JFK 1963

1963 John Figge fitzgerald kennedy the thirty fifth President of the United States is killed. caught with a gun in the hands, Lee Harvey Oswald is arrested minutes later… During all the police interrogation in Dallas, Oswald claimed to be a Patsy (scapegoat) and denied and involvement All the investigations made by the United States government, Harvey Oswald was considered the assassin of John F Kennedy. Two days after the assassination of the president, Oswald was going to be transferred to be interrogated again. Jack Ruby, a night time businessman from Dallas, murders the supposed JFK assassin. The town considers him a hero despite having taken the life of a young man Presumably guilty Jack Leon Ruby, son of a violent and abusive man, was admitted at age 11 to a psychiatric center. Official version According to the police’s conclusions Lee Harvey Osswald killed the president with an Italian bolt-action rifle Carcano M91 38 of 6.5 mm. 48 hours later, a citizen horrified by what happened called Jack Leon Ruby kills the assassin of the president. Just 3 years after Ruby killed Oswald, he dies of pulmonary embolism, the product of lung cancer. ALTERNATIVE VERSION

THE BULLET There are many of us who believe that the rulers of the world create opinion states to divert attention from the public. The same was done with the murder of JFK Many conspirators believe that the magic bullet is the ultimate proof that there were two shooters or more. While the Mainstream media maintain that he was, Oswald, the only one shooter What if I told that the killer, the assassin of the president, was closer? Into the alternative version we can hear a lot of things, for example… that the final proof That it was a plot of the banking elites and mafias is the warren research where a lot of people died… can be one proof Others on the other hand, mantain that JFK was a dissident of the system & it was killed not by the mafia’, but by the Secret Societies So I will talk about in the future but JFK expose in a speech it’s really famous everybody heard about it. He talked About Secret Societies He said that no one country Less the United States of America should have a secret society What is clear is that the bush we’re on the center of what happened a bit But maybe, maybe I only maybe, they were just puppets of other elites… of higher levels Something really curious, is that the funeral Gerald R. Ford, the former President of the United States of America Bush Senior Did something really strange So bush senior laughed while naming what happened that day, talking about… JFK assassination Something really strange that… I Understand it was uh, a mistake of them, they they laughed, not because they killed the president they laughed because he was talking about a deluded gunman Deluded Gunman Well, we’ll talk about this later on… on other videos But I will expose a little bit now These control leads like the show, these control elites love the drama love the theater The cinema…. they created Hollywood babylon. You know… and Continuing with this Understanding that this is all a show. It’s all a… A scenario… If the arrival on the Moon is a montage… which …Was already demonstrate. If the 911 was an eternal job scenario That it was already demonstrate… And there are False Flags… there are constantly false flag around the Globe… We can understand that they love the drama, the scenario. They love to create something, you know… A new reality distract the people When understand that they love the show We can conclude that for them it is easy, even fun for them to create a false a scenario Like I said, they write the story they write the script The video… there is only one public video of the assassination of JFK Going back to the video and into JFK, if I put the video on loop…If I put this clip on loop… So, do not you see anything strange The video is missing something Let’s add what it lacks Now I add, I added the shoot direction…Where does it come from? Exactly Jacqueline Lee Kennedy is in my opinion responsible for what happened? The final plan was… To set an scenario where the president of the United States JFK uh, had a heart attack, but… his quote wife had other Plan or…traumatic plan a plan was Set from the most high levels of this elites when the president helds or a unbutton his tie Her wife stopped… quote wife… watch him & then he moves His arms He takes something from the side of the car of the door of the car What it was (?) A Gun, sure… A gun What he did(?) Well,… His job There’s only one video, one public video, from what happened that uh that day His wife and all security members acted as agreed but there is something that JFK didn’t know the show had to be something to remember for Centuries. He was shot from the bottom up These explains the movement of his head which does not explained the official version or the alternate version of the conspirators The magic bullet theory was set Well… if this elites never done that Then it would be really… logic and simple to understand that the real the real assassin was The wife quote wife, ’cause in a feature I’m gonna explain but this is just…when we said wifes or Or womens… talking about the President … the first lady of the United States we are talking about characters, we’re talking about just Characters, they are interpreting. So this is all symbolic If we understand that we are …UNDER CONTROL of a sick psychopathic and dissociated Minds we can understand that this is not about different elements, you know… different pieces It’s one puzzle. We’re watching now in YouTube I mean everywhere where there are professional investigators about some, ufology Others, general conspirators. We’re watching experts in symbology experts on cryptozoology, we are watching experts on uh spirituality, but they will never link the theories They won’t create one, a Whole This is a end of the first episode of JFK This is the end of the video I Will extend the events of JFK in a future after expose other things So you’ll understand more the plan of these elites? Hope you enjoyed it The second one will be about the Moon so stay tuned

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