Jilla – Tamil Full Movie – Vijay | Mohanlal | Kajal Aggarwal | D. Imman | R. T. Neason

Shiva, you? I was ruling over Madurai. For how long? Enough. Listen to me. Whatever this Shiva wants to hear… …you will say only that. I won’t hear whatever you say. Spare me. There’s only one superior. And I should be that superior. Shiva, no. I won’t commit that sin. A coward kills himself. Whether you are a coward
or a brave man… …you should decide that. His son and the police didn’t come. They will plot to kill you. The one who kills is Shiva. No one has the power to… …kill this Shiva. Oh, no! Come on. – Mother.
– Who will call you Unni now? – Father.
– Where did you get it from? I won this money
in the competition today. You said you will buy me a cycle. Put some more money
and buy me a good cycle. Sir has sent for me urgently.
I will come and buy it for you. – Father..
– Move. – Listen to me.
– I won’t leave you until you buy it. I will come and buy it for you.
Understand? – Father.
– I said I will. Father! Come.
Bring the car from the garage. Bring the car.
Boss, Sarvana has come. You go in this car.
We will follow you. Quick. Faster. Faster. Take right. This way. – You killed my father.
– Yes. You made a mistake, Shiva. Never spare the enemy. Like I killed your father,
I should’ve killed you, too. I made a mistake. Come on. Hey, kill them all.“Police uniform.”Shakti, why are you tearing that? That is school uniform. – Shakti.
– Same police uniform colour. I hate the color. I won’t wear it. – What are you saying?
– I won’t wear it.“Police uniform.”I will go, sir. – Stop it.
– I won’t spare him. How dare he come
inside our house? – I won’t spare him. He’s a policeman.
– Policeman? Salutation, sir. I came here for job, sir. He is not a policeman.
He is a watchman. I’m the only watchman in the world
who wears color dress while on duty.“I don’t like brown color.”– I want to become a pilot.
– I want to become a doctor. I want to become an engineer. I want to become like my father. I want to become a policeman.“I hate policemen.”Don’t cry. I won’t talk to you anymore. How dare you hit a policeman? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Look at him. I will plan and
he will implement it. He is not an ordinary Shakti. He is the power of my arrogance.
This Shiva’s power. He and I are one.
He is so courageous. Hereafter, he is my power. I’m talking to boss. Sit and have peacefully. Mother, you will surely
make me like you. Hey. I’m referring to your beauty,
mother. I’m getting late to college. Are you getting late to
stand outside ladies college? – Mind your business.
– Father. – What? Father?
– Wait. You. Mother Teresa charity hospital
was started… …for the poor people
to help them. I don’t know if I can continue it. Guna from Raipur. A very infamous good in Chennai. He has been shifted to Madurai jail. Lying that he is
suffering from chest pain… …he got hospitalized our hospital. Go from here. You’re behaving like
this with the patients. – Go. Go away.
– Don’t you think it is unfair? In the name of treatment… …the torture that he has doing… …I feel ashamed to say it. – Didn’t you inform the police?
– We did. You’re our last hope. Father. Kumar, send your men to
Mother Teresa Hospital immediately. I don’t think it’s possible by them. Shall we send our men? Hello. Boss, I heard you’re
the notorious goon in Madurai. You’ve become old now. You may be an infamous goon here… …Guna, Raipur Guna. I’m not scared of Shiva or anybody. I thrashed the police. I also finished the men you sent. There are many people
for my support. Hello? Hello? I heard you had a strong voice. Why have you fallen silent? Hello? Hello? Hey. You may have thousands
of men supporting you. But in front of me
there’s just one man. My Shakti.“Jilla doesn’t fear anyone.”“No matter who it is…”– “…he doesn’t fear.”
– Shakti? Boss, he has another name. It’s Jilla. What? Jilla? Once you get thrashed by me,
not here… …he won’t be in this town at all. It is my nickname. Jilla.“Jilla doesn’t fear anyone.”“Jilla doesn’t fear anyone.”“Jilla is very good.”“Jilla is a killer.”“Jilla is fearless.”“Jilla makes everyone shiver.”If one comes to the hospital,
he should either get cured or die. You decide how you want to go. Dear, if there is one
good man in this town… …no crime will take place. Hey. Come here. – Are you new to this place?
– Yes. – What did you say?
– I said you’re a good man. I didn’t hit him so that
no crime should take place. There should be crime. And only we should commit crime. Now, tell me. Who am I? A very good man.“Jilla.”“Jilla.”“I will sing a song.”“You tap your hands
and legs loudly.”
“I will sing a song.”“You tap your hands
and legs loudly.”
“This is your town,
run wherever you want.”
“You don’t need anything,
do what you want.”
“Shiva and Shakti are one now.”“No one can confront us.”“I will sing a song.”“You tap your hands
and legs loudly.”
“All the powerful
men will fear you.”
“There is nobody like you.”“Though I go anywhere…”“…your thoughts
will be in my heart.”
“I won’t say that you are my life.”“Because I will die one day.”“I won’t let you
lose even for once.”
“We will win over this world.”“Shiva and Shakti are one now.”“No one can confront us.”“I will sing a song.”“You tap your hands
and legs loudly.”
“This is your town,
run wherever you want.”
“You don’t need anything,
do what you want.”
“Shiva and Shakti are one now.”“No one can confront us.”It is the best. You check and do it yourself. Come on. It is his favorite. Serve it to him. – Mother.
– Have it. Mother, it is my favorite,
but why did you serve so much? Never mind, have it. Mother, don’t forget me. – Here.
– Wait. I will come. Hey. Careful.
You might break your teeth. In fact, I’ve come to meet boss from
the airport. I’ll call you later. – Here.
– How are you? – How are you?
– Greetings, boss. – Greetings, boss.
– Ramu. Greetings, boss. – How are you?
– How are you? Boss. Greetings, boss. Yes, minister. It was you who made me one, boss. Go and have food. Shakti. – She made mutton?
– Hey minister. Where is the loin cloth? Pant is safety. It is parliament just for namesake. They conduct assembly
only after tearing off the shirt. Ma’am, greetings. Are you just Keshavan
or minister Keshavan? Address me in an informal way. Please serve me food first. – I’m hungry.
– I’ll be back. Shakti! Where is Shakti? I haven’t showed this get up… – …even to my mother yet.
– Brother. – Look there.
– I’ve come to show it to my friend first. – Shakti.
– Who is that? Your childhood friend, Pal, Gopal. It’s your friend Pal. Gopal.“Police uniform.”Thank you, buddy. Thank you. I got scared whether
you will let our… …friendship down
by not recognizing me. Look at me. Oh no. Look at your friend’s get up. You would’ve seen MGR
wearing police uniform… …Shivaji, Rajni and Kamal. You would’ve also
seen Simbu wearing it. – He is done for.
– Very good. Buddy, have you seen
Gopal wearing it? Take a good look.
How is this uniform? He will surely get thrashed. But you shouldn’t expect
any leniency from me. I like this policy. Hey, let go. I’m your friend.
