Jeremiah & Gus Dinner Drama 😳 MTV Floribama Shore

– That looks amazing. – Does everybody have a sake? Ready? – Ready. – We might fight, we might (beep), but we’re definitely getting
(beep) up, so cheers. – (laughs) I like that one. – I made that one up. (upbeat music) – She said we might
fight, we might (beep). Like damn, okay. (beep) – Oh, oh, oh the sake. Sake to me, baby. – Gus did say sake turns
him into a big ass flirt. – I mean, every liquor does. Let’s be honest. – Water. – [Kirk] I think the air turns
him into a big ass flirt. – [Nilsa] Candace, will
you come to the bathroom with me please? – I’m a pray to St. Pete because
St. Pete don’t know Gilsa and if St. Pete finds out
that Gilsa’s on the loose here all hell’s gonna break
loose in this house. – Candace, I’m a little drunk. Do not let me flirt with Gus. – I won’t. – Okay. – Just don’t, listen. – Let’s go in the men’s, oh wait. I’m just gonna use the men’s. – [Candace] Don’t (beep)
him, don’t (beep) him. – I ain’t (beep) him. I’m not gonna sit here and
let him only flirt with me whenever he’s drunk because Gus gets drunk and he just wants somebody to cuddle with. Not happening. – Thank you. (dramatic music) – Right when I see the checks come out, I’m like here we go. (dramatic music) – Oh miss, real quick. I was gonna take one of his rolls, his appetizer, and his sake. Not all of his rolls. – No, not one of the rolls. What are you talking about? – I’m taking one of your rolls, your soup. – [Gus] I’m not paying for the rolls. – Well, I’m not paying for them, dude. – [Gus] You lost. – I’m sorry dude, I’m
not taking care of it. – Well we’ll walk out and
I’m not paying for it. – If looks could kill,
both of these mother (beep) would be dead right now
at the dinner table. – He had two rolls, she had two rolls– – [Jeremiah] Well then somebody else can take care of it for you. I’m not paying your full meal. – Okay, well somebody else can
but I won and I’m not paying. Jeremiah’s got me all the way (beep) up. If you lose a bet and you say
you’re gonna do something, be a man of your word at the
end of the day and do it. (dramatic music) – [Mattie] Just put it on
my card, put it on mine. – So I’ll take the– – Did you eat one sushi roll? – I’ll take the salmon that he had. I’ll take his– – I’m not paying for
it, I’m telling you now. – [Jeremiah] Golden dragon. – [Mattie] Put it on mine. – Put it all on yours? – Not all of it. I mean, I ain’t momma bear
in this mother (beep). Put whatever he won’t get, I’ll get. – Yeah. – You’d rather let a girl pay for it? That’s awesome. – You’re gonna let a girl that stuck up for you this whole time pay for Gus’s meal because
you’re refusing to? That kinda makes you a bitch. – Made Kortni pay for her own date and then you wanna put
it on another female? That’s beautiful. (dramatic music) – I’m Gucci, baby. – Likewise, I won. I beat your ass in dodgeball. – Beautiful. We can run it back on some pool too, if you wanna play again. – Oh the non-physical sport, beautiful. – Oh you do wanna play a physical sport? – Always, baby. – [Jeremiah] Let’s get after it. – I’ve already tried you, bitch. You ran the other way. – Oh I did? I looked I ran right after you, buddy. – You ran out the door with Cole. You were scared (beep). – Sure I was. – Then you start yelling
from the third balcony. You ain’t about it. – [Jeremiah] I was ready to take you on. – Have you ever been in a
physical altercation in your life? – I’ll take you in the front door. – [Gus] Have you ever, have you ever? – I’ll take you in the
front door right now. – Right here, bitch. Right (beep) here. – Temperatures are rising. Blood pressures are boiling. These two are gonna kill each other. – Let’s get to the house. (dramatic music) – Please right now. Let’s go outside right now (beep). Let’s go outside right now. – (beep) is about to go down. – We can go outside right now. We can go outside right now. We can go outside right now. – [Nilsa] Stop please.


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