Joaquin Phoenix and Jimmy Fallon Trade Places

-I have a card here that says
three things on it. And one of them may be true
and none of them may be true, do you mind if I read these
things. -Are they things that I said?
-Yes. You said these three things.
None of them may be true, but I think I know one of them
must be true. -This doesn’t seem real.
-No, it’s real. -Okay. Let’s see.
-You can’t set him up for that. -Okay well, you’ve watched the
movie “Step Brothers” more than any other film.
Okay? That’s number one. -You want me to sa–
-No, no, that’s number one. -Am I just listening?
-Yes. [ Laughter ] -This is a listening show.
[ Laughs ] Like, guests, come on
and listen to me talk. -I feel like I’m being
hypnotized again. -Welcome back to an all
new boring “Tonight Show.” Alright. Number two —
You love reality TV and think reality TV stars are
the best actors in the world. [ Laughter ] Number three,
one of your nicknames is kitten. [ Laughter ] All right, let me take a guess.
I’m gonna circle my answer, then I’m going to
ask the audience, then I’m going to ask you
what your thing is. [ Mutters ] That, nah, you
wouldn’t do that. That? Maybe, possibly, nah.
I’d say oh, you said that. But you were being funny. This is how, this is the game I
play with a you. With a you. Uh. Uh.
I’m going to say that one. Audience, is it one? -Nobody remembers what it was.
[ Laughter ] -It was only 30 seconds ago,
what are you talking about? What do you mean,
what number one? -Can one person remember what
the first answer was? -Alright look —
-“Step Brothers.” -“Step Brothers.” You’ve seen “Step Brothers” more
than any other film? -You guys listen to him?
-Yeah. -I’ve never — Listen. You’ve seen “Step Brothers” more
than any other film? -Yeah, okay.
-Number two, you love reality TV and think reality TV stars are
the best actors in the world. Anyone on that one?
[ Cheering ] -Number three, one of your
nicknames is kitten. [ Cheers and applause ] -So what does that mean?
-I circled number three. One of your nicknames is kitten. I think I believe that
to be true — -Now, what are you saying that
it’s true or that I said these things.
-I think that’s true. -But I didn’t say it?
[ Laughter ] -The more I think about this, I
mean I didn’t — my segment producer set this
up for me. The more I think about it,
I don’t know if any of these are true. But I call you Joaq.
-Why? Well, your name’s Joaquin I feel
like that’s too long for me. -You can handle it.
I feel like you can handle it. -I save a little energy
-You do the Monologue every night.
-Yeah, but I save a little energy by calling you
Joaq, don’t have to do the quin. -Okay.
-You know? -That’s a good part.
-Hello, Joaq. -Oh, okay.
-You know? And I like guacs. I like guacs. You know?
I like guac. Hey, guac is extra.
That should be the — That should’ve been the headline
of “Vanity Fair” — the guac is extra.
-Yeah, good. -Alright. I don’t know if any of
these are real or true or not. But, do you know if any of these
are true? -Um, what do you mean true? That’s what I’m trying to
understand. You say did I say these things
or are they true or both? What is the question?
-The question is, are any of these true?
-Okay. Okay, I think that I said —
-No, it’s not about you said. See you’re really good.
You’re honor, you’re honor. He’s under oath.
-Okay, they’re not all true. -We make you put your hand on a
Bible before you come out here. -They’re not all true.
-They’re not all true, yeah. But one might be true.
[ Laughter ] And is the one
that might be true, the one
that we all think is true. Is one of your nicknames kitten?
[ Laughter ] -You’re feeling very sleepy.
-[ Laughing ] Oh, my gaw! That’s ridiculous.
-Yeah. -I don’t —
the two of them were — I was just joking around.
-Yeah, I don’t “Step brothers,” I assume you love that movie. You didn’t see it more times
than any other film, though, it’s impossible.
-I have. -You really have?
-Yeah. -That’s the one?
-Yeah, it’s true. -That’s the one?