Don’t do that to me. Let go. What kind of friends are you? Shakti tears away the bags
that is brown in color. Whereas you wore brown uniform. Thank God. My underwear is not brown in color. Otherwise, he would’ve
removed even that. Can a policeman wear loin cloth? What mistake have I done? ‘I want to become a policeman.’ – So it was you?
– Yes. How dare you… …you come in front
of me as a policeman? I have good news. I’d a dream in which I got married.
Will it come true? – Stop.
– Stop. Stop. Triples? Move. Why don’t you make two
more persons sit on the vehicle?“Police uniform.”Shut up. Pay the fine. He saw police uniform. He will create ruckus now. Ma’am, please. I can’t let you go. Pay the fine. Are you looking for stone?
I will bring. Offer three, select one. – Madam, please.
– No. How dare– I must say… …she is so beautiful. You are taking bribe.
Aren’t you ashamed? There is no difference
between you and a beggar. Darn it. I hate police like you. Seeing her
it is like you’ve worn sari. I’m talking about the character. If they make mistake,
warn and let them go. Otherwise, forgive them. Who are you to punish them? Forgive, warn– What a rhyming. It’s like a couplet. That’s what I was wondering. We can find men
who don’t ride vehicles… …but not men who don’t woo women. Hey. – How is she?
– Wonderful. Even I felt the same. My mother and I have the same taste. It is wonderful. What is the name of the vehicle? – Were you talking about the vehicle?
– Yes. Mother. I will explain to you. Don’t you want someone
to light the lamp in the house? Here. Look. Look. Hey. – Do you understand my feelings?
– No. – You don’t? How do I tell you?
– No. Hot outside and cold inside. – You still didn’t understand?
– No. How will I make him understand? Give me the coffee. Just like this. A feeling from within. Did you understand now? You didn’t understand? She is so beautiful. God. What about me? You said
I’m the only beautiful girl? Well, as a sister,
you’re beautiful. What did you say? – Father.
– Why? Why father? – What is it?
– Look, father. You might’ve seen a police hitting. Have you seen
a woman hitting the police? – She hit the police?
– And you got impressed. We shouldn’t fall in love. Not us, just you. – You’re old now.
– Me? Alright. You’ve committed many sins,
commit one more. Muruga, I didn’t tell you. Boss, the mining officer
is creating problem. What do you think of yourselves? Have you taken
the government for granted? People dig out granites,
but you have buried it. If the police finds out,
you will be behind the bars. You know it, don’t you? Boss, I think he is expecting money.
I will talk to him. – We will pay you money.
– I don’t want. Do something.
We will pay you money. Boss, if that is so, he is agreeing. Initially, he refused to agree,
but I managed to convince him. You convinced him. – You convinced him?
– Yes, boss. Hey Muthu. Boss. I’m not at fault. He said we will share the money. Boss, he was like brother– We can trust our enemies… …but not betrayers. Hey, why are you getting scared? I will finish you, too. I will finish even you
if you betray me. No matter who it is. – Where are you taking me?
– To see the bride. Listen to me. – The same girl?
– Yes. With the help of the video in
your phone, we found her address. We will fix your marriage with her. I saw her just recently. I will make her
fall in love with me… – …give her time.
– If you don’t like then forget it. – Hey.
– What is it? – I wish to, but–
– Then come. Come. Are they coming along? – This is–
– Get in. Goons only commit crime
not fall in love. Leave me. Go to see the bride
or go anywhere you want. Why are you taking me? I’m police. By the way, tell me
what is so special about that girl? What? Special?“It is a strange feeling.”“It is a new feeling.”“I never felt cold before.”“Seeing her smile, I’ve gone crazy.”“I lost my speech and breathe.”“It is a strange feeling.”“It is a new feeling.”“I never felt cold before.”“Seeing her smile, I’ve gone crazy.”“I lost my speech and breathe.”What is it?“Am I myself? What’s matter to me?”“New doubts have aroused.”“Is it craziness or madness?”“I’m not on this earth.”“I’ve lost control over myself.”“I don’t know why this is happening.”“A new feelings
have developed in me.”
“It is a strange feeling.”“It is a new feeling.”“I’ve gone crazy.”“Is it you who is driving me crazy?”“All the kites in the town.”“Now I’ve become
the kites with string.”
“Until yesterday,
you and I were strangers.”
“Now, you live in my heart.”“You’ve become a part of me now.”“It is a strange feeling.”“It is a new feeling.”“I never felt cold before.”“Seeing her smile, I’ve gone crazy.”“I lost my speech and breathe.”You sing a song
to express a small feeling? – “It is a strange–”
– No. I will handle this matter. I will look into it. What is he doing? Have we come to rob? Don’t put us to shame. Stop. They will come. Here he is. – Are you the producer?
– Producer? Are you the one
who produced your daughter? Where is the co-producer? Co-producer? – Your wife.
– Who are you? – You know Shiva?
– Who? You will die. He is boss Shiva’s son, Shakti. He saw your daughter outside
and fell in love with her. So we are here to
ask her hand in marriage. Meenakshi. – Where is your daughter?
– Shanti has gone to work. Shanti. – Shanti.
– Why is he doing like this? Shanti. What a modern name. Such a wonderful name. Why are you getting so emotional? Even my grandma’s name is Shanti. Shanti is a very old name. Call your daughter
and ask her to come.“I got bowled over you.”– His phone is ringing so soon.
– “You are beautiful…”“You stole my heart.”I must say, your daughter’s– Her eyes. She is his daughter. Talk to him, don’t scare him. It’s her. It is her scooter. You see that he knows
even the sound of her scooter… …then your daughter… …then imagine how well
he must be knowing your daughter. – My God.
– Thank you very much. What is it, brother? You are here to see the girl.
Why have you turned the other side? Look at her. Good selection, brother. Look at her. I feel shy. You will be shocked. Look at her.“Police uniform.”The one you love
is not an ordinary Shanti. Policewoman Vijay Shanti. May your soul rest in peace. We are done for today. Who are they, father? Come inside. He says
he has fallen in love with you. They are here to ask
your hand in marriage. What? He is a dignified family.
Change and come. – Let’s talk later.
– You don’t know about him. Come and give them coffee first. Come inside. We will talk later. Everything was so good. You fell in love
with a policewoman. Sir. Don’t you want someone
to light the lamp? Don’t irritate me. Did you hear? Those who came
to see Shanti yesterday… …left without informing. – I wonder in what she lacks.
– Lacks? Give me Mallika’s number. I didn’t tell her about it. Hot outside and cold inside. Tell me, Jilla. Shanti. I heard those who came
to see Shanti yesterday… …ran away. What fault did he find in you? Let it be a secret. Don’t tell anybody. If people find out,
it is a shame for us. Do you understand? Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Did I ask you? – What?
– Did I ask you? Did you tell you to find
a groom for me? You will fall in love… …and walk away saying
you didn’t like the bride. People are asking
me in what do I lack. In what do I lack? In what do I lack? Shiva has to die. What happened? Nothing. An accident. They died. They would’ve died
because you thrashed them. Why accident? Go. Why did you call me? If I call, you will hit me. – If you don’t come, she will hit me.
