Jijaji Chhat Per Hai – Ep 471 – Full Episode – 31st October, 2019

– Yes. Isn’t this too much fun? After so long,
we both are together. Elaichi, I’m enjoying a lot but we shouldn’t
go out like this. We might get caught. If you act like a coward
once more, I promise you I’ll get up and leave. Elaichi, this isn’t cowardice it called intelligence. Of course, who could be
smarter than you? I’m a fool. What is it, Elaichi? Why are you always so fiesty,
like a cat on a hot tin roof? Before our marriage you
used to think of me as an angel and now you are
comparing me with a cat? Not a cat, lioness. This lioness feels
like going on a hunt. I’ve been your prey
for the last year and half. Yes, you never thank me
for the number of times I have saved you. That’s not the case. I want to, but then
I realise you got me in trouble
in the first place. So the favours are forgotten. I will do the same to you after we the movie gets over. Mister,
have you come here to talk or to watch the movie? If you want to talk then go outside
in the garden. Talk some more. I always get late
because of work at the shop. I always miss the movie. Sorry, Pammi Meone. ‘That is Elaichi’ ‘along with Pancham.’ ‘What are they both up to?’ ‘I’ll have to
inform Mr. Bansal.’ Sir.
– Yes? Have a look.
This is pink. He calls this pink!
Is this what pink looks like? Hello. Yes, Khasote.
Tell me. Sir, I have news for you.
It’s breaking news. To heck with you
and your news! Where are you? Are you in a well?
Your voice is echoing. I can’t understand a word. Sir, I came to watch a movie but I saw something else here. There’s a lot of work
at my shop. I don’t have time to waste. Tell me clearly, what is it? Sir, how can I tell you clearly?
It’s complicated. Listen, I came to the theatre
to watch a movie and in front of me,
Elaichi is sitting with Pancham. Both of them are happily
watching the movie. What are you saying? Elaichi is watching
a movie with Pancham? Beat me up if I’m lying. I’m at Golcha Cinema.
Come here if you don’t believe me. All right, I’m coming. Listen.
– Yes. You handle the shop.
I will be back. No, sir..
I won’t let you go anywhere. Why won’t you let me go? You are talking as if I have
taken loan from your father. Stop talking nonsense,
let me go. Sir.. It’s a huge shop, how will I
be able to handle it alone? Were you selling clothes
in a cart before this? I don’t have that big a shop.
Sit here. Sir, you don’t understand.
My eye is twitching. I have a feeling,
something bad will happen. I’ll get to know if something
bad or good has happened only when I go to Golcha Cinema.
Let me go. Sir.. Stop. We will play colour game here. Red, Yellow, Pink,
I will tell every colour. See how I identify it. Sir, listen to me.
Sir.. Where did he go? Let me call Ms. Elaichi. I wonder where Pancham is. ‘The number you are trying to’ ‘call is currently
not reachable.’ Oh, God! Neither of their
numbers is reachable. There’s no signal anywhere! It’s going through.. Yes, it’s ringing.
It’s ringing.. Pintu. Hello. I’m watching a movie. I will call you later, okay? First, listen to me
or else, you will be in trouble. Mr. Bansal is coming there
to get you. What nonsense!
– It’s not nonsense. First, look who’s sitting
behind you. Khasote called sir
and told him everything. Get out of there quickly
or you’ll be in trouble. Hurry up! Oh my.. He couldn’t stay
a woman for some time. What was the hurry to be a man? Elaichi,
Khasote is sitting behind us. He called your dad
and told him that we’re here. What?
– Yes. What’s Khasote’s problem? At least, he could have waited
till the end of the movie. What are you saying? You’re worried about the
movie? Think! Why should I? I only get you in trouble. You think of an idea. I was joking.
Why are you joking now? I’m going to be in trouble too.
Do I look like I am joking? Please.
– No.. Do something. Give me some popcorn. Elaichi, you don’t get it! We’re so dead! Elaichi! Mister, if you want to scream,
do it in the middle of the road! Someone might toss
you a coin. Sit there!
Come with me! Come outside.
– Sir.. – Move.. Sir..
– Just move.. Sir, please..
– Just come out. Sir..
– Come with me! Move! Sir..
