Jessica Tovar -Another Episode @ Greek Theatre, L.A. WAR Concert

hey guys it’s saturday night I’m on my ay to a concert i have my tickets here ahhhhh we’re running late it started at 7 and it is now 7:17! I had to transform! the concert i’m going to you guessed it WAR i’ve been to two of their concerts already other artists that are going to be there MALO Tierra Los Lonely Boys, Malo, Tierra but my most favorite is of course WAR YAY and I got good seats I’ll see you guys when I get there according to smokey bear the fire danger is high today here at Griffith Park I made it here to the Greek Theatre in Los Feliz, California which is right near Hollywood and the Griffith Observatory parking was crazy! there was so many people! we missed two bands but at least War hasn’t gone up yet, My favorite this video message is sponsored by Mercedes Benz (music) Guys look ninety four seven the wave! 94.7 The Waaaaaavvvvveee ladies and gentleman we wanna thank the good lord above man for having us here tonight to be with ya’ll lovely folks here tonight vive aqui eso Lonnie Jordan Everybody! that’s it! the concert’s over i had fun even though i missed the first two groups which i’m really sad about but i really had an awesome time coming to see WAR for i think the third time I’ve seen them in concert i had so much fun yay can’t wait till they come back to town to perform again


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