JBJ – ‘Fantasy’ M/V Making Film (DAY2)

Action I think I’ve been awake for 24 hours The concept for my first
scene was ‘drowsiness’ I was so drowsy that I didn’t have to act (Longguo’s first time to
wear contact lenses) It hurts No It’s scary (He even has double eyelids) No, no I like this My face shows I’m tired
I’m gonna sleep Bye bye – No no no
– Go away Oh, Longguo (Peekaboo) It’s a disease You always play hard to get Fantastic, sexy and unknown..? mysteriously hidden… and cute… I have them all We close our eyes and turn around pelvis This is the only section
we can take a break Don’t I look good? Bear bear
I’m a bear Bwang (Lol) It’s our first time to dance in costumes I think we need to practice
more to be in sync The sound of tearing vinyl starts
to be heard as a beat (The God of Music) (Doomchit Doomchit) Donghan is looking at me pathetically Please look at me with a loving heart Weren’t you tired of shooting MV today? No, not at all Because I am a professional Yes, it was so enjoyable I had a good time even though
it was a tough schedule But it’s weird… I am not that exhausted now It’s fun It’s exciting I like it looking good in the video I don’t know why he’s doing like that (Hehe) (Exhausted members by
continued group dance) (But there’s one person who is untiring…)
(He gave up on him) That I couldn’t sleep Right this moment It was delayed more than we thought We are tired Our message for our fans… This is that kind of song I hope the fans can feel it with this song Finally, today’s MV shoot has been finished It was a tough day but
everyone did a great job Everyone looked awesome Please look forward to it We’ll see you in October 18 I had a great time shooting the MV Now I’ll go home and go right to the choreography lesson I am not tired I can do it! You can do it! Thank you. I am Sanggyun


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