– Who? She looks like
Jet Lee wearing police uniform. Hey, show me the license. You– – Hey, wait.
– How dare you ask for license? What is he doing? He is smart. But she is outsmarting him. Show me the license. I saw everything. You want to mess with me? If we don’t like someone
we will finish him. Now in the front now in the back. Don’t mess with police. Okay? He is a strong man. It will be like
ayurvedic massage for him. Hey, take your hand off. Take your hand off. She took it off. In what do I lack? – Why did you reject me?
– I didn’t like you. You came to see me
without liking me? I liked you earlier,
but not now. But why? I saw you without dress that day… …so I liked you. Today, I saw you with dress,
so I didn’t like you. He saw her without dress. Where? When? – You already saw her?
– Yes. You see that. It is a bad era. Did you see the way he saw the girl? Whereas you came
with flowers all over your body. Let’s go. – What are you saying?
– Hey. I saw you without police
uniform that day, I liked you… …and the other day I saw you
with uniform, I didn’t like you. Why? I will fall in love
with an ugly girl… …but a policewoman… …no way. – Ugly girl?
– Yes. – I will kill you today.
– Oh no. – Shoot me.
– Madam, no. Madam, no.
I’m a police officer. My God. The police officer– My God. – Who are we?
– I’m sorry. – I won’t spare her.
– Let it be… …otherwise you will land in trouble. You will land in trouble. Oh no. Did she shoot you? It got opened. Bleeding. Let’s go.
Oh my God. New commissioner? Has he come to meet boss? No. He has come to arrest boss. What? Arrest? Who is the commissioner? How dare he? Hey. Go and get him. Doesn’t he know who I am? I’m not here to know about you. I’m here to tell you about myself. Come to Madurai… …worship Goddess Meenakshi… …have egg pancake and go. It will be better for all of you. Shall we go? – Ask the minister to call the CM.
– Do you have warrant? I will take it on the way. – Shiva.
– Look.. don’t lock horns with me. First of all,
will you go alive from here? Hey. Though I know you’re very powerful… …I have come alone. Do you have that guts? – Hey.
– Hey. Let’s go. Come on. Arrest me if you can. – Father.
– Father. – Dear.
– Father. Dear. Shakti, boss has been arrested. What are you saying? – The new commissioner, Shakti.
– What were you doing? Sir, I’m in the court. He didn’t come here. Even I heard about it. But nobody brought him here. – Where has he kept father?
– He didn’t bring him here. He didn’t go to the commissioner’s
office, court, or jail. Where is he?
Where did he take him? Mother. Get down. No matter who powerful
the person, he cannot mess with me. That’s police. Had I put you behind the bars, you
would’ve got released in 5 minutes. That’s why I came you
in my custody for 5 hours. A policeman can
think like a criminal… …but a criminal… …cannot think like a policeman. I hate noise. And moreover noise
made by people like you… …I just hate it. The place I live should be clean. I’m not afraid. Police means many… …but if I go, it is alone. If one goes, another will come. But you are just one. You will be afraid. Whenever you look at this… …you must recall
of getting arrested. You should give up crime. Are you wondering
why I brought you here? Everything will change if you come
to the middle of the road. Give it a good thought. Police is always superior to Shiva. Hey, who are you? I’m talking to you. I chopped your hand
because you touched him. If you’d put him behind the bars… …I would’ve killed you. Sit in the middle
of the road and think. Not police… …no one is superior to my father. Not just chop his hand,
he should’ve been killed. How many will you kill? Fear? Does Shiva fear? He said… …if we kill him it is like
we got scared of him. He is like the snake
around Lord Shiva neck. If we kill one… …another one will
come to its place. The problem is not the snake. It is the position. We need that position. So? In the game of police and thief… …the thief should be our man… – …and the police too.
– I didn’t understand. If a police thinks
like a criminal… …he showed what can happen. I will show him what
will happen if a criminal… …becomes a policeman. So we should make
one of our men as police. It should be our man. Who can be one, boss? There is one. Who? If Shiva is body, he is his shadow. If blood then he is skin. If body, he will be the soul. It is none other than my Shakti. Shakti hit his friend when he learnt
that he has become a policeman. When he learnt the girl’s
policewoman he refused to marry her. Your father is cracking jokes
at such early hour. – Your brother is crazy.
– Shall I tell him? What is it, father? Shakti, become one. Okay, father. You will be the perfect man.
Become one. Okay, father. Mother, brother is in trouble. Father, I will become.
But what should I become? – Become a policeman.
– Okay, father. What? Policeman? Father, I will become corpse. But I won’t become a policeman. You saw what happened. I’ll make
sure it doesn’t happen again. The police department
that controlled us… …if we have to control it,
you have to become a policeman. So? Thank God. I’ve decided that you will
become a policeman. – I won’t, father.
– You will. I will make you one. – I can’t, father.
– You will. I can’t, father. What is it? Sir, you will surely
become a policeman. It’s been 20 years, sir. Shall I wear uniform? – Get away.
– Save me. Save me. Hey, catch him. – Come on.
– No. Catch him. Turn around. Catch him. – Catch him.
– Stop. -I caught you.
– Ramu, catch him. Oh God. Stop. Jilla, don’t run. Don’t run. Leave me. Sign here. Sign here. Sign here. Sign. He signed. Just to sign your name… …you troubled us so much. I will– If I sign,
will I become a policeman? Dear, write. What are you all doing? It is group exams,
therefore we are sitting in group. If it a quarterly exams
will you drink alcohol and write? If it a half yearly exams,
how will you do it? Look, except him,
the rest of you go out. I said go. Go, sir. I hate exams. Are the results out? No matter what, I won’t pass. I will never become a policeman. You have become one. – What?
– You have become one. – How?
– Shakti, why are we for? We will surely make you one. Has your father ever failed
in doing anything? Look at him. Shakti,
you don’t become a policeman. If father is happy about me
becoming a policeman… …I will become one, mother. But you hate police uniform
since childhood? I’ve seen tears in father’s eyes
when he is angry… …but I saw tears when
he was in pain that day. I shouldn’t see
father like that again. He desired– I am a policeman.“He’s climbing high to reach
the sky.”
“He’s climbing high to reach
the sky.”
“If you want it,
go do it.”
“Go chase it, if you really
want it.”
“If you want it,
go do it.”
“Go chase it, if you really
want it.”
What is this, Shakti? I thought you will
come in police uniform… …but you’ve come in color dress. You said I should become a policeman
and I have become one. I can’t wear police uniform. Okay. You have become a policeman.
I’m happy. Wait and watch now. Look Shakti, you’ve been
posted in our area. – Do whatever you want.
– Come. Looks like you will blow the conch.
Go away. – Garland.
– Sir. Put the garland– Please, put it. About turn. Your father is a don. Brilliant catch. That day was your turn… …today, it is my turn. How is the catch? I won’t spare you. About turn. – I will come to the matter now.
– You already finished it. Listen to me carefully.