-Yeah. That’s good, I like —
I love hearing that. We got a little fact from
Joaquin, who knows if it’s real. But that’s cool.
[ Laughter ] I’ve seen
“Peewee’s Big Adventure” more than any other film.
-Yeah, that’s a great one. -Yeah it’s a classic. Let’s talk about,
speaking of classics, let’s talk “Joker.” Man, oh,
man, you’re awesome in this. [ Cheers and applause ] -I haven’t.
-You haven’t even seen it yet? -Yeah.
That’s what I was gonna say. -People are excited about it.
-Uh-huh. -You’re fantastic in
it, it’s all you, man. You’re driving this train, car? What vehicle do you
think this movie is. What type of —
form of transportation. -[ Laughs ] I’m not sure.
-I’m sorry. so look, so wait, no, I’m sorry. So you didn’t, since you’re in
the movie. But it really is you. And then I see you go a little
mad in some scenes. I feel like you’ve gone nuts in
this thing. You don’t pick these roles where
it’s like — why don’t you just pick a role
where you just go to Hawaii and you’re on the beach and
you’re goofing off with your buddies? -It’s like every actor’s dream
part, that’s the thing. -Yeah.
-You make it, and then you do the movie.
-You go to Hawaii and goof off with your buddies
for two hours. -You’d be bored.
-You would be bored? [Bleep] you need to do the laugh
and the whole thing and you’re coughing,
don’t you think? -You don’t need to do all that.
-You did it, and then you did dance. -Let me see the dance. That was
adorable. Show that to me. Aw!
-Dude, you’re really, it’s insane.
You’re fantastic in it. Basically,
to set it up is you are — it-it-it’s there is no, there
are no superheroes in this film? It’s just kind of a making of a
villain that’s what I would —
if I was a film critic. It’s not that great.
Is it off a little bit? -I mean,
you’re great in general. But that wasn’t the best.
-It wasn’t the best thing? No, it’s about how you can beat
a human being down. -But don’t tell anyone, it’s
okay let them just see it. -Just see the movie?
-Or not. -Or not. You know what the
movie’s about, kind of, right? Yeah. So you don’t need me.
You don’t need me. [ Talking over each other ]
-It’s cool. -No, come back, come back.
Come on, man. Oh, no, no, no, no. Come back!
Don’t do that. [ Cheers and applause ] -All right, welcome back. we got a great guest tonight,
Jimmy Fallon. [ Cheers and applause ]
All right, welcome back. Alright. Sit right here
Come on in. [ Cheers and applause ] -It is, um.
It’s so funny. -I’m reading your text messages
of somebody saying heavy. -Well, I have to lose
a little weight. I’m a little heavy, yeah.
But I got it figured out. You lost weight for this film.
-Uh-huh. -And I read somewhere you
said you lost 50 pounds? -No, 15. Wait did you say 50?
-Oh, who cares. -Five-oh?
-Yeah, five-oh. -No, one-five. 15.
-Oh, 15? -They didn’t pay me that much.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah, Well I’m just happy to be
here and talk about the film, “Joker,” it was great to get in
there and, like, really — [ Chatter ] Yeah, yeah, don’t worry about
it, we’ll cut it out Later. -Don’t tell, don’t tell them. I didn’t know
the microphone was on. -[ Clears throat ] Getting in
there, Todd, I call him T.P. Todd Phillips. I call him T.P. And he was kind of cool,
because he was like a teepee to me a little bit, like,
he was my home for a long time. I basically felt like I lived
inside of him, when I was playing Joker.
And I’d come out of the teepee. I was like, “Time to film.”
[ Laughter ] I go, all right,
“What’s for breakfast, daddy?” [ Laughter ] -And he would get,
“What’s for breakfast is this scene right here,
get into it. And eat it all up.”
And I did. I think what you’ll see here in
this clip is me taking the script and making it
the best I can make it. And thanks to T.P.’s work and
everybody involved in editing, and the soundtrack
and everything. It turned out pretty well and
I hope you enjoy it.


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