Jeffree Star vs Lunar Studios Shoe Drama Video

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wanted to talk about Jeffree Star cosmetics and something that happened at
the beginning of the month for those of you who don’t know who Jeffrey star is
he is known from back in my space days and he is a makeup artist and jeffree
star cosmetics brand owner and he makes palettes and highlighters and lippies
and they sell all the time he’s amazing he’s done a lot of work and gotten
really rich off of selling makeup to people I want to talk about today is
about Jeffrey star and the company called lunar Studios and the drama they
had over some shoes that this person had designed copying his version of the
jawbreaker palette and blood sugar palette here
and so basically Jeffrey star said you are using my images and copyrighted
palette names to sell your products my lawyer will have fun with you after the
holiday get out your pen in cheque book or get your pen in checkbook out so and
we’ll talk soon so it was pretty bitchy but I felt really bad for that company
because I know like they probably didn’t really mean it in fact this is what they
said it in response so that from lunar Studios it says I wasn’t trying to be
just disrespectful or use your names I apologize I will change the names I just
thought you would think it was cool and really honestly I bet you that is what
they thought but unfortunately it is really a problem because it is
berated stuff and I don’t know that he would have a case because I’m not a
lawyer or anything but it’s just my opinion that I think they should have
worked together and I wish this person had reached out instead of posting
something online saying hey do you like this and taking him in it like that was
kind of the wrong way to go about it like how about an email or you know get
a hold of them some other way because this created so many problems and now
this person looks really bad and is scared that they’re gonna get sued which
I think is terrible and I think that they should just work it out
these shoes by the way I think they look awesome don’t they and they retail for
189th I would never pay that well but I think
there kiddo and if I had 189 dollars to throw out some shoes I would sure do it
and it says they’re made in Italy wow they’re amazing they’re really cute um
but yeah so what do you guys think of this topic do you think that maybe
Jeffrey star like went overboard do you think that maybe he’s mad because of the
home anything and he all he saw the lunar studios was lunar Beauty and just
freaked out you know no I’m just kidding I know that didn’t happen um do you
think the lawsuit oh go through do you think they have any like reason to sue
over this like I’m sure because it’s copyrighted there is a reason but I
don’t know let me know what you guys think in the comments and please like
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