Be serious. In the whole of Madurai… …there’re number of policemen with
paunch than policemen with caps. You are Dorai Singham. Shameless fellow. City measuring 25 kms. To control it,
a commissioner, seven ACPs… …56 inspectors under one ACP… …73 sub inspectors
and 562 constables. Oh. But still
why there is so much crime? Murders, pickpocket,
all together 1412 cases. Burglary, 626 cases. There are 50 gangs altogether. And another 15 gangs. And in that 15 gangs,
there are 416 goons. Let’s forget
whatever happened so far. Hereafter, from this very minute… …in Madurai, murder, burglary… …rowdism, hooliganism,
illegal business takes place… – We will take immediate action.
– I will thrash you. He thinks he is a super cop. The one who takes action,
I will chop off his hands and legs. Neither you will take action… …nor react. Because… …everyone is my relatives. Okay? Relatives?
Then why did he talk so much? I see. It is such a good start. – Later, everything got worsened.
– Oh no. – Sir.
– Yes. Sir, can we go inside
and take charge? You would’ve seen
other policemen taking charge… …you haven’t seen me
taking charge. You will see it now. Uncle, they are asking me
to take charge as policeman. – Shall I?
– We will finish everybody. I’m very happy.“When you smile, my heart pounds.”“Shall we have lots of fun?”“I never feel shy.”“I tied rope as a sari.”“If you come,
I will be very happy, my darling.”
“My darling.”“Yes, darling.”“When you smile, my heart pounds.”“Shall we have lots of fun?”“Is it a body or something?”“I’m watching it without any idea.”“I cooked it for you.”“I will lay the leaf for you.”“You are equal to 10 earthquakes.”“My body is trembling.”“A watermelon cake
with knife on it.”
“It tastes so good.”“We need a get together
to get spoilt.”
“Yes, darling.”“Yes, darling.”“When you smile, my heart pounds.”“Shall we have lots of fun?”“Hey darling.”“Hey darling, come to me.”“When you smile, my heart pounds.”“Shall we have lots of fun?”“You never feel shy.”“You tie rope as a sari.”“If you come,
I will be very happy, my darling.”
“Yes, darling.”“Yes, darling.”It is ancestral property. We can build a shopping mall
in that place, father. How it possible?
I can’t give it away. – Go and clear the place.
– Okay, father. Take policemen along. Give me. Be careful. Our country is– Move back. Children are trapped inside. Hey! – Mother!
– No! Careful. It is hurting. – Have some.
– It’s hurting, mother. – Have it.
– I don’t want, mother. Uncle. Uncle,
why aren’t my parents getting up? Sir, she is the kid
who identified her parents. Uncle,
why aren’t my parents getting up? Are they dead? Mother said my brother
is in her womb. Won’t he come and play with me? Mother. Let us see her once. – You won’t bear it.
– I won’t go. I said go. – I said go.
– Allow her. Sir, listen to me. – Go.
– Have a look from here itself. Have a look from here itself. No! No! Even if the poppadum
is a little hot she doesn’t eat it. She suffered so much.
Oh, my God. She is lying dead now. Oh God. I can’t even see her.
What do I do? Oh, my God. Oh, my God.‘Uncle,
why aren’t my parents getting up?’
‘Are they dead?’‘My child!’‘Even if the poppadum
is a little hot she doesn’t eat it.’
‘She suffered so much.’You will hear the voices
even if you close your ears. What?
You think it has been dozed off? It is still burning. In the hearts of the parents. I don’t know why you hate police. But for the mistake
that happened now… …it is because
you became a policeman. You say you hate police… …go and look into the mirror now. You will hate yourself. – I want to lodge a complaint, sir.
– Tell me. Sir, my husband
is a reporter in press. The incident that
took place in the morning… …he wrote in the newspaper
that Shiva is responsible for it. So they killed my husband
in the center of the road… …right in front of me, sir. Please do something, sir. Don’t talk about it here.
Please go. They shouldn’t be spared. I remember the faces
of the murderers, sir. See if it us. Sir, it’s them. It’s them. Brother. Hey, go. Go out. Sir, at least you question them. They killed my husband. It’s them, sir. – It’s them, sir.
– Shakti. She is complaining to you without
knowing it was we who did it. Get her. You–‘Go and look into the mirror.’‘You will hate yourself.’Hey! What happened, brother? What is it, Shakti? Shakti, you are hitting us? Boss has told–“Jilla doesn’t fear anyone.”“No matter who it is,
Jilla doesn’t fear.”
“He will change the course
of action.”
“He makes everyone shiver.”Shakti,
police is coming to the house? It is wrong. The prepared FIR… …the four men
did it on my orders. Release them. Okay? I won’t. Alright, go. We will talk later. I won’t change my mind. Are you angry? Yes. I’m angry on myself. I’m angry on us. I knew it when you came
wearing the dress you hate… …that you are going to do
something that I don’t like. What happened? Not anymore. Let’s give up. It is wrong. What happened all of a sudden? I felt you were right when I saw you
from my point of view. But from the other point of view,
everything is wrong. I don’t like my father doing wrong. Shakti, wrong things happen
when you do good. When you do wrong– We are living by
threatening people. Our name is not written
on the food we are eating, father. You were eating it
for all these days. I had not realized it then. – But my conscience–
– Rubbish. Do what is told. I became a policeman
because you told me. Now, I’m saying.
Reform yourself. Shakti, whatever this Shiva
wants to hear… …you will say only that. I won’t heat whatever you say. But why? – You should listen. You’ve to listen.
– Shakti, how dare you? I’m talking to my father. Shakti, have you decided to fight? – I have decided to change.
– Change what? Change you to a good man. But you said you
want to become like me. Now, I say I don’t want
to become like you. Shakti. – Watch your tongue.
– I watched. I’m talking because I watched. Kids… …were lying dead. Enough. You might’ve seen this Shiva
standing beside him. Have you seen him
standing in front of him? Will you see?“Jilla doesn’t fear anyone.”“No matter who it is,
Jilla never fears.”
“He will reform everyone.”“He will make everyone shiver.”When you were 8… …when you got angry,
you would’ve pick a stone. But this Shiva picked knife. Hereafter, I won’t let you do it. I hated this uniform
for losing my father… …but today, I wore uniform
so that I don’t lose you. Hereafter, I won’t let my father
commit even a single crime. Stop me if you can. – This Shiva is superior to all.
– No. You’re not superior. It is the police. There are many others. If I fold my loin cloth today… …no one can stand before me. I will stand. – Will you confront me?
– I will stop you. – You will lose.
– I will win. If there is no Shiva,
there is no Shakti. If there is no Shakti,
there is nobody. I think this is how it will be.
