Jinho “Piper” Ferreira- 2018 SF State Hall of Fame Inductee

A native of Oakland, California, Jinho “Piper”
Ferreira, is a writer, actor, rapper, and deputy sheriff of Alameda County. His life and career have brought attention
to injustice. He has brought change to his community through
creativity and action. A familiar story to many SF State graduates and
students, Piper worked two part-time jobs while working towards his degree. On top of his work as a counselor at Alameda County
Juvenile Hall and as a copywriter, Piper was performing his band, Flipside, and raising
his son while attending San Francisco State. After being signed with Interscope Records,
Piper and Flipside toured internationally along side artists like Snoop Dog, Akon, and The Game. His creative talent is not limited to music. In 2009, Piper won the Creative Promise Award
for screenwriters at the Tribeca Film Festival. Having lost one of his closest friends, Jihad Akbar,
to police violence in 2002. The death of Oscar Grant at the hands of police
in Oakland in 2009, spurred and appalled Piper to action. The next year, Piper enrolled in the police
academy and continued on to graduate in the top percentile. He had the to opportunity to be the change
he wanted to see and in 2011, became an Alameda Deputy Sheriff. His work at the Youth and Family Services
Bureau Crime Prevention Unit has helped create what is described as one of the most progressive units in the country. Piper’s time in the police department continues to influence his art. Struck by the paradox of being a black man,
artist, and cop, Piper was inspired to write Cops and Robbers, a solo performance about
an officer involved shooting where Piper plays nineteen characters. The film version of Piper’s Cops and Robbers
was accepted into the 2017 Sundance Screenwriters Lab. San Francisco State University 2018 Alumni
Hall of Fame inductee, Jinho “Piper” Ferreira, has shone a light on injustice through his
art. He is an example to his three children and
his community as he fights for change through direct envelopment and action. He demonstrates to SF State students the multitude
of ways they can make a difference when they harness their strengths and work for something
they believe in.

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