– Shut up! Move.. How dare you watch a movie
with Elaichi! Pancham! You should be ashamed
of yourself! You followed me
to the theatre. How many times have I told you
that I can’t help you? He’s after my life ever since
dad fired him. He was buttering up me so that dad hires him again. But I am just like you
and I didn’t fall for his words. Tension!
– Sir.. P-Pancham.. You are a source
of tension for me. Why are you following
Elaichi? Sir, I came to talk to her. You aren’t willing
to listen to me. I have feelings as well and I have
to open up to someone. He is right. If I was in his shoes,
I’d have kept trying. Sir, they were having
popcorn from the same box. What! That’s what I’m angry about. Look at his audacity! How dare he eat popcorn
from my box! How shameless! But what could he have done?
He hasn’t had work since you fired him. People would do anything
to satisfy their hunger. I’ve seen it today. Are you taking his side? Tell me.
Are you taking his side? I will teach him a lesson.
I’ll beat him to a pulp. I will take him to the police
commissioner. Why are you saying so, sir?
Please listen to me. I-I came here
with a request. Please don’t do it.
I-I will leave right now. My wife is waiting
for me at the station. I’ll take your leave.
– Wait. – W-What? Elaichi, Sanjana had
come with you. Where is she? Yes.. As soon as we got inside
the theatre her stomach started rumbling. I don’t know.. She might have
left right away. I have been tolerating Pancham
since then. Such a waste of my money.
I hate you! I’m sorry..
– Shut up. Sorry, my foot.
I want to make something clear. You think I will
hire you again, don’t you? Just forget it. I am not going
to hire you ever again. If I see you
in Chandni Chowk again I won’t spare you.
I really mean it. Is that clear?
– Y-Yes. Come, Elaichi.
– Yes. – Come. Listen. Do you
know anythign about accounts? Moron! Numbers are
not your cup of tea. Don’t worry. Talk to me freely. I am not losing any money.
It’s my boss’s phone. The bill.. Hang on. Sir, do you want
to buy something? Oh, yes. Aren’t you,
boss’s neighbour, Sonpal? The guy who was after
his servant’s wife. I was after her
but it didn’t work out. I couldn’t have her. I just pray to the Lord to let me
meet her somehow. Go out if you want
to meet her. I have not hidden her here! Just go and search for her. I can’t live without Pintu,
Mr. Sanjeev. I just can’t! Oh, God.. What’s happening here? Why are you spreading
sad vibes, Sonpal? You are right, Inspector.
I am unlucky. That’s why Pintu left me. Let me ask you something.
She was married to someone else. Why are you upset?
What’s happening? She was married to someone else
but she was my neighbour. She left without
fulfilling my desires. I mean.. I mean,
what do you mean, Sonpal? Mr. Pinky, I mean.. Please find Ms. Pintu. Please find her.
I have a feeling that she is near me. I can almost
smell her presence. Please find her. I’m not a sniffer dog.
Do you understand? I’ve been living in Delhi
since childhood. I have other work to do.
I’ll take your leave. Useless fellow! Ms. Pintu! Listen! Pancham,
where are you rushing to? Elaichi, it’s not fair.
You put the entire blame on me. That’s not fair
of you. At least, I took your side.
– You’re right. By the way, Elaichi had you not stood by me,
I’d have had it. And I’d be in big trouble,
I can assure you of it. Okay. – But, Elaichi,
let me tell you this. Please stop watching movies
for a few days. Let me tell you.
I.. But why? That’s the fun
when you’re in love. The secret meetings, the lies..
It’s such a happening life! I’m loving it. You’re loving it, aren’t you?
– Yes. Elaichi, I’ll get caught
by Mr. Murari in this hide and seek
game of yours. Elaichi,
please try to understand. I’ll be out of the game. Don’t make excuses.
Come on go and dress up as Sanjana. Okay, Elaichi, I’m going. Time to be Sanjana.. I’ll be back in a bit, Elaichi. That’s wonderful!
You look stunning! Life is such a mess!
Let’s go. Now, cheer up!
Come on. Murari.
– Be quiet! Murari!
– Oh, God! Murari, how do I look? What’s going to change in a day? You look exactly
the way you did yesterday. Just the same. You’re again making fun of me.
I’m so unfortunate! I’m joking.
I’m pulling your leg. I’m talking rudely becuase I’m very tired. Don’t you lie. You’ve found a new servant,
then how can you be tired? He is of no use.