– Hey. How dare you? You’ve mistaken, sir. Mine is day shift… …today you called me
to do night shift. Go inside and enquire. You get thrashed by wife, but come
here and thrash others. What? Then I’m sure. Has everybody come? The reason why I summoned
all of you at this hour is… …let’s be honest policemen
for today. Including myself. There shouldn’t be even
one goon in Madurai by morning. Operation clean. No matter who commit crimes
by saying Shiva’s name… …finish them all. If I was in your place,
even I would’ve laughed. The police can laugh… …but nobody should
laugh at the police. Until I’m wearing this uniform… …I myself don’t have faith
that I’ll reform Madurai. But after wearing it,
I’ve a confidence that I can win. I don’t know for how many days
this uniform will be on me. Until it is on me… …I won’t spare even one accused.
Just for tonight… …if we work as real policemen… …Madurai will be at peace
for many years. The work that
we will do for one day… …people should develop
respect towards us. I still remember
what I was taught in training. Keep moving ahead,
keep confronting danger… …whether it is storm or tornado,
you can never stop. O soldier, walk with pride. A policeman should keep moving
ahead, keep confronting danger… …even if tornado comes,
he should never stop… …he should be a warrior. At the age of 56… …in a smuggling case,
he gunned down 7 criminals… …got 5 injured persons hospitalized
and died with a policeman. Only later,
the news was out that he was shot. He is none other than… …he is my grandfather. My grandfather. I share his blood. My grandpa who
had the zest to fight… …even at the last
moment of the death… …if any of you has that zest… …only they come with me. Sir, the law sides the criminals. Though we nab them
with great difficulty… – …they get released easily.
– Never mind. But they will fear when
committing the next crime. When they start fearing,
everything will be alright. When the law sides criminals,
why won’t it side us? Let’s put an end to crime.
Are you ready? Sellur, a place where
many criminals are harbored. – Alfa team.
– Yes, sir. You go there. – Bravo team.
– Yes, sir. You cover Mathichayam. – Charlie team.
– Yes, sir. You go to Jaihind Puram. – Delta.
– Sir. – Aarapalayam.
– Sir. – Shanti, you cover Karimedu.
– Yes, sir. Let’s move. Greetings, sir. – Greetings, sir.
– How are you, sir? Welcome. I’m making plenty of money
because of you. I’m a good man. You are the first accused
to get arrested. Move. What? Arrest? Yes, arrest. You break stick. I break hands. Take him. Sir, you– You don’t understand. Go. Go. Jilla. Jilla. Jilla. Jilla. Sir, there’s nobody here.
Only beggars are sleeping here. – Alright, give alms.
– Sir? Do it. – Did you give alms?
– Yes, sir. The rest of them… – It’s police.
– Yes, sir. Arrest them. Jilla. Jilla. Jilla. Police.“The mountain will blast.”“The earth trembles.”“The whole world will tremble.”– “No one can confront Shiva.”
– Who is it?“He will never give up.”“He will never bow down.”“He won’t spare the one
who messes with him.”
“He will come like a tornado.”Do you see a water tank? Yes, sir. He will be sleeping there.
Go and check. – Get up.
– Sir. Jilla. Jilla. Everything is so clear. But don’t know whether
they are accused or he. Good. I appreciate. Compared to what
your grandpa did… …this is nothing. Which grandpa? Your grandpa. The one who died after
being shot in the chest. – I don’t have a grandpa.
– What? Yes. Had I told you my feelings,
would you fight like this? You fought only because
I told you all about my grandpa. – Yes.
– So you lied? Everything was true,
except the grandpa’s story. You’re the first one
in the world to do so. Jilla. Jilla. No one will come
to bury body at night, sir. Open the gate and go inside. Go. Sir, all the goons are here. – Come on!
– I like it. Arrest them. Put everyone in the van. Come on. They’ve been troubling a lot. There are so many.
We need more vans. Why do you need
police van to dirty? Put them in garbage van. Okay. Come on. Get on the lorry. Why are you taking us
in this lorry? Will you go by flight? You must be thrashed. Get on the lorry. Hey, it’s Shakti. Shakti, why are you
doing like this? We will get released by morning. Don’t go. Listen to me. You can’t put Shiva’s men
behind the bars. Bail was introduced for us. No bail or jail for people like you. Who? Who asked for bail? Will you get released by morning? One has already released. ‘In Madurai,
assistant commissioner Shakti…’ ‘…arrested many goons.’ There was ruckus everywhere. During the arrest… …robbery, murder– Loot, burglary– Those manufacturing illegal liquor,
marijuana– He arrested everyone. This is the first time
that so many criminals… …were arrested in just one night. AC Shakti has created… …a sense of security
in people’s hearts… …and fear in the hearts
of the criminals. Boss, he didn’t spare even one. He arrested all of them. He arrested because
he is a policeman. Sack him from the police department. I’m the one who
made him a policeman. He should know
that this Shiva knows… …how to make and destroy. If he gets sacked,
he will be at my feet. He should know that he has
messed with fire. Sack him. He would’ve made
you salute with left hand. Shakti, you even hate his name,
isn’t it? Now, he is Shakti ACP. He passed his the
police exams illegally. He passed by using Shiva’s power. Have a look. All the records are fake. When he chopped your hand
you would’ve experienced a pain. Won’t you do anything about it? Call Shakti. The auto has arrived.
Light the cracker. “He is back home. He is back…” Did you get sacked? Now, I’m siren for you. He got scared. Talk to father first. Mother, I got sacked from the job. They told me. Yes mother,
I got sacked from the job. Forget it, Shakti. Mother, I got sacked. I actually got promoted. From AC to DC. I got promoted, mother. The scene is not over yet. Shakti. I chopped your hand.
I passed the exams illegally. It is said that there should
be no blot in police uniform. But if a cowards
wears the police uniform– Sack me. Sack me from the job. Shakti, than you
desiring to be a policeman… …the police needs a man like you. You might’ve failed in the exams. But you passed as a police. Police is a thought. When you decided
to put an end to crime… …you are policeman. You’ve done what I couldn’t
do in my 20 years of service. You are the only power
that can put an end to Shiva. Because I touched your father… …you didn’t fear me
though I’m a policeman. Since you’re a policeman now,
you won’t spare your father, too. Now, you are not AC.
You’re promoted as DC. You chopped my one hand. You are my other hand. Don’t spare anybody. Go ahead! DC? DC?“Jilla doesn’t fear.”“No matter who it is,
Jilla never fears.”
– “Jilla…”
– Brother, why are you getting scared? It means he has been given TC. If the school gives TC,
it means he has been rusticated. If the police give TC,
it means we are finished. – We are half finished.
– We are fully finished. That’s why they say… …not to create scene
before the scene is over. Your anger didn’t
get me dismissed… …but got me promoted. The DC is here. Come on, let’s go. Hello, sir. Congratulations, sir. – Here.
– Congratulations, sir. Hi. He is so lucky.
We are so unlucky. Deputy Commissioner Mr. Shakti… …has made an achievement
by reducing the crime rate. His grandpa sacrificed his life… …for the police department. DC Shakti who comes
from such a brave family– The whole world believes it. You bled believing what he said. Bravery. This year’s best cadre award
goes to… …Ms. Aishwarya. Sir, please say a few words. I’m not used to
talking on the stage. He is used to it
only after getting drunk. At least, teach some
safety measures to our students. I need a volunteer. – Wait.
