Jeffree Star | House Tour 2020 NEW Hidden Hills Mansion

It’s a new year… which means a new mansion
for Jeffree Star. It would seem he’s always making headlines
and this new house is just ANOTHER reason for fans to get excited. I don’t think anyone would’ve expected
Jeffree to move so soon considering his Barbie Dream house was ICONIC and he just recently
made his epic Pink vault closet. I guess some lucky person who can afford to
move into the old house will get to use that. Well this new mansion in the hills…is even
more jaw dropping If you can believe it. And we’ll show you in just a little bit. Jeffree is 34 at the time of this recording
and has already built a solid empire. He’s best known for being a makeup artist,
beauty YouTuber and entrepreneur especially for being the founder of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. But Jeffree’s dabbled in everything from
singing to modeling too. Jeffree is one of the most influential YouTubers,
maybe even the MOST influential in the beauty space, and has over 16.8 million subscribers. Over on Instagram, he has 15.4 million followers
(@JeffreeStar) 2019 was a crazy year for Jeffree. Aside from this big move, he’s continued
to produce makeup and his collab with fellow creator Shane Dawson for the Conspiracy Makeup
Palette broke records upon its release. One MILLION units of product sold out in just
30 minutes. Jeffree also did more work with Shane this
year, like their YouTube docuseries The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star. It generated 130 million views and the trailer
ALONE got 10 million views in a week. Forbes also dubbed Jeffree the 5th Highest
earning YouTuber in 2019, banking 17 million or more this year from YouTube money alone. This brings his estimated net worth up to
75 mill. So it’s no wonder Jeffree was ready for
a bigger, badder mansion. Hey guys, it’s Kara and today we’re doing
another House Tour here on Famous Entertainment. Were gonna be taking a look at Jeffree Star’s
new MEGA mansion in Hidden Hills that he just purchased with his long time boyfriend Nathan
Schwandt. I’m sure you’re all curious because his
Pink Barbie Mansion would definitely be hard to top, but I think they managed. We’ve covered Jeffree’s house tour on
this channel awhile back for his old place, so I’ll also give you guys a recap of what
he’s leaving behind. If you like these videos, make sure you’re
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the comments down below, and who’s home you’d like to see. Now let’s get into this video. So first off, Jeffree’s infamous Pink Barbie
Mansion he’s moving out of has been shown off plenty times on YouTube. It was located in Calabasas, California and
the new home he purchased is super closeby. He got this place for around 3.6 mill but
the value definitely went up over the years since that was back in 2016. Jeffree’s old mansion was over 7000 square
feet of living space but the entire property spanned 28000 square feet. There were 9 beds and 8 baths. One of the most “Jeffree” things about
this house was how PINK he managed to make it. When they renovated the home, Jeffree made
sure most of the rooms were his favorite colour and there’s no lack of it, that’s for
sure. Some other features of the old mansion included
a home theatre and a games room where him and Nate kept all of their pinball machines. They have a collection of arcade games they’re
pretty proud of, and used to keep more in a warehouse. I’m guessing the new mansion will have more
room to house them. Jeffree’s bedroom also had the ALL pink
theme so I wonder if he has similar plans for him and Nate’s new mega mansion. In the old house, he called that part of the
house “The Barbie Wing”. I’m not surprised. The main attraction Jeffree worked hard on
creating in this mansion was definitely his Pink Vault closet. It was such a big deal when he gave the tour
on his channel and im sure you guys have seen it all. His pink vault closet doubled as a panic room
and had a security guard inside at all times. Jeffree kept all of his precious wardrobe,
jewelry and more in here. Even ALL of his designer bags – where he
also owns multiple Birkins … the most expensive purses out there Basically, Jeffree’s closet is worth MILLIONS. No wonder he kept it on lock down. Jeffree posted a vlog recently called “saying
goodbye to our pink house forever” where he showed fans his moving process with Nate,
and it was after their official last night in the old house. Of course in Jeffree’s saying goodbye video
he also had to say goodbye to his infamous Pink Vault Closet he built A lot of work and planning definitely did
go into the vault as we all know, but I Believe Jeffree when he says he has plans for another. NOW, let’s look at what we know about Jeffree’s
brand new mansion. Well Jeffree and Nate are definitely excited
to call a new place home and have a fresh start in 2020, with their 4 dog babies too
of course. First of all, this mega mansion is a definite
upgrade and WAY bigger than Jeffree and Nate’s old spot. It’s located in the same area of Calabasas
as the previous house, but this time it’s in the Hidden Hills neighborhood. Some of the most high-profile celebrities
call Hidden Hills home, including almost ALL of the Kardashian Jenners and need some serious
cash to buy anything here. According to the listing, Jeffree spent 14.6
million on this place. But that’s still less than his YouTube earnings
in this year alone so I think his bank account will be just fine. Jeffree’s new mansion is about 21,000 square
