are you folding your hands? Narishma, if someone folds his hand
that means that person is like God. I had told this once. You sacrificed so much, now you are God for me. Religion is not seen in books,
but it is seen in people like you. I fold my hands. Sir, if you do this
I will become a sinner. What more can I do? Can you help me? I will consider it my luck
to do so. – Tell me. Don’t tell Gauri
about the child’s identity. He will be with her
like her real son. Are you asking me
to hide this truth? Narishma there is a
limit to sacrifice. How much more will you do
for my daughter? Sir, Gauri took care of me as a mother
when we were children. A friend when we were teenagers, then she fell in love with me. I can die for her. You just gave your life for her. She should be happy always. That’s what I want. Bye, sir.


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