– Girls, go back. – You come here.
– Sir. Suppose you are going with a bag– Why is he after the back? Come here. Yes, come here. Why is he involving me? I will do and show it. Hold it tight. Okay. Hold the hand like this. Like this. Right hand and
right leg at the same time– Like this and attack. Simple. Come on. – Yes, sir.
– Hold my hand. Hold it tight. Like this and attack. What is he trying to do? – Any other volunteer?
– Sir. Sir, what I’m in danger? Girl, you won’t land in danger. Others land in danger
because of you. Idiot. Okay. Supposed an accused… …comes to attack you
with a knife. I will do it and show. Come as if you are
attacking me with knife. – Block like this, push it and then.
– Oh God. Punch his nose. You didn’t observe properly? What? Oh God. – Like this.
– Why didn’t you pay attention? Idiot. If you are finding it difficult… …take something in your hand. Take a stick like this… …and hit him. He has planned something. What is it? Even this is for self defense. Come on. Come on. Brilliant attack. This is how presence
of mind should be. You told her to attack
with stick… …but you tried to kill me. I will teach one last thing. But to do and show it,
my people are perfect. Because only a
strong woman can do this. Madam, please come here. Sit down. Lie down. I think he’ll celebrate consummation
night and have a baby here itself. In this position… …crawl and get into this
and come out. It’s army training. – If you do this every day–
– One will catch cold and die. Hands and knees… …will get more stronger. Madam will do and show it for you. Come on, girls. Clap your hands. Come on. Shanti! Shanti! Very good. I like it.
I expect more… …more from you. – Claps!
– Okay girls, disperse. Madam will walk on the rope next.“She is such a beautiful girl.”“Seeing her eyes,
one loses his mind.”
“She is such a beautiful girl.”“Seeing her eyes,
one loses his mind.”
“I will give 5 lakhs
for those eyes.”
“I will give away
my wealth for honesty.”
“Will you kiss me?”“I’m a beautiful girl.”“Seeing my eyes,
one loses his mind.”
“5 lakhs is not enough
for these eyes.”
“For my honesty,
wealth is not enough.”
“Stay away from me.”“My house is a boat
and my house is an ore.”
“Let’s get home with the water.”“The elephant in the temple,
instead of eating the sweet…”
“…let it come and eat my desire.”“Seeing your body sway…”“…I’m losing my mind.”“When you look at me stealthily…”“…I lose control over myself.”“You talk so nicely.”“Why are you going away from me?”“I’m tender like a tender coconut…”“…I taste so sweet.”“I fell for you unknowingly.”“I’m so fortunate.”“Getting into my eyes and heart…”“…what are you planning to do?”“I will get into your eyes
and fulfill your desires.”
“I will fulfill your dreams.”“The whole world is at my feet now.”“Come closer to me.”“The whole world is decked up.”“Come let’s rejoice.”“She is such a beautiful girl.”“Seeing her eyes,
one loses his mind.”
“5 lakhs is not enough
for these eyes.”
“For my honesty,
wealth is not enough.”
“Stay away from me.”“I’m such a beautiful–““Seeing my eyes–““I got crazy.”Boss, Shakti has started
creating problems for us. We couldn’t do anything to him. He has gathered courage
more than anyone else. Boss, he ruined our sand business. He seized the granite land. We are not getting commission
because of him. He is not letting us do
even a single crime, boss. Above all… …he is putting an
end to your business. Because you are quiet.. Boss, let’s the function get over. Let’s deal with him later. Shakti, how are you? Sir, how are you? I’m coming from your town. It is like my family function. Let’s prepare 108 dishes
and make it grand. Everybody should enjoy the feast. What are you saying? I’m talking about your
sister’s marriage. Sister’s wedding? Sir. – Mother.
– Tell me. I meet cook Shrinivas on the way. He is a good cook, mother. Any other news, mother? Nothing, mother? Shall I hang up? Shall I hang up? It is his sister’s wedding. My son learnt about it
from an outsider. He must be very hurt. He would’ve been very hurt. That’s why. I know how to get people killed… …and also make people suffer. It is not too late.
I will invite him for the wedding. He is most welcome. Not as a policeman, but as Shakti. He should give up everything
and come as old Shakti. Will he come? Tell me. I will invite him. – Dear.
– Hey. If Shiva decides… …it is over. Today’s is your sister’s wedding.
We should be going. Come on. He’s not been invited. Maha will surely invite me. To have feast? I don’t think she will invite you. My sister will surely invite me. Maha. – Mother.
– I can’t confront your father. How is it possible with brother? He loves you so much. If you call him even now,
he will come running. Mother,
my father is important for me. I’m important for my daughter. You decide who is
important for you. Play the wedding drums. – How are you?
– What are you doing? Please go. I told you to send
the water separately. Go and check what it is. You came inside
seeing the board, right? You can’t sit and eat feast
in the air conditioned room. Go there and eat. Oh God. Dear. Dear. It is your sister’s marriage. It is your sister’s marriage. Get up, dear. You’re sitting and
eating like a guest. Please come. Bye. Sister, look there.
Though we are so many… …he is sitting and
eating like an orphan. He’s refusing to come. I can’t bear it. You invite guests… …I’m her brother. How will I not eat the feast
of my sister’s marriage? Brother has come.
He is a big man in this town. He didn’t come for the wedding. But only after his consent,
functions in our house happen. Please, come in. Sir, bride and groom have come.
Bless them. Take his blessings. Sir, she is the bride. I married her
only after your consent. In 10 years… …I thought I won’t
be able to avenge. ‘What did you say inside?’ ‘I will touch your feet–‘ ‘Touch my feet.’ ‘In front of my family.’ ‘Never lock horns with Shiva
though you don’t know him.’ ‘If I punish, one will die.’ ‘If I forgive, one has to die.’ I was alive for this. I told you to marry her… …not for her to touch my feet… …her father has to touch my feet. Call your father. I won’t! Go. Sir, he has come. Tell that old man to come. The one who has
come is not an old man. Who did you call? Didn’t your father come? It is not my father… …he is your father. Check who it is. Who is he? My brother. He came for my marriage
though he was not invited. When I’m in trouble– Forgive me, brother. Even my brother is
important for me. He is very important for her. Thrash him and
tell him to bring his father. When someone dies, everyone cry. If my sister cries… …you will die. Thankfully, I’ve come as a brother
not a policeman. If it happens again… …I will pump all the bullets
into your head. Stop committing crimes. I told you to stop,
look what happened. Your daughter is facing trouble
because of your mistake. My sister is facing trouble. She is my daughter. I’m her father. It is our family problem. Who are you? Father? No father, brother– I’m sorry.
It won’t happen again. Down to minister! Down to minister! Isn’t it against the people to
vacate them from their land… …and start a Parma Company? When no state was given permission
how did you start here? What will you do
for people’s safety? It is said that if you
start this chemical company… …all the villages will suffer. How will they suffer? Even current is dangerous… …but can we live in dark? Birds are dying,
you are still using cell phone. Gas cylinders blast,
can we stop cooking? When 4000 persons are getting job
and patients are getting medicines… …why shouldn’t
we start the company? Only after seeking permission… …and there is an approval that
no humans will be affected by this… …we will start the company. I assure you that. Okay? 1500 families should be evacuated… …on the land in Paramboka.