feet which is more than double the size of the old home and the property spans 2.82 acres
of land. There are not one but TWO guest houses, and
a 3700 square foot barn that’s accessed by a separate driveway. Not to mention the garage is almost 5000 square
feet and can hold over 10 cars, which we know will be perfect for Jeffree and Nate considering
their crazy car collection. Out back you’ll find a MASSIVE pool that
looks more like it belongs in a resort than anything else along with a spa. There’s also a fire pit, 2 barbeque areas
and 2 covered patios. Inside Jeffree’s mega mansion there are
8 beds and 13 bathrooms, enough for each of the dogs to have their own room and then some. Looking at photos of the mansion, it’s SO
big that you’d think it’s never ending. I would get lost in there for sure. Some features of the new mansion include a
huge wine cellar, and a home movie theatre complete with a full bar area[photo]. Since Jeffree doesn’t drink I’m going
to guess he’ll stock it up for guests and have a bunch of Redbull for himself. Jeffree didn’t have a gym in his old place,
just his beloved stairmaster but this mansion is a different story. Just from the photo the gym in the new home
looks as big as a fancy public gym [photo]. It’s two storeys and has all the equipment
one could dream of. There’s also a MASSIVE games room which
will no doubt be perfect for Jeffree and Nate’s huge collection of arcade games and pinball
machines. The new mansion has so many rooms I think
they ran out of titles on the listing, since it says there’s a family room, a “teen
room”- whatever that is, two beautiful offices, a bonus room, a craft room, and more. That doesn’t include the at home spa in
Jeffree and Nate’s new mega mansion which even has it’s own waiting room [photos]. Considering the house is so big, of course
there’s also a glass elevator to travel across the 3 floors. The master suite in the new mega mansion may
even be better than Jeffree’s old “Barbie Wing”. It has dual baths, custom closets, a steam
shower, fireplace, and beautiful views of the hills. But no pink vault. Considering all of the space in Jeffree’s
new home, he already has ideas for his next pink vault. Jeffree said:
“I know people are like: ‘Jeffree you only built this seven or eight months ago what
the hell,’ but you know we’re going to build a bigger one. There is a bigger space in my house for something
like this, so I can’t wait to do it bigger and better. So I guess we will just have to wait and see
what bigger and better looks like in the case of his new closet. So now we’ve got an idea of Jeffree’s
new mansion he’s just moved into with his man Nate, and from what I’ve seen it looks
like a huge upgrade. Jeffree thought he’d keep his starter Barbie
dream home forever, but I guess things do change and what better time than the start
of a new decade. Apparently Jeffree and Nathan wanted to move
because it was “time for a change” (Photo – Tweets) And because they faced some tragedy
in their old home, probably referring to the passing away of two of their dogs. Not to mention Jeffree’s new home has WAY
more privacy and space – they definitely wont have to ever worry about intruders. After seeing pictures from the realtor I’m
already in love with Jeffree’s new Hidden Hills mega mansion. It looks like a palace, and I’m sure once
Jeffree puts his personality into the place it will only be even nicer. What was your favorite part of Jeffree’s
new mega mansion? Or what will you miss most about his Barbie
Dream House? I think my favorite part of the new house
is either that massive gym or the pool outside. I cant choose…but personally I like the
new mansion. Ok guys! So now its time for me to read out some of
your comments from previous videos. On Our Rihanna House Tour video, A Christina
said (photo comment 1) “That home in Barbados is absolutely stunning. I’ve driven past it a few times and it is
literally a castle. I love the west coast of BDS”
Thanks Christina, from the photos it looks like it. I could only imagine in person Also on our Riri house tour, Crystal Light
had this to say(Photo comment 2) “You need THAT many homes do ya😏…?
lol And all to sit EMPTY what… 85% of the time? WoW I Love Rihanna but this shit makes me
recognize how WRONG we’ve got it. Meaning HUMANITY🙈. Tis tis! Thanks for sharing Good Vid”
Well I love hearing all of your different opinions… so thanks for sharing guys. And im glad you liked the video! And finally on our Drake House Tour, A Nicole
said (photo comment 3) “Real estate is the best investment ever…drake
is very smart… you should do Michael b Jordan and cardi b” I agree Nicole. And we actually just did an updated Cardi
B house tour because of her new mansion with offset so check it out! Let me know in the comments If Michael b jordans
house is something all of youd like to see. Aright guys, that’s all I know about Jeffree
Star’s new Hidden Hills MEGA mansion at the moment but the place looks pretty damn
impressive I know that I cant wait to see the place once
Jeffree and Nate are all moved in and decorated…but looking at the size of that thing that might
take a little while. What do you guys think of Jeffree’s new
mansion? Yay or nay? Be sure to lemme know in the comments. AND let me know some other celebrity houses
you’d like to see. Follow me on Instagram if you want to chat
more (@kara_emi) And I’ll see you next time with some more
videos. Bye!


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