I’m going crazy! What do you mean? Being an old school doesn’t mean that I have no knowledge of colours. I ask him to get
blue coloured ‘Lehnga’ and he gives me a black one.
– Oh, my! Then how will he sell
the ‘Lehngas’? I don’t know whether the
‘Lehngas’ will get sold or not I’ll surely run out of business. I feel like firing him
tomorrow itself and ask him to get lost. Don’t, Murari. You’ve found
a servant with great difficulty. Moreover, they’re nice people. People tend to get nervous
in the initial days. Don’t you remember
the day when you first came to my house
to propose marriage? You mistook my mom for me
and proposed to her. It’s okay.
My story is different. You won’t understand.
– Really? How’s that? You didn’t descend
from another planet. Murari,
listen to what I say. Give him a chance
to prove himself. And if he still messes up you can fire him.
– You are right. I’ll do this. Tomorrow, I’ll ask him
the colour of all the ‘Lehngas’ that’s stacked on the rack. If he answers correctly he can be of some help.
Otherwise, he is of no use. Oh, dear!
I’m going crazy! Get lost.. “The clinking sound
of the anklets” What a bother! I’m going crazy. The kohl just won’t come off. What are you staring at me?
Help me to wipe it off. Let it be.
You look so good! You look so stunning
with those eyes lined with kohl. Leave it on. What’s wrong with you? How
long will you take revenge for dressing you like a lady?
Stop it now. Are you going to kill me now? Remember the day
when you got me to this house as your wife. I was in jitters! I had to suppress the man within
me and pretend to be a woman. Do you now realise
how difficult it is to apply makeup
and wear heavy clothes? How many times
have I apologised to you! What do I do?
I accept it. You are right. I’ll apologise
to you once again. Please help me.
– It’s enough.. You can’t hang me over it. Don’t cry, pal
or I will start crying too. It’s insane!
I’ve been trying for past three hours.
– It’s kohl. These are all such
useless things. It’ll come off right now.
Look at me. Easy. I will remove it
in a jiffy, don’t worry. Is Pancham home? Yes, Elaichi.
He is. Welcome. What’s happening? Nothing.
There is kajal in his eyes so I am trying to take it off. Hey, don’t talk nonsense. Elaichi, I’m removing
the kohl. Mr. Pintu, do you go
to the shop to work or pass your time? No, I go there to work
but time passes itself. I am not joking. What is so funny, Mr. Pintu? What happened, Elaichi?
What did he do? Why don’t you ask him? He’s got all the colours
of the ‘Lehngas’ all mixed up. Yellow instead of blue,
green instead of yellow and pink instaed of red. How will this help? That’s not how you work. And dad.. I overheard dad and mom
talking to each other. Dad was saying
that if tomorrow Mr. Pintu does not name
the colours properly then he will fire him. This is the limit! He works at a shop
selling ‘Lehngas’ and has no idea about colours.
It’s too much. I don’t know. What?
– Why? Because I only see
in black and white. What do you mean? I mean, I can’t differentiate
among colours they all look similar to me. What did the doctor say? Yes, I am colourblind. What? Colourblind? And you’re telling us
about it now? Why didn’t you tell us
before? No one asked me before. Hold on. Tell me,
which colour is this? It’s blue. Tell me.
What do I do now? What else.
I’ll do what I always do. I’ll figure out a way
to deal with it. Let me think. Listen, let’s do this.
Come here. Okay? Come with me now,
hurry up. Hurry up.
– Yes. – Let’s go. You are too much. What colour is this?
– Black. Be careful. Be careful. Be careful.. Climb up. Switch on the torch. Hey, Elaichi if I increase the power
of torch more then your dad will find out. You adjust with this. I am not an owl that I’ll be able to see
in the dark. What are you saying? If somebody catches us
by mistake then I am telling you this time we won’t be
kicked out but sent inside a prison
forever. You are making me feel as though I deliberately keep looking for ways
to send you to prison. Elaichi, can we fight later? Is this the time to fight? Let’s get done
with this quickly. Make the list. You think I am a bully? That’s not what I meant. I am just saying,
Elaichi that let’s do
what we’re here to do. What are you doing? Show me the light..
The light! Look at this. This one too. Elaichi, it’s not this. I think you’re wrong..
– It’s this one. What are you doing? Who’s there? Noises
at this time of the night? Oh, God!
Uncle Chatanki is here. We’ve had it.


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