If we do the job… …we will get 500 crores. Sir, can you evacuate the place? – If you want–
– I will do it. Shakti– Not just the land,
even this Shiva’s shadow… …falls on the land,
the land will belong to me. Behead him. Hello, sir. Sir, they took off the head and
put slipper garland on the statue. The riots have begun. Shakti, where are you? Riots in Rangavarpatti. Your father diverted your route. Bulldozers have come. They have come to demolish
the houses. Come soon. – Your father has come.
– What can I do against him? What are you saying? Let it be. Let it be. Sir, the land has been
transferred to your name. 500 crores has also been
transferred to your account. What is it? Shakti, you said you won’t let
even a single crime to take place. Your father betrayed… …the people of Madurai. He committed crime. Police has come. Will he arrest me? Is it him? Has he come? Where is he? Where is he? Hey, open the gate. Sir, help us! You’ve done such a good deed… …but we misunderstood you, sir. The houses had become very weak. You gave land to build houses
and also gave us 500 crores. God bless you, sir. 500 crores. Even the government
hasn’t such a big thing. Why did you feel
like helping them, sir? Do you have any idea
of contesting elections? No one had done
such a big help before, sir. And I don’t think
anyone would even do. For the help you’ve done,
you must live long. Even if people say,
they won’t do. But you’ve done even without saying.
You’re our God. Sir, please. Sir, please. Enough. Close the door. Hey you, what’s going on? 150 acres land… …and 500 crores… – …you signed the documents.
– When did I sign? I say it is impossible,
but you say it is possible. This work is not possible
by anybody other than you. So I made you do it
and kept watching. Only after that I did it. Even you might sign your
signature wrong, but I… …always sign correctly. Adorable father. Even still never changed
the bank password yet… …and kept it as ‘Shakti’. What people are calling you as? Good man. People saying that is not important,
but you need to reform. Reform yourself.
You have no option. My son Shakti… …has reformed his father. Who is he to reform me? Will this Shiva reform?
I’m Shiva. – I won’t reform.
– Boss. You said there nobody
like you in Madurai. What happened now?
He conned you. Why the hell
did you accept the deal? It’s not about money,
but I lost the faith in you. Stop boasting yourself. Hey. Get out. – Get out.
– How are you? ‘Until you keep in mind that Shakti
is your son, you can’t do anything.’ ‘You treat him like your son, but he
doesn’t treat you like his father.’ ‘That’s why he is winning.’ ‘If it was someone
else in his place…’ ‘…he would be dead by now.’ ‘If you have to win,
you should do something about him.’ ‘Forget Shakti is your son.’ – No, sir.
– Sir. – Sir, he is your son.
– What are you doing? Hey. Sir. What have you done? Hereafter, I’m not his father… …nor he is my son. You’ve been waiting since morning.
Who do you want to meet? Shakti sir– – Hey.
– Uncle. – How are you?
– I’m fine. This girl– Yes, she is alive. I was told that a man named
Shakti saved my daughter… …but only we know… …that it was this Shakti. Even the doctors lost hope. Because of the hope
that Shakti sir gave… …she is smiling today. She got discharged
from the hospital just today. She said she wanted to meet you,
so– – Thank you very much, sir.
– No problem. Your dream. You forget it. Here. Hold it tight. Thanks, uncle. – Bye.
– Bye. Bye, sir. I was wrong that day. What do you mean? Go and look into the mirror now,
not just you… …everybody likes you. You? I like you.“When will you treat me, darling?”“Darling, when?”“Darling, when?”“When will you treat me, darling?”“When will you treat me, darling?”“Wait for me, I will come.”“This treat is a different route.”“When will you treat me, darling?”“When will you treat me, darling?”“I’m in a good mood
and password for you.”
“I will give you everything.”“Jilla’s treat is always hot.”“There is no end for the desires.
Ask for anything.”
“Sachin’s bat, let’s bat.”“Shiva’s act and Jilla’s treat.”“Come on.”“Come on.”“Come, follow me.”“When will you treat me, darling?”– “When will you treat me, darling?”
– “Have patience.”
“Why create suspense?
Tell me quickly.”
“My heart is beating faster.”“When will you treat me, darling?”“When will you treat me, darling?”“In your simple, in your single kiss.”“I will go crazy.”“Jilla’s treat is always hot.”“There is no end for the desires.
Ask for anything.”
“Sachin’s bat, let’s bat.”“Shiva’s act and Jilla’s treat.”“Come on.”“Hey boy, you listen and
take your time…”
…it is up to you now.”“Who is he?”“What’s going on?
I can’t bring it on.”
“Come and join this party.”“Come on, dance.”“Yeah, that’s right.”“It is a unique treat.”“Keep it free.”“I won’t tell you
though you pester me.”
– “I’m very smart.”
– “That sounds good.”
“Put your hand and
check if you want to.”
“Jilla’s treat is always hot.”“There is no end for the desires.
Ask for anything.”
“Sachin’s bat, let’s bat.”“Shiva’s act and Jilla’s treat.”“One more time.”– “Mine.
– Come on!”
– “Mine.
– Come on!”
“When will you treat me, darling?”Hey. ‘Shakti, what have you done?’ ‘Come, let’s go.’ So it is you. So it is you. Tell me who? Your father ordered me to do so. It is not my father. Tell me who is it? Yes, it is not your father. But you won’t be able to find out. ‘I finished Shakti.’ ‘But it is very less money.’ ‘Pay me 10 lakhs more.’ ‘Otherwise,
I will reveal the truth.’ ‘I’m in the old mill
which has been shut down.’ ‘Press group message.’ SMS! You’ve got an SMS. Someone is going to come now. Come. There. Had we missed him,
he would’ve escaped. Otherwise,
we would’ve been in trouble. Boss, we finished him. Are you sure you finished him? Yes. They also buried the body. So it is you. – Very good.
– Police. Even I have realized. Don’t you want to know why? In this story, if you are a hero
then even I’m a hero. If you are a villain
then even I’m a villain. The story didn’t start now. But very before. There. Even my father died in the
same place where your father died. The policeman that Shiva killed… …I’m his son. Shiva left after killing him. Even I cried in the
same place where I cried. I felt I was all alone.. ..and the whole
of Madurai was against me. I then decided to kill Shiva. Will I ever let
someone else kill him? He accepted me
thinking he saved a life. I learnt one thing from Shiva. No matter who he kills, he’ll loot
the person and then kill him. What I learnt from Shiva, I decided
to deal with him in the same way. But I wanted power. 20 years… …for that, I won his trust… …I became a minister through him. Your father thinks I’m all
because of him. I actually made my own image. I got the power and then I started. I started everything. Not my slitting throat… …but by killing a baby. I thought I will
put Shiva to shame… …by an ordinary goon Guru. I sent a man to
Tutakudi Road to finish him. I appointed an honest
police commissioner… …to put Shiva to shame
who thinks he is the strongest. But your father made you
a policeman… …it was my plan. It was I who was behind
the gas cylinder incident. I made him do the
biggest crime in Madurai. I thought the entire Madurai
will become against him. But what I didn’t expect… …was you going against Shiva. To destroy Shiva… …I involved him in
the Pharma Company issue. But whatever I did,
you save him from everything… …like Shiva’s faithful man. So I decided to finish you. Hey, won’t you die? I won’t spare him.
It is not a small thing. It is the anger of 20 years. I’ve come crossing the fire. Your body is strong… …but you are not intelligent. Hey. You can’t even touch my father. Because my father’s life… – …is here.
– Then even you will die. I won’t do anything to you. Shakti will finish Shiva. You call him father… …your father will finish you. Shiva raised me and you as well. You want to protect him… …but I want to destroy him. Let’s see who will
Shiva believes now. Shall we see? One day. Just one day… …your father will finish you. I will have him finish you. My father will finish me? You couldn’t do anything even
when I didn’t know your true color. You think I will spare you
after knowing about you? You want to challenge Shakti? You would’ve seen
people winning a game. Have you seen someone
winning through someone else? You can lock horns ordinary man,
but if you lock horns with Shakti… …you will die. Do whatever you want.
Like you said, even you will… …the bell is ringing… …the bell of death. Boss, Shakti shouldn’t
be spared now. Order me.
I will give my life for you. What will you do?
You are still young. Madurai has to see… …what Shiva is capable of. What’s going on, Shakti? They attacked the police. Either you finish it… …or I will finish it. I will do it myself, sir. Boss, having smuggling
as a reason… …Shakti is coming
to arrest brother. Look into the matter. Hey, faster. Mother, I’m hungry. Hurry up. – Let’s go.
– Where? Come, Shakti. Let’s go. – What..?
– You’re a policeman. Have you come to arrest me? Shakti. – Yes, I’ve come to arrest you.
– No, Shakti. – He is your brother. He is hungry.
– Mother. Hey! Since I still have
some affection towards you… …you are still alive. If you cross the door… …you will lose even that. Think about it. Vignesh, listen to me. – Adi Keshavan–
– I know everything. Don’t try to teach me. Why are you doing this, Shakti? What made you arrest your brother? He should be alive. What are you saying? I told you to arrest him. – How did he?
– I don’t understand, sir. – The warrant is with me.
– You have warrant. But he is intelligent. Darn it. They will get suspicious if I kidnap
and kill him myself. But if he arrests him
and I kill him. That’s why I brought him here. Why don’t you make him understand? What can I do if he is not ready
to believe me? If I hit him with love or anger,
it is for his betterment. He can’t bear hunger. Get him something to eat.
I will do something. Nobody should know
that my brother is here. I don’t know what you will do… …my son should come back home. I will do something, boss. Shakti. If you save your brother,
you think I will remain quiet? Should the villain do
only what he says? I will also do what I don’t say. I’m about to do something. Find out what it is. Only we searching
for his brother won’t do. Let his father also search for him. Come on. – Everybody–
– What’s going on? How dare you? Hey, what are you doing? How dare you mess
with Shakti sir? – Sir, what happened?
– Sir, what happened? Veerapandi. Who? If Shakti had hit me,
I wouldn’t mind. Though he knew destroying
Shivan Constructions… …is like destroying you.. …he still did it. I couldn’t tolerate that. People used to chant your name… …now, he made them chant his name. He destroyed you completely. Hey, finish him. Why are you coming
after everything is over? Oh, you are a policeman. Sorry. Your father has sent
men thinking you did it. They might finish you. Go away. You told me to play. I started playing.
Wait and watch. Vignesh. Oh God. Vignesh, no. Listen to me. Vignesh, don’t go. I looked in all the places. I don’t know where
he has kept his brother. Hello. Shakti, Vignesh hit me
and escaped. What..? How? I told him,
but he didn’t listen to me. He took away my cell phone. Talk to him. Hello. Brother, Vignesh speaking.
I got away from Shakti. Brother, knowing I will go home,
Shakti will surely come there. Save me. Good. Where are you? I’m near Alagar temple. Stay right there. I will come. Please hurry up. Shakti, he escaped from the hero… …and is coming
to the villain for help. He wants me to save him. He is not coming looking for me. He is coming looking for death. Alright. Come fast.
Save him if you can. Hey! Answer the phone. How dare you? Brother. Brother. I struggled for so many days
so that this shouldn’t happen. Why don’t you understand? – Why do you hate me?
– I don’t hate you. You like everybody. But I like only you, brother. When I was a child,
I used to walk holding your hand. What could I do? As soon as I told them I don’t
trust you, they attacked me. Please save me, brother. Vignesh. Where are you going? – To the hospital.
– Go home first. I have to tell father
about what happened. If something happens to me,
father will misunderstand you. I don’t care about anybody.
Your life is important for me. Please listen to me. Hello. – Father.
– Where are you? – Shakti..
– Tell me. Shakti.. father, Shakti.. Vignesh. Vignesh. Vignesh. Hey. Boss, they killed your son. Vignesh. Vignesh. Oh God. Where is Shakti? Shakti, now tell me. Whatever I say, will it happen? Will Shiva kill Shakti? Tell me. Finish him. He killed your son. I saw it. He killed his brother. Finish him. Betrayer. Shakti, finish him. I would’ve believed if you said
that my son killed Shakti. You said he killed my son… …and moreover,
you said you saw it yourself… …I didn’t believe you. The baby that was about to die
on the very day it was born… …he saved the baby. Though you hold
the matchstick upside down… …it will burn. He is my Shakti. Are you wondering
why I still hit him? This Shiva lost. In the ego of not losing with him… …I lost my son. That’s why. Why did you change your mind? I thought both of you will fight
each other and one would die… …and I will finish
the one who is alive… …so I have to finish both of you. Shakti, finish him. I would’ve finished you when you
said I will have my father kill me. But I was waiting
for him to say this. Even I was waiting. So far,
I killed people to commit mistakes. But now, I killed to stop crime. For my Shakti. Sir. – What is it?
– Sir, I’ve come to arrest boss. What? – Go away.
– Shakti, I called the police. Why, father? If I get punished for
the crimes that I committed… …as you thought, you father… …will reform completely, isn’t it? Not you. – My son has to arrest me.
– Father. A person shouldn’t lose to others… …but he should be fortunate
to lose against son. Go. Go and wear your uniform. Go. Father has to show
his son the right path… …here, son will show
the right path to his father.“Jilla doesn’t fear anyone.”“No matter who it is,
Jilla never fears.”
“Jilla reforms everyone.”“He makes everyone shiver.”“Jilla doesn’t fear anyone.”“No matter who it is,
Jilla never fears.”
“Jilla reforms everyone.”“He makes everyone shiver.”“Jilla doesn’t fear anyone.”“No matter who it is,
Jilla never fears.”
“Jilla reforms everyone.”“He makes everyone shiver.”


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